Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 18

Rogue Planet

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2002 on UPN

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  • No light equals no plants equals no animals

    The planet has been dark for at least hundreds of years, yet there are green plants growing? I can accept the part about it being fairly temperate in spots because of the volcanic venting, but plants need light to make chlorophyll and survive. Now if they were depicted as some type of ghostly fungi, OK, but not green plants! Thus my low rating.
  • Not Frozen?

    This is a rogue planet, as in not around any stars, always dark and yet it's not frozen? And the plants grow there?
  • On a rogue planet the crew encounter a group of alien hunters but there prey is not what it seems

    another episode where nothing really happens
    they arrive on a planet with out a star
    find a small group of aliens on a hunting trip
    Archer is contacted by an apparently human woman asking for help.
    The aliens reveal that thier ultimate prey
    is a telepathic shapeshifter.
    It can read your thoughts and convince you you seeing something else.
    They develop a way for the sentient creature to mask its self from the hunters scanning device

    The aliens are suspicious at their sudden inability to pick up the aliens scent but never outright accuse the humans of interferance.

    The alien thanks archer the end big wow

    Not every episode has to be the end of the world
    for it to be good
    but those that do not have high stakes or high drama
    or serious action
    or should be character driven.
    this is none of the above
    the dream like woman is too unreal and her apearances too fleeting.We learn nothing about the alien hunters either.
    So we have a show with nothing to say for its self
    apart from some half assed moral about hunting sentient beings being wrong?
    Okay ill tell grandma the hunt is off
    (the wheel chair only slowed her down anyway)
  • great episode

    The starship enterprise find a planet worth exploring, but along the way they discover a group of alien game hunters killing indigenous inhabitants of that planet for sport. Archer gets the enterprise into a diplomatic spat with two alien races. But Archer gets into this situation for personal reasons. He sees someone on the planet that looks just like someone who is familiar in his past. It's an exciting episode, the writers came up with another exciting episode. I really liked this one. It's really good, the aliens were interesting. Star Trek makes all weird lifeforms look very interesting, I can't wait for the next one.
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