Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 14

The Aenar (3)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2005 on UPN

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  • Sweden in winter feels so warm

    Most fans were delighted to actually see Andoria. Land of the blue people (not the blue man group). Even though it all seems unrelated, these mini series fill up the gaps in very nice ways. The story and scenes are well made and all things seem to make sense, however, the partial views will leave the deeper fans with a few more questions then they had before watching. Still, this episode does fit in into the whole storyline and does seem to add to the joy of watching.

    The only downside is that i sensed too many remarks, which were meant as general statments, but do feel like they were meant to draw in non-fans. Overall this story, even though the intrigue was nice, does not match up to the earlier episodes on Vulcan and the Eugenics.

    but it was nice to watch.
    The one thing that does seem to stand out in this season is our Andorian 'Weyoun'. His acting a far above average.
  • The alliance fleet comes together in common cause with enterprise running the show. Now if they can only find that pesky marauder

    archer and Shran must trek througth the ice caves of andoria
    to find the mysterious aenar .
    shran`s recent injury in the duel leads
    him to impale himself on an icicle
    this prompts to the aenar revealing themselves
    the duo manage to convince one of the aenar
    to help them stop the marauder.

    This episode had a great fight sequence
    always a big plus
    the tender relationship
    between the grieving shran and inquisitive Jhamel
    gives the ep its emotional center

    sorry but im geting sick of tpol and trip
    (he asks her a question about her feelings, she
    denies she even has them, trip knows shes lying and gets more annoyed).
    thankgod he leaves it was getting so repetative.

    The marauder pilots death scene was quite traumatic considering all the people he has slaughtered over the last few weeks

    After the marauders are destroyed
    theres the goodbye between shran and archer
    Its clear theyve become friends over the years

    a classic federation building ep