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  • Liberal and Pretenous. Not worth watching.

    Boy I thought this might get back on track with the OS but boy was I wrong. Never found it interesting. The Federation was pretenous and lilly white. So many rules and regs on this Enterprise it was like a uptight subdivision. The crew had no guts. I found the aliens better to ship out with. It would nice if we could have a captain that likes girls for a change. Picard now this Jackass. I don't get it. We don't eat meat, we dont hunt, we don't drink, or do the nasty. Man I am sick of the Federation. Who wants that future we are above it all. I thought the next gen was bad then the boring DS9. When your bad guys are more interesting than the heros with valor your off the track. Kirk took on 3 Romulan battle crusiers. These cats are running all the time from everyone. First the Cardasians, the Borg, the Jemini, the Swarm, and on and on. The Fed blows the Marqui was right. Of course the Fed tries to crush them.