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  • Before Picard and kirk was Archer the first captain of a earth ship capable of warp 5.This cronicle the adventures of starfleets first band of explorers even before the prime directive.

    This show sheds light on early starfleet history before the federation charter was signed.For the most part this show is rather entertaining showing the endearing qualities of humanity.Even though alot of the advance tech we have gotten used to in the other star trek series like shields or phasers that doesnt make the battles any less excitment ,well in fact it actually made it much more exciting.You are left wondering will they survive but to be honest since its a prequel that thouit would quickly leave your mind since you already know how it turns out. The only time doubt was in my head was in those instances that time travel was introduced.On the whole this show is not a bad addition to the startrek franchise and i have promptly added it to my connection.
  • A criminally under appreciated show dies in shame.

    What exactly makes this episode so bad? Is it the fact that it's not exactly an "Enterprise" episode, but in fact more of a TNG ep? Is it the fact that the writers chose to completely ignore certain events and character development that happened during the final season? Maybe it's the fact that everyone in it behaves completely out of character. Let me just say that the idea of having Riker and Troi in "The Finale" was not all that bad, but the execution was down right embarrassing. For one, they both look way too old for the timeframe in which they were put in. How the hell was anyone supposed to buy this? And what exactly was Riker hoping to learn from Commander Tucker's suicide? Oh yes, and they (Riker & Troi) usurp way too much screen time! And why would a man like Tucker ever do something stupid like killing himself like that? Hi didn't look suicidal to me! And what about his relationship with the Vulcan chick? Did the writers really expect us to believe that they just 'broke up?' After all the sh*t they've been through together? Come on! I can go on with these questions forever, but instead I'll just forget I ever saw this horror.
  • Vogues of NX 01 enterprise captain Jonathan Archer with Sub-commander T'pol, commander Charles 'trip' tucker iii, lieutenant Malcolm Reed, ensign Hoshi Sato, Dr. Phlox and ensign Travis Mayweather. In there space travels.

    Star trek enterprise. NX-01 enterprise is the first warp five star ship to go exploring in outer space from earth. Join captain archer, T'pol, Trip, Malcolm, Mayweather, Hoshi and Dr. Phlox in there adventure in space. All the 83 member of the crew will to explore along with Porthos the Archer dog. 81 humans 1 Vulcan 1 Denobulan and 1 dog will explore space the final frontier to boldly go where no one has gone before. First mission April 16 2151 away 3 weeks before it was ready to lever in space 10 years with most of the crew alive. 10 years after it first mission Starfleet is form. It was form cause of what enterprise did do out in space.
  • Join Captain Jonathan Archer as Earth takes it's first giant leap into deep space, this is the 22nd century this is Enterprise, Star Trek without actually saying it.

    Star Trek Enterprise is a prequal set before the adventures of James T Kirk.

    It brings a fresh idea to the Star Trek Franchise
    A team of mid 22nd century humans excluding 1 Vulcan and 1 Denobulan.
    As this series is set earlier in the history of Starfleet the characters are more relatable to most people at the time Enterprise aired.
    Trip Tucker and Jonathan archer are prominantly noted for using colorful metaphors, and being rather laid back.

    Captain Archer is like Kirk and Picard, he does get in Kirk-esque brawls with Aliens, but rest assured you it's usually him sitting in a chair getting a beating from alien interrogators,
    Captain Archer is a very believable Captain the others in the cast are no exception,
    My favorite would have to be Doctor Phlox, he shows more charisma than any previous Doctor from any Star Trek series, a medical genius who literally uses leeches, and using natural alternatives to synthetic medicines.
    Something Dr Mccoy would find repungant but hey Phlox is an alien too!

    Unfortunately this series was short lived due to a drop in ratings and the UPN networks low appreciation for the show.

    Seasons 1-2 deal more with adventure and are very lighthearted and enjoyable
    Season 3 is very dark lots of character development goes on throughout the Xindi story arc, and there are some episodes that can be heart wrenching if the characters grow on you.
    one such episode "Similitude" i cannot watch because it's plot is too painful in that sense.

    Season 4 is debatably where the most interesting story arcs are, it is the most entertaining, but however it abandons the earlier peaceful exploration theme, and there are only 4 standalone episodes "home" "Daedelus" "the observer effect" and "Trappings"

    Its interesting story arcs could be criticised for their heavy condensation and apparently forced attempts to draft out plots that happen in TNG and TOS
    Such as Dr Arik Soong deciding on the spot to build androids (hence the creation of Data and Lore)
    And the "Augment Virus" which wiped out the Klingons cranial ridges.
    It felt more like it was being rushed, you would believe the UFP would take a long time to develop and grow naturally.

    All the same those are my personal opinions.
    Star Trek Enterprise is Very different compared to previous Trek, but if you watch it you will find it's actually not that different after all but still unique and worth watching.
  • the prequel to star trek: the original series. earth's first warp 5 ship and it's maiden voyage to space.

    The first starship Enterprise, its crew and missions. Its captain is Johnathon Archer. He's kind of a mix of captains Kirk and Picard. Ready to fight but knows that diplomacy is also important. The crew is comprised of sub commander T-Pol, a female vulcan officer, Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker, Lt Malcolm Reed, Dr Phlox, and ensigns Hoshi Sato and Travis Mayweather.

    Enterprise is Earth's first warp 5 space vessel. Earth is eager to explore space and make contact with new species. Standing in the way are the Vulcans. The Vulcans feel that Earth is not yet ready for this mission, they feel that humans are still "too primitive". But Archer and Starfleet are determined to make this mission work.

    Along the way they deal with established Star Trek beings, the Andorians, Klingons, and Tellartes. They make contact with many new species, including the Xindi (major players in s3) and the Suliban. We also see the appearance of the Borg, who in the past made first contact with TNG's Enterprise. Captain Archer also has experiences with time travel. A Starfleet officer from the future contacts him on occasion regarding Enterprises impact on history.

    It's kind of weird to see an early version of of the Star Trek universe with more advanced technology that that of the future. Of course you have to account for the fact that the original series was produced in the 60's. But still, it's still a little strange. I didn't start watching Enterprise until it was canceled and being shown in reruns. The special effects are good. I liked the storylines. One of the best was the explanation of why the Klingons ridges are missing during the original series and their reappearance in TNG. There was a virus that affected the Klingon race and it erased the ridges. T'Pol is an interesting character. She's Vulcan and they pride themselves on being able to supresss their emotions. T'Pol however, was very emotional, for a Vulcan that is. She fell in love with Trip and was very attached to him. Trip was my favorite character. The relationship between him and T'Pol was that of love/hate. He distrusted all Vulcans but respected her and he turn fell for her as well. In fact, he made his feelings for her known before she admitted her feelings for him. I was very sad when he was killed off in the series finale. :(

    Dr Phlox is an alien called a Denobulan. His race's marital practices include polygamy. Every man and woman have three spouses each. Phlox is eccentric and amusing. The armory officer is Lt Malcolm Reed. His family has made the navy a career for generations and enterprise is just a different kind of ship. Hoshi Sato is the linguist specialist and communications officer. Archer hand picked her for this mission because of her uncanny ability to decifer and translate all kinds of languages. Travis Mayweather is the helmsman. A big part of the storyline of the series is the progression of tolerance of alien species by humans. At first, earth was reluctant to accept their new friends and allies. It took a lot of work to establish trust. Eventually, during the series finale, the Federation charter is signed. Captain Archer was it's architect hundreds of species are united in friendship and peace.
  • A lively, satisfying prequel to the Star Trek saga.

    For anyone that was a fan of the original Star Trek, Star Trek Enterprise was a satisfying look at the early days of earth's introduction to the interstellar community. This series answered a lot of the questions fans had as to the early relationship between Vulcans and humans, Klingons and humans, Romulans and humans, not to mention those 'Green Orion Slave' babes mentioned in the original Star Trek series. Star Trek Enterprise was well written, well produced and is missed by this reviewer. I thought the series ended to soon. The opening theme was, I thought, an especially touching tribute to the human race's never ending quest for new frontiers and horizons. One of the best of the Star Trek spin off series!
  • An early effort.

    Not bad for an early effort, but it's clear that the writers and actors were still finding their feet in this one. Still and all, this one could easily have been a Classic Trek episode from early in the first season. Good acting from all involved, however, both on the ship and in the cave, and the characterizations were beginning to gel. There was also a good deal of foreshadowing of future plotlines and one particular pairing.

    But the writers of this ep must have been fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover books -- kireseth flowers and the Ghost Wind, anyone?
  • Should've been better.

    I can understand why Enterprise only lasted for 4 seasons. I won't say it's because it was a bad show, I thought it was okay. The reason I think Enterprise was so medicore was because of its lack of flair and buzz. Most of the stories were so dull and were like other stories from the other genres of Star Trek. The acting was decent, but the storylines were just too predictable. It made me want to change the channel at times. I will say that it did a good job of playing to a simple, realistic plot. Overall, Enterprise was just average. Thank you.
  • Star Trek but not as we know it.

    This is a prequel to the original star trek series and is set aboard the original starship enterprise the NX-01. Un like other star treks this has a very different feel about it and the show has been overly criticised because of it. The setting is darker and more realistic than other star trek shows with more realistic and flawed characters as well as more realisitc ideas about the future. It also builds nicely on the background and myhtology of the star trek universe.

    All in all it may not be quie as we remember it but it is star trek and it is good. Plus (and I may be alone here) I really like the theme tune!
  • A great series for Trekkies

    This is the only Star Trek shows that I really like. It is the only one that has the feel of the original series on which I was brought up. It could be that, as in the original series, Scott Bakula is convincing as the Captain Archer. One likes him and cares about what happens to him and his crew. Just as Kirk and the principles carried the original, so Archer carries this one. (I will have to admit that I am a solid Bakula fan since first discovering hi in Quantum Leap and Lord of Illusions.) Really glad to have discovered this one!
  • If you watched all the other Treks but just didn't watch this, give this a read and maybe the show another shot.

    While watching Futurama's latest DVD; during the demolition derby scene, an irate George Takei shoots down Scott Bakula and curses him for "destroying the franchise." I have to disagree with this. The two things which were responsible for Enterprise's failure were impatience and that frakking theme song.
    When STNG first aired I couldn't get past the damn hair accessory on Geordi's face. After a trusted friend insisted the show was worth watching, I learned to ignore the one prop flaw (even after hearing that it actually was discovered on the head of the prop guy or art director's teenage daughter's friend) and became a die hard fan of it, DS9 and to a slightly lesser extent Voyager. One thing all these shows had in common was a classic Star Trek theme song.
    Every time I got through the teaser on Enterprise, that cheesy, wannabe anthem, out of place, semi-rock song caused me to change the channel and then get sucked away by something else. When news came they were canceling it, I tuned in for the last few episodes, being a big Peter Weller fan, as well as for the STNG tie in finale. Realizing only too late that the show was well worth watching. Then Sci-fi eventually started airing whole weekends of the show, so I decided to record them and found all the great gems; like the Augments, and history of Vulcan, and the best part is I could fast forward through that bloody awful song.
    So if you didn't like this show and just didn't know why, I suggest you give it a try on DVD where the skip next button will take you right past that oh so Long Road.
  • This episode connects "Enterprise" with STNG. The clever plot line takes us beyond the time of NX-01 to an additional plot line to a very popular episode of STNG where Commander Riker is struggling with his past and current prediciment.

    As the series progressed I am sure the writers had a vision for the last episode much different than this story line, but when the Paramount unexpectedly pulled the plug on Enterprise it seems the writers had to abandon any future ending and create a new ending for the series. Under those circumstances I believe the writers did an excellant job of abruptly bringing the series to an end.

    Like all loyal fans of Star Trek, it was a huge disappointment to learn Enterprise was being canceled. I can only imagine where the crew and story line would have gone if allowed to finish the series.
  • star trek enterprise is about the enterprise nx-01 & earths first explorations of space.

    For me star trek enterprise is the best star trek show because of it's much more realistic depiction of space travel & there is also much more character progression. the characters are also a lot easier to relate to than in previous star treks & throughout the show the writers really let you get to know the characters, much more than in say the next generation.all in all star trek enterprise is a great show with the only downfall of having a terrible ending. the story follows Jonathan archer & his crew aboard the enterprise nx-o1 & is a must watch for any sci-fi fans.
  • My thoughts on Enterprise

    A show that ended long before its time. I absolutely loved this show and have trouble seeing how any Star Trek fan could not like it. It was so neat how they showed the beginning of man's exploration into outerspace. The episodes were always interenting and always caught my attention. I loved the characters, each and every one of them. It was so well done, and the stories so facsinating where they were taking place long before Kirk and Spock. I personally can't understand why it ended as early as it did. It should have continued on for many years, and is sorely missed.
  • What no one watched before

    After four major incarnation of Star Trek (TOS, STNG, DS9 & STV)it was difficult to tell new trek stories because it seems everything has been told about/in the Star Trek universe. Star Trek Enterprise was a big challenge but the series succeded in showing what no one watched before : the very begin of deep stars exploration, the difficulty of being the first Captain to go where no one has gone before.

    All is not new in STE, familiar trek ideas, concepts and more are back, but it's really a new point of view.

    The shows was cancelled after (only) four seasons, the rating where very bad for a Star Trek series and Paramount cancelled it. Even if the first season is a little weak, the three next are good (the third season has a very fine story arc). Long live Archer !
  • I watched the show when it was originally on, and i loved it!!! I like the fact that i can now watch it again....

    I'm a bit to young to really remember the Star Trek: Next Generation and far to young to remember the original Star Trek, But I loved watching enterprise.
    Now I can watch it again as it is being re-run on Virgin 1 (sky 121) at 4pm and I am hooked!! (Hence the 'daily fix')

    I even wanted to buy it on DVD as I loved it so much, but they are still a little out of my price range (about £150 for 4 series!)

    Still everything about it is brilliant, the fact that trip and T'pol got together - which was obvious as they hated each other so much at the beginning - it was only sad when their daughter died :( Also I was gutted when I heard they were ending the series, but it was time... They saved earth, which lets be honest is what they are supposed to do, so a job well done!

    It was just so exciting, every time, which is a rarity in a sci-fi series.

    Even if a new type of Star Trek was made I doubt it would ever be better than my Enterprise!

    Part of me wishes they'd bring it back as it was so good, but part of me believes it would then be spoiled, so leave it how it is

    Hopefully it will stand the test of time... I think it will

    Captain Andy Out....
  • It's not the best Trek, but it's certainly not the worst.

    Depending on who you talk to Enterprise is either the best Star Trek of them all(and that person will hurt you for saying different), or the worst Star Trek of them all(and that person will say your stupid for thinking different). I on the other hand tend to take the middle road. Enterprise is a bit of an oddity in the world of Trek. It's been very up and down in terms of interesting stories. It has also had the second shortest run of any other Star Trek series. The show starts out mildly interesting, gets kinda boring, gets interesting again and then gets just plain bad towards the end. Acting can either be brilliant in some characters, or just plain awkward in others. The show is intended to be a prequel to TOS. Unfortunately this presents a lot of contradictions the TOS that I wont go into at the risk of sounding even nerdier than I already do.
    The show could have had a lot going for it. Unfortunately it was ended too soon. This is one show most people have to form their own opinion about, but this is my take.
  • I remember watching the original series when I was a teenager, but was never what you would call a Trekkie, well not a die-hard Klingon speaking convention attending one, but a casual trekkie.

    I remember watching the original series when I was a teenager, but was never what you would call a Trekkie, well not a die-hard Klingon speaking convention attending one, but a casual trekkie. Being a big fan of Scott Bakula since Quantum Leap and having purchased all of the Voyager tapes and watched all of the Next Generation, this was a must. But after watching the first episode, I was hooked. What I find most enjoyable is watching things that should be quite amazing to us viewers because they are in the future, seem very primative because we are used to watching advanced technology from the other series. The characters have to use intercom devices rather than personal ones, doors don't automatically open. I enjoy seeing how things evolved and developed and how first contact with aliens, which are common in the other series, came about.
    It's how the characters see each situation, as its a first for all of them, how you can see each person deal with it in their own way.

    Even though they are new to travelling through the galaxies, they tend to have more respect for the inhabitants than other species do, but the series did prove to be a worthy build up to ST TOS.
  • This is a great show. I grew up on star trek and think this really added to texture of Trek. Some of the reviews that I read came down hard on the show, when I have loved them all. Don't let the sound of your food ruin your meal.

    I watched the original and why each show was fantastic, they did not get caught up in details, but where more concerned with making the story. For instance, we always new who was expendible on the "mission". Come on, it was great entertainment. This show is technically proficient and brings new depth to the series. I personally like Archer, who's charater does rarely gets the girl as compared to Kirk. This closer to the real world. Also, folks are not dying all the time like on the original episodes.

    Some of the drama could have been hightened; however, I continue to wath show after show without ever being dissappointed. I like the Vulcan. She keeps in character and like Spoc shows flashes of emotion to make the story more interesting. I agree she is better looking than Spoc, but that is not all bad.

    I am not a fan of tolerance culture where everything goes; however, after just a few episodes, I did not expect Archer to be the macho macho man; nither was picard. Just a different type of leader.

    Great show. Bring it back
  • Great show.

    Star Trek Enterprise has to take a lot of heat, personally I don't see why.

    The cast was good, Captain Archer was a great leader, I like the Vulcan T'Pol, who was different than the later Vulcans and Trip was cool.
    I don't mind at all that sometimes the canon was not obeyed as many screeched about, I watch a show to have fun, not to look for mistakes. The stories were written mostly entertaining and good, only S2 was a little to slow for my taste.
    But S3 and the introduction of the Xindi was great and tightly written.
    Unfortunately ENT was cut short after its fourth season, with one of the worst episodes of all Trek.

    If they ever decide to continue the show, I'm in. Hey, a girl can dream ;o).
  • Star trek enterprise was a decent show that unfortunatly was past it's prime. The intro was a rock ballad? That's what rejected the real big trekkies. After so many sequels of Tos, The story lines were up. All been done way before.

    Star trek enterprise was a decent show that unfortunatly was past it's prime. The intro was a rock ballad? That's what rejected the real big trekkies. After so many sequels of Tos, The story lines were up. All been done way before. Still it was interesting to see what happened when humanity first explored the galaxy in a ship that was clearly not that advanced compared to most species. I felt the show didn't have unforgetable characters, that made you wanna watch more episodes. The ending was great, you could see all the former enterprises with the intro of the captains.
  • Could have been one of the best Star Trek shows ever...

    I didn't get a chance to watch this show when it first started. I was in the military at the time with the new war on terror I don't think this show had a great start because the nation was still quite angry at that time and the focus was to prevent things like Sept 11, from happening again. The thing that really made me annoyed and not want watch it when I finally did have the time to watch it was an episode in season 2 where they encountered the Borg. I heard about it from my brother who is a devote fan and I just didn't think they knew what they were doin.

    When I did finally have the chance and gotten over skepticism to watch it when it was on reruns on the Scifi channel several months ago I was captivated with the first episode. I kept watching and was swept away with the characters and my opinion of the Borg episode has quickly changed they kept it very true to the universe with out screwing up the rest of the other shows. Now I think that S1 was an 8, most of S2 was 7 and S3 was pretty much the same. I didn't know what was up with those seasons but they just didn't seem like Star Trek and felt very rigid. However when S4 came on everything changed for me I thought this season was absolute 10 no ifs and or buts about it. They finally had episodes that flowed so well with the chars there personality's and finally telling stories that were all there own which was a great and then it ended. I think this show had a very rocky start and should have continued along.

    I later found out that the studio had put a lot of there opinions in what direction the show should have gone and if they hadn't maybe this would have been greater earlier on. I than found out about the outcry to keep the show going and other things fans have started to keep this universe going. Only regret I have is that I wish I would have gotten involved with this show sooner and to help keep it alive and I do hope some day we can have a movie with this fine cast one more time or even more god permitting.
  • Enterprise was a show destined for greatness, that died an early death because of the way the writers took so long to bring it into fruition as being a classic star Trek series from a technological standpoint.

    The series started out kind of slow without a lot of the typical star trek technology that we were used to seeing, but it was interesting how they introduced it to the show, like the beaming technology and the use of phasers in both hand held weapons and onboard the Enterprise.

    I think they waited too long to bring the sci-fi tchnology on board to keep the interests of typical Star Trek enthusaists, and that's probably the reason it died prematurely. It was just starting to get good when it was canceled.

    The concept of spending the entire 2nd season in the void had the flavor of the original Star Trek Series in that their original mission was for deepspace exploration, but I wonder if having the same setting in each show that season gave it a lack of variety that viewers are accustomed to seeing thus bringing on it's ultimate premature demise not long after.

    I was dissapointed when it was canceled, because I think in season 3 it was just starting become the show that it was intended to be.
  • After watching the show get bashed in the ratings early on, I decided to watch it. This show is truly unappreciated and people are far to close minded to accept a new kind of Star Trek.

    After watching the show get bashed in the ratings early on in the series, I decided to watch it. This show is truly unappreciated and people are far to close minded to accept a new kind of Star Trek. The interesting mix of characters and plot lines creates for a very watching worthy show. However some episodes are incredibly similar to TNG (Star Trek The Next Generation). I'd like to give an example of this but the episode names escape me. I wish the show had more of a chance but idiotic close-minded people strangled it before it could truly draw breath.
  • Don't tell my husbend

    Alright I have to admit my hubby got me into this show. I mean really Trip is soooo good looking, I mean that alone mad me watch it. Plus it was very funny at times. This show was a combo of being a guilty pleasure and an addiction because once you started watching you couldn't stop. I have to say I have tried watching other Star Trek shows, and well let's just say it didn't happen. THEY WERE TERRIBLE!! Maybe because I am not that much into sci-fi but this one did take the cake. So, if your not much for sci-fi but want to experience something new, I would recommend ordering an episode on netflix and try watching.
  • Enterprise had the potential to be a great show but was let down by bad plotlines and inconsistencies throughout it's four year run.

    Star Trek: Enterprise began as a decent, interesting show, propelling Trek fans into a not so distant future, full of strange new worlds and alien creatures.

    Season One began on a high. The two-part pilot episode kick started the new series with a great story, fantastic effects and a diversity of character's. However, this soon started to change as the writer's began adding familiar enemies and species from other series', breaking Trek continuity.

    At first, there were subtle references to alien species that had been met in TNG, VOY and DS9 but these soon changed into full-blown inconsistencies. The likes of ENT 1x19: Acquisition, the Temporal Cold War arc, 2x02: Minefield, 2x23: Regeneraton, and the Xindi arc, sent Enterprise into a downward spiral from which it could not recover.

    The series finally came crashing down with Season Four, which contained a plethora of contradictions and inconsistencies. The several story arcs - the Augment's, Vulcan Awakening, the Romulans, the Xenophobes - were poor last ditch attempts at reigniting the series and rekindling fan's interest. Overall, Enterprise wasn't a bad show at all. The first season was pretty much excellent (bar one or two episodes), and the second season was very similar. In my view, the real problems started from season 3 with the Xindi arc, and from thereon Enterprise viewer ratings slowly declined, until, half way through the fourth season, the show was cancelled. As I said before, it had the potential to be a great show, had it lived up to established Star Trek canon and events.
  • I been a longtime fan of Star trek in every show... till the coming of Enterprise.

    If you watch other space shows like Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, you feel a lot of power not only in the stories, the cast fits perfect in the characters. In Enterprise the cast it's good, Scott Bakula it's a great actor but his work doesn't fit with what suppose to be the first great captain of the future federation, the model for people like Kirk.

    Even when the special effects are good, some stories are almost the same from the previous shows (at least in the first season), and have almost nothing new (they are very predictable) except, of course, some sensuality (thanks for T'pol).

    The basic story was good, the song feels like something fresh, but the rest it's far away from the best moments of shows like TNG, DS9 and Voyager, the whole past of the universe of star trek seems something boring.

    Maybe Berman should try to bring back Ronald D. Moore and Michael Piller, both have great science fiction show with much more originality than this thing.
  • Decent Concept, Great Actors, Wonder Special Effects, but bad Decision Making leads to Poor Writing.

    When I heard this show would be a prequel, I thought 'that's not a bad idea, so long as they avoid The Original Series, and don't use the Enterprise'. Then I heard the title, and hung my head.

    Here's what ruined Star Trek. When Voyager began, it also had a decent concept, A lone starship, all alone on the far side of the galaxy, trying to get home and not having a lot of luck. But the people who wrote for The Next Generation rarely wrote continuing story lines. TNG was mostly episodic, everything was solved in an hour. So they relied on episodes that dealt with time travel, the results were several episodes that 'never happened'. They ended in the same place where they began, and they'd go off on their merry way.

    When Deep Space 9 ended, Voyager inherented their writers, who created story lines where three women, in various states of undress, and a light cruiser can take out a Borg Cube by itself, where a cube destroyed 39 starships only a few years before. Voyagers ratings fell, and they were lucky not to have it canceled before it was over. Viewers disliked the constant use of time travel, of 1 Vs. 100 odds always being beaten by some small unshielded vent. And while Jerri Ryan is hot as 7 of 9, nearly every episode in the last season focused on her, Janeway and Belana Torres. I don't remember seeing Chakotay do more than stand a bridge watch in the last 2 seasons, until Endgame.

    So what do we get when we finally see Enterprise? Time Travel, 1 Vs. 100 odds every day. And women in various states of undress stealing the show.

    Now, I know it's supposed to be an action/sci-fi show. Long odds should be a staple, and they are. But a single ship to combat an entire race that can destroy 7 Million in a single shot? That single shot being the first time we ever hear of the species and then (other than the Enterprise crew) we never hear of them again for over a year? Can you say Far-Fetched?

    And talking about far-fetched... A "Temporal Cold-War". Please. For the love of Spock, ENOUGH with the friggin TIME TRAVEL! Producers are supposed to review scripts, so review them already. When you get some good ones, you can put T'Pol in a uniform like everybody else and the show will still work. Then you get a better return when we see her naked from behind.

    If the writing were up to snuff, this series may well be on the air now. Casting, acting, effects, and fan base were all there. And Rick Berman alone bears the burden of being the one who killed Star Trek.
  • Another great Star Trek series

    Star Trek: Enterprise is the latest entry in the Star Trek saga. Under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer, the crew of the first warp five starship, the Enterprise NX-01, begin to explore the galaxy. As their mission progresses, the crew encounter familiar races like the Klingons and Andorians, as well as some new ones such as the Suliban, an aggressive race that being given orders by an unknown being from the future. They also meet an alien race named the Xindi who attack Earth. With the Xindi preparing another attack and humanity facing destruction, the Enterprise crew have only one option which is searching the mysterious Delphic Expanse for the Xindi and trying to stop them before they attack again.
  • I've always enjoyed Star Trek and I'll always will. And I'm still a Trekkie to this day.

    I find this series very entertaining so I love the storyline and the storyboard. I can't wait till they come out with a new Star Trek series though. My favorite episode of all time of Star Trek Enterprise has to be "A Mirror and Darkly"-(parts 1 & 2). I love all of the characters in this Star Trek series. My most favorite character of all time on Star Trek Enterprise has to be Lt. Malcolm Read I find his character exciting to watch on TV. I love everything about this show and I love every episode, everything. So on a scale of 1 to 100,000 I rate this show 1 for being so well created.
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