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  • Ugh...

    The series got better towards the end, but it has to be the worst Trek series created. It had action and drama but it lacked substance and is a great example why on going series like Star Trek should not try to go back and setup the past. I found it left many things unanswered at the end of episodes and failed to portray an accurate time like in the Star Trek universe. I can not say it was all bad. There were some very nice scenes of Jolene Blalock, but the writers tried to stress to much sex appeal.
  • Missed the Boat

    This was there worst of all the Trek series, it was even worse than the animated series.

    There were way to many inconsistencieses and plot holes that could neverer be explained or talked out of. Plain and simple you cant do a PREQuel of classic shows or movies unless you rewind the tech, mindset, and look of the new show to before the original story.
  • Liberal and Pretenous. Not worth watching.

    Boy I thought this might get back on track with the OS but boy was I wrong. Never found it interesting. The Federation was pretenous and lilly white. So many rules and regs on this Enterprise it was like a uptight subdivision. The crew had no guts. I found the aliens better to ship out with. It would nice if we could have a captain that likes girls for a change. Picard now this Jackass. I don't get it. We don't eat meat, we dont hunt, we don't drink, or do the nasty. Man I am sick of the Federation. Who wants that future we are above it all. I thought the next gen was bad then the boring DS9. When your bad guys are more interesting than the heros with valor your off the track. Kirk took on 3 Romulan battle crusiers. These cats are running all the time from everyone. First the Cardasians, the Borg, the Jemini, the Swarm, and on and on. The Fed blows the Marqui was right. Of course the Fed tries to crush them.
  • A show that was before Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko. Doing a show like that was stupid. The graphics made it look like it was after Janeway, when it was suppost to be before Kirk. No wonder the show got cancelled!

    The graphics made it look like it was after Janeway, when it was suppost to be before Kirk. When it came on the air on UPN on September 26, 2001, I was happy. My favorite Star Trek of all time, Voyager, ended and a new Star Trek came on! Yey! My Yey want to a nay in an instant. The show was disgusting. Paramount trying to do a show that was before Kirk, WRONG IDEA! Most people don\\\'t agree with me, but TV does, UPN and Paramount, for when the show GOT CANCELLED!! If I had a choice between watching this or watching the original series, I would watch the original series!
  • The runt of the litter.

    Enterprise was designed to take the franchise into a new direction, unfortunately that direction meant the end of a franchise. The first problem with Enterprise was the characters, they were not particularly inspiring. First you have Captain Archer who often reminds me of a child who has found his dad's gun. Scott Bakula who plays the character seems to be unable to give Archer any sense of gravitas, charisma or respect other Star Trek Captains have. All he seems to be able to do is shout in a vain attempt to establish himself, and since the captain is the heart of any Star Trek show this is a major disappointment. Archer's crew consists of some of the dullest characters ever to appear in Star Trek, Mayweather the helmsman is a perfect example of everything dull. The only character who seems remotely interesting is Doctor Flox who actually seems to have a personality. When you compare characters in Enterprise to those in the next generation or Deep Space nine you realise how poorly conceived they are. The characters in DS9 are vibrant and interesting and are developed so well they make Enterprise characters look like permanent cardboard cutouts. This meant you never really cared about the characters regardless of the situation they were in.

    Unfortunately the problems with the characters are only just the start. First of all we need to think about the writing, the concept itself could and should of worked in the right hands. Indeed for the first time a Star Trek show was running a continuously main story arc with minimal stand alone episodes, a step in the right direction.

    The Problem was it had moved too far away from what Star Trek actually is. It was never about exploration, it was about conflict. It rarely presented you with morality stories that made you sit back and think, no, simply, it was not Star Trek anymore. The Temporal cold war story which spanned the first 3 seasons was gathering pace and was developed quite well. The Studio decided to axe this story because of the low ratings causing the show to take a nose dive into oblivion. The Studio probably did not realise that it was not the story which was turning people off it was the fact that the world of television had changed and left Enterprise behind the times, Enterprise was never innovative like Lost or 24, or cheap to make like American Idol. It was expensive and was not delivering. The final season was a hash of badly written and unconvincing story arcs achieving a whole new dimension of boredom. Never before have i been so bored watching Trek and finally i was glad it ended.
  • i only have one comment

    I can't believe this show lasted 4 seasons. I stopped watching after the 3rd show.
  • Are you serious? Gene Roddenberry actually put his name on this?

    I give this show a 0.0 for the show itself and a 10.0 for the Vulcan hottie. On average I guess its about a 2.0. Seems kinda like a waste of a Star Trek show but I guess their expectations were low. The acting is fairly lame, but the bare stomachs of the female officers are yummy, so its not a total waste. There isn\\\'t much of a story here, but the worst part is that they have tried to recycle old Star Trek characters. So not only do we get a crappy show, but we get the old burned out actors for their last appearance. Sad. Could have been so much more.
  • ENT to real for most Trek fans!

    Start off with the shows problems:
    The problem with ENT was it got tied up in the time paradox to much. Unlike the other Star Treks it didn't improve the characters much. It focused too much on Trip, when this happens it destroys any series. (Voyager season 5 and 6 was all about Seven of Nine and Stargate Atlantis became all about Col. Sheppard and the Wrath). Other characters were just boring Reed and Mayweather.

    Another problem was the Star Trek Universe at this time was just not well defined Technologically, Socially and Politically.

    Fan problems with this show:
    The one thing I did like about this Star Trek ENT is the it wasn't this unrealistic utopia that the TNG was, until season 6 when they had the Maquis. Every races had and age old enemy and weren't these lovely dovey races that most were in TNG and humans were still up to their old tricks. Much like the humans today lessoning to rock music, into sports (Archor with his basketball), like to be in good physical shape (Mayweather, Trip and Archor) and money was still around.

    I think this, more than anything is why ENT didn't last. It showed too much of the true. On ENT the crew only knew what their particular field was. Archor was the captain and was put their form his leadership skills not his technical skills and didn't have much of, for that he relied on Trip and T'Pol. Mayweather was the pilot and only knew how to fly the ship or shuttle pod and not much else. Trip was the Engineer and was there for his tech skills, but was also brave and knew how to fight.

    This crew was not made up of these super science nerds that new everything! When we and if at all do encounter an Alien race we'll find out that they're going to act very much like us and this is what tuned a lot of Trek fan out, the fact that ENT showed it wasn't a perfect universe and Humans like every other race aren't perfect ether and never going to be.
  • Let's put the Criticism where it belongs, OK?

    Opinions are like, well, you know ... we all have one.

    It fries me a little that absolutely, hands-down, *The Best* of the post-TOS Trek series gets put down here. Granted, I didn't think that Scott Bakkula would have made a very good Captain, given his previous series, "Quantum Leap", but I have to say, his acting in this role changed my mind. He's a much better actor when he's serious.

    The series was *exactly* what the franchise needed - a look back at what started it all. It was brilliant! Crew members anxiety over the transporter, the warp 4.5 engine, paltry weapons, and almost non-existent protective "shields". But Hey! This was the state-of-the-art. It's all they had.

    The foreboding gun-metal gray of the interior, and the excitement of warp travel to the distant stars. Awesome. It was the shot in the arm that the franchise needed. But, judging from the reviews here, I can see why it failed. This show was for the Trekkers from the 60's. A return to boldness and adventure. Not the transparent contrived episodes which made up much of the post-TOS series'. The kids didn't get it. The later TNG, and VOY were for kids. Granted, both had some very intriguing episodes, but you had to suffer with a lot of junk to get there.

    What Enterprise did, and what TNG started with, was putting cinematography back into the series. From the middle of TNG, and all of Voyager, it looked like they lit the stage with florescent lights! Way too bright, no shadow, no dramatic lighting. Sad, and sterile. Enterprise tried a little harder with darker sets, darker bridge.

    Forget Picard - instead of being in an old folks home, they made him Captain of the Enterprise? He should of been Captain of the Love Boat. With him forgetting if he was American, or English - C'mon Stewart?! Is it shed-ule or schedule? Is it Datar or Data. *Make it So!* An Enterprise captain that deals almost entirely as a diplomat, belongs in a play, not on an action TV show.

    Forget Janeway - Going to get a lot of sexist email on this - but again, this woman as Captain of a starship? Perhaps someone else, not this chick. She sounded like she smoked 3 packs a day for 30 years before acting in this part. Her whole character completely irked me. Pardon my stereo-types, but this was not a swashbuckling captain. Again, sensitivity training, heart-to-hearts with the crew. It just didn't work. It's not open for discussion.

    DS9 - a floating mall passing for a star trek spin-off. At that point, I knew that the producers had hit bottom. Berman and Braga became a hiss and a by-word. Vomit.

    Those that would argue there were too many holes - that's what Star Trek Encyclopedias are for. Every series ESPECIALLY TOS had gaping holes.

    The series cancelled because UPN ran episodes on Saturday's and because of the convenience, more and more people were watching the Saturday re-runs instead of during the week, where the show earned ratings based on viewing. Low ratings mean cancelled shows. Whether that was done on accident, or was intentionally done to kill of the show, I don't know.

    But, I do have one negative - the main title theme song. The break with traditional horns and orchestras was a *big* mistake. I sail right through it on netflix.

    I wish they'd put the crew out in a motion picture. And Soon!

  • Great show bad ending. Before i could even watch another episode "I read the good that men do" The book that fixed the damage that the wrighters aflicted in the ending

    This is my favorite show. My brother got me started on it in 2007, since then I've been almost obsessed with enterprise and everything star trek. That's why I was so mad at the star trek writers when I watched the last episode that I could not watch it. but then my brother told me about a star trek book that supposedly fixes everything. About 1 month later my brother brought home the "good that men do" the legendary fix it book, so I read it and it fixed it, if you hated the ending of the show then read it.
  • Star trek enterprise was a decent show that unfortunatly was past it's prime. The intro was a rock ballad? That's what rejected the real big trekkies. After so many sequels of Tos, The story lines were up. All been done way before.

    Star trek enterprise was a decent show that unfortunatly was past it's prime. The intro was a rock ballad? That's what rejected the real big trekkies. After so many sequels of Tos, The story lines were up. All been done way before. Still it was interesting to see what happened when humanity first explored the galaxy in a ship that was clearly not that advanced compared to most species. I felt the show didn't have unforgetable characters, that made you wanna watch more episodes. The ending was great, you could see all the former enterprises with the intro of the captains.
  • I hate to do this but......

    I had high hopes for this show. That all ended ten seconds into the opening song. From there on out it blew chunks from here to high heaven. Ok, the puking did stop once, when that Vulcan Chick was in the decontamination chamber with that guy and she was looking very good indeed in the rubdown sequence! Other than that, oh boy. I could only stomach a few episodes. The big problem was with the freakin' darkness! Was this show filmed without stage lights! Common! It was terrible! It was a strain on your eyes. I'm a huge Trekkie, but this show dropped the ball faster than Deep Space Nine. Truly dissapointing. I did see one episode that wasn't half bad, maybe it was the end. It was the one were the captain was captured by some alien dude and rapped with him on the ship while trying to escape. Maybe I'll give this show some more time when I'm older, but not now. It was just wayyyy too boring.
  • Same as Original and TNG but with different characters and in a different time period.

    Probably one of the worst Star Trek series. It fills in a lot of back story about what happened in that time period but they really can't explain every single time period in the Trek universe with a different series. I mean will there be a new series that is based after TNG? It has some alright action. They encounter the borg like a couple times. It has some cool episodes but overall a lot of them are similar and the whole series is unoriginal. If you are a die hard trekie then you probably love this show and every Trek series.
  • Its like Voyager never happened

    Dismissing entirely the first two seasons of this show. This is where Star Trek grew some stones. It took risks and I dare say the outcome was very successful. Moving on from the mushy mushy Scooby Doo in space that was Voyager, and back to the real hard scifi of Deep Space Nine. A show that hits the reset button at the end of every episode cannot keep my interest, and the story arc of season 3 and the mini arcs of season four are both interesting and masterfully done. The cast is superb, I was never happy with Janeway and her headmistress voice, it just irritated me no end. Given another few seasons we would have seen this show evolve into something of a mix between the gritty drama and story arcs of Battlestar Galactica and the good ol' fashion fun of Star Trek the Original Series. A shame that nobody was watching.

    Just a side note, should this series had come to its natural conclusion I don't think there should've been a sixth spin off.
  • Star Trek's darkest time

    Enterprise will be remembered as the show that killed Star Trek. The show was doomed from the moment it began filming. People who fought to bring Star Trek back in the 1970s fought to have Enterprise pulled off the air 35 years later.

    It was poorly written show that was criticized by its own writers (David A. Goodman said that "Precious Cargo" was a piece of crap)and by the Trek Fans. Its characters were poorly created and Montgomery and Park were wasted after the second season. This show was not Star Trek and was the worst show on television.
  • Worst. Star. Trek. Ever!

    I didn't think it was possible for there to be a Star Trek worse that Voyager, but never say never. The whole point of watching Star Trek is to look into the future and see things that don't exist yet. The problem with a prequel is that the original series was created decades ago and supposedly takes place after this series. So, either you have to try and make the technology look shittier than it did on TOS or you have to suspend disbelief and create stuff that looks way better than things that supposedly were created much later. It wouldn't be a problem if the creators hadn't taken everything that people knew about the past and threw it completely out the window. People only care about what happens to these people because it builds on stuff that was spoken about in previous series. They didn't use species that were used on TOS and did use species that were either never seen before or since or ones that have clearly established first contacts centuries in the future. If the creators wanted to use the Ferengi and other species they never should have done a prequel. It didn't help anything that the human characters were ignorant biggots. Also, the whole temporal time war thing was definately a negative. Rather than establish how the Federation was created and how these ignorant rednecks became the overlords of the galaxy, they spent inordinant amounts of time on double-talking crap. If the Xindi were so important and continued to exist and be important, why weren't they mentioned in any other series? Why would these people focus so much on the future in a goddamned prequel? The writing sucked, it was not internally consistant, and it put the final nail in the Star Trek coffin. If this is what Star Trek is going to be from now on, may it rest in peace.
  • I have found that whether it be with a movie or television series, travelling backwards at "warp 9.65" can be a dangerous undertaking.

    Attempting to create a show set chronologically earlier (in the eyes of the characters in the show) than the original series leads the end results to be detrimental to what the original attempted to do. With the example of Star Trek: Enterprise, I was left confused and inevitably annoyed at everything it attempted to do since it is set in the mid 22nd century and Star Trek: The Original Series is set in the 23rd century. The difficulty in keeping track of the mythological information that the original series and this series explains is mind-numbingly impossible. It feels as though the creators of this shows did not even bother watching any of the other series to try to ensure some kind of continuity with the time line already set in its place.
    Going beyond that point, it feels as though science and tackling philosophical issues in the dialogue of the star trek world has apparently been left behind and in its stead has been replaced by pathetic attempts at titillating the viewer with alien sex and nudity. This of course wouldn't be shown, but sex is only weapon they've got and they are selling it in the place of what usually makes a star trek series worth watching.
  • The final saga, at least to this point, in an enduring Universe.

    Let me start out by saying that I love all things Trek. I have every episode of every series, plus all of the movies, on either DVD or VHS. But this series was the worst of the bunch.

    The premise of this show had so much promise. I mean, there's the opportunity to show the early years of Star Fleet and explain some things that were mentioned in passing in other Trek series. But the show seemed to be doomed right from the beginning. First, it was shown on the now-defunct UPN (Unwatched Programs Network.) Just as an aside, after Enterprise was cancelled, I never watched another program on UPN. Not because I was boycotting it or some other silly notion, but simply because there wasn't anything on that network that I wanted to watch. Second, there was the series title. Any Trekker can tell you that NCC-1701, captained first by Christopher Pike, then later by James T. Kirk, was the first starship named Enterprise. But wait. Now we're given NX-01, the real first Enterprise. What? There's some 'splaining to do right out of the gates. Oh, I see, NX-01 is the first Star Fleet vessel named Enterprise, while NCC-1701 is the first FEDERATION starship named Enterprise. Uh, ok. Thirdly, in the opening episode, Broken Bow, we're introduced to the Suliban. What the hey???? Who are the Suliban? If they were a nemesis to the first warp 5 vessel on its maiden voyage, why have we never heard of them before? This was a continuing theme throughout the series, introducing alien races that had never been heard of in any of the other Trek series or movies. It seemed the Killer B's chose to ignore established Trek canon whenever it was convenient.

    When it was announced that Scott Bakula would portray Archer, I was excited. I'd enjoyed Bakula in Quantum Leap, but his talent was utterly wasted in this series. And while Jolene Blalock was easy on the eyes, her Vulcan character often seemed very un-Vulcan-like. And what was with her "uniform" and I use that term loosely. Even after she formally joined Star Fleet, she remained in an outfit that, more often than not, looked like body paint rather than actual clothing. Trip was the third character, from which B & B tried to recreate the Kirk/Spock/McCoy triumvirate. To me, Trip was just annoying. The rest of the main characters were too often just background material, like the sets and special effects.

    Speaking of special effects, I realize that the implementation of special effects had been much-improved by the time this series hit the air, as opposed to when TOS aired. However, Enterprise is supposed to take place some 100 years before TOS. Would it have been too much to ask to make an effort show NX-01 at least somewhat technologically inferior to NCC-1701?

    In the final season, they actually did some good episodes, but by then, it was too late. The three story arc that guest starred Brent Spiner and featured remnants of the Eugenics Wars was pretty good. Also, the two-parter that explained the Klingon forehead ridges was really good. That story was one of my two favorites. Probably my favorite story had to do with the Mirror Universe. I enjoy all of the Mirror Universe stories throughout Trek.

    In the end, the Killer B's left their indelible mark on this series with the awful finale, These Are The Voyages..., which I have stated whenever given the opportunity, was the absolute worst series finale ever, hands down, no contest. Why end a series with a back story for an insignificant TNG episode? Didn't Enterprise deserve better?

    RIP, Captain Archer and crew. Hopefully, if there's a new Trek series, B & B won't be involved in it even remotely.
  • I been a longtime fan of Star trek in every show... till the coming of Enterprise.

    If you watch other space shows like Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, you feel a lot of power not only in the stories, the cast fits perfect in the characters. In Enterprise the cast it's good, Scott Bakula it's a great actor but his work doesn't fit with what suppose to be the first great captain of the future federation, the model for people like Kirk.

    Even when the special effects are good, some stories are almost the same from the previous shows (at least in the first season), and have almost nothing new (they are very predictable) except, of course, some sensuality (thanks for T'pol).

    The basic story was good, the song feels like something fresh, but the rest it's far away from the best moments of shows like TNG, DS9 and Voyager, the whole past of the universe of star trek seems something boring.

    Maybe Berman should try to bring back Ronald D. Moore and Michael Piller, both have great science fiction show with much more originality than this thing.
  • The Enterprise starts exploring the galaxy and meets new races like the Klingons, Romulans, Tellarites and the Andorians. The Vulcans they already knew. During the series the need for an alliance grows and they take the first steps toward the Federation.

    From the very beginning this series had high production values. I think it's the most professionally produced series of the franchise so far and it's really underrated. That said I want to emphasize that the series suffered from mixed results over its four year span. Season one was a good one. I think most of the episodes were good as they just started exploring space. Also they meet a few interesting races. Among them the Andorians, my favorite. Interesting relations between humans, Andorian and Vulcans are set up and it makes you look forward to season two. Also there's a temporal cold war going on as a little extra. Season two didn't really move forward. It was simply more of the same and mostly not better. It gave me the impression the producers didn't know what to do with the show. Since rating were decreasing they decided to take a bold new direction. In the last episode a new alien race known as the Xindi bring massive damage to the earth and its inhabitants. The Enterprise must investigate the Expanse, a sort of Bermuda Triangle in space where the Xindi live.
    Season three proves the best season so far, although it's not really a Star Trek series anymore. We learn that the Xindi are not one but five alien races and they look more like creatures from Star Wars than Star Trek. The whole season is one big story arch and episodes are enormously better than last season, with just a few exeptions. The Enterprise keeps hunting for the Xindi homeworld in a great quest through the Expanse. Season four is the best of the whole series as they've taken on a group of new writers. They quickly wrap up the Xindi and temporal cold war story lines to pick in where season two left of. Almost the entire season consists of tv movies which remind of Star Trek: TNG. They are GREAT stories involving the humans, Vulcans, Tellarites and Andorians and build up towards founding the United Federation of Planets. It's a shame Paramount cancelled the series now that it had reached such high potential. If you're not interested in watching the lesser episodes or the Xindi story lines, maybe you'd like to watch the series as I think it should have been! I'm presenting you with an episode guide that make a great first and second season of a new star trek series taking place before Kirk and Spock. Without all the crap. This would have made a kick ass series that wouldn't have been cancelled. 1. Broken Bow (1)
    2. Broken Bow (2)
    3. Unexpected
    4. Dead Stop
    5. The Andorian Incident
    6. Fallen Hero
    7. Carbon Creek
    8. Minefield
    9. Marauders
    10. Shadows of P'Jem
    11. The Communicator
    12. The Catwalk
    13. Dawn
    14. Stigma
    15. Cease Fire
    16. Judgment
    17. Cogenitor
    18. Regeneration
    19. Bounty
    20. Storm Front (1)

    21. Storm Front (2)
    22. Home
    23. Borderland
    24. Cold Station 12
    25. The Augments
    26. The Forge
    27. Awakening
    28. Kir'Shara
    29. Observer Effect
    30. Babel One
    31. United
    32. The Aenar
    33. Affliction
    34. Divergence
    35. Bound
    36. In A Mirror, Darkly (1)
    37. In A Mirror, Darkly (2)
    38. Demons
    39. Terra Prime
    40. These Are The Voyages
  • Despised by fans unaccepting of change.

    I really enjoyed Enterprise, I really did. It's a pity that no one else did. It's a pity that everyone seemed to forget how every series of Star Trek had really slow beginnings and didn't take off until around season 3 or 4. It's a pity it was always compared to the late and great season 7 of The Next Generation, however unfair that comparison is. Allot of people have said it stuffed up the continuity, it did at times, but pretty much every series had at some point, it also explained and repaired some faults in the continuity too, but that's a point always forgotten. I loved the fact that things were changed around a bit, that you didn't need to know 30+ years of episodes to follow what was going on...I mean without appealling to a new audiencce any Star Trek show is doomed from the start. I can't see another Star Trek being made, I don't think the fans will accept any changes made, it's strange how the show preaches morals and having an open mind to the fans, but when it comes down to it these traits aren't passed on.
  • Join Captain Jonathan Archer as Earth takes it's first giant leap into deep space, this is the 22nd century this is Enterprise, Star Trek without actually saying it.

    Star Trek Enterprise is a prequal set before the adventures of James T Kirk.

    It brings a fresh idea to the Star Trek Franchise
    A team of mid 22nd century humans excluding 1 Vulcan and 1 Denobulan.
    As this series is set earlier in the history of Starfleet the characters are more relatable to most people at the time Enterprise aired.
    Trip Tucker and Jonathan archer are prominantly noted for using colorful metaphors, and being rather laid back.

    Captain Archer is like Kirk and Picard, he does get in Kirk-esque brawls with Aliens, but rest assured you it's usually him sitting in a chair getting a beating from alien interrogators,
    Captain Archer is a very believable Captain the others in the cast are no exception,
    My favorite would have to be Doctor Phlox, he shows more charisma than any previous Doctor from any Star Trek series, a medical genius who literally uses leeches, and using natural alternatives to synthetic medicines.
    Something Dr Mccoy would find repungant but hey Phlox is an alien too!

    Unfortunately this series was short lived due to a drop in ratings and the UPN networks low appreciation for the show.

    Seasons 1-2 deal more with adventure and are very lighthearted and enjoyable
    Season 3 is very dark lots of character development goes on throughout the Xindi story arc, and there are some episodes that can be heart wrenching if the characters grow on you.
    one such episode "Similitude" i cannot watch because it's plot is too painful in that sense.

    Season 4 is debatably where the most interesting story arcs are, it is the most entertaining, but however it abandons the earlier peaceful exploration theme, and there are only 4 standalone episodes "home" "Daedelus" "the observer effect" and "Trappings"

    Its interesting story arcs could be criticised for their heavy condensation and apparently forced attempts to draft out plots that happen in TNG and TOS
    Such as Dr Arik Soong deciding on the spot to build androids (hence the creation of Data and Lore)
    And the "Augment Virus" which wiped out the Klingons cranial ridges.
    It felt more like it was being rushed, you would believe the UFP would take a long time to develop and grow naturally.

    All the same those are my personal opinions.
    Star Trek Enterprise is Very different compared to previous Trek, but if you watch it you will find it's actually not that different after all but still unique and worth watching.
  • An early effort.

    Not bad for an early effort, but it's clear that the writers and actors were still finding their feet in this one. Still and all, this one could easily have been a Classic Trek episode from early in the first season. Good acting from all involved, however, both on the ship and in the cave, and the characterizations were beginning to gel. There was also a good deal of foreshadowing of future plotlines and one particular pairing.

    But the writers of this ep must have been fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover books -- kireseth flowers and the Ghost Wind, anyone?
  • A prequel to star trek Fantastic gastic action

    100 years before captains kirks tv show
    and one hundereds years after frist contact
    An experimental warp ship is created
    The NX 01 enterprise a warp 5 prototype decades in the making.
    Having helped out the humans after world war 3 the vulcans are still on earth overseeing and insome cases trying to hold back thier progress into space.
    Believing humans are grevius savages with no right to join the intersteelar community they do everything they can to discourage exploration and starfleet in general.
    Captain jonathan archer
    of the enterprise knows all this and has along standing hatred of vulcans stemming from his fathers struggle to create a warp five engine while the vulcans looked on refuseing to help.
    Now charging with returning an injured alien to his homeworld (klingon or klingot?)
    Archer takes his new ship into deep space fro the first time
    unfortunately there are alot of hostile species out thier all much more advanced than earth.
    A suliban boarding party kidnapps the klingon and enterprise must go to rigel 10 to pick up his trail.
    Finding more suliban on the snowy planet they engage in a fire fight and the suliban escape this time tracked by enterprise.
    A gas giant planet with a suliban base inside they detect a klingon life sign and after a fire fight board the station in a captured suliban cell ship.
    He is rescued but captain archer is traped behind a force field and tries to find another way of the ship
    Eventually after meeting the leader of the suliba he is subjected to an experimental device the transporter and is shocked to be still in one piece.
    After eeturning the klingon to the high council
    archer and co get given the go ahead to begin a genral exploration mission of the milkyway galaxy

    A very good pilot
    just like most of the trek pilots there always very cinematic.
    This series actually lived up to the hype and showed us the forming of the federation the beginings of the romulan war
    the klingon conflicts and introduced many trek races in interesting and diferent ways.
    A true legned of a tv show
    much better than voyager
    but then watching paint dry is better than voyager
  • The voyages of the NX-Enterprise commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer.

    Star Trek: Enterprise was a really great show, and in my opinion, it was the best of all the Star Trek series. It was fresh approach to a franchise that has been around for a long time. Jolene Blalock's portrayal of Sub Commander T'Pol was a very good and unique take on the Vulcan race. Commander Trip was also a very good character. While Trip and T'Pol are my most favorite characters on the show, all of the other characters on the show are also very interesting. Star Trek: Enterprise has some of the most memorable Star Trek episodes for me, Unexpected being my #1 favoite. I also felt that Star Trek: Enterprise had the best pilot episode of all the Star Trek series. I'm very sad that Star Trek: Enterprise was canceled, and I wish that it would come back, but I know that won't happen. At least there are four great seasons of the show on DVD for people to enjoy.
  • Star Trek at its best!

    I had watched all the previous visual forms that Star Trek had taken and wasn't quite sure if Enterprise was going to be any good. I was willing to give at a go, unlike the so called fans that were bad mouthing the show even before it aired. It only took the first episode to get me hooked. The real strength in Enterprise was the cast, all very strong actors. It was well written, especially episodes in its last year. The only dissapointing thing about the series was that Paramount were not willing to support the show and terminated it after four seasons.
  • Where is the Romulan War?

    Sure they gave alot of answers to alot of questions.

    But what happen to the Big Romulan War that was to happen before the birth of the Federation?

    There was no War!

    I wanted to see that so badly thats the reason I watched this seres!

    I mean come on if its taked about in all the series and then you don't show it at the time it would happen?

    Thats not right!
  • This was supposed to show everything we didn't see with Kirk- the foundation of the Federation, the development of Starfleet & humanity, yadda yadda yadda. But it didn't because Berman and Braga were terrible writters. The show had tons of missed opportun

    Berman & Braga (B&B) should be fired. Their inability to write for Star Trek has been evident since episode 2 of Voyager. (Deep Space 9 was the best of all the Star Trek series, as it (1) did not live and die by the reset button which was pioneered by Picard, overused by Janeway and beaten to death with by Archer and (2) did not have B&B on the writing staff). First of all, the ship. It looks exactly like the Akira-Class ship which first appeared in the battle scene of First Contact. Second, they used recycled poop (fecal matter, s***, doo-doo etc) FOR THEIR FOOD!!! 1) GROSS! 2). And, they had better communication technology than Kirk had. He couldn't talk to Starfleet live, but Archer could a 100 years before Kirk was in command? WTF!? Not at all practical & 3) GROSS!! Second of all, T'Paul (or however you spell her name). Not sexy. (Unless you count the mirror universe episode where she put her hair down). Not at all along the lines of 7 of 9, or Jadzia Dax, or Troi, or Kira or, the best of all of them, Uhura. (Come on, she wore that mini skirt, which was tighter & higher up than anything any regular female character ever wore on any of the trek's). Not at all Vulcan like either. That's the third problem with this show: the Vulcans. Okay, I buy the idea about them not trusting humanity and trying to hold them back. But there was an episode were it was revealed that the Vulcans were spying on Archer, I think about halfway thru season 1, but there had never been any indication at all of them being followed. Fourth, the episode with the Borg just pissed me off. How low the Borg have come since their excellent introduction in Q-Who and the spectacular Best of Both Worlds. Just f*** with decades of Trek continuaty in one fell swoop. Good riddence, this is not Star Trek, this is UPN trash. The fact that it aired for 4 years is disgraceful, and no true Star Trek fan would watch it. The end.
  • Enterprise from AtoZ ! Why is it so bad? Check out.

    A – Archer capt. of the NX-01 is the most irritating character in the SF world today
    B - Berman i Braga, terrible writters
    C – Canon, let`s just rewrite the history of Trek
    D – Design for the NX-01 comes from yet non-existing Akira class starship from the future
    E – Efects in some episodes (example Storm Front) look like they where made on a Amiga 500
    F - First ship to bear the name Enterprise is NX-01? No s%$t.
    G – Gene, if alive, would probably choke B&B
    H – Hull, electromagneticly polarizated. The best defensive alloy in the universe. HA!
    I – Intraship beaming, extremely hazardous in ST:TOS, no problem for Archer&CO
    J – Joke is the word, if you want to use just one to describe the show
    K – Klingons and first contact, excuse me when?
    L – Ludicrous speed! NX-01 makes Earth-Q'ronos a 4 days “picknick” trip!
    M - Malcolm`s 'those sons of a bitches' irritates
    N – Non needed answers to all questins regarding the whole ST Universum
    O - Orginality = 0
    P – Porn(soft) subplots on a non-needed basis
    R – Reused, Copy/Paste strories from other ST series
    S – Story line, the worst of all in a SF show ever.
    T - Travis. Script?! Where is the script?!
    U – Uniforms? Where are the mini skirts?
    V – Vulkans, how you never imaginated them (emotinal).
    W - War, Temporal Cold War.
    X - Xindi? Who the f$#k are Xindi?
    Y – Yes, it` s garbage a therefore they get from me:
    Z - Zero. The lowest score on a scale from 0 to 10.
  • A piece of garbage. I would strike it from star trek history if I could.

    This series was a waste of time and a piece of garbage. Although some of the actors could have been salvaged and some of the new writers actually made season 4 somewhat worthwhile, There are fundimental flaws. Real trek fans don't want to see:

    More of the same: a series set within old federation borders, they're not really going "where no man has gone before"

    An anachronism: it meddled with the history of the founding of the federation, and basically ignored the romulan wars. Technology was too advanced or not enough advanced for the time. Everything was out of place.

    (melo)drama and social commentary: these have always been the low points of any trek series. This is an action-adventure show, we want action, phasers, quantum torpedoes. The writers can't just toy with that fancy new armor in the finale of Voyager and then snatch it away from us with a show that had the worst battle sequences in trek history.

    Bad relationships: in the next-gen premier a relationship of some sort was shown between every charecter in the show. Enterprise had no such relationships and many charecters just hung loose without direction or attachment. The cast dynamics were awful. Atrocious. Ick.

    Finally, Emotional vulcans. This should speak for itself.

    Star trek isn't an art, it's now a universe. It has become very real in a sense. When trek fans talk about it, they think of "now" as "four years after voyager ended" Time seems to flow at equal rates both here and in this fiction. A prequel has thrown this all off and cannot be accepted by "trekkies." It's ostracised it's fan base--no wonder it got cancelled.
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