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  • never really caught on

    this was the final star trek series to be produced so far. unfortunatlly it never really caught on. the biggest problem for me is the fact that it takes place before the original series and no matter what they did the technology still seemed more advanced than in the original. the other problem was the absolutly lame theme song. it was entirely too gay.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise is great addition to the Star Trek universe. It is great seeing humans in their first attempts to travel beyond their solar system in the first warp 5 space craft.

    Although most people seem to think that this series is waste of time. I, on the other hand, think that this series is a worthy addition to the Star Trek universe. It is great to see humans in their first attempt to travel and explore the galaxy. The only episode that I really did not like in this series was the last episode, These Are the Voyages.... I believe that this episode belonged more as an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation than Star Trek: Enterprise. I also really enjoyed the entire third season, which is a season-long story about the Xindi and the temporal cold war. I also enjoyed how this series tried to bring awareness to problems that a faced in our world today, such as the AIDS epidemic (Stigma) and people's racist beliefs (Demons and Terra Prime). Overall Star Trek: Enterprise is a great a series and a must see for sci-fi and Star Trek fans everywhere!
  • A "prequel" series that while most diehard fans didn't enjoy was still a great show. One of the best captains to fill the title on a Star Trek show.

    I enjoyed this show, I thought it was a bit off because of it's level of technology compared to the original Star Trek. That is nothing to blame on this show though, it couldn't be helped that the technology used to make shows has advanced so much since then. The story and characters were great though. Dare say better then the original.
  • Enterprise takes a bold attempt to a new series!!

    Star Trek Enterprise takes place many many years before Kirk and his Crew. The Enterprise was sent out to meet new lifeforms and civiliazations to boldy go where no man has gone before, while doing that, they risked most of all the series and what name star trek put out for itself.

    Star Trek Enterprise takes off on Earth when Klingons are attacked by a species Earth fears. Captain Archer and his crew of mates set off to explore this new species. Armed with very hitech stuff of there time, they must stop what this species is trying to do.

    The other seasons from this point take a surprising look down deep under. After a species that has a weapon try to blow up the whole human race, the Enterprise roles there last episode ever made.

    This episode is probably the worst EPISODE made in Star Trek history. If you remeber from the Star Trek: The Next Generation, comes Diana Troy and Will Riker. Will Riker is having troubles about his choices he made not telling his commanding officer(Jean Luc Picard) about his wrong doings and thinks against it...And to get help, he uses a holgram programming(Enterprise) to get help from Archer and his crew. If you havent knowticed this show in Enterprise has also jumped 6 MAJOR Years. Riker eventually realises what he should do by telling the captain but before that Engineering Officer Trip who we all love commits suicide by blowing up and condiut and then the Federation of planets charter is signed by Captain Archer. So, if you ask me this show ended in a bunch of baloney!!
  • Slow start, but GREAT show.

    First and second seasons didn't feel right.. didn't like the show until the start of the third season, don't get me wrong i enjoyed watching the first and second seasons but not nearly as much as i enjoyed DS9 (which wasn't much), It's just that the show became something great in the third season and sadly shortly after I really got into it, it was taken away from me.
  • the old and the new

    Enerprise is defenitely not one of the worst seris to watch. To go to the times before it all depended on technical perfection, there was the time when everyone around you is stronger, faster and more technically evolved then you are.

    This is nicely looked at in season 1 and season 2. Season 3 is nothing ess then a race for time. That season is almost one huge episode spanning 26 hours and it is an absolute jewel in the series. The endconclusion is a little fast, but the race is on and it is worth of watching.

    Season 4 seems to be a dwindling down season, but it gives the fans a nice view on Vulcan and Vulcans. A passion all trekkies waned for many many years. There are a few glowing moments when the data fron this series does not match up with the others, but if you forgive the creators for forgetting detaisl, then it is easy to accept the series as a fine form of entertainment.

    In the end, there has been one sad thing. Agend Daniels comes into play way to often to take Archer for a peek. I think that this was dead wrong. The rest is unfortunate, but very watchable.

    Another thing is that several episodes are not original at all, they are in too great a form a emake of other episodes. Changing the labels on the plots do not create a new plot, but a relabelled old plot.
  • One of the best Star Trek shows that was produced. Set in the future and in outer space a group of people travel in a space ship exploring the vastness of space.

    One of the best Star Trek shows that was produced. Set in the future and in outer space a group of people travel in a space ship exploring the vastness of space. For some reason this show never really found an audience. A great cast including Dominic Keating as Lt. Malcolm Reed, John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox, Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer, Jolene Blalock as Sub-Commander T'Pol, Connor Trinneer as Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III, Linda Park as Ensign Hoshi Sato and Anthony Montgomery as Ensign Travis Mayweather. This as most of the star Trek show will be around for a long time in rerun form so if you missed it you can see it later.
  • The best Star Trek of them all.

    One might find it difficult to better the original with a spin-off. Sure, find fans of any of the Star Trek series, and they will argue until they're green in the face that the series they like is the best. But until "Enterprise," I had found the original series to be superior. Even after a couple of seasons of "Enterprise," I felt the same way. But after watching Seasons 3-4 of "Star Trek: Enterprise," I must say this is the best series out of the five. Gene would have been proud in how this series evolved. To me, this series captures what Gene was looking for when he created the original. The ship wasn't the star, but the people were. The character development was outstanding, and it's the only Star Trek series to keep the exact same cast during the entire run. That says a lot about a series.

    This show was cancelled just when it was finding its footing. In the three previous spinoffs, it was the fourth season where things really got good. The same was true for "Enterprise," but it wasn't given a change to thrive, and the finale was completely insulting. The fans, cast, and crew certainly deserved a better send-off.

    To honor the best Star Trek series, here's one fan who hope the next movie is based on "Star Trek": Enterprise."
  • This was my favorite Star Trek

    I liked the show because everything is new to man. He is new to space exploration so has to cope with all the problems that come up. There are constant technical glitches with the ship that need to be fixed. There are really evil aliens who want to destroy earth.

    The other series are in periods that have most of the problems solved, so they aren't as dramatic or current. The Next Generation had the most interesting character set, so it was the most mature or developed of all the series.

    The big problem with Enterprise was that at the end there were a couple of stupid episodes (the one with the alternate universe). I would have preferred a better wrapup of the lives of the characters. We also didn't need the episode with Riker doing a flash back, it was just cheap.

    Maybe that is why the series was cancelled, a lack of imagination on the part of the writers.
  • Why oh why didn't they give it at least one more season.

    Some people hated this Star Trek. I loved it. I admit it took a while to get into it. I think it was finally just reaching its stride when it was canceled. I even think viewership would have returned if it had been allowed at least one more season. I thought this one would rreally roll if given the chance.
  • Can you say "bastardization of a franchize"?

    I love everything Trek. I'm a Trekker to the five degree. So, when I heard about the new series, I HAD to jump on board... until I realized it was crap. How could they do this to me? I can only hope that it didn't kill the series completely and that the next version makes up for the horrible failing of this one. (Death to T'pol's chest!)
  • Expect disappointment if you have expectations at all. A \"darker\" star trek than ever before but afterall this is space we\'re talking about. Incidentally it is also one of the darker (figuratively) of the series.

    I avoided watching this further entry into the Star Trek universe due to unanimous word through the grapevine that it would disappoint. However, as with all things, there\'s only one way to find out whether or not something is worthy of my time.

    To the best of my ability I attempt to make unbiased conclusions based on unbiased observation. I will agree that if you based Voyager on The next generation standards or DS9 on previous shows then you will not be pleased.

    Each series puts different humanoids in different situations. None of the series should be compared with any others.

    We all have some affinity for the universe Gene Roddenberry catalyzed, otherwise we wouldn\'t have been interested in the circulating opinions of the online community. Most of those who express disgust with this new series seem to have had their expectations defied. I submit that those people have missed the whole point of star trek... Isn\'t star trek about the exploration of space? Exploring the unknown - the unexpected.

    One thing I\'ve noticed is that every episode has a story telling \"system\". With the advent of every new series they improve this system. They have become skillful storytellers and in a different aspect they have become adept entertainers.

    Since I am only human it is true that I have my own preferences. That said it is my nature to pick apart and analyze all aspects of that which I am interpreting. That said there is no perfect show. You can bitch about anything, but I have less to bitch about in regards to Star Trek: Enterprise.

    I actually have nicknames about my \"wordy\" nature.

    With less words:

    This show was worth my time.
  • To Boldly Go Full Circle...

    Hey didn't they start linking this show to TOS? Girls in mini skirts and a '60's paint job on the Bridge? All I got to base this opinion on is a page from the Enterprise 2006 calender but I would be very interested to know more. What a keen idea!!!

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  • If its on i will watch it, but i wont go out of my way just to see the next episode

    i find it quite ironic that Enterprise is supposed to be set before all of the other series, yet the special effects are better than any Star Trek i have sene befor. i also think that there should be some more episodes baised on Earth as it is getting the feal that it is much alike Voyager, and personal i was getting a bit board with the last series they produced as it was just so repetative.
  • I hate to do this but......

    I had high hopes for this show. That all ended ten seconds into the opening song. From there on out it blew chunks from here to high heaven. Ok, the puking did stop once, when that Vulcan Chick was in the decontamination chamber with that guy and she was looking very good indeed in the rubdown sequence! Other than that, oh boy. I could only stomach a few episodes. The big problem was with the freakin' darkness! Was this show filmed without stage lights! Common! It was terrible! It was a strain on your eyes. I'm a huge Trekkie, but this show dropped the ball faster than Deep Space Nine. Truly dissapointing. I did see one episode that wasn't half bad, maybe it was the end. It was the one were the captain was captured by some alien dude and rapped with him on the ship while trying to escape. Maybe I'll give this show some more time when I'm older, but not now. It was just wayyyy too boring.
  • While starting out a little slow, this has become, at least to me, the best Star Trek Series to Date! It far exceeded my expectations and wasn't given nearly enough credit. This series took Star Trek to a whole new level, one to relate to.

    Star Trek Enterprise takes place on the first Warp 5 starship to leave earth, and as such they are the first humans to meet many of the races that you see in the movies and other series. I think that part of the appeal to this series is simply that it doesn't feel that far away, it seems plausible. There was even one episode where you see Captain Archer with a six shooter strapped to his side and wearing a duster, very cool. It is fun to see how quickly humans made their presence known and even united many of the worlds that had been at odds for so long, but probably the coolest thing, is that this series unites all the different Star Trek shows and movies. I would truly recommend that everyone sees this, so go rent or buy the DVD’s; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  • Before Janeway, Sisko, Picard and Kirk, there was Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of the Enterprise making first contact with aliens before the birth of the federation. It's one of the best Star Trek series ever.

    I really love this show alot. I was so upset that they cancel the show, it felt like I lost a friend. This series take place 150 years from now and 100 years before Captain Kirk. It made alot of great episodes, Few were dumb but the rest was good. The 4th season was the best. It had alot of better episode. My favorite aliens are Andorian. I think they are really cool. And this show is worth watching.
  • It took awhile to grow on me ...

    ... but I finally became a fan of this show. The acting is strong, even a few of the storylines were pretty good, but the writing, ach, they really needed to fire the whole staff (not to mention Berman and Braga) from ever participating on another Trek spinoff again. I can understand why my fellow Trekkies were unhappy with the series, B & B really took the series off track from Roddenberry's vision. Vulcans as bad guys? What was up with that?
  • This was by far the best of the Star Trek series! It is a pity that they took it away.

    It still sickens me that Voager was awful and got more seasons than this. I'm also sure that Enterprise got better ratings than Voager. Scott Bakula is also the star of another onee of my favorite shows Quantim Leap. So [in my opinion] he was much better than Voager's captin. So I just can't figure out why it ended earlier.
  • That is the question someone from the UPN network should be asking when the idea to cancel Enterprise was brought up!

    Maybe we as a people need to enlist some intelligent life into our networks and start keeping the good shows on TV and removing all those crappy reality series that seem to be glogging up my channel surfing! (which by the way I wouldn't have to do if there was something worth watching on TV *cough*Enterprise*cough*)

    What was it about Enterprise that makes dim witted network execs decide to cancel it after a short lived run? Could it be they want to put more re-runs of Moesha on UPN?

    Maybe what we need to do is start having network exec elections so we can get rid of the idiots that run them and put in some more intelligent people. I swear if neworks keep pulling the plug on good shows cable companies are going to start losing money from people canceling services as I did.

    Why pay 40+ dollars a month for crap TV?
  • well, its a star trek story but not just any story, the beginning of all the stories of all of the star treks. archer has to assemble a crew of people to man the first ever enterprise in the birth of the federation.

    i liked this star trek more than the others (well, not more than ds9). but the reason i liked it was because it wasnt like the rest... it didnt rely on what the others relied on so it felt new. i looked better too... not so shiney and perfect like the others did, and in a way seemed more possible than the others did too. it felt new because they had difficulties and more feeling than the other star treks. dont get me wrong, i like the other series of star trek but this one... where this show went wrong was when it hit a bad place, and felt the criticisms of everyone, it changed its name back to "star trek enterprise" and the show followed in that direction. its a shame, though... what was it bumped for... "america's next top model"? bah!
  • Star Trek Enterprise is about the adventures of the first starfleet vessel named Enterprise.

    This show ended way too soon. Just as it is beginning to swing into real action, it gets cancelled, what a shame. Paramount really dropped the ball on this one. The final season was by far the best, I will admit the whole thing with the Xindi took way too long to finish. It would have been nice to see the Romulan war, although they did a diservice by actually showing the Romulans looking as they do in the 'next generation' era. It was a nice touch they they actually explained why Klingons changed, although it was kind of a reach, and I also enjoyed the tie-in with the original show.
  • Sad that it ended :-(

    For me, it wasn't the best Trek series, but still, it was getting so interesting every season. The cast was great, and I personally love T'Pol. What that I didn't liked, the majority of the storylines involved Archer, T'Pol, or Trip. Still, I can understand why the captain is playing the bigger role. I learned a lot about the Andorians in that series, and the roots of the Vulcans. It was a great show, and I'm sad that it ended, and Trip died. (He was hot!)
  • Retro future Star Trek incarnation takes off from Star Trek: First Contact. A prequel to the classic Star Trek series, Enterprise follows Captain Jonathan Archer and his crew thourgh Earth's first voyages into our galaxy.

    A brilliant concept, so full of promise was wasted on rehashed story lines and limited vision. The idea of our first forays into space beyond our solar system in a cramped and rickety spacecraft, based more on Apollo-era technology and submarine-claustrophobic design than on later Enterprise sleekness and precision, was a great way to set the crew up for new challenges that Captain Kirk never had to deal with. More Apollo 13-inspired storylines and operation petticoat plotlines could have taken this program into fresh territory. But too many plots never took off and even worse, rehashed other overdone storylines from other Trek franchises.
    Too bad.
  • This Series Ended WAY Too Early...

    I can't, for the life of me, figure out why this show went off the air. It DID well, or so I thought. I was really getting into it, on the second airings... this was such a good show that had so many storylines available to it, gaps to fill, Trekkies and Trekkers alike, just dying to see more. I'm still bummed about it.
  • Absolutely the most captivating sci-fi show. Lots of chemistry among the characters.

    I think "Star Trek: Enterprise" is the best star trek series that I have ever watched.

    Since I had been following closely with Star Trek: Voyager last time and got myself so used to all the sophisticated technology, Enterprise appeared to be slow and ancient for the first few episodes during season 1. It took me awhile to get past that and started really enjoying the show. There were quite a few episodes whereby the writers focused the story on the characters of the show instead of just pure technology and special computer effects. It really provided the opportunity for the actors to develop into their characters and a chance for the viewers to connect more with the characters. I especially like "Shuttlepod I" and "Similitude".

    The one thing that I enjoyed most is how the relationship between Commander Trip Tucker and Subcommander T'Pol developed. The chemistry between them was undeniable. Totally opposite in terms of characters but still had a lot to share and learn.

    I was so disappointed when I learned that season 4 is the last season. I was hoping to see more. I thought Enterprise would last at least till 6 - 7 seasons since other Star Trek series lasted about that long. Sigh...
  • Wrongfully accused!

    UPN cancelled the show at its peak. The 4th season was a step forward for the show but it seemed that no one appreciated that, not even the trekkies. Actually the show startred to grow in my eyes at the beginning of the third season and the, no famous, Xindi-season-arc. As I heard the show was the best one on UPN, but besides that it was cancelled. Terrible shame. They just brutally slaughtered it, not even leaving any chance of eventual return back to life. It was time for Star Trek pause on TV, but they didin't have to do it like that. Shame on you, Braga and Bermann!
  • My favorite guilty pleasure.

    Even though I thought the franchise should have rested for a few years after "DS9" and "Voyager," I liked "Enterprise" for what it was supposed to be; the precursor to Star Trek. The show never really got its due in the last couple of seasons for it was put up against the genre of reality shows. Television shows (such as Enterprise)that would have normally made the cut didn't because of the silliness of fools who'll do anything for money and fools who also watch them.

    Mix the reality show debacle in with the weakness in the Xindi storyline, it never had a chance. The Xindi storyline was unnecessary. I felt that it took away from the show, unresolving some of the franchise's questions, such as the prime directive and Vulcan/Human marriages.

    The only thing that they did resolve was the question about the Klingons. I felt that this should have been answered in Star Trek: DS9 after the episode, "Trials and Tribulations." However, the episode in question about the Klingon's appearance was good, it seemed forced.

    The last several episodes could have been better also. They could have let the invitro baby between Trip and T'pol survive and they could have married. Trip shouldn't have been killed off in the last episode either.

    Maybe after a 5 to 10 year or more rest, or with luck, a decent script, the problems will be fixed. This is the world of Star Trek. Anything can happen.
  • It could have done much better form what it got as as starting point.

    The show had great potetial in th beginnig. It had great successors and even a good idea of the starting. What I did like about the show was, that they really took care to take the star trek universe into account. The implementiation of the other races or species was really good and I too did like the implementation of the technical stuff (computer, warp drive and the kind of stuff).
    The drowback of this series where the missing of interessting characters in the beginning. They tried to get the people more charater in the final season. The single episode stories werent the best, but they were also not the worst. Quit viewable show alltogether.
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