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  • Another show canceled before its fans left it.

    It had its flaws, but over all it was a very entertaining piece of work. The writing needed the most work, but everything else was there ready to go. A really good cast, sometimes great cast, a backdrop that had almost limitless storytelling possibilities, and a fan base that would not leave gave the show a lot going for it, but sometimes the people in charge just want something different and that’s what happened here. It happens all the time unfortunately. Politics in Hollywood have ruined many o great shows, some better and some worse than this one, but it happens. Either some shows get canceled, like this one, or the artistic creators are guided by the politics to suit their numbers. Rant done now, kiss my shiny metal ass. It was a good entertaining show.
  • Enterprise was grand until the final moment.

    I love Star Trek a lot. It has so many good morals and points that watching it is entertaining and thought provoking. I love the cast of characters and the story lines.

    Enterprise was great and had great potential. I love having it to watch on Wednesdays. I love that I had a Star Trek show period. I liked Trip and To'Pol and Captian was another great trio.

    My favorite episode was the one where they cloned Trip. I loved it. It was well done and had everything a great TV show should have: emotion, humor and a very good point.

    I miss it like one would miss an old friend. It leaving was sad because for all my life I've had some form of Star Trek to I have none.

    The last episode was horrid though. I feel as if I was slaped in the face. I was disapointed. But because I love it so I will ignore that episode and pretend it never existed.

    I need my Star Trek. No Sci-Fi was ever better.
  • Another great Star Trek series.

    Star Trek: Enterprise was an excellent prequel to TOS. My favorite episodes were when they encountered flashes from the past or future, esp. "In A Mirror, Darkly". My only quips are that for one, the show was canceled way before its time, and two, in the series finale the explanation for the whole series was so desperately thrown together, I mean, how can you have it take place as a holodeck simulation in the 24th? That's just stupid hastiness on the parts of Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. Otherwise, another excellent and well-thought out Star Trek series.
  • Bring it back! Please?

    Of all of the Star Trek series, this one managed to edge out Next Generation as my personal favorite. Which is why I was very disappointed to learn of its cancellation after only 4 seasons. While it seems that it is a theme that is somewhat unappreciated by the viewing community at large, near future "low-tech high-tech" science fiction has always been a personal favorite of mine. This point seems to be further evidenced by the fact that "Firefly" (another personal favorite) managed only one season on the airwaves. I found the character performances in Enterprise to be, on the whole, exceptional. Conspicuously missing were the characters who were overly smug (Riker), adolescent (Tom Paris), or just plain annoying (Quark). The characters of Enterprise seem refreshingly genuine and down-to-earth. With the possible exception of Tucker who seems a bit too "backwater" for an engineer, the roles could not have been better cast -- unless they could have gotten Patrick Stewart in the role of captain, but I suppose that would have caused some sort of temporal quandary *sigh*. That is not intended as a slight with respect to Scott Bakula's role as Archer, which is excellent. You just have to love the characters of T'Pol and the Denobulan doctor -- classic performances. If anything, this show only continued to get better and better as time went on. I particularly enjoyed the continuity of plotlines in seasons 3 and 4, which for me was a welcome divergence from the mostly anecdotal nature of episodes in previous Star Trek series. Though I certainly would not expect that it would fall on any but deaf ears at UPN, I would certainly cast a resounding endorsement to "Bring it back!". Now if I can only get a million more signatures on that petition....
  • There is no real classification for this show as above, but I figure that comes close.

    I keep asking myself what is the difference between "Enterprise" and "Star Trek Enterprise"?

    The difference is more apparent than one might think...two simple words..."Star Trek".

    What a tragic mistake it was to make a Trek series and try to "distance" oneself from the franchise. I don't get the point? Other than a different generation of film makers so intent on making their own mark they waste 2 years of story telling. Where as the original Trek was at its best in season one in story telling and by season two it found its roots as itself "Star Trek" then by season three losing what was built previous, it seems the opposite has happened with Enterprise. Years 1 & 2 a waste most of the time and an annoying rip off that paid no attention to continuity of TOS. Year 3 still annoying but starting to look promising and the last year they get it right? Season 4 was "Star Trek", I don't care how many rebuttal interviews Rick Berman does. He's killing the Star Trek franchise as surely as we will never see another Incredible Hulk film. Manny Coto I see as the Sam Raimi of Star Trek, Raimi loves Spider Man...the 2 Spidey flicks are awsome and make a bundle of money. When are the studios gonna figure this out? The best Star Trek is a thing of love and story telling. Not human angst driven Buffy rip-offs. In the last season of STE we see the Andorian homeworld, we revisit Vulcan...we are back to "seeking out life new civilizations", not boldly angsting into a dark gloomy corner of depressing human emotions. Maybe it is time to put Trek back on the shelf if all we are going to get is drival.
  • A remake prequel on the old star trek series that did not fly with viewers.

    This show confused the series to me because the enterprise in the original star trek was supposed to be the first enterprise ship. This show had nothing special acting considering Quantum Leap was such a great show. I found the hole fact of a ship being able to only travel 6 X speed of light then 1000.
  • They explored strange new worlds, sought out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where none have gone before. And except for one small television network, they found intelligence everwhere in the galaxy. Live Long and Prosper. Promiise.
    That quote in my summary sums up my feelings about what UPN did when they sealed the door on one of the most enduring and popular franchises of all time and calling it quits for "Star Trek: Enterprise" You could tell that after the end of year 3 that although it was renewed for year it was given the Friday night slot, the same slot NBC gave the original Star Trek when it started its 3rd year.

    Appparently some UPN execs, who wanted to promote some more quality programs like "Britney & Kevin", "Top Model", and "R U The Girl", don't believe in some great original shows for TV. So in order to make themselves more hip they axe some good shows like Star Trek, and promote some really bad shows i.e. the Chris Rock show "Everybody Hates Chris" which is a clear knock-off of "Everybody Loves Raymond".

    When Paramount wanted to start its 4th network, they wanted a Star Trek series as its flagship series. They got it with "Voyager". But when that show ended after seven years and they decided to go with a fresher outlook with "Enterprise", they either couldn't or didn't want to be carrying that stigma of being the burden of only producing one truly successful hit series with the name "Star Trek" attached to it.

    Just hope and pray that there will be a new show in time for the 40th Anniversdary.

  • What Happened?

    You can't just end a Star Trek in the middle of the season. This was Star Trek was a great idea to go back to before Kirk. Many people are very upset when this show was ended including myself. This show actually is part of a story line that has for now been destroyed. I have to admit the starting credit music and visuals were not very good and probably turned a lot of people off, but the show was flawless. They really need to reconsider ending this show with all the Star Trek fans out there.
  • Worst. Star. Trek. Ever!

    I didn't think it was possible for there to be a Star Trek worse that Voyager, but never say never. The whole point of watching Star Trek is to look into the future and see things that don't exist yet. The problem with a prequel is that the original series was created decades ago and supposedly takes place after this series. So, either you have to try and make the technology look shittier than it did on TOS or you have to suspend disbelief and create stuff that looks way better than things that supposedly were created much later. It wouldn't be a problem if the creators hadn't taken everything that people knew about the past and threw it completely out the window. People only care about what happens to these people because it builds on stuff that was spoken about in previous series. They didn't use species that were used on TOS and did use species that were either never seen before or since or ones that have clearly established first contacts centuries in the future. If the creators wanted to use the Ferengi and other species they never should have done a prequel. It didn't help anything that the human characters were ignorant biggots. Also, the whole temporal time war thing was definately a negative. Rather than establish how the Federation was created and how these ignorant rednecks became the overlords of the galaxy, they spent inordinant amounts of time on double-talking crap. If the Xindi were so important and continued to exist and be important, why weren't they mentioned in any other series? Why would these people focus so much on the future in a goddamned prequel? The writing sucked, it was not internally consistant, and it put the final nail in the Star Trek coffin. If this is what Star Trek is going to be from now on, may it rest in peace.
  • When I first saw Enterprise, I didn't like it. The first 2 seasons were average. The show made a huge improvement in season 3 with the long Xindi arc and season 4 was even better. It's a pity that the show got cancelled.

    I wasn't sure if I should write a review about this show, since it already had almost 50 reviews. The considerable amount of negative reviews validated a reason to do it. This show is not bad, not bad at all.

    At first glance Enterprise seems to have the weakest characters of all the Star Trek series so far and some of the actors are also not so top notch. But as I watched the whole series through I came to like many of the characters, although Travis Mayweather stayed in my list of very useless characters throughout the show and the acting was on par with the character's uselessness.

    That said, the first 2 seasons of Enterprise were mostly boring. There were some quite good episodes but only a few isn't enough. I was afraid that this will be the first Star Trek to truly disappoint me.

    Then came season 3 with the season-long Xindi arc. That was a good season and I had hopes for the series. I knew that many viewers and probably me too will not like a second season-long arc after season 3 so they decided to change the concept. They didn't have a season-long arc, but they didn't revert to the single episode style either, they decided to make many 2-3 episode long arcs during season 4.

    That worked very nicely and I enjoyed season 4 more than any of the previous seasons. Then I could say that Enterprise had been getting better every season.

    However Enterprise had bad luck with timeslots and ratings. It got cancelled. They made actually 2 ending episodes of the series. The episode before last was the end of the actual events of the Enterprise series, but the last episode of the series happened during a later time when the Federation was about to be born.

    Many seem to hate that last episode, because it wasn't only about Enterprise, it was also about TNG. I agree that they had way too much stuff going on for a 45-minute episode, it didn't work too well. It wasn't a grand episode, although it wasn't as bad as some of the fanatics claim. It was ok.

    The bottom line is that Enterprise got cancelled just as it was getting better and better. I think that the show could've become a very good series and claimed a place amongst the other great Star Trek series. Now we just have to do with "merely a good series with lots of unused potential".

    I just hope that something good comes out of this cancellation. When they decide it's time for another Trek series, I hope they let JMS do it.
  • this series had great potential but lost its ability to stick with what had been said before hand and to explain why it is different from what had been explained

    this series shows the exploits of the orginal enterprise NX-01, however it doesn't explain why they have alot of technology that should not exist, and the time cop exploitation in the plot made for a difficult series to watch ever week, because in all honesty the series was not a must see every week, it felt like Dragon Ball Z where it takes 3 episodes to setup, 6 to progress, then another 3 to get some semblence of an ending. yes i do agree there needed to be some episodes dealing with how they found the weapon, but it just simply started to get boring.
  • this show is about a crew of explorers (in the future time period) that get involved in some very big situations. They end up being more of a warship and have some really great adventures.

    I love this series. Its is just so good they put a ton into it with all of the graphics and the characters. It really seems like this could easily happen in the future. I know some people think a lot of the series get repetitive but they dont. The enemies that they face someitmes get re-used but all of the missions and the like are completly new each and every show. Its just great. I recommend this show to anyone as long as you like some adventures and dont mind a cliff hanger sometimes at the end. They usually have three part series to four part series that take off just where the last one left off so you never really dont understand whats going on. This show is my favorite.
  • Enterprise had real potential to be a great series, but poor quality writing and a lack of fresh ideas led to it being left to languish on UPN in a bad timeslot on a terrible day.

    When I heard that the next Star Trek franchise was going to be set before Kirk, I was a little troubled. Star Trek is popular because it is futuristic. Trekies (and I would count myself as one of these) want high-tech space ships and impressive space battles. Mostly, we don't really want sentimental nonsense in space.

    So, where did Enterprise go wrong. Well, their first mistakes happened in the opening credits. For a start, they dropped the name Star Trek from the title in an attempt not to scare people off. This wasn't a huge deal, but why attempt to be something you aren’t? It was this attempting to capture a new audience that, I believe, led the show to its death. Their second mistake was that theme tune. I think it said a lot about the show, and none of it good. The credits themselves were excellent, so using that happy clappy theme was a terrible mistake.

    The most critical mistake though was the use of Brannon Braga and Rick Berman. These two have been quite widely criticised for basically messing the whole series up. And to be fair, I think this criticism is fairly justified. For example, Braga is responsible for the 'temporal cold war' nonsense that blighted Enterprise from the start. Time travel and Star Trek don't mix, there are some franchises that can get away with time travel, but the field is so complicated that its really easy to slip up and make yourself look really stupid. I would suggest that Enterprise has made Braga look really, really, stupid.

    So, in short the idea behind Enterprise wasn't that bad at all. It was ruined by boring stories, too much unbelievable time travel and some of the most annoying plot lines I've ever seen.

    Give it a miss and watch Battlestar Galactica instead.
  • Star Trek's darkest time

    Enterprise will be remembered as the show that killed Star Trek. The show was doomed from the moment it began filming. People who fought to bring Star Trek back in the 1970s fought to have Enterprise pulled off the air 35 years later.

    It was poorly written show that was criticized by its own writers (David A. Goodman said that "Precious Cargo" was a piece of crap)and by the Trek Fans. Its characters were poorly created and Montgomery and Park were wasted after the second season. This show was not Star Trek and was the worst show on television.
  • Star Trek Enterprise was a great show it may have started a little slow but picked up as it moved along.

    Star Trek Enterprise was a great show as it was a little more realistic and more believable for the present time. The show improved from the first season in which the story was given a direction and some background. The second story gave the series some depth while the third started to introduce some good stories. The fourth and final season in my mind was the best it had a great range of stories including some tie - ins to future stories and events. It managed to explain events that were touched upon in later series and was able to give a much fuller picture of the star trek universe. The final events of the the last episode of the season were good as it showed the first step towards the federation and its members but also leaves the room for a feature film to explore the idea of a Romulan war and the possibility of a new series which focuses upon that aspect of the series.
  • Pathetic. I just pretend this aint Star Trek and go back and watch voyager.

    I gave this series a chance. But I had to face it. This show just is bad. I recommend it if your hard core. But even if you are youll laugh at how pathetic some episodes are. Voyager is better and no way I would waste my time watching this again. Give me a break 11:00 at night. Im well asleep by then. The only reason i gave it 7.0 is because those poor fools tried to make this good. But Im disapointed as a Star Trek fan.
  • Man, I cant beleive they ended it!

    This was one of the best Star Treks, the only one I watched from the beginning. I loved seeing how they did things in the early days of starfleet, although I was kind of looking forward to seeing the romulan wars. They should have let this run for 3 more years, the 7 year mark is perfect for Star Trek shows and this one was ended in its prime.
  • Interesting development, strenuous seasons, abrupt ending, and great cast.

    Man, I love Star Trek. The movies are the best (some of the series can get too political). I really enjoy being entertained without thinking too hard, which is why the Enterprise beamed me up so many years ago. I've been through all the captains, and really stayed true to the Federation Flagship. When Star Trek: Enterprise came into the works, I was highly concerned. I wasn't sure I could handle the responsibility. But between my loyalty to Star Trek and to Scott Bakula, I forced myself through the first season. Then it became a mission. I would finish out this series if it killed me. And just as I got really used to tuning in every Wednesday, and listening to Trip's slang, I got flipped to Friday. What drama. But, I did get used to it. And I followed it religiously. I even started anticipating it weekly, destroyed when it was pre-empted some weeks. When it came time to pull the plug, I was shattered and disturbed by the finality. It all happened too quickly, and no one had the closure that we all required. Sniff sniff. All in all, I was generically satisfied with the series. Scott Bakula's protrayal of Captain Archer was commendable, even though it looked like a stretch for him at times. I would like to have seen more emotion from him, but he was stoic and solid. It's all in the acting. I have to say - hats off to the first captain of the Enterprise NX-01. I learned some cool stuff. Oh yeah, and the music was excellent, too.
  • FTO: For Trekkers Only! Enterprise started off slow. It stayed slow. Than Star Trek: Enteprise came and got VERY good. However, it was way too little, too late.

    I classified this show "Who thought of this?", not because I don't know (it was the Berman and Bragga) but because I look at TV executives and must ask myself, "What network executive let this show get past the drawing board?"

    Star Trek is a storied franchise. It was conceived by a revolutionary thinker, that obveously took the secret to making a good TV show (his lone movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, was horrible) with him to his grave.

    Those 2 knuckleheads, Berman and Bragga, who were only interested in the money that came along with the franchise, decided to take a good thing, and run it into the ground, and beat it like a dead horse, milking it for every penny they could along the way. Perhaps had they been less greedy, Star Trek wouldn't be frowened upon by so many, and like back in the glory days of The Next Generation, viewers and actors would still be flocking to the show!

    Enterprise's premise was flawed. B&B failed to recognize what was sucessful with the other series. These things included things as grand as the scope of the show, to things as seemingly unimportant as the bright and cheery lighting prevalent on the Enterprise-D, and even Voyager.

    So fine, you want to make a prequal. Fine. Then why don't you focus on Star Trek history. I mean, that is the ONLY reason I can think of that anyone would ever want to make one. But no, they decide to actualy do some exploring.

    Keeping, even loosely, to the Star Trek timeline, I would think, would be at least somewhat a piority to a prequel. Boy was I ever wrong! Ok, actualy I am being scarcastic. I am not wrong, I am right. Until the 4th and final season, no significant Star Trek history is brought up. Instead, new things are made up that are totaly inconsistant with a timeline that was pretty much set in stone. Do these guys even bother to WATCH the shows that they produce?

    The actors were bad. Just the wrong cast. I, like many people, LOVED Bakula from Quantum Leap. But the traits that made him a compelling character on QL, are the same things that make him a sorry excuese for a captan. He is uncomforatable acting in that role. A captan, first and foremost, needs to be a mature adult. That, Bakula does not portray. Next, he must be decisive. Bakula is not decisive (part of what made QL so darn funny!)

    The rest of the cast all seem like a bunch of children. Malcom Ried and T'Pau had potential, but ultimately they made Ried into a sniveling, immature weapons officer, and T'Pau into a, well, copy of Jeri Ryan.

    Yeah, that was probably my biggest complaint. While in the 4th season, the new writer/producer did more than and admirable job (he did the best that anyone could have under the crappy circumstances) covering up and fixing the 1st 3 season's flaws, the fact reamains, they messed up the Vulcans. There wasn't a single Vulcan without an attitude and an ego. This wasn't the playful stuff we saw with Spock. This wasn't the practical annoyance with Tuvok. No, every ambassidor, officer, and civilian vulcan was an emotional trainwreck. Is it that hard to act WITHOUT emotion? I mean come on! I would think that that would be every 2-bit actor's dream job, to not have to act, just keep their emotions in check!

    The whole temporal cold war thing; mad mad props to that season 4 writer/producer! He got rid of that haphazard Babylon 5 arc in a hurry, and with class. I loved that fresh take on the Nazi's. Not only that but the opening to the episode, with that alternate universe newsreel was just amazing! I showed it to everyone I knew, and they all freeked out with it.

    The best episode was the Mirror universe 2 parter. The new opening credits, OMG, that was worth watching by itself! Had those boneheads Brannon and Bragga made a show exclusively about the Mirror universe, I think the show would still be going strong. That was just awesome.

    If you are not a fan of Star Trek, there is absolutly no reason to see this show. If you are a fan of Star Trek, skip to Season 4, and seriously, don't look back. Otherwise you will turn to salt.

  • It's a pity that it got cancelled just when it was getting interesting.

    Okay I'll admit it, I wasn't the biggest fan of Enterprise.

    When I first heard about the show I was really unsure. TNG and DS9 had been great but it took me a while to really get into Voyager and I figured they should take a few years off before doing anything else. I wasn't sure how setting it before TOS was going to work either.

    When the show started I feared I was right. I couldn't get into the characters, there were gaping plot holes and some of the story lines (the Temporal Cold War and the Xindi in particular) didn't feel right to me.

    But then came the last series. I think that TNG, DS9 and Voyager didn't really hit their stride until about series 4 and it seemed to be the case here too. I thought the storylines were very good, they answered most of the plot holes and we learnt a lot more about the characters which made them more interesting and made it easier to like them.

    So just when I was starting to really appreciate Enterprise it came to a premature demise. This will be the first time in a long time that there's no new Star Trek on TV in one form or another. Maybe Enterprise deserved a little longer.
  • This is a great series, not as good as The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine but come on, it was WAY better than Voyager

    The ratings killed this show, I cant understand how Voyager got 7 seasons and this got only 4 - I think if this had been made before Voyager it would be the other way round with the run too, Enterprise for 7 seasons and Voyager for 4.

    At the end of the day this show certainly wasnt perfect, the story with the Suliban which ran through the first two seasons was a bit weak and involved a lot of Time Travel which I wasnt keen on, having said that in Season 3 there was the Xindi story which I thought was excellent. I think this show truly showed how good it was and the potential it had in Season 4, the idea of doing multi-part episodes was inspirational, it made the stories deper and feel like films rather than TV shows. Obviously, the new approach to the series didnt help save it but I thoroughly enjoyed every story in the season.

    I think the main weakness in the show was the use of the main cast - not the actors themselves, they were fine, it was the 'use' of them, let me explain..

    In The Next Generation we had a fantastic cast who all had an important role in most episodes, they worked as a team to solve the problem at hand and portrayed a sense of friendship and professional respect very well.
    In Deep Space Nine the cast were again great, they had all the strengths of the TNG cast but also went through the trauma of war and so their personalities developed extremely well.
    Then, its like the writers put all of that amazing work aside and decided to make both Voyager and Enterprise all about a couple of characters with the rest of the crew helping out every so often, with Voyager it was Janeway and Seven, in Enterprise it was Archer, Trip and T'Pol. Where was Mayweather during the Xindi story? I think he was on screen for about 10 minutes in the entire season, and Hoshi only had a part in it at the very end. Fortunately in Season 4 they were used a lot more often, especially in "In A Mirror, Darkly" in which they were fantastic, its a shame it went like this as I think it contributed to the shows demise.

    Overall I really liked this series, it was certainly better than Voyager and is worth buying on DVD. Bear in mind when you consider its relative popularity that it had a lot to contend with in the ratings, with exceptional competition from Stargate SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica it didnt really have much chance of surviving past Season 4.
  • i love this show!!

    I have now seen every episode having watched the series finale on sky 1. I love this series probably as much, if not more than the others. The characters are brilliant, story and writing are superb aswell. I read in magazines and reveiws on the web that enteprise was not a sgood as it tended to slump in the middle of the season. i dont believe this. I liked this show so much that even held back from looking at episode reviews for the last season, Which was very hard. And it ends on such a good episode. I just wish it hadn't been cancelled.
  • Enterprise from AtoZ ! Why is it so bad? Check out.

    A – Archer capt. of the NX-01 is the most irritating character in the SF world today
    B - Berman i Braga, terrible writters
    C – Canon, let`s just rewrite the history of Trek
    D – Design for the NX-01 comes from yet non-existing Akira class starship from the future
    E – Efects in some episodes (example Storm Front) look like they where made on a Amiga 500
    F - First ship to bear the name Enterprise is NX-01? No s%$t.
    G – Gene, if alive, would probably choke B&B
    H – Hull, electromagneticly polarizated. The best defensive alloy in the universe. HA!
    I – Intraship beaming, extremely hazardous in ST:TOS, no problem for Archer&CO
    J – Joke is the word, if you want to use just one to describe the show
    K – Klingons and first contact, excuse me when?
    L – Ludicrous speed! NX-01 makes Earth-Q'ronos a 4 days “picknick” trip!
    M - Malcolm`s 'those sons of a bitches' irritates
    N – Non needed answers to all questins regarding the whole ST Universum
    O - Orginality = 0
    P – Porn(soft) subplots on a non-needed basis
    R – Reused, Copy/Paste strories from other ST series
    S – Story line, the worst of all in a SF show ever.
    T - Travis. Script?! Where is the script?!
    U – Uniforms? Where are the mini skirts?
    V – Vulkans, how you never imaginated them (emotinal).
    W - War, Temporal Cold War.
    X - Xindi? Who the f$#k are Xindi?
    Y – Yes, it` s garbage a therefore they get from me:
    Z - Zero. The lowest score on a scale from 0 to 10.
  • On the whole a good contrabution to the Star Trek shows.

    The latest installment of the Star Trek shows, this is set before Star Trek TOS (The Original series) when Earths first warp capable federation ship ventures forth into the galaxy to meet new civilizations.

    The overall plot is surround with time travel, through seasons one to three alot of the storys have something to do with time travel, but at the begining of season four it focuses on the creation of the federation by Captain Johnathon Archer and his crew of the starship Enterprise.

    Seasons one to three were interesting and easy to watch but mid season four the show started to get boring yet managed to pick up during the last few episodes to have a good finish, i think that they should of made more or these as it had alot of potential as the federation was just getting started.
  • Wonderful cast, terrible writers. Could have been much better than it was. And it would still be on the air.

    I started watching Enterprise in its third season, and loved it. The conflict with the Xindi really gave some great character development. However, the writers lingered on the Xindi plot too long. It could have been finished in 2-3 episodes, but it was really dragged out.

    Season 4 in my opinion was a disaster. I felt like nobody really wanted to be on the show. We had so many stupid "go back in time/go forward in time/etc.: episodes that really meant nothing, because as soon as they were over, things went back to normal, as if nothing happened. Those are my biggest pet peeve.

    It was the worst point of all, when the finale was more a vehicle to put old stars back on the tube, rather than give us a chance to say goodbye. I really had hoped for a T'Pol/Tucker wedding.

    However, all that said, I loved the cast so much. Definitely some characters I will always remember: T'Pol, Tucker, Phlox, Archer, and Malcom. All of you should know that your fans loved you, and they know that the show would have much better if you had some better writers behind you.
  • It ended too soon. And should have been fan friendly from the beginning.

    This show had lots of promise. Unfortunatley Berman and Braga saw Roddenberry's idea as a hinderance not a great platform to build on. Every show after The Next Generation tried to get around the Federation respecting each other. B&B wanted crews fighting each other. Which this show they also unfortuntely made shows that they wanted to see not ones the fans wanted. They tried to not show the Andorians and then were disgusted when they were the big fan favorites. They didn't want to deal with federation history and so instead went off on Xindi storyline and worse the time travel storyline. Towards the end of the season they gave up control had had a tue fan Coto correcting the errors and just writing good episodes that showed aliens and history of the Federation that everyone wanted to see. Paramount then axed the show just as it had become one of the best scifi shows on at the time.
  • A Trek show that had the potential to really explore the beginning of Trek and the origin of the Federation but that blew it in the early seasons and tried to hard in the final season to correct its errors. It can only blame itself for being cancelled.

    I think firstly it is best for me to tell you about me and what makes me qualified to review Enterprise. I have grown up with Star Trek though my entire life and I’m only approaching 20. When I was young I grew up with “The Original Series” (TOS) re-runs on TV along with “The Next Generation” (TNG) on normal UK terrestrial TV, then came “Deep Space Nine” (DS9) which has become my favourite Star Trek series of the 5, including my favourite episode “In the Pale Moonlight”. I eventually had the privilege of getting cable TV and Sky One so I could finally get to DS9 every Monday at 8GMT then of course later there came Voyager (VOY) at the same time slot. I also had the chance to visit conventions and meet the cast members while also getting to see episodes directly from the USA on giant screen cinema type screens. Also over the past 19 years I had accumulated a ton of memorabilia, including some uniforms, VHS and DVDs of Trek. This introduction hoped to prove that while I may be young I have spent enough time growing up with Star Trek that I would class myself as being a credible source when reviewing any season.

    So now it comes down to actually reviewing Enterprise and later Star Trek: Enterprise. When I first heard of it I was quite excited and interested by the idea of them going back in time and exploring the history of the Trek universe, the evolution of technology and the birth of the Federation.

    I can remember seeing Episode 1 for the first time, cool Klingons but wait what on Earth is that, two Sulibans, what on Earth are they in my years of watching Trek I do not recall ever having heard them mentioned, then later in that episode an other new race shows up, the Denobulans, this is where I feel they messed up a bit, introducing new races could work in any other series as that is always the present time in the Star Trek Universe but going back in time I don’t think you can get away with just introducing new species seeing as we never hear about them in the other series, thankfully the last season managed to do some clean up on this matter.

    Then on other problem came up with the actual Enterprise herself, for some reason it seems to resemble, from the outside, the Enterprise-E more that the class TOS Enterprise which would make more sense, I have since heard that it looks like the E because Zefram Cochran saw it in “First Contact” and based the design on that, ok I can take that with a pinch of salt.

    There has been 1 major thing that has really irritated me since episode 1 of ENT, the intro drives me up the wall, why of why did they decide on having music with words in it, every time they start I leap on the mute button and what was wrong with the classic idea of having the ship fly through space, why replace it with the history of the name Enterprise, was this an attempt to try and distance it self from the name Star Trek and reach a wider audience, if so it was a really bad one and had I been a petty person I would have given up there on the show. The final thing with the intro, we have the name of the actors but not what character they portray, that has just been something minor that has annoyed me, I only knew 2 names and who they played the rest I had to look up, why on Earth depart from what they had done with every other intro. It was a sign; a departure from the old style intros doomed the show.

    Ok finally to the actual show, like most other series of Star Trek I feel that the first 2 season were not all that great, that has always appeared to be a weak point on all of the Trek shows or so I have felt. Though I don’t think they were particularly bad, I just can’t think of any episodes that really jump out. Season 3 though was an interesting idea with the introduction of the Xindi, another new race; we get a year long arc which puts the Enterprise is a dangerous region of space trying to stop the Xindi from destroying Earth. While it was certainly interesting and enjoyable season for the most part, the best episode being when they introduce another Enterprise. I couldn’t help when watching this season ask myself if these Xindi were so bad and they could have wiped out Earth, why on Earth does no-one ever mention them again, but that was one of the problems with Enterprise.

    Finally we reach season 4 and Manny Coto comes aboard and this season easily is one of the best Star Trek seasons ever, watching season 4 I always get the feeling that this should have been what the whole 3 season before were like, had season 2 been like season 4 I’m sure the show would be heading for a 5th season.

    Out go all the new races, bar the Denobulans, who would have been hard to write out any way, and in come some classic races, the Andorians, the Telorites and the Orion's all of which haven’t been seen sine TOS and of course the Romulans start to make their presence known to the Alpha Quadrant, give me the Romulans as the enemies any day over the Suliban and Xindi, along with the Romulans introduction we get to see the Remans fitted in which was a nice touch.

    Along with the introduction of classic races out goes the Temporal War story line and instead we finally get the origins of the Federation explored, showing that it wasn’t an easy ride and the seeds of the oncoming Romulan War are planned. Season 4 tried as much as it could to try and tie something that had done it’s best to mess up the Trek universe back into continuity, possibly the best example was explaining why the Klingons in TOS had no ridges while they did in every other series. A nice touch that did span over all 4 seasons is the Transporters, first used for cargo only and the shuttle pods were used to visit planets, as time progresses we see the dynamic shift and transporters start to become as widly used as they were in other series of Trek.

    Season 4 also started to give some characterisation to more of the characters, out side probably Archer, T’Pol and Trip no one else had any major characterisation given to them, but some characters were still in need of fleshing out and one more season could have really helped them. I feel that it really showed up “In a Mirror Darkly” that the mirror universe Hoshi has a better developed character in 2 hours than the main Universe version did in 4 years.

    Episode wise something that hit me was the alck of comic relief like episodes, back in DS9 even during the Dominion War we got some light relief episodes, but for the whole of ENT I can not think of one episode that was genuinely funny or light hearted. It was also misisng character that could lighten the mood, like Quark and Neelix from the previous two series. I think this played agasint it, while Trek is serious it does sometime need a good old light heared episode.

    It is a pity that it got cancelled just as it found its footing, it would have been nice to maybe have 1 more season which explored the oncoming Romulan War and also tried to tie the show back into the rest of the Trek mythos. But it was its own fault in the long run, it messed up too early on and when it managed to correct its mistakes it was too little too late.

    If anyone is interested in watching the show I would say watch the first 2 episodes of season 1 so you get the ship and the crew down, then the last 2 of season 2 as these lead into season 3 and then watch season 3 or you could skip season 2 and 3 and go straight to the high point which is season 4, which doesn’t touch on the previous season that much, although season 3 is an interesting and good season for the most part.
  • Star Trek at its best!

    I had watched all the previous visual forms that Star Trek had taken and wasn't quite sure if Enterprise was going to be any good. I was willing to give at a go, unlike the so called fans that were bad mouthing the show even before it aired. It only took the first episode to get me hooked. The real strength in Enterprise was the cast, all very strong actors. It was well written, especially episodes in its last year. The only dissapointing thing about the series was that Paramount were not willing to support the show and terminated it after four seasons.
  • As much as we'd like to think that bad UPN management and bad timeslot killed this show; the honest truth is that Braga and Berman diluted the series too much by trying to create a show that departed from the original formula.

    As much as we'd like to think that bad UPN management and bad timeslot killed this show; the honest truth is that Braga and Berman diluted the series too much by trying to create a show that departed from the original formula. They even removed the words "Star Trek" from the title, thinking it would help attract a broader audince.

    What they realized too late was that they did not only NOT attract a broader audience, they also alienated their core one.

    They scrambled to connect it back to classic Trek by changing the title to "Star Trek: Enterprise" and hiring Manny Coto to fix the show but by that time it was too late.

    Thank you Mr Coto for trying to salvage the mess Braga and Berman created. It could have been awesome.

    Enterprise had a promising start but never got moving from there. In the years it ran, we never got to see any character development out of the secondary characters and the primary ones were barely fleshed out. It takes real effort to mess up a show this bad.

    Just my opinion.
  • Where is the Romulan War?

    Sure they gave alot of answers to alot of questions.

    But what happen to the Big Romulan War that was to happen before the birth of the Federation?

    There was no War!

    I wanted to see that so badly thats the reason I watched this seres!

    I mean come on if its taked about in all the series and then you don't show it at the time it would happen?

    Thats not right!
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