Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2002 on UPN

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  • great episode

    The starship enterprise is running low on fuel. They reach a mining colony on a planet rich with deuterium deposits. When Archer fly down to the surface with a team, they discover that the colonists are under the control of the Klingons. The Klingons have been pushing the colonists to work for their own needs. The enterprise crew face a dilemma of leaving the colonists to their own fates or do something to intervene. their need for the deuterium fuel is so great, that they are forced to act against the klingons. This episode is a great episode. The battle takes place on the ground. It's a riveting plot.
  • Guile and Subtefuge wins the day

    An episode that weaves several standard ST plot devices together and does a very, good job. The requirement to be there is logical enough for the Enterprise - they need some of their Deutrium and only wish to barter with the workers of the low tech. facility.

    Its a basic help thy neighbour storyline, where the neighbour doesnt want to be helped and starts of being suspicious of Archer and the crew. Furthermore, they are hiding something from the crew also.

    Throw in the inevitable threat this time posed by Klingon marauders and we have the right mix for a good action oriented episode. In this case the threat manifests itselef on the colony in the Bully type-plot, they essentially want virtually all the Deutrium being mined, which is done under impossible circumstances.

    Key the standard push back by the bullied miners, Archer feeling that they must help, getting more pushbacks and then convincing the miners to let them help. Key penultimate 'Rocky training' setpiece where the miners are taught "guerilla" tactics which leads to a final action setpiece where guile and misdirection are the order of teh day against the bloodthirsty Klingons and you can cork it up and serve it up as standard ST: universe fare.

    Still its averages above normal pace, and while the threat never gets beyond being mild - its exciting enough to warrant 45+ minutes of your time.
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