Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 2 Episode 26

The Expanse

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 21, 2003 on UPN

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  • The Saga Begins... AKA here comes the war on terror.

    People watch TV to escape reality... the parallels between this and the war on terror are... well, blatantly obvious but best not to dwell on this.

    Honestly though - how could you POSSIBLY think to yourself "I want to destroy an enemy planet, the first thing I'll do is test it out on their planet so they know I'm going after them."

    Some Klingons thrown in for good measure and off they go to embark upon their war on terror. Not to mention MORE angsting from T'Pol if she's going to leave Enterprise. Which is pointless.

    For a season finale in which 7 million people die... there isn't all that much action or pathos - especially given the fact Trip loses his sister. Anyway, the Duros plot feels horribly tacked on to provid some action in what is essentially a scene setter for season 3.
  • A fantastic end to Season 2 - but bettered by many of the Xindi episodes in Season 3.

    The Expanse promises to be even better than it is. The first ten minutes are great - but could have been better - I'd have liked to have seen more reaction from Earth to the attack - and just what happened during their long journey back to Earth. The time-lag between the attack and them getting home doesn't seem like anything at all.

    Jolene gets some great scenes playing off against Gary Graham (Soval) - and a very nice mystery is built up throughout the episode setting the tone well for Season 3.

    For me though, the surprisingly best part of The Expanse is the fight with the Klingon's - not only returning to a storyline that was brilliant in 'Judgement' but having a great battle in space (set in the purple cloud vapours) - reminding me more of classic Trek's battles than any Enterprise has done thus far.

    It could have been even better - but it certainly got me excited about Season 3, more than 'Shockwave Part 1' did me for Season 2.
  • Not a good day for Enterprise

    A pivotal episode but depressing nonetheless. An alien race called the Xindi send a probe to Earth that inflicts more than 7 million casualties. With help from the Suliban, Archer learns the Xindi launched the attack with knowledge from a \"future\" source that Earth would destroy their world in 400 years. The Xindi\'s aim is to destoy Earth before they are destroyed. This episode will lead to future episodes where Enterprise encounter the Xindi. Enterprise returns to Earth where some of the crew leave and there are quite a few scenes with Admiral Forrest. Trip\'s sister is among one of the casualties on Earth which just adds more to the sadness level of this episode. Archer reflects on the pressures of being a starship Captain and T\'Pol is informed by Soval that she has spent too much time with humans and must return to Vulcan. She of course refuses and decides to resign her comission. There is also a disturbing video that shows what happens to another ship that enters \"The Expanse\". Man, I love this show.
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