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  • Yet another show cancelled too soon

    Just getting good and CANCELLED. Bring it back BAPHOONS of the industry!
  • Let's put the Criticism where it belongs, OK?

    Opinions are like, well, you know ... we all have one.

    It fries me a little that absolutely, hands-down, *The Best* of the post-TOS Trek series gets put down here. Granted, I didn't think that Scott Bakkula would have made a very good Captain, given his previous series, "Quantum Leap", but I have to say, his acting in this role changed my mind. He's a much better actor when he's serious.

    The series was *exactly* what the franchise needed - a look back at what started it all. It was brilliant! Crew members anxiety over the transporter, the warp 4.5 engine, paltry weapons, and almost non-existent protective "shields". But Hey! This was the state-of-the-art. It's all they had.

    The foreboding gun-metal gray of the interior, and the excitement of warp travel to the distant stars. Awesome. It was the shot in the arm that the franchise needed. But, judging from the reviews here, I can see why it failed. This show was for the Trekkers from the 60's. A return to boldness and adventure. Not the transparent contrived episodes which made up much of the post-TOS series'. The kids didn't get it. The later TNG, and VOY were for kids. Granted, both had some very intriguing episodes, but you had to suffer with a lot of junk to get there.

    What Enterprise did, and what TNG started with, was putting cinematography back into the series. From the middle of TNG, and all of Voyager, it looked like they lit the stage with florescent lights! Way too bright, no shadow, no dramatic lighting. Sad, and sterile. Enterprise tried a little harder with darker sets, darker bridge.

    Forget Picard - instead of being in an old folks home, they made him Captain of the Enterprise? He should of been Captain of the Love Boat. With him forgetting if he was American, or English - C'mon Stewart?! Is it shed-ule or schedule? Is it Datar or Data. *Make it So!* An Enterprise captain that deals almost entirely as a diplomat, belongs in a play, not on an action TV show.

    Forget Janeway - Going to get a lot of sexist email on this - but again, this woman as Captain of a starship? Perhaps someone else, not this chick. She sounded like she smoked 3 packs a day for 30 years before acting in this part. Her whole character completely irked me. Pardon my stereo-types, but this was not a swashbuckling captain. Again, sensitivity training, heart-to-hearts with the crew. It just didn't work. It's not open for discussion.

    DS9 - a floating mall passing for a star trek spin-off. At that point, I knew that the producers had hit bottom. Berman and Braga became a hiss and a by-word. Vomit.

    Those that would argue there were too many holes - that's what Star Trek Encyclopedias are for. Every series ESPECIALLY TOS had gaping holes.

    The series cancelled because UPN ran episodes on Saturday's and because of the convenience, more and more people were watching the Saturday re-runs instead of during the week, where the show earned ratings based on viewing. Low ratings mean cancelled shows. Whether that was done on accident, or was intentionally done to kill of the show, I don't know.

    But, I do have one negative - the main title theme song. The break with traditional horns and orchestras was a *big* mistake. I sail right through it on netflix.

    I wish they'd put the crew out in a motion picture. And Soon!

  • I would watch it again and again

    I Think Enterprise was great. The reason I can say this is because I never watched or cared to watch any of the trek series. I tried a few time but couldn't get into them finally after years my boyfriend convinced me to endure one and I said I would try enterprise. I loved it!!!! Now I'm watching all of the trek shows, and watching enterprise over again.
  • Great show bad ending. Before i could even watch another episode "I read the good that men do" The book that fixed the damage that the wrighters aflicted in the ending

    This is my favorite show. My brother got me started on it in 2007, since then I've been almost obsessed with enterprise and everything star trek. That's why I was so mad at the star trek writers when I watched the last episode that I could not watch it. but then my brother told me about a star trek book that supposedly fixes everything. About 1 month later my brother brought home the "good that men do" the legendary fix it book, so I read it and it fixed it, if you hated the ending of the show then read it.
  • As soon as the show reached its peak it was gone...

    After missing a great deal of Enterprise during it's initial run due to UPN's constant preempting and rescheduling I finally got the DVD box set. Watching the episodes in order really shows how consistent and well-written the scripts were. Especially seasons 3 and 4. Scott Bakula and Conner Trinneer both sold their roles, most especially Trinneer with his very human approach to humor, grief, and anger. Season 2 was slow, but when the show hit its mark by the 3rd season it was dead on. Very underrated cast and underrated visuals. With the release of some of the potential story lines for the planned Season 5 - I am very sorry the shows run was cut short. I've enjoyed to varying degrees other trek iterations, but this one really nailed it. Wish there'd be more.
  • Vogues of NX 01 enterprise captain Jonathan Archer with Sub-commander T'pol, commander Charles 'trip' tucker iii, lieutenant Malcolm Reed, ensign Hoshi Sato, Dr. Phlox and ensign Travis Mayweather. In there space travels.

    Star trek enterprise. NX-01 enterprise is the first warp five star ship to go exploring in outer space from earth. Join captain archer, T'pol, Trip, Malcolm, Mayweather, Hoshi and Dr. Phlox in there adventure in space. All the 83 member of the crew will to explore along with Porthos the Archer dog. 81 humans 1 Vulcan 1 Denobulan and 1 dog will explore space the final frontier to boldly go where no one has gone before. First mission April 16 2151 away 3 weeks before it was ready to lever in space 10 years with most of the crew alive. 10 years after it first mission Starfleet is form. It was form cause of what enterprise did do out in space.
  • What no one watched before

    After four major incarnation of Star Trek (TOS, STNG, DS9 & STV)it was difficult to tell new trek stories because it seems everything has been told about/in the Star Trek universe. Star Trek Enterprise was a big challenge but the series succeded in showing what no one watched before : the very begin of deep stars exploration, the difficulty of being the first Captain to go where no one has gone before.

    All is not new in STE, familiar trek ideas, concepts and more are back, but it's really a new point of view.

    The shows was cancelled after (only) four seasons, the rating where very bad for a Star Trek series and Paramount cancelled it. Even if the first season is a little weak, the three next are good (the third season has a very fine story arc). Long live Archer !
  • Best of the Star Trek Series

    I am by no means a "traditional" hard core Star Trek guy. After getting into all of the original series predecessors I reluctantly started watching Enterprise, and to my surprise I saved the best for last. I mean Voyager was good, they were all good, but Enterprise is by far the best of all the series. The characters are real as is their chemistry. The action is non stop and well done both in the fight scenes and space battles. The effects are amazing and gorgeously rendered. The multi-part episodes grab and keep your attention. The plot lines are both insightful and inspiring. Plus lets face it, Archer and his whole crew are downright bad ass! I recommend this for anyone who prefers Star Wars action and adventure to Star Treks sometimes overly philosophical premise. On a mission of exploration ..sure ok, but fighting through the early galaxy for the right to explore is far more entertaining.
  • I thought that the characters were believable. I liked knowing what everyones favorite food was, and they all worked together well, like a family, they had fights, but good times together too. It was a homey feel, modern and wonderful show.

    I really enjoyed this show. I liked that it didn't always need violence to get a point across. I enjoyed the NASA feel. I also liked that it had a familiar homey feel, for example, meals and relaxation time together, and of course, Porthos. I enjoyed that it was a show about exploration for the most part. This was my favorite of all the Star Trek series. I enjoyed the Archer/Trip mentor/mentee relationship. I thought Captain Archer was very compassionate, and an almost perfect captain, despite his sometimes obvious weaknesses, which of course made him human and easy to identify with. Trip too was easy to identify with for the same reasons. I also enjoyed Hoshi, Reed, and Travis. It gave me a lot to think about for the most part. I really thought it upheld the hope and challenging thinking that has always been a trademark of Star Trek. It upheld the name well. We need more shows like this, (including at least one more season), and I thought that it ended too soon and too sadly.
  • Excellent show with great story lines. Sadly, it was unsupported by its own network. Continually changing time slots & often being pre-empted by sports made it impossible to be a loyal viewer.

    In the beginning, the idea of watching a Star Trek series set before the previous ones was a tough one to get past. But, I was hooked after just one episode.

    Showing the evolution of the Federation and its protocols was a fascinating background story line that had great promise. I would loved to have seen it cover the timeline all the way to Captian Kirk. Unfortuneately, this show like most great shows (Arrested Developement & Firefly, for example) lacked network support. Viewers get frustrated when they have to actively hunt down an alternative time slot every single week.

    Please, please, please BRING BACK ENTERPRISE!! (And please find a way to bring back Trip!!)
  • one of the best shows on tv.

    this show has all the star trek bells and whistles. it's got everything expected from a star trek tv show. it was a good concept. the episodes are really fun. the effects are stunning. even the universe created in this new show is totally out of this world. the writers really come up with good episodes each week. the producers really came up with a really good show. i can speak for ages about how good this show is, it's really that good. captain archer plays a captain kirk like role, and it works really well. scott bakula is a terrific actor.
  • The last (or the "first!") Star Trek was one of the best!

    I was so sorry to see the last Star Trek Series get cancelled. It answered a lot of questions about the 25th Century Star Trek Universe, how certain things came about that we took for granted in Kirk's, Picard's eras. What a shame! Well, maybe the fans will call for more of Roddenberry's ST universe... all we need is someone who has the same forward thinking that Gene had when he was here.
  • To me it was the best star trek.

    Yes i have see the other 4 but not T.A.S favourite eposodie had to be in mirror drakly part 1 & 2.The show how load of space battles and land battles and all my Favorite races the Borg, Roulmans, Tholains, Mirror Terrans and loads more in fact the only race i did not like was the kilgons I think there to may eposodies with those in there in every trek. that why people dont think I a star trek fan because i dont like Kilgon or DS9.

    Long Live The Terran Empire.
  • This show was really Underappreciated

    I Loved this show alot and was heart brokened when it was canceled, I Really loved this show all the characters were great and Scott bakula was great as Captain archer. I Loved Archer's dog Porthos He was so cute i wish our dog was that obediant as Porthos.

    One thing i didnt like is everyone kept bashing it including the theme song just because it wasn't "Star trek-ish" or didnt have that same old Instramental Theme that was also in the previous Star trek Shows, I didn't care I Loved the theme song i just wish the show kept going.
  • The voyages of the NX-Enterprise commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer.

    Star Trek: Enterprise was a really great show, and in my opinion, it was the best of all the Star Trek series. It was fresh approach to a franchise that has been around for a long time. Jolene Blalock's portrayal of Sub Commander T'Pol was a very good and unique take on the Vulcan race. Commander Trip was also a very good character. While Trip and T'Pol are my most favorite characters on the show, all of the other characters on the show are also very interesting. Star Trek: Enterprise has some of the most memorable Star Trek episodes for me, Unexpected being my #1 favoite. I also felt that Star Trek: Enterprise had the best pilot episode of all the Star Trek series. I'm very sad that Star Trek: Enterprise was canceled, and I wish that it would come back, but I know that won't happen. At least there are four great seasons of the show on DVD for people to enjoy.
  • Captain Archer and his crew set out to where no one has gone before

    I have been a fan of Star Trek for a few years and Enterprise has become my favorite in the series. It suffered with the ratings because it happened to be the last series and the ratings have been slipping since DS9. It has nothing to do with quality, just people who were tired of the routine of watching Trek every week for almost 20 years. That and it was on the wrong network. Enterprise is a fantastic series that tells a compelling tale of how everything we know as Trek came to be. From how humans formed friendships with different species to how the Federation itself began. It has a great cast which featured already famous stars like Scott Bakula and Jeffrey Combs. But it also introduced the world to two new future stars Connor Trinneer and John Billingsley, both doing very well in their post-Trek careers.
  • A Star Trek prequel that takes place a hundred years before Captain Kirk and the crew of Enterprise - A.

    A fresh new take on a very popular sci fi franchise. Enterpise follows the journey of the very first starship to ever journey in space to go boldly where no man have ever gone before. Special Effects wise, this show is a lot more hi tech that the original series, but you are quickly caught on with the world of make believe. Just like the old Star Trek shows, this one takes the viewer to an adventure each week. This is a DVD set that will become a part of my collection. It's too bad that it was cancelled, it should have gotten the 7 year run just like the way it was with Voyager, DS9 and TNG. A Star Trek show is always fun to watch including Enterprise.
  • The best Star Trek of them all.

    One might find it difficult to better the original with a spin-off. Sure, find fans of any of the Star Trek series, and they will argue until they're green in the face that the series they like is the best. But until "Enterprise," I had found the original series to be superior. Even after a couple of seasons of "Enterprise," I felt the same way. But after watching Seasons 3-4 of "Star Trek: Enterprise," I must say this is the best series out of the five. Gene would have been proud in how this series evolved. To me, this series captures what Gene was looking for when he created the original. The ship wasn't the star, but the people were. The character development was outstanding, and it's the only Star Trek series to keep the exact same cast during the entire run. That says a lot about a series.

    This show was cancelled just when it was finding its footing. In the three previous spinoffs, it was the fourth season where things really got good. The same was true for "Enterprise," but it wasn't given a change to thrive, and the finale was completely insulting. The fans, cast, and crew certainly deserved a better send-off.

    To honor the best Star Trek series, here's one fan who hope the next movie is based on "Star Trek": Enterprise."

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  • If its on i will watch it, but i wont go out of my way just to see the next episode

    i find it quite ironic that Enterprise is supposed to be set before all of the other series, yet the special effects are better than any Star Trek i have sene befor. i also think that there should be some more episodes baised on Earth as it is getting the feal that it is much alike Voyager, and personal i was getting a bit board with the last series they produced as it was just so repetative.
  • While starting out a little slow, this has become, at least to me, the best Star Trek Series to Date! It far exceeded my expectations and wasn't given nearly enough credit. This series took Star Trek to a whole new level, one to relate to.

    Star Trek Enterprise takes place on the first Warp 5 starship to leave earth, and as such they are the first humans to meet many of the races that you see in the movies and other series. I think that part of the appeal to this series is simply that it doesn't feel that far away, it seems plausible. There was even one episode where you see Captain Archer with a six shooter strapped to his side and wearing a duster, very cool. It is fun to see how quickly humans made their presence known and even united many of the worlds that had been at odds for so long, but probably the coolest thing, is that this series unites all the different Star Trek shows and movies. I would truly recommend that everyone sees this, so go rent or buy the DVD’s; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  • Before Janeway, Sisko, Picard and Kirk, there was Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of the Enterprise making first contact with aliens before the birth of the federation. It's one of the best Star Trek series ever.

    I really love this show alot. I was so upset that they cancel the show, it felt like I lost a friend. This series take place 150 years from now and 100 years before Captain Kirk. It made alot of great episodes, Few were dumb but the rest was good. The 4th season was the best. It had alot of better episode. My favorite aliens are Andorian. I think they are really cool. And this show is worth watching.
  • This was by far the best of the Star Trek series! It is a pity that they took it away.

    It still sickens me that Voager was awful and got more seasons than this. I'm also sure that Enterprise got better ratings than Voager. Scott Bakula is also the star of another onee of my favorite shows Quantim Leap. So [in my opinion] he was much better than Voager's captin. So I just can't figure out why it ended earlier.
  • That is the question someone from the UPN network should be asking when the idea to cancel Enterprise was brought up!

    Maybe we as a people need to enlist some intelligent life into our networks and start keeping the good shows on TV and removing all those crappy reality series that seem to be glogging up my channel surfing! (which by the way I wouldn't have to do if there was something worth watching on TV *cough*Enterprise*cough*)

    What was it about Enterprise that makes dim witted network execs decide to cancel it after a short lived run? Could it be they want to put more re-runs of Moesha on UPN?

    Maybe what we need to do is start having network exec elections so we can get rid of the idiots that run them and put in some more intelligent people. I swear if neworks keep pulling the plug on good shows cable companies are going to start losing money from people canceling services as I did.

    Why pay 40+ dollars a month for crap TV?
  • This Series Ended WAY Too Early...

    I can't, for the life of me, figure out why this show went off the air. It DID well, or so I thought. I was really getting into it, on the second airings... this was such a good show that had so many storylines available to it, gaps to fill, Trekkies and Trekkers alike, just dying to see more. I'm still bummed about it.
  • Absolutely the most captivating sci-fi show. Lots of chemistry among the characters.

    I think "Star Trek: Enterprise" is the best star trek series that I have ever watched.

    Since I had been following closely with Star Trek: Voyager last time and got myself so used to all the sophisticated technology, Enterprise appeared to be slow and ancient for the first few episodes during season 1. It took me awhile to get past that and started really enjoying the show. There were quite a few episodes whereby the writers focused the story on the characters of the show instead of just pure technology and special computer effects. It really provided the opportunity for the actors to develop into their characters and a chance for the viewers to connect more with the characters. I especially like "Shuttlepod I" and "Similitude".

    The one thing that I enjoyed most is how the relationship between Commander Trip Tucker and Subcommander T'Pol developed. The chemistry between them was undeniable. Totally opposite in terms of characters but still had a lot to share and learn.

    I was so disappointed when I learned that season 4 is the last season. I was hoping to see more. I thought Enterprise would last at least till 6 - 7 seasons since other Star Trek series lasted about that long. Sigh...
  • Enterprise was grand until the final moment.

    I love Star Trek a lot. It has so many good morals and points that watching it is entertaining and thought provoking. I love the cast of characters and the story lines.

    Enterprise was great and had great potential. I love having it to watch on Wednesdays. I love that I had a Star Trek show period. I liked Trip and To'Pol and Captian was another great trio.

    My favorite episode was the one where they cloned Trip. I loved it. It was well done and had everything a great TV show should have: emotion, humor and a very good point.

    I miss it like one would miss an old friend. It leaving was sad because for all my life I've had some form of Star Trek to I have none.

    The last episode was horrid though. I feel as if I was slaped in the face. I was disapointed. But because I love it so I will ignore that episode and pretend it never existed.

    I need my Star Trek. No Sci-Fi was ever better.
  • What Happened?

    You can't just end a Star Trek in the middle of the season. This was Star Trek was a great idea to go back to before Kirk. Many people are very upset when this show was ended including myself. This show actually is part of a story line that has for now been destroyed. I have to admit the starting credit music and visuals were not very good and probably turned a lot of people off, but the show was flawless. They really need to reconsider ending this show with all the Star Trek fans out there.
  • i love this show!!

    I have now seen every episode having watched the series finale on sky 1. I love this series probably as much, if not more than the others. The characters are brilliant, story and writing are superb aswell. I read in magazines and reveiws on the web that enteprise was not a sgood as it tended to slump in the middle of the season. i dont believe this. I liked this show so much that even held back from looking at episode reviews for the last season, Which was very hard. And it ends on such a good episode. I just wish it hadn't been cancelled.
  • Star Trek at its best!

    I had watched all the previous visual forms that Star Trek had taken and wasn't quite sure if Enterprise was going to be any good. I was willing to give at a go, unlike the so called fans that were bad mouthing the show even before it aired. It only took the first episode to get me hooked. The real strength in Enterprise was the cast, all very strong actors. It was well written, especially episodes in its last year. The only dissapointing thing about the series was that Paramount were not willing to support the show and terminated it after four seasons.
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