Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 16

Shuttlepod One

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2002 on UPN

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  • Let the oxygen flow!!!

    What in the smurf just happened? I tried to register so that I could post my first review, and it turns out that I'm already registered. What in the Sam Hill is going on in this website? Anyway, this episode... Great canon entertainment, lol. I agree with the above viewer, that the 45-minute claustrophobic set was genius, and I couldn't imagine stuffing those cramped quarters with two better actors. Watching them argue about ladies from San Francisco and Kentucky bourbon was a laugh every line. The T'Pol tension release was awkward and trippy, but other than that this episode does rank in the top twenty of the whole star trek franchise.
  • My thoughts on Shuttlepod One

    I just loved this episode. It is probably one of my favorites. I love the interaction between Trip and Malcolm, and how much it reveals about these characters. I feel that Trip was fairly easy to know, but Malcolm was made such a mystery for so much of the season. Not even his family knew what his favorite food was. This let you really see into the man's character and get to know him a bit better. I loved the humor of the episode. That was just great. I swear I spent almost as much time laughting as I did enjoying the story line. It was just such a wonderful episode.
  • Love or hate Enterprise, this episode is an instant "Must See" for any fan of Star Trek.

    I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of Enterprise, but this episode is among my top 5 of all time favorite Star Trek episodes.

    I won't go over the plot, or the emotional aspects of this show as a few other reviewers have already laid it out nicely already.

    What makes this episode so memorable for me is that just about the entire episode takes place inside one of those cramped shuttle-pods as Trip and Reed try to come to terms with what's happened to them. Any show that can spend 45 minutes in one set (a very small set at that) with nothing but dialog back and forth between the two characters and still leave the viewer on the edge of their seat the entire time has gotta be special.

    And trust me... it is. If for some freak reason you've never seen this episode, do yourself a favor and watch it. WATCH IT NOW!
  • Trip and reed share a near death experience

    While in a shuttle pod Reed and trip find the remains of the enterprise scattered on a asteroid.
    Reed quickly comes to the conclusion that they are doomed.
    The shuttle pod travels at impulse power and would take too long to reach the nearest comms relay and call for warp powered help.
    Tucker on the other hand is more optimistic and belives they will make it or encounter one of the many races they have met scince the mission began.

    Reed countinues to be a fatalist,writing letters of goodbye to loved ones and musing about his life.
    With the air running out
    the duo decide to get drunk.
    This is when the enterprise hails them
    but will it arrive in time?

    A good two hander
    They both assume polar opposite positions about thier situation.
    Trip is kind of in denial and reed might aswell already be dead .
    The best part was thier switch around at the end.
    Trip trying to kill himself to save air
    and reed refusing to let him with phaser drawn.
    Perhaps he has hope after all.

    The tpol dream was stupid and not really funny
    But i do agree that tpol does have a nice bum
  • great episode

    This episode revolves around Trip and Malcolm. It's a really great episode. It's a story about survival. Trip and Malcolm are inside a shuttlepod trying to get back to the enterprise while investigating an asteroid field. As as soon as they get back to where they thought enterprise would be waiting for them, they see the wreckage of the enterprise. They struggle to survive with the very limited amount of oxygen they have left inside the shuttle pod. It's a really good episode, they space effects is just awesome. I really enjoyed watching this episode, I had a good time, it's a really well made episode.
  • Malcolm and Trip are in a shuttlepod when there is a major malfunction. Communications and sensors go down and when they come across debris they believe that Enterprise has been destroyed. The two must make an attempt to get rescued.

    Really develops the characters of Malcolm and Trip. Shows their natures well Trip is obviously the eternal optimist. Malcolm is much more of a pessimist or realist. You also get see with Malcolm a lot from his background and he appears to be a Kirk or Riker type of character with the ladies. Malcolm also discusses his short comings when it comes to relationships.

    Trip on the other hand shows his workaholic nature and never say die attitude. It is this that really helps get them out of the situation they are in. However it is Malcolm that forces his hand and gets him to do what is needed in order to get rescued.

    Overall good solid episode that develops the characters. Something you can't get from movies, only over the course of a season.