Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 14

Sleeping Dogs

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2002 on UPN

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  • Entertaining, but shallow and not very believable.

    On the surface this was an entertaining episode. We see some character progress on Hoshi, who with help from T'Pol learns to control her anxiety and becomes more decisive, later deciding to fire the torpedos that (apparently) saved their lives.

    Besides that, however, there is not much happening in this episode, and some of the things don't make much sense. Considering that even my notebook is password protected, I find it awkward that both humans and Klingon can so easily access other species technology. And if Hoshi had all that trouble to understand Klingon stations and commands, one might assume that the Klingon (which never heard of humans) might have had some too.

    Going beyond that, however, Archer as always brings tons of eye rolls. His speech to the Klingon is horrible, and after his so-called "Klingon research" (shouldn't he had done this *before* becoming a starship captain?), he basically just say the same BS but now with inserting a "honor" somewhere in the middle. But I guess that was the safe-word, since the Klingon woman suddenly just go against all her previous arguments and any common (Klingon) sense and accepts her help. It is still not clear what keeps Archer from stunning her and stealing their technology (and hell, anyone less dumb than Archer would immediately see how hugely important opportunity this would be), and I'm not completely convinced that having another species board your ship and drive your sleeping sick bodies to safety is more honourable than just dying, but I guess she found it so.

    And finally, I don't quite understand why they even needed her. If the pod was able to go back to the ship in the end (wasn't this the entire problem?), why did they even take her? Just go there and take the people back. But no, Archer has always to be the Big Hero, even when no one wants his help and risking his crew for nothing. At this point I just wished the Klingon battleships would arrive and make him pay for his annoying stupidity.

    And I guess this is the great shortcoming of this show so far. Archer behaves with absurd stupidity, but even though he is supposedly in a very dangerous space which he knows nothing, he is never punished by it. Everything always works out all right.
  • The crew encounter klingons and thats about it really oh dear

    The first ten minutes where the crew dont know the ship is klingon was kinda pointless as it was advertised as a klingon episode.
    The next phase were they try and save their people and cure the klingons was building to something
    But it never really gets going.
    Hoshis`s use of the photon torpedoes was a nice touch
    put me in mind of the cancelled orion project.
    Archers solution to the klingons betrayal at the end was quite funny.
    But these were isolated moments in a very average and pointless episode.
    Its not bad if you have an hour to kill but nothing to write home about
  • excellent episode

    Enterprise comes across a gas giant planet. They detect a damaged ship deep within the planet's atmosphere. Capt. archer orders a crew to send a team to dock with the ship which turns out to be a klingon vessel. This episode is exciting with the appearance of a klingon, their as nasty as ever. The enterprise exploration becomes a rescue mission as soon as the rescue party becomes trapped inside the klingon ship. It's a really good episode, the writers surely came up with another excellent episode. This episode is exciting, the scenes were really well directed. The sets were amazing. It's a great episode.