Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 18

The Crossing

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2003 on UPN

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  • Continues the 'There are no friends in space' theme, as Archer and the crew go up against a race on non-corporeals...

    Far from being the best episode, this isnt the worst. The episode starts well enough when Enterprise is swallowed up my one of the most alien looking ships I can recall seeing. It hosts a gaggle of powerful non-corporeal antagonists who are hiding something. The initial feeling of danger is mixed with one of wonder as the crew try to understnad what these beings really want, in exchange for the outer-body experiences they can offer.

    The drama of this story starts with slight intrigue, as we try to find the danger in the situation. The general feeling that something isn't quite right, continues throughout the episode and intensifies quite well across the middle act, providing some sense of trepidation as the sitation continues to deteriorate. Then once the beings begin to take over various members of the crew, it changes to one of light action as the threat levels increase to a critical level. With large numbers of the crew being taken over the threat begins to reach a level of hopelessness. As ever, someone (in this case Travis) finds a safehaven in the ever-so useful nachelle walkway. (As seen in The Catwalk episode.) Where a final plan is conjured by the remaining senior crew, though this doesnt go to plan and introduces an okay twist in which Phlox comes to the rescue. However, the ending is rather blunt and perhaps could have been better in the vein of ST:TNG or Voyager style by leaving a mystery for a possible revisit. As it was a decent episode, but should be viewed only as a one off filler episode.
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