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  • As soon as the show reached its peak it was gone...

    After missing a great deal of Enterprise during it's initial run due to UPN's constant preempting and rescheduling I finally got the DVD box set. Watching the episodes in order really shows how consistent and well-written the scripts were. Especially seasons 3 and 4. Scott Bakula and Conner Trinneer both sold their roles, most especially Trinneer with his very human approach to humor, grief, and anger. Season 2 was slow, but when the show hit its mark by the 3rd season it was dead on. Very underrated cast and underrated visuals. With the release of some of the potential story lines for the planned Season 5 - I am very sorry the shows run was cut short. I've enjoyed to varying degrees other trek iterations, but this one really nailed it. Wish there'd be more.