Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 2

Storm Front (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2004 on UPN

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  • T'Pal emotion

    Was it just me or did you think T'Pal was going to give Archer a hug when she saw that he was alive?
  • Archer and the crew have to finish stopping the aliens in the alternate 1940's from destroying the entire timeline. To all the viewers' surprise, they succeed. Wow.

    Again I do not like the time travel episodes. This one had decent fighting/combat scenes, which I normally have a problem with. Again with the time travel. Why does this show insist on putting this stupid concept at the center of the entire series? There is no way for time travel to work unless it has worked in the past, which means that it really doesn't matter what we do because it has already happened. My thoughts are that even if the crew didn't stop these aliens, the timeline can't change from the way it was/is/will be. Stop with the time traveling people!!!
  • exciting episode

    this is my favorite enterprise episode.
    Archer reunites with his astonished Enterprise crew and learns from Daniels on his deathbed that a radical Temporal Cold War faction threatens to obliterate the timeline. Archer returns to the Nazi-occupied eastern United States of the 1940s, and enlists the help of resistance fighters Alicia Travers and Carmine to destroy a massive time machine under construction on the surface.
    Meanwhile, hoping to forge an alliance with Archer, alien leader Vosk releases his captured prisoners Tucker and Mayweather, but this forces temporal agent Silik to emerge from the shadows to pursue his own agenda against Vosk.

    probably best episode.
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