Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 12

The Catwalk

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 2002 on UPN

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  • A bit of a return to form

    Although there are a few good episodes, the second season has been a bit disappointing so far.

    The Catwalk is a pleasant return to form though. The pace is good, the script has tension and wit, and there are enough twists and turns to keep us guessing.

    There are a few missteps - I bet everyone of us knew the seemingly innocent aliens weren't stellar cartographers straight away! - but all in all a solid episode. True, it doesn't do much for the way of character development or contribute to a larger arc, but an engaging, entertaining story, and is real evidence that original stories like this are far superior to some of the derivative tales we've seen this season.
  • The crew face an interesting problem which actually drew me in.

    This was one of the better episodes from the second season. The characters were put in a believable and interesting jam, one that actually drew me in and kept me hooked. It was one of those stories where I actually had no idea how the crew were going to get out of their mess, and the resolution was believable enough. Also, they managed to squeeze in each of the main cast into the story, which was nice (though Hoshi basically had a bit part). One of my favourites so far.
  • great episode

    When a lethal neutronic storm heads towards the enterprise, there's not enough time to avoid the storm. The only way for the enterprise to escape the storm is to fly through it, and control the starship from the warp nacelles where there is enough protection for the crew. The enterprise also provide shelter for a group of aliens who want to escape the storm. This is a really good episode, it's a space story. I enjoyed watching it. The space scenes were awesome. The aliens also played a big part in the episode. The writers came up with another exciting story.
  • Dont hide from me Archer-entina (To the tune of Evita)

    Ok excuse the bad summary. This is an episode that follows the previous selection from this season. There really is little in the way that happens that impacts what happens later on, at least with regard to any major storylines.

    However, this episode did surprise me in its complexion towards the latter half of its plot arc. If you can get past the slow pace of the initial act and buy into the way space vessels would deal with deal storm clouds then you will enjoy this episode, because the only way to avoid it would be to have a warp 7 capable craft.

    The Neutronic wave front just serves to herd all the crew into the area of the ship that can keep them alive from its lethal rays. The short time they have to get ready due to the warning of the alien crew serves to intensify the urgency of the situation. The whole cause of the plot is primarily to introduce another batch of character development as we see the senior officers interact with more members of the crew. This is something that has been missing from day one imo, and is the reason why Enterprise is rather one-dimensional as a show. More minor crew characters please!

    As you may expect the scenes for the initial part of the episode deal with the crew having to prepare for the forthcoming relocation to the nacelle catwalk. The only thing I wondered about this was how easy/difficult would it be to jury-rig a secondary bridge console to another location! Perhaps it would be do able and if you can get past it, there Im afraid to say that the best you can expect from the middle act is more character development. The alien crew adds another dynamic to the situation, but ultimately it is one of self-control and conflicts arising from the close-proximity of the situation.

    However, the pace does pick up towards the end. I wont spoil it, but you should be able to guess what conclusion is being plotted by what has gone on before. Its a bit of a no brainer, but at least it does have some action, if not ship-based in execution.

    Another very good episode, w/o much impact on future storylines.