Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2002 on UPN

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  • Disappointingly predictable

    We've seen it all before. Crew affected by illness, everyone's behaviour changes, disaster is approaching and only one person can save the day. It's been done in every other series, and better.

    The pace is slow, the script unengaging. At least in Star Trek's original "Naked Time" we had Sulu brandishing a blade, Riley singing Irish ballads as the ship plummets to the surface. Here we have Trip obsessed with the Captain's chair and Hoshi fretting about her cooking.

    Enterprise was never my favourite Star Trek, but it was still capable of producing some really memorable episodes. Singularity, alas, is not one of them...
  • All the crew contract a strange radiation sickness which requires them to over act

    This seems to be an enterprise version of "the naked time" TOS or the "naked now" TNG.

    A large gravitational body causes strange symptoms amongst the crew.

    But instead of causing a form of intoxication
    it causes obession with trivialities

    Trip Decides to build the captain a super chair.
    Reed becomes obessed with his tactical alerts and ship security.
    mayweather believes he must get to the bridge
    or face a court martial
    hoshi takes over the galley and proceeds to make the same family favourite for every meal
    an so on and so forth..

    what was bad the acting it could given "in a mirror darkley" a run for it's money on that score.

    hoshi and her soup i dont care
    it was super trivial
    and worst of all for an out of character ep it wasnt interesting or funny.

    the good
    the creepy doctor
    about to open up mayweathers skull

    the reed alert happening just in the nick of time

    the final solution to the captains chair debacle

    An okay episode with some anoying elements
  • Not singularly unique

    The plot for this episode uses a tried and trusted device prevalent in all StarTrek franchises. I can remember there being at least one of these story-types in TNG, DS9 and Voyager. Basically its a crew affecting illness/plague story type, with problem-solving aspects for one of the crew that isnt affected. In this case, T'Pol. As you'd expect its heavily laden with dilemmas, i.e. the doctor becoming infected, though having the chef affected introduces a new aspect to the potential problems faced. Some localised conflict is present, as the crew's condition and situation worsens. You will find it worthwhile to watch if you feel a connection with the characters and actors, because the story is so well trodden. Otherwise, if you havent seen this type of story then you may be drawn in by the mystery of what is going on as well as how it is solved. On that point, the finale is definitely the highlight of the show as I didnt find the scenes between the crew exciting. Though to be fair they did a good job of building up the tension.

    Definitely feels like a filler episode as nothing really happens that may affect the story in future episodes.

    Definitely only worth watching if you love Enterprise or havent watched any of these types of episode before.
  • great episode

    Enterprise is surveying a black hole at a distant star system. the black hole seems harmless from their perspective, but unknown to the crew, an invisible radiation is being emitted by the black hole and is affecting the minds of the human crew. T'Pol becomes the only person among the crew who can think straight. She races against time before the enterprise crew get themselves killed. It's an exciting episode. The crew gets affected by something that they couldn't see and they become a threat to themselves, it's a really great episode. It's a thriller, and each scene was so suspenseful.