Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 11

Precious Cargo

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2002 on UPN

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  • Precious might be overselling it...

    After a couple of underwhelming episodes which were little more than rehashes of old stories done poorly, this at least has a little spunk.

    Not that this is particularly original though. Trip seems to be taking on the old Kirk mantle as another episode pairs him up with another woman, and includes more gratuitous excuses to get his shirt off. The story is reminiscent of previous offerings too - TOS's Elaan of Troyious springs to mind - but it's played at a decent pace, and has an almost Original Series humerous vibe.

    Not Enterprise's finest hour then, but a light, inconsequential, safe episode to pass the time harmlessly.
  • Original Series Style!

    Between the simple plot, the hand to hand combat, the woman in the short skirt, and the ridiculous love story, this felt more like an original series episode than an episode of Enterprise. The only problem is, when you try to do an episode in the style of the original series without the fun camp of that show, then you end up with something dull and flat like this. This was really just a filler episode that could easily be skipped over if you\'re watching the season straight through. It\'s really not worth your time if you can avoid it.
  • Trip falls in love

    In keeping with the last few episodes, this doesnt really add much to the overall storyline of the Enterprise show. However, this episode should not be disregarded outright.

    The premise for this story is falling in, the hard way - when opposites attract. Add in the lovers being chased and their fleeing their would be captors, and only Enterprise can be the White Knight!

    Initially, I wasnt that impressed with this episode. We get a whole hour of Trip character development, encounter a new alien race with the same cutthroat outlook on the space travel - each for to their own/dog eat dog.

    However, the bond between Trip and the princess really does change over the course of the episode. Even if most of the short encounters are nothing new, it did work well and made me believe they were falling in love. Afterall, who hasnt wanted to win the heart of some person that who cant stand the sight of us... Ok then, it must just be me! There was this girl once... :D

    Anyways, the way the two contrasting personalities dont get on, provides most of the action for this episode. The added compication of the kidnapper on their trail add a new level to the conflict we experience with them. Numerous tender moments and the final realisation they are actually attracted to one another provide that sense of highs to the moments where bad things are happening.

    Padma Lakshmi (Princess) does an excellent job of playing her majestic role. While the plot does a good job of pushing us to a balanced and interesting climax, that potentially could go either way.

    Add to that, Enterprise's just to late but necessary arrival and overall this is one of the episodes Id recommend you watch, if not really necessary to understand the overall plot arc of the season.

    A v good watch.
  • great episode

    The enterprise docks with an alien spacecraft to assist the crew with some repairs. Trip boards the alien craft to assist the crew with some damage. Things become complicated when the aliens decide to fly off while Trip is still inside their ship. As it turns out the aliens wanted to kidnap an engineer who will help them repair something in their ship. While Trip is trapped inside the alien ship's cargo, he tries to find a way to send a message to the enterprise. He stumbles upon a stasis pod with a woman inside. This is a really exciting episode, it's really funny, this is definitely a classic episode of enterprise.
  • The Enterprise crew are lodged into a trap inwhich a group of aliens on a frieghter have a woman in a stasis pod inwhich they are delivering to a planet.

    As good as a character Trip is, they gave him way to many episodes of his own that don't do him enough good and overdevelope the character. Acting wise Trip does a mediocre job at best and is ruined by the acting of the princess inwhich he is watching over. Archer and the crew who have been faced with many different situations take to kind to strangers on their starship and allow their own man to get kidnapped, sadly this is the storyline and how weak it is. This episode of many shows how either dumb Braga and Brannon are or how weak they are in the Star Trek universe. It really shows that their writing is hitting the pipes and sadly this episode misses out.