Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 4

Strange New World

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2001 on UPN

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  • Totally Unoriginal

    This episode has been done over I think in every star trek series. There wasn't one moment I didn't see coming. Waste of time.
  • Badly Updated Rehash of some TOS storylines

    Take "The Galileo Seven", "The Devil in the Dark", "The Day of the Dove", and a smidgeon of "The Naked Time" and update the f/x and actors and that's what you have here, all done with a haminess factor that would put old Shatner to shame. Bleh.

    Now, revisiting old story lines is common in the treks, and usually the re-dos come with some interesting plot-twists, but this is all scene-chewing over-acting and squabbling. Berman and Braga's freshman status in their own series shows clearly in this episode.

    All this would have been alright were it so plain how much more DUMB 22st Century humans seem to be than we are about exo-planetary exploration. Yeah, this has been my own personal pet-peeve about the Star Trek universe, but it just stands out more in this episode than in others I've seen from the sheer careless attitude taken towards it here. Granted, they learn their lesson about it in the end, but this is basic biology they're overlooking here that got them into trouble int he first place. Even the enlightened Vulcan didn't consider the consequences of taking a deep breath of alien air? Yeah, they learned you don't just "pop the hatch" on an alien environment simply because the air is breathable, but shouldn't they know this already instead of using it as a convenient setting for a little over-acting? It just ruins the suspension of disbelief enough for me to enjoy these "Outer Limits"-style episodes.

    Granted, Away teams are the heart of most of the story lines in all of the treks, but Enterprise is the latest (and therefore should be the most enlightened) of the series' and too many viewers just know too much about science to overlook these details. Granted also you can't have the away teams walking around in space suits or with masks covering their pretty well-paid-for faces all the time, but just some scripting addressing how they deal with these little issues might have made the shows more enjoyable to watch.
  • A paranoid and tense little piece and something new in trek well done

    A sunny planet with rolling green hills and lovely weather turns out to be less than perfect.
    The away teams spend the first day on the planet and
    seem to be having fun(while under the guise of exploring)
    When night falls some of the command staff camp on the planet.A storm hits and they take shelter in a cave.
    But they are not alone or are they?

    Trips blatant agression and predjudice against tpol
    was fabuolously un PC.
    The transporter accident was pretty weird
    The dark and stormy night strangley doesnt feel like a cliche and fits in quite well with the tone of the episode.

    A very good episode
  • Nice storyline charater delevolpment is seen and all around fine story.

    Very clevery written nice plot and good ending this is another good episode and the reason why a still don't understand why the show ended after only 4 seasons. Trip racist nature is shown against T-Pol I like the realism in that, also the first overnight away mission basically shore leave lol. once the sun sets they tell ghost stories until a strom arrives and they find there selves not alone on the planet maybe? ( watch and find out) . some kind of planet life was cause the crew to see things that are not there and they miss trust each other. Will the rock people get them I hope not lmao.
  • excellent episode

    The starship Enterprise discovers a planet that looks just like Earth. Capt. Archer approves an away mission that will take a small team down to the planet surface and explore what's on the planet. Everything goes fine up until the a wind blows plant particles to the air. When the enterprise crew inhales the particles, they start to hallucinate and become really delusional. It's a great episode, I really liked this one, there's a really great story with this one. The actors played their parts really well. I can't wait for the next one. It's a well written episode, it's great.
  • A new planet that resembles Earth, all seems normal, but it is not.

    A new planet that resembles Earth, all seems normal, but it is not.

    There is a recurring plot in science fiction of the interplay between delusional hallucinating crew. "In Strange New World" the Enterprise crew encounters a new planet. Entice by beauty and memories of Earth, the crew makes mistakes. T'Pol urges caution and Vulcan protocols. The Enterprise crew is anxious, however.

    The plot is a bit slow and predictable. I have expected more from this show and hoped for more from the writers.

    As episodes run, it is acceptable, but not challenging.

    If you enjoy the series, it will be worth your while. If you just like science fiction and have another option, weigh your choices.
  • Strange New World You have everything you ever wanted. Paranoia and ghost stories. The crew lands on a planet that seems safe, but then crewmembers start seeing strange things.

    Strange New World

    You have everything you ever wanted. Paranoia and ghost stories. The crew lands on a planet that seems safe, but then crewmembers start seeing strange things. The away mission consists of Archer, Mayweather, Tucker, T’pol, Cutler and Novakovich. The Cutler character was supposed to be reoccurring character, but only appeared in the first season, because Kellie Waymire died in 2003. Archer returned to the ship before nightfall and the LSD trip. It turns out there is a form of hallucinogenic pollen effecting the away team. The paranoia develops between Tucker and T’pol and shows the hostility the humans have toward Vulcans and their desire to visit the stars. According to the Vulcans, humans are not ready to step into the deep end of the pool. This really shows the Vulcans in Enterprise are not those from the time of Kirk and Picard. And in the fourth season we see why they are different. Also this episode first mentions Archer love of water polo.