Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 18

In a Mirror, Darkly (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2005 on UPN

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  • special other insight on all caracters

    fablous how the world would spin when we just gank the vulcan people and just take the lead in the people's new order. then there was a episode where in deep space nine the characters where send back in to the past to the enterprise. en now the makers did the same with enterprise. only in the futher. that kickes ass. the plot was also neatly done.
  • Okay, okay...a little over-done, but still really fun!

    For everything that can be said bad about this episode, I still love it! It had everything a die-hard classic Trekie could love: the Mirror Universe (and EVERYTHING to do with it), the conclusion to the 40 year mystery of what happened to the original Defiant, Tholians (and that AWESOME web of theirs) and The Gorn...come on, THE FREAKIN' GORN!!! Sure they threw pretty much EVERY element of the classic Trek into this single episode, but WHO CARES!? It was great! Even though this episode reaked of cheese and fan-boy wet dreams, it still kicked so much butt! Add Kahn, a few tribbles and a sexy green chick (wait,,,their was one,,,a REALLY hot one, too) and this episode would have been a perfect throw-back; but probably would not have been nearly as cool. Seeing the birth of the Mirror Universe was the cherry on top of this addition to the Trek mythos. Great episode!
  • This episode plays completely in the mirror-universe, and we get a glimpse at the dark side of our beloved characters.

    Enterprise was always criticised for it's large amount of action and violence, but was promoted as a more classic approach on the Star Trek universe.
    Since this episode is completely placed in the dark mirror-universe, the show could play out all of it's darkness, action and violence without any contrictions, but still be true to the original, since the mirror-universe in Kirks time wasn a very enjoyable place either.
    But the highpoint is, that this one tied a lot of classic element in, like the USS Defiant which disappeared in the tholian web on classic Star Trek, the redesign of the tholians and all the really cool little hints.
    And of course there is the rebuild Enterprise / Defiant sets which were very enjoyable to be seen again.

    Two thumbs up!
  • With a different score starting off the program, the viewer sees a completely different group of personalities from familiar characters on the Star Trek: Enterprise mythos.

    By striking at the main chords of the Star Trek mythology and leaving the viewer hanging at the end of the program with the TOS Star Trek Enterprise, this episode leaves the viewer with a sense of wonderment and the nostalgia stirred by seeing the old Enterprise back on the small screen. Spanning the years of the Star Trek mythology, which reaches all the way back to the Bill Shatner / Leonard Nimoy encounter with the Dark Universe, viewers can only be on pins and needles waiting for the second part of this incredible program. Clearly, this pivotal program in the Star Trek mythology is worthy of the highest accolades.