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  • Part of the franchise... deal with it!

    This show, had a tough act to follow. After Star Trek: Voyager executive producers Rick Berman & Brannon Braga came up with a Trek vastly different from previous shows. The concept was fresh and characters were easier to relate to for us "modern humans".

    Like TNG, DS9, and VOY it took the show two seasons to get its space legs. Not saying every episode was terrible, which they weren't. Silent Enemy and Minefield are perfect examples. To shake things up, season three became a whole story arc which was what the show needed. The main problem is in case you missed an episode you may have missed a critical point of the arc.

    When season four came I thought the show found what it needed to make it successful, and yet unique not just for Star Trek, but American television with multiple smaller story arcs. It was unfortunate that Enterprise was cancelled and not given at least one more season. I think 7 is a little excessive and can lead to... "we've run out of idea's" episodes. Five to me seemed like a perfect number when you think about it with Kirk's "five year mission", but that's my inner Trekkie talking (and yes, the proper name is "Trekkie", not "Trekker")

    Is it possible for this crew to fly again? Maybe. Stranger things have happened such as Firefly getting turned into Serenity, or Family Guy coming back after being cancelled twice. While I have hope, that's all I have. Until then I will continue to enjoy the show for what it gave me.