Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2002 on UPN

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  • Not enough of the Romulans, but a very watchable episode

    I like Malcolms character. Its his awkwardness that makes him one of the more realistic characters, because he has flaws.

    The episode is basically your get out of trouble - not of your making type episode, with some character development focused on Malcolm and the Archer. Most of is played out on the hull of the starship as they try to defuse an attached mine.

    If this alone doesnt carry enough drama or threat to the crews wellbeing, then the ever present threat of the cloaked Romulan warbird(s) adds to the nervous situation that they and the crew must face - as the clock clicks down before the Romulans open fire.

    Some good bonding takes place developing the relationship between the capt. and Malcolm, while we get to see some nice efforts of a battledamaged Enterprise and the past Romulan spacecraft.

    A good if predictable ending sees this episode rise to a low 9s score.

    Worth the watch just to understand the Malcolm character more, and his relationship to Archer. However, youll probably be more interested in the glimpses we get of the early Romulan star empire.
  • Romulan Space Tactics

    A lot of Romulan Space Tactics are made obvious in this Episode:

    1 All their ships (even the Romulan Warbirds) are designed to safely navigate through their own minefields. Bulky ships designs are avoided.

    2 Some of their ships may be giant industrial replicators for generating cloaked mines (the romulan Warbirds has a lot of empty space between their upper and lower hulls).

    3 Romulans deploy cloaked mines around systems they claim.

    4 Their mines have a yield of about 0.25 kT which corresponds to a severe blast radius of 435 m (Severe 'Thermal Radiation' of 355 m). All their mines are positioned so as not to cause a chain reaction (Every Mine is positioned more than 500 m apart). It is obviously for this reason that Starfleet and many other spesies in the Alpha Quadrant design their ships to be able to navigate through minefields like this one (Large bulky ship designs are avoided & streamlined ship designs are encouraged).

    5 They have & employ different cloaking devices (with different technologies). Their ships also appear to have technologically superior cloaking devices compared to the Suliban Ships. (Other spesies probably brought, traded or stole cloaking technology from the Romulans.

    6 Everything in the Romulan Star Empire is cloaked.

    7 The Romulan's Prime Directive would definitely offend many other spesies in the Alpha Quadrant.
  • great episode

    The Enterprise approaches a planet that they plan to explore. But their enthusiasm goes away when they trigger an invisible minefield left there by an alien race. The Enterprise receives a serious hull damage after they hit a mine. To make matters worse, one of the mines attaches itself on the hull of the starship ready to detonate itself. Reed attempts to disarm the mine, but he fails to do so when the mine seriously injures him. The Enterprise is threatened with total destruction if they do not remove the mine. This episode is so exciting from start to finish, it's a really good episode. The writers came up with a really good episode.