Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 7

The Forge (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2004 on UPN

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  • This Series was cut way to early

    After a shaky season one, Enterprise slowly found its feet and grew, season 3 and the whole Xindi arch is up there with some of the best trek ever across all the series.

    In season 4 I liked the 3 episode archs, and stories getting plenty of depth without being wrapped up within a hour.

    Vulcans are one of my Favorited races in the trek universe I really enjoyed this look into the culture and finding out a bit more about .

    Realising they still had a way to come before the original series was an eye opener.

    Archer has to be up there with one of the great Captains and he was also in Quantum leap!
  • The beginning of the Vulcan trilogy starts with a big bang.

    In the 4th season, they came up with a novel approach of having shows in three episode arcs. This is the beginning of a trilogy of Vulcan related episodes. There is some good here and some bad. On the good side, there is more Vulcan conspiracy and deception. On the bad side, the actors playing Vulcans exhibit too much emotion. Normally, actors are encouraged to show how they feel. In this case, Robert Foxworth even turns around in anger toward the Ambassador. It would have been better to have written in better dialogue than to have shown what would undoubtedly be a Vulcan faux pas. The cliffhanger ending is exciting. Archer's new found power is foreboding.
  • After an attack on the Human Embassy on Vulcan, Archer and crew take the mission of finding the attackers. On the surface, it seems that the Vulcans want to help, but it looks like they may have had a hand in it. Archer and T'Pol vacation in the desert.

    This was a surprisingly good episode. Many times I find myself wondering how they could possible get away with those fight scenes or why the writers chose to script it in a certain way. This episode was, while calm, intriguing and informative. We learn quite a bit about Vulcans. We learn about their lives and their philosophies.
    I honestly had no real complaints about this episode, which is very uncommon. While season 3 was fun and all with Enterprise essentially becoming a battleship bound for war, it is nice to get back to the original mission of mysteries and new information. I'd recommend this episode. Can't wait to watch the other parts.
  • The best of Star Trek Enterprise episodes,like most season 4 episodes. politics and conspiracy in Vulcan. This episode give us inside of Vulcan and a new face behind "logic and peaceful" Vulcans.

    An attack on the Human Embassy on Vulcan, Enterprise is task to finding the attackers. The "police work" go quite well,little too well. Archer and T'Pol go out to a Vulcan desert to find one possible lead,when Soval and others on Enterprise found some shocking trues behind the "evidence" what they "found"....

    This was one of my favor Enterprise episode. They give us some more background about Vulcans,a inside of a society which on the surface is peaceful and logic,I find this episode very very interesting. This one is like most other episodes in season 4 that shows Enterprise CAN be a great show. It just made me sad as season 4 got better and better when they kill it off. V'Las(leader of Vulcan high command) is quite like Rick Berman and Brannon Braga,things was good,but you can always make it worst. Maybe Rick and Brannon were "agents" that the main goal is to destory the Star trek ^^.