Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 1

Shockwave (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 2002 on UPN

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  • Archer trapped in the future enterprise crawling with suliban

    Archer and daniels must try to find a way to send archer back to the 22nd century .But of course the earth has been devastated and all the time portals are destroyed

    Meanwhile tpol is being tortured as to archers where abouts.
    Silik finds a temporal signature in the turbolift.
    Future guy is nowhere to be found.

    Things look grim for the home team...

    Okay a good episode a solid conclusion to the cliffhanger


    there were a few problems
    that bugged me greatly

    In voyagers year of hell
    they had shields that protected them from changes in the time line.
    in the distant furture this tec is some how forgotton???

    If the timeline was changed so radically
    how come the building was the same albeit wrecked

    daniels talks about having breakfast in that room a little while ago. the same building ,with the same layout and the same cafeteria in this new time line HHMMM

    The appearance of phase cannons all over the top of the enterprise

    What the hell ?

    if you can get past all the errors
    its is a jolly lit romp
    with nice but cheesy ending
  • An excellent ending to the 2 parter

    Not what I was expecting from the new season. Very underplayed episode. Yet, it had enough scenes of action and drama that saw a satisfying end to this particular story.

    Im in two minds if the time-travel episodes are just worth the inclusion. Id rather see more of the pre-Kirk universe but hey.

    However, I did enjoy the story enough to overlook the obvious flaws in the plot, like creating the comm device to communicate with TPal. Also having the locked crew quarters of the time traveller - which should have been the first port of call for the Suliban or any other enemy worth a damn.

    Yet, with the crew working together to overcome their predicament the conclusion we expected came true.

    Not the best made story but still exciting enough to watch through.
  • Season 2 starts off with intense action.

    Now we see the conclusion from last season's cliffhanger final episode. This season starts with an exciting action adventure episode. A very good way to start a season. Fast paced episode are good in a regular basis, it prevents from making the show dull. The writers did a good job with this 2 part episoder. They made the action intense, yet not to bloody, bloods aren't drawn actually, which is good. Captain Archer saves the day once again. The timeline is again saved by Daniels with a little help from Archer. The episode's climax gives as a sigh of relief, because we expect more trek episodes on the way.