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  • I've been a Star Trek lover since 1966 when the Original Series first aired! Star Trek: Enterprise, I found to be somewhat fresh with Earth being in its infancy stage and exploring out as the NEW KIDS on the Block! Let the torch keep on being passed!

    With all the fancy techno babble and creative visions of Earth's future, I like to give Star Trek: Enterprise, the thumbs up on the creativity of Earths foreseeable future! Since I was young, I had dreams of space exploration, dealing with hostile aliens and being a real hero. The closest I came to seeing some action and true adventure was in 1969, as a United States Marine in the Republic of South Vietnam! Now, I have a son serving in the United States Air Force and who knows, perhaps my grandson may look to the stars and achieve what I always dreamed of! That would really be something.
  • Best of the Star Trek Series

    I am by no means a "traditional" hard core Star Trek guy. After getting into all of the original series predecessors I reluctantly started watching Enterprise, and to my surprise I saved the best for last. I mean Voyager was good, they were all good, but Enterprise is by far the best of all the series. The characters are real as is their chemistry. The action is non stop and well done both in the fight scenes and space battles. The effects are amazing and gorgeously rendered. The multi-part episodes grab and keep your attention. The plot lines are both insightful and inspiring. Plus lets face it, Archer and his whole crew are downright bad ass! I recommend this for anyone who prefers Star Wars action and adventure to Star Treks sometimes overly philosophical premise. On a mission of exploration ..sure ok, but fighting through the early galaxy for the right to explore is far more entertaining.
  • I thought that the characters were believable. I liked knowing what everyones favorite food was, and they all worked together well, like a family, they had fights, but good times together too. It was a homey feel, modern and wonderful show.

    I really enjoyed this show. I liked that it didn't always need violence to get a point across. I enjoyed the NASA feel. I also liked that it had a familiar homey feel, for example, meals and relaxation time together, and of course, Porthos. I enjoyed that it was a show about exploration for the most part. This was my favorite of all the Star Trek series. I enjoyed the Archer/Trip mentor/mentee relationship. I thought Captain Archer was very compassionate, and an almost perfect captain, despite his sometimes obvious weaknesses, which of course made him human and easy to identify with. Trip too was easy to identify with for the same reasons. I also enjoyed Hoshi, Reed, and Travis. It gave me a lot to think about for the most part. I really thought it upheld the hope and challenging thinking that has always been a trademark of Star Trek. It upheld the name well. We need more shows like this, (including at least one more season), and I thought that it ended too soon and too sadly.
  • Excellent show with great story lines. Sadly, it was unsupported by its own network. Continually changing time slots & often being pre-empted by sports made it impossible to be a loyal viewer.

    In the beginning, the idea of watching a Star Trek series set before the previous ones was a tough one to get past. But, I was hooked after just one episode.

    Showing the evolution of the Federation and its protocols was a fascinating background story line that had great promise. I would loved to have seen it cover the timeline all the way to Captian Kirk. Unfortuneately, this show like most great shows (Arrested Developement & Firefly, for example) lacked network support. Viewers get frustrated when they have to actively hunt down an alternative time slot every single week.

    Please, please, please BRING BACK ENTERPRISE!! (And please find a way to bring back Trip!!)
  • The final series of an enduring classic, Enterprise isn't that bad if you give it a chance.

    I started watching Star Trek when I was about 5. That was in 1967. Yep I remember watching TOS and Star Trek has been a huge part of my life ever since.

    I didn't welcome Enterprise with a very open mind; in fact I refused to watch it when it was originally aired. But now the Trek television line has ended for the time being and I decided to give this one another shot.

    Archer is a rather dry Captain, Trip seems like an annoying hick at times but I usually end up liking the episodes more then I expect to after I watch them. It takes place at an intriguing time in the era before the first Star Trek is supposed to occur.

    What I see in this show is something I've dreamed of ever since I first started watching the original Star Trek. The human race finally leaving our solar system and exploring places and things we can only dream of. It's disappointing to me that as of 2007 we haven't even made it to Mars.

    So maybe watching this can keep the dream alive just a little bit.
  • one of the best shows on tv.

    this show has all the star trek bells and whistles. it's got everything expected from a star trek tv show. it was a good concept. the episodes are really fun. the effects are stunning. even the universe created in this new show is totally out of this world. the writers really come up with good episodes each week. the producers really came up with a really good show. i can speak for ages about how good this show is, it's really that good. captain archer plays a captain kirk like role, and it works really well. scott bakula is a terrific actor.
  • The final saga, at least to this point, in an enduring Universe.

    Let me start out by saying that I love all things Trek. I have every episode of every series, plus all of the movies, on either DVD or VHS. But this series was the worst of the bunch.

    The premise of this show had so much promise. I mean, there's the opportunity to show the early years of Star Fleet and explain some things that were mentioned in passing in other Trek series. But the show seemed to be doomed right from the beginning. First, it was shown on the now-defunct UPN (Unwatched Programs Network.) Just as an aside, after Enterprise was cancelled, I never watched another program on UPN. Not because I was boycotting it or some other silly notion, but simply because there wasn't anything on that network that I wanted to watch. Second, there was the series title. Any Trekker can tell you that NCC-1701, captained first by Christopher Pike, then later by James T. Kirk, was the first starship named Enterprise. But wait. Now we're given NX-01, the real first Enterprise. What? There's some 'splaining to do right out of the gates. Oh, I see, NX-01 is the first Star Fleet vessel named Enterprise, while NCC-1701 is the first FEDERATION starship named Enterprise. Uh, ok. Thirdly, in the opening episode, Broken Bow, we're introduced to the Suliban. What the hey???? Who are the Suliban? If they were a nemesis to the first warp 5 vessel on its maiden voyage, why have we never heard of them before? This was a continuing theme throughout the series, introducing alien races that had never been heard of in any of the other Trek series or movies. It seemed the Killer B's chose to ignore established Trek canon whenever it was convenient.

    When it was announced that Scott Bakula would portray Archer, I was excited. I'd enjoyed Bakula in Quantum Leap, but his talent was utterly wasted in this series. And while Jolene Blalock was easy on the eyes, her Vulcan character often seemed very un-Vulcan-like. And what was with her "uniform" and I use that term loosely. Even after she formally joined Star Fleet, she remained in an outfit that, more often than not, looked like body paint rather than actual clothing. Trip was the third character, from which B & B tried to recreate the Kirk/Spock/McCoy triumvirate. To me, Trip was just annoying. The rest of the main characters were too often just background material, like the sets and special effects.

    Speaking of special effects, I realize that the implementation of special effects had been much-improved by the time this series hit the air, as opposed to when TOS aired. However, Enterprise is supposed to take place some 100 years before TOS. Would it have been too much to ask to make an effort show NX-01 at least somewhat technologically inferior to NCC-1701?

    In the final season, they actually did some good episodes, but by then, it was too late. The three story arc that guest starred Brent Spiner and featured remnants of the Eugenics Wars was pretty good. Also, the two-parter that explained the Klingon forehead ridges was really good. That story was one of my two favorites. Probably my favorite story had to do with the Mirror Universe. I enjoy all of the Mirror Universe stories throughout Trek.

    In the end, the Killer B's left their indelible mark on this series with the awful finale, These Are The Voyages..., which I have stated whenever given the opportunity, was the absolute worst series finale ever, hands down, no contest. Why end a series with a back story for an insignificant TNG episode? Didn't Enterprise deserve better?

    RIP, Captain Archer and crew. Hopefully, if there's a new Trek series, B & B won't be involved in it even remotely.
  • The last (or the "first!") Star Trek was one of the best!

    I was so sorry to see the last Star Trek Series get cancelled. It answered a lot of questions about the 25th Century Star Trek Universe, how certain things came about that we took for granted in Kirk's, Picard's eras. What a shame! Well, maybe the fans will call for more of Roddenberry's ST universe... all we need is someone who has the same forward thinking that Gene had when he was here.
  • A prequel to star trek Fantastic gastic action

    100 years before captains kirks tv show
    and one hundereds years after frist contact
    An experimental warp ship is created
    The NX 01 enterprise a warp 5 prototype decades in the making.
    Having helped out the humans after world war 3 the vulcans are still on earth overseeing and insome cases trying to hold back thier progress into space.
    Believing humans are grevius savages with no right to join the intersteelar community they do everything they can to discourage exploration and starfleet in general.
    Captain jonathan archer
    of the enterprise knows all this and has along standing hatred of vulcans stemming from his fathers struggle to create a warp five engine while the vulcans looked on refuseing to help.
    Now charging with returning an injured alien to his homeworld (klingon or klingot?)
    Archer takes his new ship into deep space fro the first time
    unfortunately there are alot of hostile species out thier all much more advanced than earth.
    A suliban boarding party kidnapps the klingon and enterprise must go to rigel 10 to pick up his trail.
    Finding more suliban on the snowy planet they engage in a fire fight and the suliban escape this time tracked by enterprise.
    A gas giant planet with a suliban base inside they detect a klingon life sign and after a fire fight board the station in a captured suliban cell ship.
    He is rescued but captain archer is traped behind a force field and tries to find another way of the ship
    Eventually after meeting the leader of the suliba he is subjected to an experimental device the transporter and is shocked to be still in one piece.
    After eeturning the klingon to the high council
    archer and co get given the go ahead to begin a genral exploration mission of the milkyway galaxy

    A very good pilot
    just like most of the trek pilots there always very cinematic.
    This series actually lived up to the hype and showed us the forming of the federation the beginings of the romulan war
    the klingon conflicts and introduced many trek races in interesting and diferent ways.
    A true legned of a tv show
    much better than voyager
    but then watching paint dry is better than voyager
  • Damn good show. Should have had a few more years.

    I was deeply disappointed when they cancelled this show. Enterprise wasn't the best Star Trek show but it was good and much better than what's being produced as sci-fi today. It certainly was much better than Battlestar-television-for-women-Galactica on SciFi channel. It was interesting to see how the Federation began and how paranoia over aliens was suppressed by humanity's curiousity and ability to get along. I had forgotten how good this show was until SciFi began rebroadcasting them. In fact, after watching a few episodes I went out and bought the dvd's. I won't be ever paying for episodes of Battlestar-television-for-women-Galactica.

    You know what burns me. The owners of Star Trek seem to be embarrassed by a successful scifi show but love the revenue.
    The "suits" have stuck with shows nobody watched and nobody will buy on dvd and yet Enterprise was dumped because it was viewed as "nerdy" by arrogant execs.
  • To me it was the best star trek.

    Yes i have see the other 4 but not T.A.S favourite eposodie had to be in mirror drakly part 1 & 2.The show how load of space battles and land battles and all my Favorite races the Borg, Roulmans, Tholains, Mirror Terrans and loads more in fact the only race i did not like was the kilgons I think there to may eposodies with those in there in every trek. that why people dont think I a star trek fan because i dont like Kilgon or DS9.

    Long Live The Terran Empire.
  • I miss this show...

    I know I might get some angry fans for this...
    But I have to say it, Enterprise was my favorite
    show out of all of the startrek franchise. And I
    watched them ALL. Til Enterprise my favorite was
    The Next Generation. I wish they hadn't cancelled
    this show, would be nice to see a movie ceom from
    it. But tis doubtful. I'm a BIG fan of Scott Backula
    from his Quantum Leap days, also a great show. I
    wonder what the new show will be like? I heard something about a Starfleet Academy theme. It would
    be interesting, when and if it happens. I think
    they should focus on a good show rather than another
    movie. The last one was the worst of the whole lot.
  • An unfortunate short life for an exceptional Trek series.

    TNG was my introduction into the Trek universe, and since then I've followed every spin-off until Enterprise. Strike it up to a busy life or a poor TV time slot, but some how I missed Enterprise when it orginally aired. Nevertheless, the Sci-Fi channel has redeemed me, and I'm now catching up.

    I've only finished the first season, and like any great story it starts off slow for character and plot development, but not slow enough to completely turn you away from the series. Yes, there are a couple of episodes that you are left wondering "what was the point", but out of 25 episodes in season 1 (if my math is correct) one or two fillers isn't all that bad for a series start.

    The thing I most like about this series thus far is the realism that previous Trek series failed to capture. Shore leave, casual clothing, and college sporting events are minor details that Enterprise depicts that really establishes that the crew is indeed human and not an assembly of "human greatness" (a.k.a Picard) that was previously depicted in earlier series.

    It is true that this series may not appeal to die hard Trek fans, but I doubt that was the intention behind Paramount producing this series. This series tried to open the door to Roddenberry's universe for all viewers, not just Trek fans, and I believe Enterprise did an excellent job in doing just that (I have a room mate convert to prove it).

    And on a side note, for those of you who think the opening song, Faith of the Heart, is ridiculous for a Star Trek series then I ask did you really listen to the words? Sure it's not exactly what comes to mind when you think of Trek, but it works very well.
  • Ok, so it wasnt the best Trek, but it still managed to finish strong.

    Enterprise was a troubled creation that Trek fans by and large never liked (as indicated by the ratings) but it still managed 4 seasons and for that I have to give it an 8.8 rather than an 8.3. That said I think its better than many say but not as great as the people who think it should be brought back. Perhaps when reruns begin in my area I might change my views. I havent seen an episode since the orginally aired. A for effort, C for execution.

    Ill start with the negatives: NX01 looked like a ship running MS Windows and seemed rather flimsy. Archer was the worst captain, to say he was wooden is an understatement. He looked like he was just there to cash a pay check. The rest of the cast was unremarkable though everyone but Archer got better over time. Phlox was a rip off of the Nelix character from Voyager and T'Pol was a combination of Spock and Seven of Nine but was still better than Archer - she should have been Captain. The first 2 seasons were mostly retreads of other Trek series episodes and rather dull. The Xindi season was a vast improvement with some real action and good stories. The final season with Manny Coto was where things really turned around and if Enterprise had started out with these stories and then covered the Romulan war (and a better cast) it would not have ended after only four seasons. Favorite episodes? In the Mirror Darkly. For same reasons I liked DS9 the best. Enterprise ended on a strong note but it was too late, the suits at Paramount already nailed the coffin shut.

    9.6 DS 9
    9.5 TNG
    9.1 Voyager
    9.0 Original series
    8.8 Enterprise
    4.0 Animated Series

    Captain rankings:

    So where does Trek go from here? Going back before Kirks area will always be problematic and dont think they should try it again. Leave Romulan War to the movies. Either go farther into future or explore the Mirror Universe orginally conceived in Kirks era and explored in DS and Enterprise.

    Two ideas I like are one where a fleet of several 24th Century ships gets sucked into the Mirror Universe during a war games exercise though an rift. Half the ships vote to concentrate on finding a way home and avoid trouble and the others vote to try and overthrow the Terran Empire and create a Federation there - with Leonard Nimoy making appearances as the Emporer......... Another would be where a fleet of ships in the future sets out to explore near by galaxies using new drive technology and returns 100 years later to find the Alpha Quadrant in chaos and the Federation and all other major civilizations in ruins. Then they set out to find out what went wrong and how things fell apart and rebuild the Federation. Doubt any of them will materialize but its fun thinking about the possibilities.
  • It was a great show, just hard to find on the Tube.

    Star Trek: Enterprise was a very good series, I just think that it was "crippled" by the fact that it was on a network that was fairly hard to find, and some people had no access to even watch it. There is nothing wrong with UPN, but to tell you the truth, StarTrek: Enterprise was the only show on that network that I watched..... and I had to pay extra to my Cable company to watch it. Shortly after the Cancelation of the series, I noticed that some of other networks started showing episodes of it. (too little, too late) There was ONE thing that bothered me about the series, however, was the last 2 years of the series, was one long 24 (or so) episode "arc" (one long story). I personally like individual episodes, (as with the original series, or TNG) and they seem to be more popular with the public, also (hense the seven year run of TNG) I think that the long, 24 episode "arc" didn't work with the series, it works extremely well with the hit show "24", but not StarTrek. I like the way how some of the things you saw in the original series and TNG, were explained in Enterprise.... (like how the Transporter was developed, or how the Klingons in the original series looked different than in later series) All in all, it was a good series on an obscure network., a bad combination for ANY show.
  • Captain Archer and his crew set off on a mission of peaceful exploration and encounter some old trek faces. On there journey they defeat the xindi,cause the vulcan reformation,annoy the klingons and form the federation.

    A prequel to the original star trek series.
    A fantastic idea.
    We see earth`s first deep range vessel explore m class worlds,meet new species ,chart deep space and get into a hell of a lot of trouble.
    We learn the origins of the klingons hatred for humans.
    We discover the andorians and vulcan (both federation members)started out as mutually hostile towards each other
    and only archer can prevent a conflict.
    Archer unites all the local alien races in a alliance against a romulan maruader trying to cause a war in the area.
    All this and he must save the earth from the xindi ,who have
    been told by time travellers that humans will destroy there new homeworld in the future if they do not strike first.

    A whole lot of federation building and lots of explations about various historical figures and how certains technology came to be.

    A fantastic show
    With some of the best trek episodes ever
  • Why I Like Enterprise

    I remember watching Enterprise on whatever Medicom UPN channel that was provided to me at the time. The video feed was not that good, but I watched every episode I could. Now that Enterprise is being shown on HDNET, I get to watch the show brand new again. Having said that, I think the Enterprise series was sold short, mainly by the “So-Called Hardcore” Trekkie!! I get so sick and tired of listening to Trekkies complain about certain aspects of certain shows, “And Then Complain Because There Is No New Star Trek On TV Or In The Movies!!” I love Star Trek, and in fact, I might be a bigger fan than those "holier-than-though Trekkies! Why? Because I except the show for the entertainment value, the characters of the show, and the over-all message that there could be a brighter future ahead. “Not Because The Show Didn't Follow Some Stupid Time-Line!!!” If the next movie is made and it fails due to the Trekkies I speak of, then I do not want to hear another complaint at all by those that chose to complain than enjoy. To those that want the Star Trek Universe perfect: Get a life and take off the stupid Spock ears!
  • Disliked by hardcore Star Trek fans who felt that the show betrayed many of the things they had come to know and love about the franchise, Star Trek Enterprise was more mass market, more inclusive and generally more watchable by regular viewers.

    Star Trek Enterprise led off with a surprisingly strong frst season and with characters that were generally well rounded right from the start. Many of the early shows are quite watchable but, predictably, some shows lack that Star trek magic and come across as mere filler. Still, in my opinion, this series got off to the strongest start of any in the franchise. For some reason, however, the show didn't really click with viewers. Hard core fans disliked the show for a variety of reasons (mostly because it wasn't "Trek" enough) and new viewers never bothered to tune in because of the mere fact that it was just another Star Trek.

    By the run up to the third season, it was apparent that Enterprise was in ratings trouble and that drastic steps had to be taken to win viewers. To save the show the writers and producers resorted to what has become a tried and true way to have fun in the Star Trek universe without damaging the lucrative market for novels, comics, video games and other products that have thier basis in Star Trek's well documented "history." Using time travel, they created a paradox and, at the end of the season, solved the problem thereby restoring future history and "erasing" everything that happened during the season. In the end, only the crew who lived through the events that ocurred during the paradox and we, the viewer, were any the wiser. And thus the universe was saved - for comics!

    To be honest, this must be the only way Star Trek writers get to have any fun anymore. It seems like you can't kill a red shirt these days without having to worry about his descendant who appeared in a past show or some 10 year old novel that was set in the future. I think this reluctance to do much with the universe is what is leading Star Trek into stagnation and eventual disuse.

    Time travel or not, there were some good episodes in the third season and although some reviewers dislike it, I think it should not be totally discounted. I waited anxiously for each new episode as they appeared during the broadcast season and thoroughly enjoyed each of them. In retrospect, however, I think the whole story takes too long to unfold and after a while impatient viewers watching through the magic of home video may just choose to skip to the end.

    The final season of Enterprise contains some of the best Star Trek shows ever written. Of course the writers knew the show was being cancelled and crammed as much into each episode as possible. It payed off and through several story arcs we actually get to see many of the individual races put aside thier prejudices and begin to work together. The end result, we know, will be the Federation but the way that it comes about is surprising and leaves the viewer feeling that the issue is still very much in doubt. It is as if the whole thing can still fall apart in a single moment. That's good TV.

    The very last episode, however, was a poor way to cap off an otherwise stunning season. After everything the writers had done to set this show apart, to see it tied back into the Trek universe in such a poor fashion was a discgrace. I think the series would have been better off if it had never been made.

    To sum up, I think Enterprise is worth seeing and at least a couple of the seasons are worth buying. I wish it had gone on longer and I think, if the last episode hadn't ruined it, the show would have made great movies. So long Enterprise, we hardly knew ye.
  • This show was really Underappreciated

    I Loved this show alot and was heart brokened when it was canceled, I Really loved this show all the characters were great and Scott bakula was great as Captain archer. I Loved Archer's dog Porthos He was so cute i wish our dog was that obediant as Porthos.

    One thing i didnt like is everyone kept bashing it including the theme song just because it wasn't "Star trek-ish" or didnt have that same old Instramental Theme that was also in the previous Star trek Shows, I didn't care I Loved the theme song i just wish the show kept going.
  • The adventures of a pre-Federation Earth crew during the 22nd century.

    This show garnered quite a bit of controversy throughout its entire run. From the design of the ship, to the opening credits theme, the inconsistencies of the characters, and even the fact that for the first 2 seasons, the name Star Trek didn't appear in the show's titles. Enterprise eventually came to represent the final milking of the franchise and the fatigue of its creators.

    The show\'s premise was an interesting one and actually provided an opportunity to cover a time frame that could show what triggered the formation of the United Federation of Planets, as it was set some 10 years prior to the founding. But only if the writers had chosen to use the existing Trek universe history as its guide. Rather, a decision was made to only loosely tie the characters and show to the Trek universe, and essentially produce a generic space exploration show set during the time frame of mid-22nd century Earth. Major historical events that would occur during this time would be ignored (like the Romulan War that creates a Romulan Neutral Zone), and species long known to be tied to early Federation history as founding members, were barely mentioned. Instead, species from the Trek universe's 24th century shows were liberally inserted as the Trek tie-ins, and in situations where historically, they could not have been known about that far back in time. Through the episodic format (bottle shows), the show produced some interesting science fiction stories and dilemmas nonetheless. But in an eventual network ratings grab during the 2nd season, the show was reduced to the flagrant use of sexual innuendo of the main characters (as opposed to the sexiness of the alien characters that Roddenberry embraced) to capture the all-important 18 - 24 male demographic. The 2nd season became a textbook case of why a Gene Roddenberry refused to return to the franchise as long as a network were involved and insisted upon going the syndication route instead.

    After many fan complaints, the show took a turn to what would become a season-long arc involving a species not tied in, in any way, to the Star Trek universe (considering their obvious proximity to Earth at that time), in order to add drama and gravity to the show. As a result, it merely forced the characters to be written to act inconsistently, although some of that season was saved by the fantastic acting of Trek veteran Jeffrey Combs as the Andorian Shran. And upon concluding this 3rd season arc without much of a ratings boost, a decision was made to promote Manny Coto to head the writer's room to get the show back on track. This would come with the promise not to immediately cancel the show, but allow it to go through a final but shortened 4th season to try to make things right.

    With Manny's entrance to helm what would be the 4th and final season, many of the elements of early Trek history were finally explored. And with the help of Trek novel-writers Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens, a more epic quality began to emerge in the stories, several being told over multi-episode arcs. But by then, the viewers had given up and an excellent 4th season that could have been the starting point for this series, would be too little, too late to save the show. The final nail in the coffin would come from the co-creators themselves, who ended the series with a finale that was essentially a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, with a few scenes sprinkled here and there that involved this show\'s characters.

    And so at the conclusion of this series, the billion-dollar franchise came to a grinding halt after a run of 17 years straight and 4 modern series. However I expect that it will rise again, no doubt about it. If not for the 1st and 4th seasons, this show would have rated a Turn the Channel.
  • My favorite Star Trek series just never got the appreciation it deserved. Nice to see it getting a second change on Sci-Fi starting January 8, 2007.

    I like Star Trek, but I am far from obsessive about it. A plot hole or a continuity mistake never upsets me. I am just looking for a fun, space adventure with a little morality or social commentary tacked on. Star Trek: Enterprise was a Star Trek series not quite built for the fanatics. To me, that was also it's greatest strength. People I know who tended to shy away from Star Trek were able to really enjoy Enterprise. By the time of Kirk and Picard, Earth had become "civilized" and to a certain extent, homogenized. Enterprise's crew didn't have that problem. The characters had fun little personality quarks that never felt tacked on. As a result, the characters were very human. Archer, especially, was prone to making mistakes and letting his emotions lead his decisions, something you rarely see on the other Star Treks.

    Sure, some of the early episodes were a little weak, but that is true of all the Star Treks. As the show went on, the stories got deeper and the characters really developed, sometimes in unexpected ways. The last two seasons which featured longer story arcs, are two of the best seasons of any Star Trek series. I don't even mind the last episode, which at least made an attempt to fit Enterprise into Star Trek's history, though the episode before it probably would have been a better episode to end on. I enjoyed Enterprise, and I am glad that Sci-Fi will be showing the episodes again. I already have the DVD sets, but I am hoping to see this show get some much deserved attention.
  • The Enterprise starts exploring the galaxy and meets new races like the Klingons, Romulans, Tellarites and the Andorians. The Vulcans they already knew. During the series the need for an alliance grows and they take the first steps toward the Federation.

    From the very beginning this series had high production values. I think it's the most professionally produced series of the franchise so far and it's really underrated. That said I want to emphasize that the series suffered from mixed results over its four year span. Season one was a good one. I think most of the episodes were good as they just started exploring space. Also they meet a few interesting races. Among them the Andorians, my favorite. Interesting relations between humans, Andorian and Vulcans are set up and it makes you look forward to season two. Also there's a temporal cold war going on as a little extra. Season two didn't really move forward. It was simply more of the same and mostly not better. It gave me the impression the producers didn't know what to do with the show. Since rating were decreasing they decided to take a bold new direction. In the last episode a new alien race known as the Xindi bring massive damage to the earth and its inhabitants. The Enterprise must investigate the Expanse, a sort of Bermuda Triangle in space where the Xindi live.
    Season three proves the best season so far, although it's not really a Star Trek series anymore. We learn that the Xindi are not one but five alien races and they look more like creatures from Star Wars than Star Trek. The whole season is one big story arch and episodes are enormously better than last season, with just a few exeptions. The Enterprise keeps hunting for the Xindi homeworld in a great quest through the Expanse. Season four is the best of the whole series as they've taken on a group of new writers. They quickly wrap up the Xindi and temporal cold war story lines to pick in where season two left of. Almost the entire season consists of tv movies which remind of Star Trek: TNG. They are GREAT stories involving the humans, Vulcans, Tellarites and Andorians and build up towards founding the United Federation of Planets. It's a shame Paramount cancelled the series now that it had reached such high potential. If you're not interested in watching the lesser episodes or the Xindi story lines, maybe you'd like to watch the series as I think it should have been! I'm presenting you with an episode guide that make a great first and second season of a new star trek series taking place before Kirk and Spock. Without all the crap. This would have made a kick ass series that wouldn't have been cancelled. 1. Broken Bow (1)
    2. Broken Bow (2)
    3. Unexpected
    4. Dead Stop
    5. The Andorian Incident
    6. Fallen Hero
    7. Carbon Creek
    8. Minefield
    9. Marauders
    10. Shadows of P'Jem
    11. The Communicator
    12. The Catwalk
    13. Dawn
    14. Stigma
    15. Cease Fire
    16. Judgment
    17. Cogenitor
    18. Regeneration
    19. Bounty
    20. Storm Front (1)

    21. Storm Front (2)
    22. Home
    23. Borderland
    24. Cold Station 12
    25. The Augments
    26. The Forge
    27. Awakening
    28. Kir'Shara
    29. Observer Effect
    30. Babel One
    31. United
    32. The Aenar
    33. Affliction
    34. Divergence
    35. Bound
    36. In A Mirror, Darkly (1)
    37. In A Mirror, Darkly (2)
    38. Demons
    39. Terra Prime
    40. These Are The Voyages
  • Its like Voyager never happened

    Dismissing entirely the first two seasons of this show. This is where Star Trek grew some stones. It took risks and I dare say the outcome was very successful. Moving on from the mushy mushy Scooby Doo in space that was Voyager, and back to the real hard scifi of Deep Space Nine. A show that hits the reset button at the end of every episode cannot keep my interest, and the story arc of season 3 and the mini arcs of season four are both interesting and masterfully done. The cast is superb, I was never happy with Janeway and her headmistress voice, it just irritated me no end. Given another few seasons we would have seen this show evolve into something of a mix between the gritty drama and story arcs of Battlestar Galactica and the good ol' fashion fun of Star Trek the Original Series. A shame that nobody was watching.

    Just a side note, should this series had come to its natural conclusion I don't think there should've been a sixth spin off.
  • The voyages of the NX-Enterprise commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer.

    Star Trek: Enterprise was a really great show, and in my opinion, it was the best of all the Star Trek series. It was fresh approach to a franchise that has been around for a long time. Jolene Blalock's portrayal of Sub Commander T'Pol was a very good and unique take on the Vulcan race. Commander Trip was also a very good character. While Trip and T'Pol are my most favorite characters on the show, all of the other characters on the show are also very interesting. Star Trek: Enterprise has some of the most memorable Star Trek episodes for me, Unexpected being my #1 favoite. I also felt that Star Trek: Enterprise had the best pilot episode of all the Star Trek series. I'm very sad that Star Trek: Enterprise was canceled, and I wish that it would come back, but I know that won't happen. At least there are four great seasons of the show on DVD for people to enjoy.
  • Captain Archer and his crew set out to where no one has gone before

    I have been a fan of Star Trek for a few years and Enterprise has become my favorite in the series. It suffered with the ratings because it happened to be the last series and the ratings have been slipping since DS9. It has nothing to do with quality, just people who were tired of the routine of watching Trek every week for almost 20 years. That and it was on the wrong network. Enterprise is a fantastic series that tells a compelling tale of how everything we know as Trek came to be. From how humans formed friendships with different species to how the Federation itself began. It has a great cast which featured already famous stars like Scott Bakula and Jeffrey Combs. But it also introduced the world to two new future stars Connor Trinneer and John Billingsley, both doing very well in their post-Trek careers.
  • Despised by fans unaccepting of change.

    I really enjoyed Enterprise, I really did. It's a pity that no one else did. It's a pity that everyone seemed to forget how every series of Star Trek had really slow beginnings and didn't take off until around season 3 or 4. It's a pity it was always compared to the late and great season 7 of The Next Generation, however unfair that comparison is. Allot of people have said it stuffed up the continuity, it did at times, but pretty much every series had at some point, it also explained and repaired some faults in the continuity too, but that's a point always forgotten. I loved the fact that things were changed around a bit, that you didn't need to know 30+ years of episodes to follow what was going on...I mean without appealling to a new audiencce any Star Trek show is doomed from the start. I can't see another Star Trek being made, I don't think the fans will accept any changes made, it's strange how the show preaches morals and having an open mind to the fans, but when it comes down to it these traits aren't passed on.
  • A favorite show of mine for years now, Enterprise has gained a special place in my sci-fi heart.

    The funny thing about Enterprise is it is the only Star Trek series I have ever watched. I have nothing against other Star Trek series and I enjoy all the Star Trek movies. The thing that drew me to the show was Scott Bakula. After becoming a huge fan of his after Quantum Leap, I gave Enterprise a try. Now it has become one of my favorite shows, up there with Quantum Leap. Scott Bakula is excellent as Capt. Jonathan Archer and every member of the NX-01 are enjoyable in their own way. Standout characters are Jolene Blalock as T'Pol, the beautiful Linda Park as Hoshi Sato, Connor Trinneer as Trip Tucker and John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox. The untold amounts of mess the crew gets into is always exciting to see and Archer's tenacity are very enjoyable aspects of the show to me. I suggest this to fans of Stargate SG-1 as that is another sci-fi show I enjoy.
  • Nice show, but could have been better!

    I've watched Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: TNG, and Star Trek: Voyager. When they came out with this new show I was hoping that it would be better than it was. I guess I shouldn't of been surprised, because they were supposed to be before Kirk and we already know that Earth was still intact so it was kind of pointless.
    I enjoyed watching the show for the most part, but I think they had too many time travel type episodes and they spent too long on trying to safe Earth when we already know that Earth was going to survive.
    Another thing was having them meet the borg when we know that it was Capt. Picard who first came in contact with the Borg, thanks to Q.
    Other than that the show was great.
  • A Star Trek prequel that takes place a hundred years before Captain Kirk and the crew of Enterprise - A.

    A fresh new take on a very popular sci fi franchise. Enterpise follows the journey of the very first starship to ever journey in space to go boldly where no man have ever gone before. Special Effects wise, this show is a lot more hi tech that the original series, but you are quickly caught on with the world of make believe. Just like the old Star Trek shows, this one takes the viewer to an adventure each week. This is a DVD set that will become a part of my collection. It's too bad that it was cancelled, it should have gotten the 7 year run just like the way it was with Voyager, DS9 and TNG. A Star Trek show is always fun to watch including Enterprise.
  • Slow start but got alot better!

    I have been a Star Trek fan for many many many years, good ole' Captain Kirk and I seemed like old friends which is why I was very excited to hear about this "prequel" being developed. The time before Kirk in the first warp 5 starship. The first two seasons were really slow but when they got back to earth then sent back out to the expanse, that's when the writers started getting their brain juices flowing. The writing got alot better and at the time of the last couple of episodes it definitely hadn't reached it's peak yet but the networks pulled it and the last episode was about as poor quality as I've ever seen. Unfortunately for Star Trek fans like me this will probably be the last series we may ever see unless follow the story line set in motion in the Enterprise episode "Azati Prime" about the Enterprise-J set in the 26th century.
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