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  • Actually one of my favorite series

    I'm an old school watcher from TOS to The Next Generation and I never got into any of the three additional spinoffs until Netflix. The best thing about netflix is the abilty to watch the first episode and understand the plot and the characters from the beginning instead of trying to like something without any reference other than you liked the first two I mentioned. Here's where I think Enterprise went wrong. Their theme music!!!!! Has to be one of the worst tv theme songs I have ever heard and so inappropriate for a Star Trek show. It does NOT inspire a space adventure in the slightest and should have saved for something like Little House on the Space Prairie. That being said, I gave it a chance once I got Netflix and it is now one of my favorites. I got to know the characters from the beginning, how their relationships formed and the bumpy road that it was, as well as the closeness that came from their journeys. Big plus is T'Pol who is not only a great Vulcan but amazing eye candy. I wont try and convince anyone with story lines why this is a good series and maybe even a great one that was cut short, only that it deserves to be watch in sequence to be appreciated. And best of all with Netflix, you can fast forward right past the crappy theme song. Almost got that lame song out of my head
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