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  • Story arc gets old fast (SPOILER)

    I have watched all ST series and was excited when I realized a new one was coming.

    After watching it my verdict are so-so.

    What I liked:

    - Back to the basics.

    - More military style and less lounge like.

    - The beginning of space travel with only 4.5 warp.

    - Beginning of weaponry and beam me up tech.

    - The characters - they all act their ass of and I loved everyone one of them.

    What I dislike:

    Main story arc are taking to long - a whole season only focusing on the story. This is not true Star Trek. Star Trek is each episode are new, exciting, what will happen, who will they encounter, how will they get out of it.

    SPOILER: And to be honest - the story that the Xindi will destroy Earth for an unknown reason (if there is one, it eluded me). Come on writers - you can do better than that. Seriously.

    Bottomline is a 6.5 from me based on:

    - not true to the Star Trek as we know it.

    - story arc that are lousy and not that exciting.
  • Yet another show cancelled too soon

    Just getting good and CANCELLED. Bring it back BAPHOONS of the industry!
  • voyage ended too soon

    I grew up with the original series it was my trek bible, every series after I judged by it,not the acting, or the wonky sets or the sometimes corny scripts,but the premise behind all of that. the people, the friendships, the loyalties, the excitement of going where no man had gone before the sheer joy and flustration of being human in an alien world and figuring out how to get through every situation.

    I liked TNG, but the longer it ran the more same old same old slid in. Voyager was good. DS9 was chaotic and more like watching children in a playground. so I was thrilled when Enterprise arrived, back to the basics, no rules, find your own way in space. and I loved it. it was raw, no special effects the people were people with human reactions to every situations. Maybe, as someone said in a previous comment, you have to be an original trekkie to really appreciate Enterprise.

  • It was good. But not quite good enough.

    ENT was a very good premise for a show. And as for the characters and the ship, it fulfilled my expectations. It was more military, more stripped down than comfortable. Unfortunately, it was too big of a shift from past Trek shows. TNG, VOY, and DS9 were all fantastic, but for the same reason. It was a utopian world of exploration. Every episode of TNG, there would be some kind of alien or problem to deal with, usually ending in a peaceful solution. Voyager's hull damage was repaired after every episode. and DS9 was all about the new frontier, the Gamma Quadrant. But Enterprise found itself more often than not in a scuffle with a hostile alien species, and it seems to me like this drove away many classic trek fans.

    My friend is currently going through all of the star trek (prime universe) TV shows and Movies. So far, having gone through ENT, TOS, and TAS, He liked Enterprise best. This is understandable. It is a fantastic show. It just requires you to not judge it against the Trek you already know.

    But as I said, It wasn't good enough. While i thoroughly enjoyed Enterprise, it had it's flaws.

    Flaw #1: The Writing - It wasn't good enough. That's the bottom line. There were good concept, great concepts even in Enterprise, but unfortunately the greatness stopped there. the stories and characters weren't written consistently enough, the only characters that didn't seem to have Multiple Personality Disorder were T'Pol and Phlox, arguably the gems of the series.

    Flaw #2: The Xindi - They were Enterprise's Jem'Hadar. The idea of a series being one overarching plot was a good one, and the Xindi themselves are a very interesting species, as is the Superweapon arc. Unfortunately, the Writing has to be mentioned again. The Xindi arc had no payoff. The superweapon is destroyed, Earth is saved, the Spheres are gone... and? The only real closure for the Xindi was in an alternate future they will be members of the Federation.

    Flaw #3: Season 4 - After the detached episodes of seasons 1 and 2, and the overarching story in season 3, the fourth season really didn't know what it was doing. And of course, there was that abomination of a finale. This mediocre-at-best ending was probably what meant that the season 5, aka the Romulan arc, never happened.

    So that brings me to the final verdict. Enterprise holds up well as a prequel series, setting up the universe we know and love.

    + Good premise

    + Interesting Characters

    - Shallow Xindi Arc

    - Mediocre Ending

    Final verdict: 7/10
  • Let's put the Criticism where it belongs, OK?

    Opinions are like, well, you know ... we all have one.

    It fries me a little that absolutely, hands-down, *The Best* of the post-TOS Trek series gets put down here. Granted, I didn't think that Scott Bakkula would have made a very good Captain, given his previous series, "Quantum Leap", but I have to say, his acting in this role changed my mind. He's a much better actor when he's serious.

    The series was *exactly* what the franchise needed - a look back at what started it all. It was brilliant! Crew members anxiety over the transporter, the warp 4.5 engine, paltry weapons, and almost non-existent protective "shields". But Hey! This was the state-of-the-art. It's all they had.

    The foreboding gun-metal gray of the interior, and the excitement of warp travel to the distant stars. Awesome. It was the shot in the arm that the franchise needed. But, judging from the reviews here, I can see why it failed. This show was for the Trekkers from the 60's. A return to boldness and adventure. Not the transparent contrived episodes which made up much of the post-TOS series'. The kids didn't get it. The later TNG, and VOY were for kids. Granted, both had some very intriguing episodes, but you had to suffer with a lot of junk to get there.

    What Enterprise did, and what TNG started with, was putting cinematography back into the series. From the middle of TNG, and all of Voyager, it looked like they lit the stage with florescent lights! Way too bright, no shadow, no dramatic lighting. Sad, and sterile. Enterprise tried a little harder with darker sets, darker bridge.

    Forget Picard - instead of being in an old folks home, they made him Captain of the Enterprise? He should of been Captain of the Love Boat. With him forgetting if he was American, or English - C'mon Stewart?! Is it shed-ule or schedule? Is it Datar or Data. *Make it So!* An Enterprise captain that deals almost entirely as a diplomat, belongs in a play, not on an action TV show.

    Forget Janeway - Going to get a lot of sexist email on this - but again, this woman as Captain of a starship? Perhaps someone else, not this chick. She sounded like she smoked 3 packs a day for 30 years before acting in this part. Her whole character completely irked me. Pardon my stereo-types, but this was not a swashbuckling captain. Again, sensitivity training, heart-to-hearts with the crew. It just didn't work. It's not open for discussion.

    DS9 - a floating mall passing for a star trek spin-off. At that point, I knew that the producers had hit bottom. Berman and Braga became a hiss and a by-word. Vomit.

    Those that would argue there were too many holes - that's what Star Trek Encyclopedias are for. Every series ESPECIALLY TOS had gaping holes.

    The series cancelled because UPN ran episodes on Saturday's and because of the convenience, more and more people were watching the Saturday re-runs instead of during the week, where the show earned ratings based on viewing. Low ratings mean cancelled shows. Whether that was done on accident, or was intentionally done to kill of the show, I don't know.

    But, I do have one negative - the main title theme song. The break with traditional horns and orchestras was a *big* mistake. I sail right through it on netflix.

    I wish they'd put the crew out in a motion picture. And Soon!

  • NX-01 RIP, Show could've been more

    I actually liked the early seasons of the show. However, starting with the whole Zindi line, I think they tried to be too action-packed and make Archer look like a bad-ass instead of the nave do-gooder he started out to be. If you notice shows like THG though, it's not the action that draws you, it's the problems they run into. Enterprise should've focused on THAT and the federation storyline rather than the darn boring Zindi.
  • I would watch it again and again

    I Think Enterprise was great. The reason I can say this is because I never watched or cared to watch any of the trek series. I tried a few time but couldn't get into them finally after years my boyfriend convinced me to endure one and I said I would try enterprise. I loved it!!!! Now I'm watching all of the trek shows, and watching enterprise over again.
  • Actually one of my favorite series

    I'm an old school watcher from TOS to The Next Generation and I never got into any of the three additional spinoffs until Netflix. The best thing about netflix is the abilty to watch the first episode and understand the plot and the characters from the beginning instead of trying to like something without any reference other than you liked the first two I mentioned. Here's where I think Enterprise went wrong. Their theme music!!!!! Has to be one of the worst tv theme songs I have ever heard and so inappropriate for a Star Trek show. It does NOT inspire a space adventure in the slightest and should have saved for something like Little House on the Space Prairie. That being said, I gave it a chance once I got Netflix and it is now one of my favorites. I got to know the characters from the beginning, how their relationships formed and the bumpy road that it was, as well as the closeness that came from their journeys. Big plus is T'Pol who is not only a great Vulcan but amazing eye candy. I wont try and convince anyone with story lines why this is a good series and maybe even a great one that was cut short, only that it deserves to be watch in sequence to be appreciated. And best of all with Netflix, you can fast forward right past the crappy theme song. Almost got that lame song out of my head
  • The Best Trek Show

    I'm watching the series on Netflix and I really like it.

  • oh those negative vibes

    I enjoyed it and thought it well done at all levels. Decontaminating with Tpol was a Trip..... lol
  • Missed the Boat

    This was there worst of all the Trek series, it was even worse than the animated series.

    There were way to many inconsistencieses and plot holes that could neverer be explained or talked out of. Plain and simple you cant do a PREQuel of classic shows or movies unless you rewind the tech, mindset, and look of the new show to before the original story.
  • Part of the franchise... deal with it!

    This show, had a tough act to follow. After Star Trek: Voyager executive producers Rick Berman & Brannon Braga came up with a Trek vastly different from previous shows. The concept was fresh and characters were easier to relate to for us "modern humans".

    Like TNG, DS9, and VOY it took the show two seasons to get its space legs. Not saying every episode was terrible, which they weren't. Silent Enemy and Minefield are perfect examples. To shake things up, season three became a whole story arc which was what the show needed. The main problem is in case you missed an episode you may have missed a critical point of the arc.

    When season four came I thought the show found what it needed to make it successful, and yet unique not just for Star Trek, but American television with multiple smaller story arcs. It was unfortunate that Enterprise was cancelled and not given at least one more season. I think 7 is a little excessive and can lead to... "we've run out of idea's" episodes. Five to me seemed like a perfect number when you think about it with Kirk's "five year mission", but that's my inner Trekkie talking (and yes, the proper name is "Trekkie", not "Trekker")

    Is it possible for this crew to fly again? Maybe. Stranger things have happened such as Firefly getting turned into Serenity, or Family Guy coming back after being cancelled twice. While I have hope, that's all I have. Until then I will continue to enjoy the show for what it gave me.
  • The only reason this series wasn't succesfull ...

    ... It had the worst opening theme song Ive ever heard, especially the worst Star Trek theme (It was an atheist folk song and not an epic orchestral score like tradition).

    HAHA and it was on UPN ... wtf!?
  • Good effort.

    This was a good effort in my book but it still fell short in many episodes due to overly moralizing scripts. Maybe the fact that it was a prequel to Star Trek version 1 yet it had more advanced looking gear hurt its effectiveness more than anything else. I liked the character of Trip, and the vulcan was well done also....I haven't seen any of them in anything else-I guess they made enough money to not need to do other projects. This was available free via Watch Trek, a site that appears to have been corrupted to the point that it can't be used anymore-too bad-I liked to watch this show on that site from time to time...
  • i only have one comment

    I can't believe this show lasted 4 seasons. I stopped watching after the 3rd show.
  • I just don't think that you can go back.

    I just don’t think that it was a good idea for the brains behind Star Trek to try and go back instead of going forward. I have watched most of the episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise and though they are good sci-fi television I just didn’t care for the thought of changing Star Treks past was such a good idea. This series is more about the unspoken “past” of the original series and that should, in my opinion be left to the books and e-books. Thanks for letting me babble on here.
  • ENT to real for most Trek fans!

    Start off with the shows problems:
    The problem with ENT was it got tied up in the time paradox to much. Unlike the other Star Treks it didn't improve the characters much. It focused too much on Trip, when this happens it destroys any series. (Voyager season 5 and 6 was all about Seven of Nine and Stargate Atlantis became all about Col. Sheppard and the Wrath). Other characters were just boring Reed and Mayweather.

    Another problem was the Star Trek Universe at this time was just not well defined Technologically, Socially and Politically.

    Fan problems with this show:
    The one thing I did like about this Star Trek ENT is the it wasn't this unrealistic utopia that the TNG was, until season 6 when they had the Maquis. Every races had and age old enemy and weren't these lovely dovey races that most were in TNG and humans were still up to their old tricks. Much like the humans today lessoning to rock music, into sports (Archor with his basketball), like to be in good physical shape (Mayweather, Trip and Archor) and money was still around.

    I think this, more than anything is why ENT didn't last. It showed too much of the true. On ENT the crew only knew what their particular field was. Archor was the captain and was put their form his leadership skills not his technical skills and didn't have much of, for that he relied on Trip and T'Pol. Mayweather was the pilot and only knew how to fly the ship or shuttle pod and not much else. Trip was the Engineer and was there for his tech skills, but was also brave and knew how to fight.

    This crew was not made up of these super science nerds that new everything! When we and if at all do encounter an Alien race we'll find out that they're going to act very much like us and this is what tuned a lot of Trek fan out, the fact that ENT showed it wasn't a perfect universe and Humans like every other race aren't perfect ether and never going to be.
  • Great show bad ending. Before i could even watch another episode "I read the good that men do" The book that fixed the damage that the wrighters aflicted in the ending

    This is my favorite show. My brother got me started on it in 2007, since then I've been almost obsessed with enterprise and everything star trek. That's why I was so mad at the star trek writers when I watched the last episode that I could not watch it. but then my brother told me about a star trek book that supposedly fixes everything. About 1 month later my brother brought home the "good that men do" the legendary fix it book, so I read it and it fixed it, if you hated the ending of the show then read it.
  • Space, the final frontier... These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise, its 5 year mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations; to boldy go where no man has gone before.

    "It's been a long road, getting from there to here... it's been a long time, but our time is finally here" These first few words of Faith of the Heart, the theme for Enterprise (2004), sum up the attitude and direction of this final installment of Star Trek (TV).

    Enterprise takes us on humanity's first steps into deep space and shows us the beginnings of the Star Trek universe imagined by Rodenberry all those years ago.

    We travel with the crew into the early and largely unkown start of the federation-to-be and meet klingons and countless other new species along the way. Some wonderfully alien. Beautifully scripted, thought provoking at times, light hearted and good natured this is typical trek universe with a few nice twists and new ideas thrown in where-ever possible. Of mention, Scott Bakula (Capt Archer), Jolene Blalock (Science Officer T'Pol) and Conner Trineer (Chief Engineer Trip) are magic together. Bakula in his portrayel of Archer is passionate, conflicted and righteous - he nails the role and i couldn't imagine anyone else doing as great a job. Blalock and Trineer work wonderfully with Bakula and they create the same bond of that famous trek trio: Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Enterprise is really an achievement. The show follows the traditiinal story telling methods of the previous trek shows and pioneered CGI special effects for TV programming. This combination of tried and tested story telling with ground-breaking CGI (used to bolster the story, not make up for the lack of one), brings a new level of excellence to Trek and continues the tradition of quality tv we have come to expect from modern trek.

    A truely under-appreciated show, Enterprise failed to look at its competition and sadly lost to the likes of Stargate Atlantis (a great show in its own right). The introduction, while informative and positive, was slow, compared to the action packed introduction of SGA. The song itself is beautiful but was a gamble i have seen taken and lost on too many shows (like Firefly)! I cant stress this enough - people leave their tv's running in the back-ground so music intro's are key to getting audiences into a show. That song is enough to get most people scrambling for the remote to change the channel. Many of the support cast were also poorly chosen - some were just boring, others looked camera shy or perhaps over-awed by Bakula. Perhaps, even, over-shadowed by Bakula. In particular, Ensign Mayweather seemed robotic, distant and frozen most of the time. While Ensign Reed was far too aloof to allow character sympathy. At times i felt that Blalock's direction was poorly judged and her timing too rigid. Trineer was illuminating and endearing and John Billingslly (Dr. Phlox) is entralling. For someone who's only ever been to one trek convention, 18 years ago, i'm keen to go to one just to speak with John Billingslly. Overall i gave the show 75% purely based on the final season. Dont get me wrong, i found the storys in every season excellent, but the way the show was wrapped up is quite pitiful. Peter Weller makes a guest appearance in the double episode prior to the finale. My advice, stop watching here. This double episode is a worthy finale of an inspiring series and deserves to be remembered this way. If you keep watching, you will be left with a horrible taste in your mouth. Minus the finale, this show gets 85%.
  • As soon as the show reached its peak it was gone...

    After missing a great deal of Enterprise during it's initial run due to UPN's constant preempting and rescheduling I finally got the DVD box set. Watching the episodes in order really shows how consistent and well-written the scripts were. Especially seasons 3 and 4. Scott Bakula and Conner Trinneer both sold their roles, most especially Trinneer with his very human approach to humor, grief, and anger. Season 2 was slow, but when the show hit its mark by the 3rd season it was dead on. Very underrated cast and underrated visuals. With the release of some of the potential story lines for the planned Season 5 - I am very sorry the shows run was cut short. I've enjoyed to varying degrees other trek iterations, but this one really nailed it. Wish there'd be more.
  • Enterprise had the potential to be a great show but was let down by bad plotlines and inconsistencies throughout it's four year run.

    Star Trek: Enterprise began as a decent, interesting show, propelling Trek fans into a not so distant future, full of strange new worlds and alien creatures.

    Season One began on a high. The two-part pilot episode kick started the new series with a great story, fantastic effects and a diversity of character's. However, this soon started to change as the writer's began adding familiar enemies and species from other series', breaking Trek continuity.

    At first, there were subtle references to alien species that had been met in TNG, VOY and DS9 but these soon changed into full-blown inconsistencies. The likes of ENT 1x19: Acquisition, the Temporal Cold War arc, 2x02: Minefield, 2x23: Regeneraton, and the Xindi arc, sent Enterprise into a downward spiral from which it could not recover.

    The series finally came crashing down with Season Four, which contained a plethora of contradictions and inconsistencies. The several story arcs - the Augment's, Vulcan Awakening, the Romulans, the Xenophobes - were poor last ditch attempts at reigniting the series and rekindling fan's interest.

    Overall, Enterprise wasn't a bad show at all. The first season was pretty much excellent (bar one or two episodes), and the second season was very similar. In my view, the real problems started from season 3 with the Xindi arc, and from thereon Enterprise viewer ratings slowly declined, until, half way through the fourth season, the show was cancelled. As I said before, it had the potential to be a great show, had it lived up to established Star Trek canon and events.
  • In the 22nd century, before Kirk and Spock, and before the founding of the United Federation of Planets (or the establishment of a "Prime Directive"), humans are just beginning to explore the universe in mankind's first warp 5 vessel, NX-01 Enterprise...

    In the 22nd century, before Kirk and Spock, and before the founding of the United Federation of Planets (or the establishment of a "Prime Directive"), humans are just beginning to explore the universe in mankind's first warp 5 vessel, NX-01 Enterprise. It's captain, Jonathan Archer, has the heart of an explorer, but soon learns the hard way that not all new species are friendly, and eventually finds himself more of a military commander than anything else. He makes some mistakes along the way, and at times is forced to make questionable decisions from an ethical standpoint, but his actions nonetheless help pave the way to the founding of The Federation and the concept of a "Prime Directive." His crew consists of a female Vulcan science officer (t'Pol), who helps him overcome many of his resentments towards the Vulcans as the series progresses. His second in command, Charles Tucker, is a brilliant engineer (and quite a Southern-charmer), although he sometimes lacks good judgement in his dealings with alien species. Lt. Malcolm Reed, the British-accented chief weapons officer, is disciplined and reliable; Ensign Travis Mayweather is the brilliant, young space-boomer pilot; Ensign Hoshi Sato is the gifted Asian female linguistics expert and communications officer. Dr. Phlox is the always cheerful, exotic and brilliant alien chief medical officer. As far as Star Trek series go, this one is at the top of the list. Most episodes are above-average, several are truly superior sci-fi adventures, some are simply average, and a very small handful are a little corny, to be sure. But all in all, it's a truly great series, and some of the episodes generate as much thought-provoking adventure and excitement as could ever be expected from television. There are also some genuinely frightening moments, and at times, a level of tension that will have you biting your nails. All the characters are likable and believable, and Scott Bakula turns in an especially magnificent performance as Captain Archer. The special effects, set designs and make-up are exceptional. Even some recurring secondary characters are developed quite effectively and add brilliance to the show. One of the best sci-fi series ever created.
  • At present this is the worst Star Trek series out (05/2005), but still better than 45.3% of most sci-fi shows out in tvland. Seasons 3 and 4 were the highlights here.

    I watch Enterprise, heck I just love Star Trek, but in my opinion its the worst of the lot. All the other Trek series are brilliant, and then there is Enterprise.

    The opening theme music from the very first episode thats what got me. I was just sitting there, after waiting so long for the next Trek series and hearing that song, I knew something was out of whack. And sure enough it was.

    The whole series kept the same vibe with me. Things were just out of place. From casting to storylines it was off. I believe this put off trek fans as well as any newcomers.

    If your looking for great sci fi may I point you to Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

    Season 3 did pick up the pace and I enjoyed 4 equally as well, if not more. Seasons 1 and 2 were tough to get through with Dr. Phlox being the only character that was worth anything.

    Its watchable and I watch the show but a different cast, better storylines, and cutting out that song would have put this series up to par.
  • I have found that whether it be with a movie or television series, travelling backwards at "warp 9.65" can be a dangerous undertaking.

    Attempting to create a show set chronologically earlier (in the eyes of the characters in the show) than the original series leads the end results to be detrimental to what the original attempted to do. With the example of Star Trek: Enterprise, I was left confused and inevitably annoyed at everything it attempted to do since it is set in the mid 22nd century and Star Trek: The Original Series is set in the 23rd century. The difficulty in keeping track of the mythological information that the original series and this series explains is mind-numbingly impossible. It feels as though the creators of this shows did not even bother watching any of the other series to try to ensure some kind of continuity with the time line already set in its place.
    Going beyond that point, it feels as though science and tackling philosophical issues in the dialogue of the star trek world has apparently been left behind and in its stead has been replaced by pathetic attempts at titillating the viewer with alien sex and nudity. This of course wouldn't be shown, but sex is only weapon they've got and they are selling it in the place of what usually makes a star trek series worth watching.
  • Liberal and Pretenous. Not worth watching.

    Boy I thought this might get back on track with the OS but boy was I wrong. Never found it interesting. The Federation was pretenous and lilly white. So many rules and regs on this Enterprise it was like a uptight subdivision. The crew had no guts. I found the aliens better to ship out with. It would nice if we could have a captain that likes girls for a change. Picard now this Jackass. I don't get it. We don't eat meat, we dont hunt, we don't drink, or do the nasty. Man I am sick of the Federation. Who wants that future we are above it all. I thought the next gen was bad then the boring DS9. When your bad guys are more interesting than the heros with valor your off the track. Kirk took on 3 Romulan battle crusiers. These cats are running all the time from everyone. First the Cardasians, the Borg, the Jemini, the Swarm, and on and on. The Fed blows the Marqui was right. Of course the Fed tries to crush them.
  • Ugh...

    The series got better towards the end, but it has to be the worst Trek series created. It had action and drama but it lacked substance and is a great example why on going series like Star Trek should not try to go back and setup the past. I found it left many things unanswered at the end of episodes and failed to portray an accurate time like in the Star Trek universe. I can not say it was all bad. There were some very nice scenes of Jolene Blalock, but the writers tried to stress to much sex appeal.
  • Are you serious? Gene Roddenberry actually put his name on this?

    I give this show a 0.0 for the show itself and a 10.0 for the Vulcan hottie. On average I guess its about a 2.0. Seems kinda like a waste of a Star Trek show but I guess their expectations were low. The acting is fairly lame, but the bare stomachs of the female officers are yummy, so its not a total waste. There isn\\\'t much of a story here, but the worst part is that they have tried to recycle old Star Trek characters. So not only do we get a crappy show, but we get the old burned out actors for their last appearance. Sad. Could have been so much more.
  • A show that was before Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko. Doing a show like that was stupid. The graphics made it look like it was after Janeway, when it was suppost to be before Kirk. No wonder the show got cancelled!

    The graphics made it look like it was after Janeway, when it was suppost to be before Kirk. When it came on the air on UPN on September 26, 2001, I was happy. My favorite Star Trek of all time, Voyager, ended and a new Star Trek came on! Yey! My Yey want to a nay in an instant. The show was disgusting. Paramount trying to do a show that was before Kirk, WRONG IDEA! Most people don\\\'t agree with me, but TV does, UPN and Paramount, for when the show GOT CANCELLED!! If I had a choice between watching this or watching the original series, I would watch the original series!
  • Just a dreadful, terrible, tedious, awful show.

    Seriously, with the exception of maybe two or three scenes, this show was just a turgid mess from beginning to end. I mean literally from the beginning. Who came up with that theme song? And the montage of the opening credits, what's going on with that? They jump from the distant past to the recent past to the far future, back to the present day, then off again to the recent past, then back to the future. Just a sloppily done, half-hearted effort all the way around.

    And the needless soft-core-porn subplots. Why not just have Blalock show up stark nekkid and have done with it? No, no, they've got to make it look science fictiony. So let's have Trip and T'Pau start smearing what looks like lubricant all over each other while they're wearing something from an underwear catalog.

    And the plots. Or should I say non-plots. A frequent problem with Star Trek. For instance: The Xindi construct a weapon that performs a terrorist-like attack on Earth. But wait, it's even worse. Apparently, the Xindi are working on a bigger, badder, more destructive version, with which they intend to destroy the whole freaking planet.

    Then why tip your hand in the first place with some prototype? Were there NO other planets to test the device on? You know, back in your own territory? Do you think the Earthers aren't going to say "Gee, we'd better find out where that came from!"

    And the actors. I couldn't get that much wooden acting if I casted trees.

    Oh, just awful. The absolute antithesis of enjoyment.
  • The runt of the litter.

    Enterprise was designed to take the franchise into a new direction, unfortunately that direction meant the end of a franchise. The first problem with Enterprise was the characters, they were not particularly inspiring. First you have Captain Archer who often reminds me of a child who has found his dad's gun. Scott Bakula who plays the character seems to be unable to give Archer any sense of gravitas, charisma or respect other Star Trek Captains have. All he seems to be able to do is shout in a vain attempt to establish himself, and since the captain is the heart of any Star Trek show this is a major disappointment. Archer's crew consists of some of the dullest characters ever to appear in Star Trek, Mayweather the helmsman is a perfect example of everything dull. The only character who seems remotely interesting is Doctor Flox who actually seems to have a personality. When you compare characters in Enterprise to those in the next generation or Deep Space nine you realise how poorly conceived they are. The characters in DS9 are vibrant and interesting and are developed so well they make Enterprise characters look like permanent cardboard cutouts. This meant you never really cared about the characters regardless of the situation they were in.

    Unfortunately the problems with the characters are only just the start. First of all we need to think about the writing, the concept itself could and should of worked in the right hands. Indeed for the first time a Star Trek show was running a continuously main story arc with minimal stand alone episodes, a step in the right direction.

    The Problem was it had moved too far away from what Star Trek actually is. It was never about exploration, it was about conflict. It rarely presented you with morality stories that made you sit back and think, no, simply, it was not Star Trek anymore. The Temporal cold war story which spanned the first 3 seasons was gathering pace and was developed quite well. The Studio decided to axe this story because of the low ratings causing the show to take a nose dive into oblivion. The Studio probably did not realise that it was not the story which was turning people off it was the fact that the world of television had changed and left Enterprise behind the times, Enterprise was never innovative like Lost or 24, or cheap to make like American Idol. It was expensive and was not delivering. The final season was a hash of badly written and unconvincing story arcs achieving a whole new dimension of boredom. Never before have i been so bored watching Trek and finally i was glad it ended.
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