Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 1 Episode 7

The Andorian Incident

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2001 on UPN

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  • Best episode so far.

    A very interesting episode, with a lot of character conflict (for example T'Pol loyalty) and good plot finally envolving interesting side characters.

    At first I was bothered (as were the Vulcans) by Archer's "let's save the universe without thinking of the consequences!" attitude, and I think this could be better explored in the episode, like what would happen if they beaten the Andorians and forced them away, they could just come back next week when the Enterprise was not there anymore and get their revenge.

    But the episode had to turn away from this for the plot twist, which was interesting if not completely surprising. I think Archer's decision was undiplomatic and completely unthought-out, as usual, but I guess it matches his character card of stupid but honorable commander saving the universe one planet at a time.
  • Enterprise picks an inopportune time to visit the Vulcans at P’jem. Once on the surface Archer finds that an alien group hostile to the Vulcans, the Andorians, have arrived. But, before things are said and done Archer will be siding with the Andorians.

    This episode maps out, very early on in the series, the character of the crew of Enterprise. It would have been very easy for Archer, even though he dislikes the Vulcans personally, to still side with them as Starfleet’s closest ally. Archer really has nothing to gain by taking scans of the covert Vulcan operations center and giving them to the Andorians, and really has a lot to lose, however he knows it is the right thing to do under the circumstances. He and T’Pol realize that the Vulcans are lying and have broken a treaty established between the Vulcans and Andorians. It is Archer and T’Pol’s actions at the end of the episode that make it a good episode.

    Oh, and Jeffery Combs is greatness as Shran. He is a great character actor and acted as several characters on DS9 including Weyoun.

    We also see the character of Trip and Malcolm come out. Trip shows his courage in working to find a way to escape. Malcolm’s development comes in him being true to his nature in wanting to and finally getting to mount a rescue. Good episode in developing the behaviors the crew will be known for in upcoming episodes.
  • Archer, Trip and T'Pol visit a monastery on P'Jem, a Vulcan world. But they find that it has been occupied by four Andorians.

    This episode is a middle-of-the-road gem, and one of the better Enterprise Season 1 episodes. The action and pace of the episode is a bit stagnant, but I never found myself bored. The conflict between the Vulcans and the Andorians is an inherently interesting one, the twist at the end suitably capping this good episode.

    Shran's character is well-presented as volatile but honorable, and pays back his debt to Archer several episodes later in "Shadows of P'Jem". On a related note, one of the fun things about this episode is watching the Andorians' antennas move about...

    Other nice details are a security officer expressing fear of the transporter and Archer's mildly amusing reeling off of random facts about Earth and its peoples.

    So, overall, a satisfying, solid episode.
  • great episode

    The crew of the enterprise pay a visit to a Vulcan monastery. At the same time, Archer and his human crew discover that there's another alien species down there. The writers made use of an old alien species and expanded their world in this episode, it's really awesome. We get to see more about the Vulcans in ways that we never really discovered in the other star trek shows. This episode goes to some confrontation with the andorians, but stops short of a full blown interstellar conflict. It's really well made, it's exciting. The effects are awesome, I can't wait for the next episode.
  • "The Andorian Incident" is one of my most enjoyable episodes of "Star Trek: Enterprise." It gives insight and background into characters and cultures that will be intertwined throughout the series.

    "The Andorian Incident" is one of my most enjoyable episodes of "Star Trek: Enterprise." It gives insight and background into characters and cultures that will be intertwined throughout the series.

    "The Andorian Incident" gives light on the Vulcan people and culture. The episode revolves around a Vulcan monastery, Vulcan politics, Vulcan ethics, and the Vulcan history with the Andorians. For once the humans, are not the center of the chaos. Vulcans are protagonists. One get to see how Vulcans treat other cultures.

    The Andorian Captain will become a reoccurring character. Therefore, this episode is essential viewing to all fans planning to watch the series.

    "The Andorian Incident" is well written, well acted, and gives essential story line development. I highly recommend it.
  • The first appearance of the blue skins<br /> and a series favourite Commander Shran

    Archer decides to visit a vulcan monastery on the planet P`Jem .Unfortunately the Andorians have the same idea.They quickly capture the landing party and lock them up with the vulcan monks.
    T`pol explains that there has been a long history of conflict between the imperial guard and the high command.
    The andorians have been to the monastery before beliving that they have a hidden subspace telescope scanning there homeworld.

    They begin to torture archer since he has a vulcan science officer they assume him to be in league with there hated enemies.

    Having contacted reed using an ancient vulcan radio
    they come up with a plan to liberate the planet.reed and his security detail beam down and hide in the catacombs.
    Reed places bombs just outside the andorians commandeered office .
    one spectacular multiangled explosion later
    A fire fight ensues and the andorians retreated into the now exposed cave network
    In the caves the battle goes on until a giant duranium door is exposed by andorian phaser fire.
    Inside is a subspace listening post
    archer gives shran all the evidence he needs and tells him to leave

    A very good twist i honestly didnt see it coming
    This episode sets the tone for early andorian episodes
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