Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 19

In a Mirror, Darkly (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2005 on UPN

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  • This was one of the few times when Enterprise lived up to its potential--shame that none of it was real.

    This was the only time in 90+ episodes that T'Pol looked remotely hot. Finally, the producers let Hoshi be the natural sex pot that she is (she's right up their with the other sexy women of Trek, Jadzia Dax, Troi, Tasha, Kira, Torres & Uhura)and Phlox wasn't totally creepy. What\'s weird is that if the mirror universe got a hold of a ship that's 100 years more advanced than anything in the galaxy, why isn't the mirror universe in the future (in Kirk & Sisco's time) 100 years ahead of the Federation? And does the rebellion of non-human empire soilders indicate that they had a hand in the downfall of the empire leading to the universe seen by the crew of DS9? Because, if that's true, why are Vulcans considered slaves of the Alliance just like humans? Shouldn't they have higher positions?
    Ah well. This episode is fun, just if too see, "what if." The effects are top notch, and it's great to see strong humans in an otherwise weak show.
  • The alternative version of the Enterprise is not very nice...

    This 2-part storyline is great. All the actors show a different side to the normal characters in this alternate universe story. While Archer, Reed and Trip sneer, growl and torment each other, T'Pol shows a hero-rebel side trying to overthrow the current Earth Empire while Sato shows a Lady Macbeth manipulative side - sleeping with whoever is in power while pulling strings behind the scenes. Her final scene where she declares she's the new Empress of the Empire is a fantastic ending to all the duplicity and killings shown in this story. The only thing that was slightly jarring was the 'Kirk-era' ship representing the more modern ship. When compared to the 'Archer-era' ship in several scenes, this was a little hard to believe.
  • Linda Park's turn to shine

    This is one of the two Enterprise episodes in which Linda Park had an opportunity to shine. The first was "Exile", the episode where she visited Tarquin, an alien with telepathic powers, living alone on a chunk of rock in space. I think of that as “the Linda Park episode”. There she got to show off her feminine side. She was wined and dined and actually wore lingerie.

    In "In a Mirror, Darkly" Linda got to be an entirely different character, scheming and power hungry. It is always refreshing to see an actress like her, usually bottled up in a narrow character depiction, able to show her chops and take on a very different role. Linda played a great villain in the episode.
  • Evil Archer takes the Defiant for conquest

    Okay what gives? this had absolutely nothing to do with the main Enterprise storyline, it features mirror versions of the characters, it comes off like fan fiction but it's very entertaining.
    We have character conflict, a very dinosaur like Gorn running amuck and never a dull moment.
    I loved Mayweather and Hoshi assasinating Archer, maybe it's a nod to the fact those two characters are overlooked for storylines in favour of a forced trioka.
  • Fantastic, proof that Enterprise is a good show. I have always liked the mirror universe concept in all incarnations of Star Trek and this stood out as one of the best installments.

    This is a fine example of Enterprise and its worth, it was truly a "for the fans" episode with appearances of aliens from the original series that havent been seen since, a 23rd century constitution class ship, original series starfleet unifirms, and so much more. This was executed to perfection and I honestly cant see a better way of doing a mirror universe episode of Enterprise, the characters were better than in "our universe", the feel of the show was better and it was refreshing to see such different personalities from the Enterprise crew - particularly the under-developed Sato and Mayweather. All in all, brilliant.
  • exelent counter characters

    this was the finishing touch, the episode was making its statment about how the futher will be when people are just do what they want and let the universe know that whe are the bad asses and not the aliens. i like this form of star trek more then the old one, the only thing that is missing are good and nice klingons :P