Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2003 on UPN



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    • Kolos: You didn't believe all Klingons were soldiers?
      Archer: I guess I did.
      Kolos: My father was a teacher. My mother, a biologist at the university. They encouraged me to take up the law. Now, all young people want to do is to take up weapons as soon as they can hold them.

    • Kolos: I've been an advocate for 50 years, and I spent the last 20 of them standing in that tribunal.. playing my part, holding my tongue. And all the while honorable men were sent to places like this.. without the benefit of a defence. And then I was assigned to your case. You told me that on your world a few courageous people made a difference. I'm not sure I have the courage, but I know I'll never be able to restore honor to my people living as a fugitive.
      Archer: You realize what that means. You said most prisoners don't survive a year.
      Kolos: Most prisoners here have very little to live for.

    • Kolos: You aknowledge that Captain Archer acted with conviction and integrity, and how do you reward him?! With this grand, public display of compassion.. Before sending him to his death in a frozen cave!
      Magistrate: Enough!
      Kolos: Forgive me if I don't see the honor in that!

    • Kolos: I submit to this tribunal that Captain Archer is guilty. Guilty of meddling in Klingon affairs on more than one occasion. In fact, I've discovered his name is well known to the High Council. The accused once stood before the Chancellor himself and exposed a Suliban plot that would have thrown the Empire into civil war.
      Orak: That is absurd.
      Kolos: The facts are on record. Perhaps the Prosecutor has grown complacent with his research. The records of the Imperial Fleet also mention this man. His ship was instrumental in the rescue of the Klingon Raptor, the Somraw, from the dense atmosphere of a gas giant.
      Orak: Even if this is true, it has nothing to do with this case.
      Kolos: It has everything to do with this case. It shows a pattern in Archer's behavior that was repeated in his encounter with Captain Duras. Yes, he may be self-righteous, but his meddling has saved a Klingon ship and perhaps the fate of the Empire itself. If Captain Archer is guilty, he is guilty of nothing more than being a nuisance, and hardly worth the attention of this tribunal. And if he must be punished, let the punishment fit that crime.

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