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  • Just a dreadful, terrible, tedious, awful show.

    Seriously, with the exception of maybe two or three scenes, this show was just a turgid mess from beginning to end. I mean literally from the beginning. Who came up with that theme song? And the montage of the opening credits, what's going on with that? They jump from the distant past to the recent past to the far future, back to the present day, then off again to the recent past, then back to the future. Just a sloppily done, half-hearted effort all the way around.

    And the needless soft-core-porn subplots. Why not just have Blalock show up stark nekkid and have done with it? No, no, they've got to make it look science fictiony. So let's have Trip and T'Pau start smearing what looks like lubricant all over each other while they're wearing something from an underwear catalog.

    And the plots. Or should I say non-plots. A frequent problem with Star Trek. For instance: The Xindi construct a weapon that performs a terrorist-like attack on Earth. But wait, it's even worse. Apparently, the Xindi are working on a bigger, badder, more destructive version, with which they intend to destroy the whole freaking planet.

    Then why tip your hand in the first place with some prototype? Were there NO other planets to test the device on? You know, back in your own territory? Do you think the Earthers aren't going to say "Gee, we'd better find out where that came from!"

    And the actors. I couldn't get that much wooden acting if I casted trees.

    Oh, just awful. The absolute antithesis of enjoyment.