Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 1

Storm Front (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2004 on UPN

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  • My expectations of this episode were poor, but after viewing it I was quite pleasantly surprised to find it was far better than I expected. Well done!

    Based on the previews I thought to myself, "another fake idea that the Nazi's could have won the second world war." Many war game simulations have shown that if the allies had not been able to win, then the next most likely scenario was that the communist would have won. MIT found that out on their computers, as did many other studies. To some extent the communists did win, since they took over most of eastern Europe. The Nazis (or Axis) powers only won in less than 10% of the scenarios.

    However once I actually viewed this episode I was really pleased to see that the writers were not making this mistake at all. The WWII nations were only being used as pawns in a temporal political game of powers far greater than the nations of the mid twentieth century. This is a much more powerful episode, and is not based on a poor understanding of military history at all. The reason the Germans overcome the Americans is because of manipulation by masters of the Temporal Cold War - which I guess by now is a Temporal "Hot" War. This is a fight between "Time Lords" to borrow a phrase from another time travel series - Doctor Who. The writers are much better than it originally seemed to be at first glance.

    In all, my "after" evaluation was much higher than my, obviously flawed, "before" evaluation. It shows that you should never judge a book by its cover, nor an episode by its previews.
  • The new season starts by putting old plot lines to rest.

    After the odd season finale that was "Zero Hour", "Storm Front, Part One" had to pick up the pieces not only of that story but of the whole Temporal War story arc. Sadly, Berman and Braga had no plan for how to end it so writer Manny Coto had to come up with a way himself.

    Luckily, this episode rises to the challenge and not only creates a great atmosphere but it also makes some sense and most importantly it's great fun.

    While some may hate the fact that this episode continues the Temporal War, viewers can rest assured that this plot line will soon be ending.
  • Enterprise has been put back into an alternate 1940's. Daniels put them here to stop an alien faction involved in the temporal cold war. There are convenient alliances formed to stop these aliens who are determined to alter history.

    I am not and never will be a fan of the time travel episodes. There are so many problems with the storylines, most of the time dealing with how they end. This is the typical Star Trek timeline story. Someone has problems with humans, goes back into time, tries to eradicate them with some overthought and drawn-out plan, humans are sent back against all odds and for some reason only have one chance (and the perfect amount of time) to stop the aliens. Typically stupid story. I do not care for time travel episodes except for their entertainment value. I do not like to include them as part of the overall story.
  • I like this story-arc more then S3 Xindi one, i can't wait to see what happends but i hope it won't be a disappointment.

    Well Enterprise, at first I was very confused, at the start of this episode but by the end I got to admit I really like this story-arc, it’s a lot better then S3 story-line, the writer have done a great job setting this story-line it would be a shame if they mucked it up in the future episodes but we will have to wait and see. S3 started off well with the Xindi story-line but it got a little out of hand.

    So we at Temporal War, I like this idea that future agent trying stop this from happened, it’s kind of interesting seeing Nazi winning with help of the Aliens, so they building a time-machine to get back to the future and Archer and his team has stop this from happening, Also Tucker and other guy are captured so in the next episode they have to be rescued. It’s amazing how Archer managed to get to his ship is less then 1 episode, don’t you think?, still they do have Tucker. Brilliant twist adding Sulborn who have grasped what has happened but don‘t know what to do.

    I just hope the writer don’t muck this up. A great start to the season
  • Season 4 begins with a bang in Star Trek: Enterprise, and well the show needed it. This season had to do what no other season of Enterprise had done before because of the threat of cancellation.

    “Storm Front” is a big 2-parter episode, which follows on from the season 3 finale where the crew find out the Earth isn’t what it seems, it’s WWII and Nazis have invaded America but not on their own they had some help with a group of aliens from the distant future, who have done a deal with the Germans in order for them to return home, by building a time conduit. This story is all about the beginnings temporal cold war with Captain Archer returning to save the day.
    This episode was a great way to start off a season, but was lacking in an in-depth plot line, and was slow to get moving. It’s a great entertaining episode but the second part is more exciting.