Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 8

The Communicator

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2002 on UPN

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  • Yet another pre-warp culture visitation gone wrong!

    Four words can succiciently describe this episode; 1st Contact, Prewarp, Quest, Rescue. Ok thats five, but you catch my drift.

    A filler episode in content and style, the episode's plot is just another revisit to this tried and trusted StarTrek device. The basic premise of crew visit pre-warp culture in disguise, lose equipment, go back for equipment, are discovered, captured and rescues is followed precisly here. There is little 'new' drama or action, though the final solution is very nicely done in terms of the Enterprise storyline and what has gone before.

    If taken out a single entity, the episode is probably worth only a 6/6.5. We dont get to see anything really impressive of the pre-war, though trough dialogue mainly we can imagine what it is like. The representation of their militiristic governed civilisation is apparent however, through the various scenes of interaction with Malcolm and Archer. However, there are some saving graces for us Trekkies.... the reversal of the crews technological advantage when their equipment is used against them, turns Archer's strength into weakness - drums up the predicament. Tripp's and Travis' failed attempt at preparing a possible solution, also cranks up the little anxiety there is. The middle act though is interesting enough, especially the interrogation of Archer and Malcolm. As is the finale and the eventual rescue. Tripp's mishap also provides an element of merriment as well.

    Overall, even though this is essentially a filler episode, it is a superior one. Just remember though, that nothing happens here affects the overall main plot arc. Maybe the planet and its warring civilisations will however, get a revisit in a latter season.

    There is nothing here that will keep you rooted to your sofa or armchair, and nothing to get the heart really pounding. However, if you boldy go where me and a several million others have gone before, you will find an entertaining 45mins here.... just dont expect to much.
  • great episode

    Archer and Reed have their faces covered with a mask to make themselves look like the aliens of a pre warp planet. After spending a few hours on the planet, Archer and Reed head back to the Enterprise. Reed thinks he forgot his communicator back at the planet. Archer and Reed flyback down to the planet to recover the communicator, but things get complicated when they get captured by the aliens. They are imprisoned and accused by the aliens of spying for an enemy alien race. It's a really exciting episode, the writers came up with another great episode. This one has action written all over it, excellent episode.
  • After accidentally leaving a Communicator on a pre-warp world poised on the brink of war Lt. Reed and Captain Archer are captured by the planets military. They are discovered to be aliens, but thought to be spies for the opposing military force.

    This is a very fascinating episode. The exact details of the story aren't important. What is however, is that this episode marks a valuable point in Starfleet history. Contamination of pre-warp cultures has always been a risk. The Vulcans have had guidelines to avoid such a thing from ever happening. Starfleet never bothered to. When Malcolm Reed left his communicator,a simple every day tool to Starfleet, but a highly advanced piece of technology nonetheless behind on a planet not ready for space travel, it is decided it must be retrieved at all costs.

    And boy did it cost them. Archer and Reed were captured, and even more technology fell into military hands. A grand total of two communicators, two scanners, and finally a Phase Pistol. Four advanced pieces of technology, and a weapon of great power. It's out of the question to reveal themselves as aliens. Even when their found out not to be of that planets species. They have no choice but to claim to be members of that military's enemy, The Alliance.

    That right there, was a mistake. They should have kept their mouths shut, but no. That planet was supposed to go to war as it stood. Instead one side now thinks the other is equipped with weapons of vastly destructive power, genetically enhanced soldiers, long range transceivers, highly advanced portable computing devices. Not to mention cloaked cell ships. Who knows how that planet's history was supposed to play out. Now it's undoubted that if there is a conflict, it may never end.

    I give this episode a perfect 10.0
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