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  • Where is the Romulan War?

    Sure they gave alot of answers to alot of questions.

    But what happen to the Big Romulan War that was to happen before the birth of the Federation?

    There was no War!

    I wanted to see that so badly thats the reason I watched this seres!

    I mean come on if its taked about in all the series and then you don't show it at the time it would happen?

    Thats not right!
  • What happen to the Romulan War?

    Sure they gave alot of answers to alot of questions.

    But what happen to the Big Romulan War that was to happen before the birth of the Federation?

    There was no War!

    I wanted to see that so badly thats the reason I watched this seres!

    I mean come on if its taked about in all the series and then you don't show it at the time it would happen?

    Thats not right!
  • What happen to the Romulan War?

    Sure they gave alot of answers to alot of questions.

    But what happen to the Big Romulan War that was to happen before the birth of the Federation?

    There was no War!

    I wanted to see that so badly thats the reason I watched this seres!

    I mean come on if its taked about in all the series and then you don't show it at the time it would happen?

    Thats not right!
  • Answers A Lot of Mysteries, but what happen to the Romulan War?

    Ever wonder who made the Transporter, who built the first warp 5 engine, Why the Kilgons and Humans hate each other, and why the Vulcans and humans get along so well?

    All those answers and more are found here.

    But the one major event never happend.

    The well know Romulan War that happened before the birth of the Federation.

    It never happend in the series.

    Why not?
  • A piece of garbage. I would strike it from star trek history if I could.

    This series was a waste of time and a piece of garbage. Although some of the actors could have been salvaged and some of the new writers actually made season 4 somewhat worthwhile, There are fundimental flaws. Real trek fans don't want to see:

    More of the same: a series set within old federation borders, they're not really going "where no man has gone before"

    An anachronism: it meddled with the history of the founding of the federation, and basically ignored the romulan wars. Technology was too advanced or not enough advanced for the time. Everything was out of place.

    (melo)drama and social commentary: these have always been the low points of any trek series. This is an action-adventure show, we want action, phasers, quantum torpedoes. The writers can't just toy with that fancy new armor in the finale of Voyager and then snatch it away from us with a show that had the worst battle sequences in trek history.

    Bad relationships: in the next-gen premier a relationship of some sort was shown between every charecter in the show. Enterprise had no such relationships and many charecters just hung loose without direction or attachment. The cast dynamics were awful. Atrocious. Ick.

    Finally, Emotional vulcans. This should speak for itself.

    Star trek isn't an art, it's now a universe. It has become very real in a sense. When trek fans talk about it, they think of "now" as "four years after voyager ended" Time seems to flow at equal rates both here and in this fiction. A prequel has thrown this all off and cannot be accepted by "trekkies." It's ostracised it's fan base--no wonder it got cancelled.
  • This was supposed to show everything we didn't see with Kirk- the foundation of the Federation, the development of Starfleet & humanity, yadda yadda yadda. But it didn't because Berman and Braga were terrible writters. The show had tons of missed opportun

    Berman & Braga (B&B) should be fired. Their inability to write for Star Trek has been evident since episode 2 of Voyager. (Deep Space 9 was the best of all the Star Trek series, as it (1) did not live and die by the reset button which was pioneered by Picard, overused by Janeway and beaten to death with by Archer and (2) did not have B&B on the writing staff). First of all, the ship. It looks exactly like the Akira-Class ship which first appeared in the battle scene of First Contact. Second, they used recycled poop (fecal matter, s***, doo-doo etc) FOR THEIR FOOD!!! 1) GROSS! 2). And, they had better communication technology than Kirk had. He couldn't talk to Starfleet live, but Archer could a 100 years before Kirk was in command? WTF!? Not at all practical & 3) GROSS!! Second of all, T'Paul (or however you spell her name). Not sexy. (Unless you count the mirror universe episode where she put her hair down). Not at all along the lines of 7 of 9, or Jadzia Dax, or Troi, or Kira or, the best of all of them, Uhura. (Come on, she wore that mini skirt, which was tighter & higher up than anything any regular female character ever wore on any of the trek's). Not at all Vulcan like either. That's the third problem with this show: the Vulcans. Okay, I buy the idea about them not trusting humanity and trying to hold them back. But there was an episode were it was revealed that the Vulcans were spying on Archer, I think about halfway thru season 1, but there had never been any indication at all of them being followed. Fourth, the episode with the Borg just pissed me off. How low the Borg have come since their excellent introduction in Q-Who and the spectacular Best of Both Worlds. Just f*** with decades of Trek continuaty in one fell swoop. Good riddence, this is not Star Trek, this is UPN trash. The fact that it aired for 4 years is disgraceful, and no true Star Trek fan would watch it. The end.
  • Don't close the door on the StarTrek universe. Please continue in this form or another - hopefully some continuence to Enterprise:The Next Generation.

    Don't close the door on the StarTrek universe.
    Please continue in this form or another - hopefully some continuence to Enterprise:The Next Generation.

    We want more special effects more shooting more action, it can be in the form of the current series or in another form but don't abandon us and the wonderfull universe which we grew up on.

    StarTrek Come Back!
  • You will be sorry!!

    What happened to the original Star Trek?...Their 5 year mission...canceled after 3 years
    ..Trekkies everywhere brought it back...They cancel this show before they could really get into the characters personalities. I can't believe they don't learn from their mistakes. Bring back Enterprise before you regret it! Trekkies never give up!
  • Pre-quel to all previous Star Treks.

    Series is set before the time of all the previous Star Trek series and movies. It follows the voyages of the first warp ship that just happens to be named Enterprise. It was done satisfactorily, could have been better. Had a very diverse cast and characters. Covered a lot of different species never heard of before and some that were still around in the previous series. Definitely ended before it’s time, had a lot more adventures to go. The production company didn't do it justice, probably didn't believe in it, which may also be the fault of the shows staff. It’s to bad the Sci-Fi Channel didn’t think it worthy of their network.
  • Incorrect Historical Data... Lack of a Prime Directive... Unoriginality... These are all reasons why Enterprise never worked.

    I have been a Trekkie since I could watch the TV, But Enterprise never really did it for me. The problem for me is basically although it is an interesting back story and we all know that Kirk wasn't the first Enterprise Captain, its that the Star Trek Encyclopedia that is sitting in my bookshelf right now states that that first Captain of the Enterprise was called Robert April and then it was captained by Jonathon Pike before James T. Kirk took the helm. If this is something that has been out there for years, I would think that a show with as loyal fans as the Star Trek universe has, would make sure to keep the 'historical' facts right. The fact that the world of 'Enterprise' has no Prime Directive is also a major turn off for me. I found myself yelling at the TV Screen for the members of Enterprise NOT to butt in and interfere with every culture they come across.

    I think that it was obvious that the Plot lines were unoriginal, and not as entertaining as the writers had to invent a new enemy for the crew to fight.

    No wonder this Show got cancelled and never made it to 7 seasons... Unlike TOS which didnt make it but championed more... GREAT shows, I dont think that Enterprise can ever be brought back from the dead...

    Move on and come up with a new show set past or along side TNG, Voyager and DS9.
  • Round Ship, can run out of 90 degrees corners fast. I don't want the room with the weird angled corners... not very ergonomical, unless you are an alien. I know you can fit squares into a circle but you will run out of space or you will superimpose...

    These series brought back memories of the old days watching Kirk, when I was a kid on my family first colour TV. Their Technology wasn't perfect, things went wrong like on Kirk, there was no prime directive, and hey even the captain seems a bit like a ladies man here more like kirk, although to a certain extent Archers crew seems ahead on time compared to Kirk, like the In a Mirror Darkly episode showed.

    I mean look at the PCs on board Archer's Enterprise and then what are those in that other ship from the future (well, 60s). Also the mini-skirts, obviously in those days women could never use the same clothing as men herein lies the difference of the future (60s) and the past(2001)where everyone in Archers ship uses the same style of uniform signifying that women can have the same roles as men. You'd never see a lady captain like Janeway in those days... (yeah, captain of the laundry section of the ship) It shows how history and our society make even our dreams biased.

    It had all the good elements of a good science fiction show, but todays society doesn't appreciate science as they did back then in those days. Let alone science fiction...

    We used to play with telescopes, we wished we were astronauts, saw the first man land on the moon, nowadays all of that seems a waste of money a budget that could be better used in the third world countries. This is true, but I also say that if earth is the only place humans call home then the rest of the universe is a waste of opportunity. Might as well have earth in the void suspended on a pencil...

    You see, TV Shows like these gives us hope, dream, inspiration... to students, scientists, explorers like us, take it away and you are threading on our dreams, shattered like glass beneath your feet. You take away our source of inspiration, even Einstein (Time's man of the Century) agreed that IMAGINATION is most important, don't crush it...
  • A new Star Trek show.

    Enterprise had such promise and failed to deliver on all counts. The ship did not look like it could have come before the original Enterpise with Kirk and crew. It was way too advanced. Scott was great as Archer, but not even he could save this show. Too bad really.
  • Good show... until the last episode

    Enterprise showed great potential, which really began to be realized in Season 4. That is, until its egomaniac producers decided to write the series finale themselves and made a mockery out of the show, sending the franchise into limbo on a very low note.

    I will miss seeing Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, Linda Park, and Connor Trineer every week.

    I'm hoping they do a movie to fix that disaster of a series finale... maybe a DVD feature or something.
  • Same as Original and TNG but with different characters and in a different time period.

    Probably one of the worst Star Trek series. It fills in a lot of back story about what happened in that time period but they really can't explain every single time period in the Trek universe with a different series. I mean will there be a new series that is based after TNG? It has some alright action. They encounter the borg like a couple times. It has some cool episodes but overall a lot of them are similar and the whole series is unoriginal. If you are a die hard trekie then you probably love this show and every Trek series.
  • Bring it back!!! ENTERPRISE is underrated and was cancelled way before its time. Stories that were promised are still untold.

    I\'ve always liked Star Trek and sci-fi in general (since TNG - I\'m too young for TOS *LOL*), and ENTERPRISE has become my favourite.
    I love the characters, and the actors did a fantastic job. I wish Manny Coto would have gotten the chance to write many more stories for Archer, T\'Pol, Trip and the others!
  • Great show!

    This my not be ST:TNG but it was still great to watch. It was canceled without any reason. The only thig I found lacking was the series finale. It was terrible.But if the series had few more season I bet it could have been great finale. The whole Star Trek franchise did not deserve to end like this.
  • this show was great,cant believe they cancelled it

    it started off poor but it really made an impact by the 2nd series and i think it needs a 5th series!most trek fans hated the idea but i hate them,it was far better than deep space nine or yoyager ever could've been!i think any sci-fi fan needs to watch this!
  • Excellent show not given nearly enough credit!

    Terrific show not given the credit it deserves. The writing improved every season. But placed in UPN's teeny bopper lineup it, unfortunately, didn't stand a chance. Not to mention the network's limited availability in most smaller markets. Too bad it was cancelled. I feel certain that Season Five would've been the break out they were waiting for. Hopefully, once sydication begins in September 2005, it'll finally find it's audience and be picked up somewhere else.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise is an excellent show and by far my perosnal favorite of all 5 Star Trek series.

    Star Trek: Enterprise is an excellent show and by far my perosnal favorite of all 5 Star Trek series. Scott Bakula does an outstanding job portraying Captain Jonathan Archer and the rest of the cast does a great job as well. The stories are great and enjoyable! This show is very underappreciated and I wish more would watch it. Shame on UPN for killing it before its time!
  • Never should have been cancelled. Strong actors, great graphics. Star Trek, probably the series all the fans were waiting for, the first Starfleet crew. The first meetings of all the races. But placed on UPN. Never had a chance.

    Most Trekkies had waited to see Archer for years, we heard the name in every other series as the captain of the first Enterprise.

    But on U.P.N. it never had a chance. Rumors abound about tries to acquire the show, and heres to hoping SpikeTV gets it. I don't even want SciFi to get it they don't have the budget with S.G.-1, S.G. Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica... but with the Trekkies already on SpikeTV for D.S.9. and T.N.G., SpikeTV has the draw, and the massive budget. It would give Enterprise the advertising and time it needed.

    I will grant the sheer corny aspects of all the B.S. time travel thanks to Bragga, thanks a lot, pal, go away now. Let the real writers write what we all want to see, The Klingon War, the Romulan War, the founding of the Federation... Instead the first season especially was absolutely corny. But the 2nd and 3rd season were on the right track, and were on their way to making Enterprise a real Trek, and certainly had it continued, I think it would be perhaps the #2 Trek, and potentially #1.

    Archer as played by Scott Bakula was powerful, and the best Captain since Picard. Certainly better than Janeway and Sisko. He embodied the role of Captain, and led a great supporting cast. Trip, T'pol, Tucker... wonderful crew members, as were the other cast.

    The execution started off slow, which killed the momentum, and once it improved, U.P.N. couldn't advertise at all. It is time for this wonderful prequel of Trek to finish what it began and pay tribute to Rodenberry. Just leave Bragga out of the production and writing.
  • The crew of the starship Enterprise boldly go where no one has gone before...and when they get there there's someone waiting. Yeah, sure, we havn't heard that before now have we.

    Enterprise cancelled, nooooooo!

    Much as I hate to admit it though, Enterprise has been a dying show for some time and this was inevitable.

    It seems to me (and no offence Rick Berman & Branon Braga) but Enterprise might as well be a re-make of TOS. It isn't an individual series like Voyager or Deep Space Nine it's just another 'bodly going' series and we've seen that alread. If Star Trek is to survive in the 21st centuray it needs to be revamped to something brand new that has never been done. It needs to origional and interesting or there isn't a hope.

    Like all Star Trek series (excluding TOS) Enterprise got it's 'boost'. The Next Generation had 'The Best of Both Worlds' Deep Space Nine had the Dominion War and Voyager had the Borg. With Enterprise it was The Xindi storyline. And in seasson 3 the show was so much better it was at last marking it mark. The Temperal Cold War was a good storyline (I though) but it just didn't pop up enough. Series 1 & 2 had it's good episodes:

    Cold Front
    Silent Enemy
    Sleeping Dogs
    Vanishing Point
    Future Tense
    & The Expanse

    and series 3 was all good, and apart from 'Home' series 4 so far has been great. But Star Trek really does need to be modenized for the 21st centurary. No one want to see what's out there any more because we've been doing that for 40 years.

    The UK Star Trek Magazine has 'Channel Open' we're you can send or email your ideas on what the future of Star Trek should be. I haven't had the chance to do that yet but here are some ideas below:

    Starfleet Acadamy:
    Providing this idea doesn't become the next movie (which I've heard about) This would make a great series I think. It could have all of the elements of a Star Trek show but because the charactors are so much younger, charactor development, relationships and their decisions will be completly different. Also I think that a series like the would bring a much younger audience to the show.

    Section 31:
    Now this would be a different show. There is so much that this could cover in so many different era's. This would be perfect for an anthology show.

    I've read a lot of ideas on this. Bassed on the Voyager episode 'Relativity' a series set on ship traveling through time instead of space would be interesting. But to keep it good there would have to be an extremely well written ongoning storyline.

    Please don't think that I'm mocking Star Trek above or being pesimistic because I'm not, i'm just saying what I think. Star Trek is a great show and shouldn't just come to an end.
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