Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2002 on UPN

Episode Recap

In the Captain's mess, Archer, Tucker, and T'Pol share diner with D'Marr, a merchant from whom they want much needed supplies -- too boring for D'Marr. While Archer and Tucker try recovering from the fiery spice supplied by D'Marr (to T'Pol's amusement), he suggests they scavenge a ship on a nearby planet. He'd have done it himself, except it's haunted.
They find the shipwreck quickly and go down to explore. Mayweather has some qualms -- he wonders if the trader had left in such a hurry, why did he bother to close the hatch? In the engineering room, T'Pol and Tucker find nothing that can't be repaired. T'Pol believes someone is there, but when she can substantiate it, Trip patronizingly ribs her. In another part of the ship, Mayweather and Archer find data modules -- which they'll take back to the ship and analyze.
Back in engineering, T'Pol sees the reflection of something; Trip joins her in searching for the body that goes with the reflection. Seeing nothing but dead ends, Trip burns open a hatch in a bulkhead -- which leads T'Pol and Tucker into an airponics bay. A dampening field prevented the sensors from seeing it... or the blonde woman... or any of the other people with weapons.
The leaders of the group -- Kuulan (the Captain), Ezral (the engineer), and Maya (Ezral's wife) explain that their ship had been attacked three years before by an unknown alien, and it was a miracle that they managed to crash land on the planet. They didn't send a distress call for fear of being discovered, so instead decided to play dead. Archer offers to transport them to their world, but they beg off -- too far away. Tucker thinks they can repair the ship, and with more prodding from Archer, Kuulan agrees.
In engineering, the blonde, Liana (Ezral's daughter), joins Tucker in his work -- even warning him off of damaging a power bypass -- the first words she's spoken to him. Maya drags Liana away.
Later, joined by T'Pol, Tucker gushes about Liana. T'Pol badgers Tucker (with a little too much glee for a Vulcan) about his admiration for female engineers -- like the one on the Xyrillian ship that left Tucker pregnant ("Unexpected"). Liana shows up with some veggies, which T'Pol refuses as she leaves. Tucker accepts and enjoys the meal. Liana quizzes Trip about women, but deigns to answer anything about her home world of Kantare. Kuulan asks Tucker if he could help them with something else -- their computer core. It's composed of optronic relays and the system is beginning to degrade. Lucky for Trip, he worked on a computer like this -- on the aforementioned Xyrillian ship. Trip will need to get some equipment from Enterprise and invites the castaways to visit. They decline, but Liana worms permission from her father to go.
On the Enterprise, Malcolm reports that the evidence of an attack on the ship isn't there. Archer doesn't want to believe him. Also, the airponics bay isn't large enough to feed all the people on the ship. Archer wants a report on the contents of the data module they brought up with them.
Malcolm leads Liana on a tour of the ship. She asks a lot of questions, but deflects any questions about her or her people. In any case, they are both in major flirt mode. Tucker has to hand off Liana to another crewman when Archer requests his presence.
Archer understands Trip's spent a lot of time with Liana. Trip gets defensive and says he's been a perfect gentleman. Turns out he misunderstood -- Archer wants more information: if he's noticed any strange behavior. Turns out the data module indicates a ship-board accident led to the crash. Detailed scans indicate the ship has been down for almost twenty-two years. They bring on board an escape pod. Phlox isn't happy about them disturbing someone's final resting place, but Archer plows ahead. The opened pod reveals the desiccated remains of Shilat -- who Trip saw on the downed ship.
In the Kantarean vessel, T'Pol discovers something.
Trip joins Liana in the mess. She's enjoying ice cream. Trip confronts her about the conflicting information. Liana can't say anything. She wants to go back to the planet.
T'Pol pokes around areas of the ship and is confronted by Kantareans. It looks like someone is going to be detained.
Archer and Malcolm join Liana and Trip on the ship. They are surrounded by armed Kantareans. Trip is taken away to finish the repairs despite Liana's protestations to her father. Archer and Malcolm are ordered back to Enterprise. Tucker doesn't like this. He tries to impress on Ezral that Liana doesn't deserve this -- she can go home. Ezral just wants Tucker to fix the computer relays.
Liana complains to her mother that she's tired of hearing that her father is doing it all for her.
Archer, Malcolm, and Mayweather head back to the planet -- the dampening field that blocks Enterprise's sensor should also work the other way.
Meanwhile, as Trip works on the computer, he's being guarded by Shilat -- who's dead on the Enterprise. Liana order Shilat out, and off-camera explains everything to Trip.
The landing part of four has sneaked on board the Kanarean ship. They split into two groups to find their missing crewmen. Archer and Malcolm are attacked -- Malcolm hit in the back by a stun ray. Liana starts pulling modules out of the computer, and the Kantareans disappear. All except Ezral.
Twenty-two years ago, Ezral was the ship's engineer. There was a major plasma leak that was compromising the hull. The captain needed to make an emergency landing. Five-year-old Liana was in a lower deck and wouldn't survive a crash landing, so Ezral left his station to save her. They were the only survivors, the ship couldn't be repaired, and Ezral had major guilt. He constructed holograms so provide a "normal" life for Liana. Tucker then implores Ezral to let Liana have a real life.
On Enterprise, Ezral meets with Archer. He reluctantly agrees that it's best to fix the ship and take Liana home. He only needs a small amount of supplies, and the holograms can finish the work.
On the ship, Trip and Liana say their good-byes. Maybe they'll meet again. In any case, Trip gives her a protein resequencer -- a girl's got to have her ice-cream.

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