Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 23


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 07, 2003 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • Goof: None of the Antarctica scenes accurately reflect how cold it is. No one's breath is visible and none of the characters are protecting their faces.

    • Trivia: Archer comments, "He was giving a commencement address at Princeton when (Cochrane) started to talk about what really happened during First Contact." The events mentioned in Cochrane's speech occurred in the eighth Star Trek movie, Star Trek: First Contact.

    • Trivia: At the end of the episode, T'Pol estimates it will take 200 years before the message is received by the Borg, and Archer replies: "So, in the 24st century?" The 24st century is indeed when the Borg start attacking Earth and try to invade, a time in which the other Star Trek series are situated.

    • Trivia: Amongst the debris of the Borg Sphere, there is the Enterprise-E's saucer section model (from Star Trek: First Contact).

    • Trivia: "Regeneration" introduces a potential predestination paradox. T'Pol reveals at the end of the episode that the freighter sent a subspace message to the Delta Quadrant; she theorizes that it will take at least 200 years to arrive. Before the Borg's encounter with the Enterprise-D in The Next Generation episode "Q Who?", they attacked and assimilated several Federation and Romulan colonies in "The Neutral Zone". That probe may have been the result of the signal this group of Borg sent. Those events lead to the Borg attack on Earth in Star Trek: First Contact, which sends the sphere into the past that the science team finds.

    • Trivia: Phlox tells Reed that he once encountered a species named the Bynars. The Bynars appeared in The Next Generation episode "11001001".

    • Mission Date: March 1, 2153

    • Trivia: One of the human scientists says that she is picking up a warp signature, and traces it to a small round device inside a piece of debris. Although the scientists conclude that it is too small to be an engine, it is, in fact, a transwarp coil.

    • Trivia: One of the human scientists says the the hull fragments from the alien vessel all had the identical curvature, and she conjectures that it might have been a perfect sphere. This is exactly correct, as in Star Trek: First Contact, it is a Borg Sphere that emerges from the destroyed Cube and travels back in time to assimilate Earth. It is this Sphere that is then destroyed by the Enterprise-E.

    • The scanner used by one of the human scientists is identical to Crewman Daniels' futuristic device seen in the season one's "Cold Front".

    • Goof: While testing the modified phase weapons, Lt. Reed mentioned an input value in megajoules. He then ordered the "power" to be raised, but still quoted a value in megajoules. Joules are not a measure of power, but a measure of energy. Power is the rate of dissipation of energy and is measured in watts or, at the power levels that Reed was providing, megawatts.

  • Quotes

    • Archer: They told their homeworld how to find Earth.
      T'Pol: Did you learn where the message was sent?
      Archer: Somewhere deep in the Delta Quadrant.
      T'Pol: Then I doubt there's any immediate danger. It would take at least two hundred years for a subspace message to reach the Delta Quadrant, assuming it's received at all.
      Archer: Sounds to me like we've only postponed the invasion until what? The 24th century?

    • Archer: (talking about Zefram Cochrane) He was giving a commencement address at Princeton when he started to talk about what really happened during First Contact. He mentioned a group of cybernetic creatures from the future who tried to stop his first warp flight when he was living in Montana. He said they were defeated by a group of humans, who were also from the future.
      T'Pol: As I recall, Cochrane was famous for his imaginative stories. He was also known to be frequently intoxicated.

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