Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 11

Observer Effect

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2005 on UPN

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  • the scientific premise is flawed

    A silicon based cellular pathogen reproducing rapidly in human beings kept inside isolation chambers on a Starship. As things are today the silicon content of human body is at maximum in trace amounts (1gm at best in an individual weighing 70Kg). Its unlikely that the pathogen would be able to absorb all of it quickly and would be able to multiply to significant numbers to become fatal without triggering the auto immune response. Just so we are clear the maximum number the pathogens can reach by absorbing the entire silicon content of human body is 45 million individual cells (assuming the same mass as viruses) and they would be against 31 billion white blood cells of the immune system to begin with. Coupled with the fact that Silicon doesn't get into the normal bio-chemical processes with other elements like oxygen, iron, calcium and phosphorus. Any conceivable bio-chemistry will likely require even the simplest silicon based life form to be composed of a host of other elements that are equally rare in the human body. But I guess no one was bothered about science while writing this story.
  • the crew is observed by oncorporeal aliens while trip and hoshi have a silicon based virus

    very well done, beautiful filmmaking. You don't see Trip and hoshi together much, so It was nice to give them some scenes. It was good to have an episode based on character, the only reason this stays in the 8 range is because of the lack of trip?T'pol scenes. All in all, trek at it's finest
  • Good Sci-Fi. Good Star Trek. Good episode.

    Recently I'd come to the conclusion that Enterprise was merely okay.

    But, when they hit one out of the park, they hit one out of the park. This episode not only left the park, it never looked back.

    Great character deepening moments for Trip and Hoshi. Great performances by all the crew when taken over by the "organians."

    I was happy to see them do tie-ins with other Trek series during the entire run, and particularly happy during this fourth season.

    Mentioning the cardassians and the time it took to make decisions was classic.

    But above all these little things, it was a great story. yes, sure, since it's Star Trek, we know these characters are not really going to die, but we're willing to go on that journey. Perhaps in the end it's not that they were saved, it was how they were saved.

    I was very pleased with the way this was handled. Kudos.