Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 9

Kir'Shara (3)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2004 on UPN

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  • Archer T\'Pol and T\'Pau try to get an ancient artifact to the high command while Trip tries to stop a war between Vulcan and Andoria.

    Overall a pretty good episode but one thing struck me. The explanation V\'Las gave for the invasion at the beginning seemed vaguley similar to the reasoning we were given as to why we should invade Iraq. Seems like the writers may have been trying to do a little editorial work here.
  • A review for all 3 parts.

    This Vulcan centric 2 part story is personally one of the best storylines of any Star Trek series. Vulcans are intergral to Star Trek and this storyline filled in the picture on the Vulcans perfectly. It also took all that nerdology and made one hell of story that would have made a perfect movie.

    This storyline was of course only possible due to Enterprises 3 year offerings of Vulcan storylines and trivia, it is the monumental moment where we see how Vulcans go from the duplicitous image of them we had in Enterprise via the High Command to the Vulcans know in the other series. This change upset a lot of people, but from what I know it many people feel it was all worth it if only for allowing for this 3 part storyline. I think most fans will agree that this made it all worth it, seeming as everything now again fits.

    One of the big highlights of this 3 parter was getting to see plenty of Soval. I loved what he brought to the show, but of course the show had to see him turn good guy eventually and this was done perfectly.

    Throughout the 3 episodes we got to see more of Vulcan than ever before, and this was done beautifully. CGI 5 years on still looks very pleasing.

    The charecter V'las was a fantastic addition too. He's a fantastic villian and he was played brilliantly. He embodied everything what was wrong with Vulcans in this era, and the tie in with Romulans all of a sudden made the whole thing plausable on the greater scale, not too mention being a brilliant last minute twist...Its probably the first reason why I wished there was a 5th season!

    The widening of this story to include Andorians, Shran and a big space fight, was a delightful addition to the storyline I don't think anyone would have expected, and a great excuse to let the crew minus Archer and T'pol to shine..Taking Soval alongside at Trips side was a great oppurtunity that wasn't missed!

    I was throughly pleased with everything in this episode. Lore wise a fan couldn't have for more! It was true to Trek and took on core original aliens that has always been sidelined and never allowed to shine. Its a shame these storyline didn't come a bit sooner...Such storylines (as with all series 4 arcs) are exactly why Enterprise was a good idea for a series. This series was one of those moments that perfectly explains why Vulcans and humans have(in the future) a solid relationship, and of course why those two and Andorians would come to see merit in the concept of the federation. his arc worked on every level and is high up on a Star Trek must watch list.