Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 21

The Breach

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2003 on UPN

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  • Oops, someone took over the Enterprise again.

    This episode is really, so cliche. I mean, it\'s pretty much the Ferengi episode \"Acquisition\" or \"The Crossing\" but instead of Ferengi or transdimensional aliens, it\'s some corrupt militia - oh and half the episode is spent in a pretty blue cloud.

    Pretty much the classic, a couple of people retake the ship scenario. Except the ship is filled with radioactivity (that doesn\'t affect the evil aliens) and of course Archer has to trick those silly aliens.

  • Two tales involving salvation and xenophobia...


    An episode that has two themes running through both main and sub-plots. Both involve an element of rescuing/saving aliens and an indirect theme of xenophobia.

    The main story revolves around the evacuation of Denobulan geologists following a request from their government. The mission takes place on a planet with a recently changed Xenophobic government. It is the more action-based plot of the two, containing some decent underground cave and generated sets, while the ever-nearing deadline places some well paced urgency to action.

    The secondary plot involves Enterprise coming to the rescue of a ship leaking radiation. Dr. Phlox is posed a dilemma, when one of the rescued crew will die due to massive radiation exposure, unless he treats him. The problem being that the doctors and patients races have never been in contact since a long and bloody war ended between them. Both races have propaganda induced ideas about the other and so the patient wont submit to any treatment by the good Dr. This strand is played out mainly in Medical and some areas of the Enterprise. Though it lacks any bite, this sub-plot was the stronger of the two. It includes the better of the dialogue between Phlox and the Antaran, because it more emotional and personal. Something both actors manage to capture.

    However, neither plot strand provides earth-shattering entertainment, but together the do work rather well. However, essentially all we have here is another typical ST episode that preaches about misunderstanding, That - hate, mistrust, fear and other xenophobic can be overcome, by a little "humanity" or the threat of a gun - where there needs to be.

    With both the Denobulans and Antaran sharing a ship home, the ending is fair, which just reinforces the limp writing of this second series. It really feels that the writers are padding out this season, and arent bringing anything new to the ST table.

    For me this is a fair to good episode, and one to watch only if you really dont have anything to do. If you miss it, I wouldnt worry to much, as like previous episodes it doesnt really add much to the overall show arc.
  • A few ok moments, but generally dull and a very over-used Sci-Fi storyline.

    We've seen the Phlox story done many times in both Trek and certainly in Sci-Fi in general. The episode was done best in Babylon 5's 'Believers'. Nothing against Billingsley who puts in a great performance here - it's just we all know how it's gonna turn out - and sadly Enterprise does nothing to surprise us.

    The other plot is very strange - are we supposed to be even slightly interested in the caving scenes and the plight of the Denobulan doctors ??? - I'm afraid it didn't work for me. Some of the CGI was ok and it was nice to see more Denobulans.

    For me, this is one of the weakest episodes in Season 2.