Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 3 Episode 13

Proving Ground

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2004 on UPN



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    • Shran: Don't underestimate these pink skins, Lieutenant. They're still out there.

    • Archer: We keep doing each other favors.
      Shran: Isn't that how alliances are born?

    • T'Pol: It appears it was building toward an overload.
      Shran: Are you saying this was a failure?
      T'Pol: A spectacular one, but yes.

    • Shran: Take us out of the system. But not too quickly. The 'Andorian Mining Consortium' runs from no one.

    • Shran: Captain Archer, look at the trouble you've gotten your pink skin into this time.

    • Talas: Last time I saw weapons like these was during my early tactical training.
      Reed: I'm sorry I wasted your time on our primitive systems.
      Talas: Not at all. I found it nostalgic.

    • Talas: We should head back to Andoria while we're still able.
      Shran: You sound like you're afraid of this Expanse, Lieutenant. I'd expect that from a Vulcan, not a member of the Imperial Guard.

    • Shran: (to Archer): Your world was brutally attacked. The Imperial Guard thought you'd be grateful to have an ally, considering no else came rushing to your aid.
      T'Pol: And how did the Imperial Guard know Earth had been attacked?
      Shran: Seven million killed? Not exactly a state secret.

    • Shran: The Imperial Guard doesn't serve at your leisure, pink skin!
      Archer: This is my mission!
      Shran: And you'd pass up your best chance for success over a matter of pride?!
      Archer: This isn't about pride! The Xindi killed seven million humans, not Andorians. I won't put the fate of my people in the hands of the Imperial Guard.

    • Archer: You're putting Earth at risk because of a border dispute with the Vulcans?
      Shran: We disrupted the Xindi test! Took their weapon! We may've helped save your world!
      Archer: I guess I'm not familiar with the Andorian concept of help!

    • (Archer punches Shran in the face)
      Archer: You like to talk about repaying debts. I've owed you that for a long time.

    • Talas: I'd take this ship into combat myself.
      Reed: Even with our primitive weapons?
      Talas: It's not the weapon. It's the soldier who wields it.

    • Archer: Why are you here?
      Shran: Your world is in jeopardy and where are your friends, the Vulcans? Where is their mighty fleet? They couldn't even spare one officer. She was forced to abandon her career to remain on your ship. A remarkably selfless act... for a Vulcan.

    • Reed: No offense, but when it comes to our weapons frequencies, I wouldn't trust my own mother.
      Talas: Is your mother considered a security risk?

    • Reed: If you ever decide to leave the Imperial Guard, Starfleet could certainly use you.
      Talas: And if you get tired of exploring, you'd do well in the Imperial Guard.

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