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  • Excellent show not given nearly enough credit!

    Terrific show not given the credit it deserves. The writing improved every season. But placed in UPN's teeny bopper lineup it, unfortunately, didn't stand a chance. Not to mention the network's limited availability in most smaller markets. Too bad it was cancelled. I feel certain that Season Five would've been the break out they were waiting for. Hopefully, once sydication begins in September 2005, it'll finally find it's audience and be picked up somewhere else.
  • oh those negative vibes

    I enjoyed it and thought it well done at all levels. Decontaminating with Tpol was a Trip..... lol
  • As soon as the show reached its peak it was gone...

    After missing a great deal of Enterprise during it's initial run due to UPN's constant preempting and rescheduling I finally got the DVD box set. Watching the episodes in order really shows how consistent and well-written the scripts were. Especially seasons 3 and 4. Scott Bakula and Conner Trinneer both sold their roles, most especially Trinneer with his very human approach to humor, grief, and anger. Season 2 was slow, but when the show hit its mark by the 3rd season it was dead on. Very underrated cast and underrated visuals. With the release of some of the potential story lines for the planned Season 5 - I am very sorry the shows run was cut short. I've enjoyed to varying degrees other trek iterations, but this one really nailed it. Wish there'd be more.
  • The best Star Trek of them all.

    One might find it difficult to better the original with a spin-off. Sure, find fans of any of the Star Trek series, and they will argue until they're green in the face that the series they like is the best. But until "Enterprise," I had found the original series to be superior. Even after a couple of seasons of "Enterprise," I felt the same way. But after watching Seasons 3-4 of "Star Trek: Enterprise," I must say this is the best series out of the five. Gene would have been proud in how this series evolved. To me, this series captures what Gene was looking for when he created the original. The ship wasn't the star, but the people were. The character development was outstanding, and it's the only Star Trek series to keep the exact same cast during the entire run. That says a lot about a series.

    This show was cancelled just when it was finding its footing. In the three previous spinoffs, it was the fourth season where things really got good. The same was true for "Enterprise," but it wasn't given a change to thrive, and the finale was completely insulting. The fans, cast, and crew certainly deserved a better send-off.

    To honor the best Star Trek series, here's one fan who hope the next movie is based on "Star Trek": Enterprise."
  • I miss this show...

    I know I might get some angry fans for this...
    But I have to say it, Enterprise was my favorite
    show out of all of the startrek franchise. And I
    watched them ALL. Til Enterprise my favorite was
    The Next Generation. I wish they hadn't cancelled
    this show, would be nice to see a movie ceom from
    it. But tis doubtful. I'm a BIG fan of Scott Backula
    from his Quantum Leap days, also a great show. I
    wonder what the new show will be like? I heard something about a Starfleet Academy theme. It would
    be interesting, when and if it happens. I think
    they should focus on a good show rather than another
    movie. The last one was the worst of the whole lot.
  • Damn good show. Should have had a few more years.

    I was deeply disappointed when they cancelled this show. Enterprise wasn't the best Star Trek show but it was good and much better than what's being produced as sci-fi today. It certainly was much better than Battlestar-television-for-women-Galactica on SciFi channel. It was interesting to see how the Federation began and how paranoia over aliens was suppressed by humanity's curiousity and ability to get along. I had forgotten how good this show was until SciFi began rebroadcasting them. In fact, after watching a few episodes I went out and bought the dvd's. I won't be ever paying for episodes of Battlestar-television-for-women-Galactica.

    You know what burns me. The owners of Star Trek seem to be embarrassed by a successful scifi show but love the revenue.
    The "suits" have stuck with shows nobody watched and nobody will buy on dvd and yet Enterprise was dumped because it was viewed as "nerdy" by arrogant execs.
  • Why I Like Enterprise

    I remember watching Enterprise on whatever Medicom UPN channel that was provided to me at the time. The video feed was not that good, but I watched every episode I could. Now that Enterprise is being shown on HDNET, I get to watch the show brand new again. Having said that, I think the Enterprise series was sold short, mainly by the “So-Called Hardcore” Trekkie!! I get so sick and tired of listening to Trekkies complain about certain aspects of certain shows, “And Then Complain Because There Is No New Star Trek On TV Or In The Movies!!” I love Star Trek, and in fact, I might be a bigger fan than those "holier-than-though Trekkies! Why? Because I except the show for the entertainment value, the characters of the show, and the over-all message that there could be a brighter future ahead. “Not Because The Show Didn't Follow Some Stupid Time-Line!!!” If the next movie is made and it fails due to the Trekkies I speak of, then I do not want to hear another complaint at all by those that chose to complain than enjoy. To those that want the Star Trek Universe perfect: Get a life and take off the stupid Spock ears!
  • I just don't think that you can go back.

    I just don’t think that it was a good idea for the brains behind Star Trek to try and go back instead of going forward. I have watched most of the episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise and though they are good sci-fi television I just didn’t care for the thought of changing Star Treks past was such a good idea. This series is more about the unspoken “past” of the original series and that should, in my opinion be left to the books and e-books. Thanks for letting me babble on here.
  • Nice show, but could have been better!

    I've watched Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: TNG, and Star Trek: Voyager. When they came out with this new show I was hoping that it would be better than it was. I guess I shouldn't of been surprised, because they were supposed to be before Kirk and we already know that Earth was still intact so it was kind of pointless.
    I enjoyed watching the show for the most part, but I think they had too many time travel type episodes and they spent too long on trying to safe Earth when we already know that Earth was going to survive.
    Another thing was having them meet the borg when we know that it was Capt. Picard who first came in contact with the Borg, thanks to Q.
    Other than that the show was great.
  • Good show... until the last episode

    Enterprise showed great potential, which really began to be realized in Season 4. That is, until its egomaniac producers decided to write the series finale themselves and made a mockery out of the show, sending the franchise into limbo on a very low note.

    I will miss seeing Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, Linda Park, and Connor Trineer every week.

    I'm hoping they do a movie to fix that disaster of a series finale... maybe a DVD feature or something.
  • Space, the final frontier... These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise, its 5 year mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations; to boldy go where no man has gone before.

    "It's been a long road, getting from there to here... it's been a long time, but our time is finally here" These first few words of Faith of the Heart, the theme for Enterprise (2004), sum up the attitude and direction of this final installment of Star Trek (TV).

    Enterprise takes us on humanity's first steps into deep space and shows us the beginnings of the Star Trek universe imagined by Rodenberry all those years ago.

    We travel with the crew into the early and largely unkown start of the federation-to-be and meet klingons and countless other new species along the way. Some wonderfully alien. Beautifully scripted, thought provoking at times, light hearted and good natured this is typical trek universe with a few nice twists and new ideas thrown in where-ever possible. Of mention, Scott Bakula (Capt Archer), Jolene Blalock (Science Officer T'Pol) and Conner Trineer (Chief Engineer Trip) are magic together. Bakula in his portrayel of Archer is passionate, conflicted and righteous - he nails the role and i couldn't imagine anyone else doing as great a job. Blalock and Trineer work wonderfully with Bakula and they create the same bond of that famous trek trio: Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Enterprise is really an achievement. The show follows the traditiinal story telling methods of the previous trek shows and pioneered CGI special effects for TV programming. This combination of tried and tested story telling with ground-breaking CGI (used to bolster the story, not make up for the lack of one), brings a new level of excellence to Trek and continues the tradition of quality tv we have come to expect from modern trek.

    A truely under-appreciated show, Enterprise failed to look at its competition and sadly lost to the likes of Stargate Atlantis (a great show in its own right). The introduction, while informative and positive, was slow, compared to the action packed introduction of SGA. The song itself is beautiful but was a gamble i have seen taken and lost on too many shows (like Firefly)! I cant stress this enough - people leave their tv's running in the back-ground so music intro's are key to getting audiences into a show. That song is enough to get most people scrambling for the remote to change the channel. Many of the support cast were also poorly chosen - some were just boring, others looked camera shy or perhaps over-awed by Bakula. Perhaps, even, over-shadowed by Bakula. In particular, Ensign Mayweather seemed robotic, distant and frozen most of the time. While Ensign Reed was far too aloof to allow character sympathy. At times i felt that Blalock's direction was poorly judged and her timing too rigid. Trineer was illuminating and endearing and John Billingslly (Dr. Phlox) is entralling. For someone who's only ever been to one trek convention, 18 years ago, i'm keen to go to one just to speak with John Billingslly. Overall i gave the show 75% purely based on the final season. Dont get me wrong, i found the storys in every season excellent, but the way the show was wrapped up is quite pitiful. Peter Weller makes a guest appearance in the double episode prior to the finale. My advice, stop watching here. This double episode is a worthy finale of an inspiring series and deserves to be remembered this way. If you keep watching, you will be left with a horrible taste in your mouth. Minus the finale, this show gets 85%.
  • Where is the Romulan War?

    Sure they gave alot of answers to alot of questions.

    But what happen to the Big Romulan War that was to happen before the birth of the Federation?

    There was no War!

    I wanted to see that so badly thats the reason I watched this seres!

    I mean come on if its taked about in all the series and then you don't show it at the time it would happen?

    Thats not right!
  • My thoughts on Enterprise

    A show that ended long before its time. I absolutely loved this show and have trouble seeing how any Star Trek fan could not like it. It was so neat how they showed the beginning of man's exploration into outerspace. The episodes were always interenting and always caught my attention. I loved the characters, each and every one of them. It was so well done, and the stories so facsinating where they were taking place long before Kirk and Spock. I personally can't understand why it ended as early as it did. It should have continued on for many years, and is sorely missed.
  • It was a great show, just hard to find on the Tube.

    Star Trek: Enterprise was a very good series, I just think that it was "crippled" by the fact that it was on a network that was fairly hard to find, and some people had no access to even watch it. There is nothing wrong with UPN, but to tell you the truth, StarTrek: Enterprise was the only show on that network that I watched..... and I had to pay extra to my Cable company to watch it. Shortly after the Cancelation of the series, I noticed that some of other networks started showing episodes of it. (too little, too late) There was ONE thing that bothered me about the series, however, was the last 2 years of the series, was one long 24 (or so) episode "arc" (one long story). I personally like individual episodes, (as with the original series, or TNG) and they seem to be more popular with the public, also (hense the seven year run of TNG) I think that the long, 24 episode "arc" didn't work with the series, it works extremely well with the hit show "24", but not StarTrek. I like the way how some of the things you saw in the original series and TNG, were explained in Enterprise.... (like how the Transporter was developed, or how the Klingons in the original series looked different than in later series) All in all, it was a good series on an obscure network., a bad combination for ANY show.
  • voyage ended too soon

    I grew up with the original series it was my trek bible, every series after I judged by it,not the acting, or the wonky sets or the sometimes corny scripts,but the premise behind all of that. the people, the friendships, the loyalties, the excitement of going where no man had gone before the sheer joy and flustration of being human in an alien world and figuring out how to get through every situation.

    I liked TNG, but the longer it ran the more same old same old slid in. Voyager was good. DS9 was chaotic and more like watching children in a playground. so I was thrilled when Enterprise arrived, back to the basics, no rules, find your own way in space. and I loved it. it was raw, no special effects the people were people with human reactions to every situations. Maybe, as someone said in a previous comment, you have to be an original trekkie to really appreciate Enterprise.

  • The only reason this series wasn't succesfull ...

    ... It had the worst opening theme song Ive ever heard, especially the worst Star Trek theme (It was an atheist folk song and not an epic orchestral score like tradition).

    HAHA and it was on UPN ... wtf!?
  • Another show canceled before its fans left it.

    It had its flaws, but over all it was a very entertaining piece of work. The writing needed the most work, but everything else was there ready to go. A really good cast, sometimes great cast, a backdrop that had almost limitless storytelling possibilities, and a fan base that would not leave gave the show a lot going for it, but sometimes the people in charge just want something different and that’s what happened here. It happens all the time unfortunately. Politics in Hollywood have ruined many o great shows, some better and some worse than this one, but it happens. Either some shows get canceled, like this one, or the artistic creators are guided by the politics to suit their numbers. Rant done now, kiss my shiny metal ass. It was a good entertaining show.
  • This is a great series, not as good as The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine but come on, it was WAY better than Voyager

    The ratings killed this show, I cant understand how Voyager got 7 seasons and this got only 4 - I think if this had been made before Voyager it would be the other way round with the run too, Enterprise for 7 seasons and Voyager for 4.

    At the end of the day this show certainly wasnt perfect, the story with the Suliban which ran through the first two seasons was a bit weak and involved a lot of Time Travel which I wasnt keen on, having said that in Season 3 there was the Xindi story which I thought was excellent. I think this show truly showed how good it was and the potential it had in Season 4, the idea of doing multi-part episodes was inspirational, it made the stories deper and feel like films rather than TV shows. Obviously, the new approach to the series didnt help save it but I thoroughly enjoyed every story in the season.

    I think the main weakness in the show was the use of the main cast - not the actors themselves, they were fine, it was the 'use' of them, let me explain..

    In The Next Generation we had a fantastic cast who all had an important role in most episodes, they worked as a team to solve the problem at hand and portrayed a sense of friendship and professional respect very well.
    In Deep Space Nine the cast were again great, they had all the strengths of the TNG cast but also went through the trauma of war and so their personalities developed extremely well.
    Then, its like the writers put all of that amazing work aside and decided to make both Voyager and Enterprise all about a couple of characters with the rest of the crew helping out every so often, with Voyager it was Janeway and Seven, in Enterprise it was Archer, Trip and T'Pol. Where was Mayweather during the Xindi story? I think he was on screen for about 10 minutes in the entire season, and Hoshi only had a part in it at the very end. Fortunately in Season 4 they were used a lot more often, especially in "In A Mirror, Darkly" in which they were fantastic, its a shame it went like this as I think it contributed to the shows demise.

    Overall I really liked this series, it was certainly better than Voyager and is worth buying on DVD. Bear in mind when you consider its relative popularity that it had a lot to contend with in the ratings, with exceptional competition from Stargate SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica it didnt really have much chance of surviving past Season 4.
  • this show was great,cant believe they cancelled it

    it started off poor but it really made an impact by the 2nd series and i think it needs a 5th series!most trek fans hated the idea but i hate them,it was far better than deep space nine or yoyager ever could've been!i think any sci-fi fan needs to watch this!
  • Wonderful cast, terrible writers. Could have been much better than it was. And it would still be on the air.

    I started watching Enterprise in its third season, and loved it. The conflict with the Xindi really gave some great character development. However, the writers lingered on the Xindi plot too long. It could have been finished in 2-3 episodes, but it was really dragged out.

    Season 4 in my opinion was a disaster. I felt like nobody really wanted to be on the show. We had so many stupid "go back in time/go forward in time/etc.: episodes that really meant nothing, because as soon as they were over, things went back to normal, as if nothing happened. Those are my biggest pet peeve.

    It was the worst point of all, when the finale was more a vehicle to put old stars back on the tube, rather than give us a chance to say goodbye. I really had hoped for a T'Pol/Tucker wedding.

    However, all that said, I loved the cast so much. Definitely some characters I will always remember: T'Pol, Tucker, Phlox, Archer, and Malcom. All of you should know that your fans loved you, and they know that the show would have much better if you had some better writers behind you.
  • In the 22nd century, before Kirk and Spock, and before the founding of the United Federation of Planets (or the establishment of a "Prime Directive"), humans are just beginning to explore the universe in mankind's first warp 5 vessel, NX-01 Enterprise...

    In the 22nd century, before Kirk and Spock, and before the founding of the United Federation of Planets (or the establishment of a "Prime Directive"), humans are just beginning to explore the universe in mankind's first warp 5 vessel, NX-01 Enterprise. It's captain, Jonathan Archer, has the heart of an explorer, but soon learns the hard way that not all new species are friendly, and eventually finds himself more of a military commander than anything else. He makes some mistakes along the way, and at times is forced to make questionable decisions from an ethical standpoint, but his actions nonetheless help pave the way to the founding of The Federation and the concept of a "Prime Directive." His crew consists of a female Vulcan science officer (t'Pol), who helps him overcome many of his resentments towards the Vulcans as the series progresses. His second in command, Charles Tucker, is a brilliant engineer (and quite a Southern-charmer), although he sometimes lacks good judgement in his dealings with alien species. Lt. Malcolm Reed, the British-accented chief weapons officer, is disciplined and reliable; Ensign Travis Mayweather is the brilliant, young space-boomer pilot; Ensign Hoshi Sato is the gifted Asian female linguistics expert and communications officer. Dr. Phlox is the always cheerful, exotic and brilliant alien chief medical officer. As far as Star Trek series go, this one is at the top of the list. Most episodes are above-average, several are truly superior sci-fi adventures, some are simply average, and a very small handful are a little corny, to be sure. But all in all, it's a truly great series, and some of the episodes generate as much thought-provoking adventure and excitement as could ever be expected from television. There are also some genuinely frightening moments, and at times, a level of tension that will have you biting your nails. All the characters are likable and believable, and Scott Bakula turns in an especially magnificent performance as Captain Archer. The special effects, set designs and make-up are exceptional. Even some recurring secondary characters are developed quite effectively and add brilliance to the show. One of the best sci-fi series ever created.
  • The adventures of a pre-Federation Earth crew during the 22nd century.

    This show garnered quite a bit of controversy throughout its entire run. From the design of the ship, to the opening credits theme, the inconsistencies of the characters, and even the fact that for the first 2 seasons, the name Star Trek didn't appear in the show's titles. Enterprise eventually came to represent the final milking of the franchise and the fatigue of its creators.

    The show\'s premise was an interesting one and actually provided an opportunity to cover a time frame that could show what triggered the formation of the United Federation of Planets, as it was set some 10 years prior to the founding. But only if the writers had chosen to use the existing Trek universe history as its guide. Rather, a decision was made to only loosely tie the characters and show to the Trek universe, and essentially produce a generic space exploration show set during the time frame of mid-22nd century Earth. Major historical events that would occur during this time would be ignored (like the Romulan War that creates a Romulan Neutral Zone), and species long known to be tied to early Federation history as founding members, were barely mentioned. Instead, species from the Trek universe's 24th century shows were liberally inserted as the Trek tie-ins, and in situations where historically, they could not have been known about that far back in time. Through the episodic format (bottle shows), the show produced some interesting science fiction stories and dilemmas nonetheless. But in an eventual network ratings grab during the 2nd season, the show was reduced to the flagrant use of sexual innuendo of the main characters (as opposed to the sexiness of the alien characters that Roddenberry embraced) to capture the all-important 18 - 24 male demographic. The 2nd season became a textbook case of why a Gene Roddenberry refused to return to the franchise as long as a network were involved and insisted upon going the syndication route instead.

    After many fan complaints, the show took a turn to what would become a season-long arc involving a species not tied in, in any way, to the Star Trek universe (considering their obvious proximity to Earth at that time), in order to add drama and gravity to the show. As a result, it merely forced the characters to be written to act inconsistently, although some of that season was saved by the fantastic acting of Trek veteran Jeffrey Combs as the Andorian Shran. And upon concluding this 3rd season arc without much of a ratings boost, a decision was made to promote Manny Coto to head the writer's room to get the show back on track. This would come with the promise not to immediately cancel the show, but allow it to go through a final but shortened 4th season to try to make things right.

    With Manny's entrance to helm what would be the 4th and final season, many of the elements of early Trek history were finally explored. And with the help of Trek novel-writers Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens, a more epic quality began to emerge in the stories, several being told over multi-episode arcs. But by then, the viewers had given up and an excellent 4th season that could have been the starting point for this series, would be too little, too late to save the show. The final nail in the coffin would come from the co-creators themselves, who ended the series with a finale that was essentially a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, with a few scenes sprinkled here and there that involved this show\'s characters.

    And so at the conclusion of this series, the billion-dollar franchise came to a grinding halt after a run of 17 years straight and 4 modern series. However I expect that it will rise again, no doubt about it. If not for the 1st and 4th seasons, this show would have rated a Turn the Channel.
  • Yet another show cancelled too soon

    Just getting good and CANCELLED. Bring it back BAPHOONS of the industry!
  • Best of the Star Trek Series

    I am by no means a "traditional" hard core Star Trek guy. After getting into all of the original series predecessors I reluctantly started watching Enterprise, and to my surprise I saved the best for last. I mean Voyager was good, they were all good, but Enterprise is by far the best of all the series. The characters are real as is their chemistry. The action is non stop and well done both in the fight scenes and space battles. The effects are amazing and gorgeously rendered. The multi-part episodes grab and keep your attention. The plot lines are both insightful and inspiring. Plus lets face it, Archer and his whole crew are downright bad ass! I recommend this for anyone who prefers Star Wars action and adventure to Star Treks sometimes overly philosophical premise. On a mission of exploration ..sure ok, but fighting through the early galaxy for the right to explore is far more entertaining.
  • I thought that the characters were believable. I liked knowing what everyones favorite food was, and they all worked together well, like a family, they had fights, but good times together too. It was a homey feel, modern and wonderful show.

    I really enjoyed this show. I liked that it didn't always need violence to get a point across. I enjoyed the NASA feel. I also liked that it had a familiar homey feel, for example, meals and relaxation time together, and of course, Porthos. I enjoyed that it was a show about exploration for the most part. This was my favorite of all the Star Trek series. I enjoyed the Archer/Trip mentor/mentee relationship. I thought Captain Archer was very compassionate, and an almost perfect captain, despite his sometimes obvious weaknesses, which of course made him human and easy to identify with. Trip too was easy to identify with for the same reasons. I also enjoyed Hoshi, Reed, and Travis. It gave me a lot to think about for the most part. I really thought it upheld the hope and challenging thinking that has always been a trademark of Star Trek. It upheld the name well. We need more shows like this, (including at least one more season), and I thought that it ended too soon and too sadly.
  • Excellent show with great story lines. Sadly, it was unsupported by its own network. Continually changing time slots & often being pre-empted by sports made it impossible to be a loyal viewer.

    In the beginning, the idea of watching a Star Trek series set before the previous ones was a tough one to get past. But, I was hooked after just one episode.

    Showing the evolution of the Federation and its protocols was a fascinating background story line that had great promise. I would loved to have seen it cover the timeline all the way to Captian Kirk. Unfortuneately, this show like most great shows (Arrested Developement & Firefly, for example) lacked network support. Viewers get frustrated when they have to actively hunt down an alternative time slot every single week.

    Please, please, please BRING BACK ENTERPRISE!! (And please find a way to bring back Trip!!)
  • A Star Trek prequel that takes place a hundred years before Captain Kirk and the crew of Enterprise - A.

    A fresh new take on a very popular sci fi franchise. Enterpise follows the journey of the very first starship to ever journey in space to go boldly where no man have ever gone before. Special Effects wise, this show is a lot more hi tech that the original series, but you are quickly caught on with the world of make believe. Just like the old Star Trek shows, this one takes the viewer to an adventure each week. This is a DVD set that will become a part of my collection. It's too bad that it was cancelled, it should have gotten the 7 year run just like the way it was with Voyager, DS9 and TNG. A Star Trek show is always fun to watch including Enterprise.
  • What Happened?

    You can't just end a Star Trek in the middle of the season. This was Star Trek was a great idea to go back to before Kirk. Many people are very upset when this show was ended including myself. This show actually is part of a story line that has for now been destroyed. I have to admit the starting credit music and visuals were not very good and probably turned a lot of people off, but the show was flawless. They really need to reconsider ending this show with all the Star Trek fans out there.
  • Answers A Lot of Mysteries, but what happen to the Romulan War?

    Ever wonder who made the Transporter, who built the first warp 5 engine, Why the Kilgons and Humans hate each other, and why the Vulcans and humans get along so well?

    All those answers and more are found here.

    But the one major event never happend.

    The well know Romulan War that happened before the birth of the Federation.

    It never happend in the series.

    Why not?
  • Bring it back!!! ENTERPRISE is underrated and was cancelled way before its time. Stories that were promised are still untold.

    I\'ve always liked Star Trek and sci-fi in general (since TNG - I\'m too young for TOS *LOL*), and ENTERPRISE has become my favourite.
    I love the characters, and the actors did a fantastic job. I wish Manny Coto would have gotten the chance to write many more stories for Archer, T\'Pol, Trip and the others!
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