Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 22

These Are the Voyages …

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2005 on UPN

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  • Have just seen this for the first time and it really is as bad as most people warned me it would be

    The TNG crew should never have been included. Jonathan Frakes has aged too much to pull off Pegasus era Riker. And the fact that you know all along that it's only a simulation leaves you feeling oddly detached rather than gripping you and pulling you in to the story.

    Everybody who commented that Trip's death was senseless - I fully agree

    Everybody who commented on the implausibility of years going by since the last episode with no personnel changes - I fully agree!

    This is sheer laziness on the part of the writing team. Why do we not hear Archer's speech at the end? If this is so crucial to the foundation of the Federation then might it not have been worth including? Instead they come up with "computer - end program" followed by some half-arsed footage of the three Enterprises with the respective captains reading the "mission statement" - Oh that's genius!!! Must have taken a lot of head scratching to come up with that.

    This is the first time I've been motivated to review anything, just to vent my anger. That's how bad it was.

    Very disappointed. I did enjoy most of this series
  • Worst last episode of any Trek I've seen

    I thought this was a horrible ending for the show for numerous reasons...

    First off, the whole TNG frame story seemed pointless and forced... it seem as if the writers were looking to validate the show to the fans and showing how it incorporated into the rest of the Trek franchise... which was completely unneeded as the show was already firmly placed in the Universe... (also smacked of the "Generations" movie which had the same forced, unnecessary merging of Trek worlds)...

    Secondly, Trip's death was pointless... I mean, he's been in tougher situations and never had to blow him-self up... remember the time he defeated the Frangie who had takin over the ship... in his underwear? Give the character a little more credit... at least let him have died with more dignity (say fighting an invading Klingon landing party, or against the Romulans... or placing him in the Engine room that he loved and spent so much time... say, preventing a warp breach or sumpn)... I just saying Spock had a more noble death in Khan.. and he came back!

    Also, the whole time jump to what like 6 years from the previous episode was not depicted in either the ship, the characters, or any other respect (all in same costumes, hair styles, etc)... the only difference was that Tucker and T'Pal were no longer together (without a proper explanation as to what caused them to separate, or really having them "together" in the first place)

    The end where the federation is officially formed was kinda lame compared to all the lead-up shown through out the show (especially the 4th and final season)... I mean, we had the Terran, Tallurite, Andorian, and Vulcan collation that was formed earlier against the Romulan Drone Ship.. which was the basic foundation... and then the treaties signed in the Terra Prime story-line... are we to expect it took six years from those events to get to the point of the Federation being formally chartered? As for the scenes of the 3 Enterprises before the credits saying the famous trek intro lines... I felt it was them further trying to validate the show to Trek fans as I discussed earlier about the TNG frame story... completely unneeded... the cast and crew of the show knew that while some fans didn't like the direction the show went, it was firmly established in the Trek-verse... over-all I'm just upset at UPN for canceling it and using a faulty rating system as the basis (they didn't calculate the week-end re-airing or recorded viewing via TiVo, DVR, VCR, etc...)

    imo, I just wish the show was left more open ended allowing for more stories to be made for the cast... I mean, with the success of Serenity, and the bringing back of shows like Family Guy, Futurama, Jericho and Dead Like Me (Futurama and DLM are going to have direct to DVD movies continuing the series)... It only seems right to have allowedfuture writers and fans, make new stories for the show.
  • I rated this 5.0 for a reason...

    I would of rated it lower but I have a reason for giving it at least that much. The story line, I didn't like the whole TNG in there. It was ok at first, but after words nothing was real. It was a hologram. :? and he was the chef, How are we suppose to know if any of that was real, he talk to them, what really happened? And then one of the main characters being killed. :o What was that? They didn't have to do that. :evil: Also everything was off. I wish they kept it going. :? But the reason I did give it something, was because of one reason. I loved the ending. starting at the part when the Federation was started. We were waiting for that moment to come. and then plus I just loved the part where it showed all three enterprise ships. and how each captain said a peice of the famous Gene Roddenberry saying. To boldly go... If they had a different story line with that ending I think it would of been the perfect ending. :)
  • Worst episode ever!

    It's been a long time since I watched this episode and I never intend to watch it ever again even if under the threat of torture... as I think the torture of watching it again might just out way anything else :P

    In short this episode was a disaster and I was appalled by the way the writers were patting themselves on the back fro a job well done... just listen to be commentary on the DVD and you'll want to hurl.

    To sum it up there were 3 main things that caused this episode to blow. 1) Inclusion of the TNG Crew Riker and Deana Troy... WTF!
    2) Kill off a major character for no apparent reason.
    3) Seemed more like a campy TNG episode than the usual Enterprise drama... the story was pathetic.

    As an end to the Enterprise saga this episode was an enormous let down. The show could have gone out with a bang, but instead it went out with a whimper. :(
  • The importance of the NX-01 crew, as seen by officers of the Enterprise-D.

    OMG...I have no exact words to describe what I just saw. I knew this episode was controversial going into it. Some say it is not an appropriate series finale, while others say this is the Trek finale with Terra Prime being the true Enterprise finale. Whatever side one may be on, this episode can either make you love it or leave it. However, I am at best undecided.

    Things I love about it. The use of the future to look back at the past. I liked that it was Riker and Troi. I liked the idea of the founding of the Federation. That was good.

    I like Shran. What else can I say but he is such a good character.

    Things I did not like about it. I liked the holodeck idea, but in idea only. How it played out on screen is NOT the best use of that idea. There was too much time spent on the Enterprise-D and not on the Enterprise NX-01. All the scenes in the future could've been summed up in one line. All Riker could've said was, "I'm doing this because I had a meeting with Adrmiral Pressman about the Pegasus." And leave it there. Any Trek fan can recognize from there what Riker was talking about. And then the rest of the story could focus on Archer and company and NOT on the "The Pegasus 2.0" from TNG. The most hated part: they shut off the holodeck right before Archer's speech. I SO wanted to hear it and see it. Now one can only speculate as to what was said.

    Plus, the most important dislike: they killed TRIP! What the heck were they thinking!?! At least he lives, as far as I believe, in the Relaunch books. His death was pointless and caused no emotional response in either the crew or the viewer. I cared about him but his death would've made more sense had they showed the crew in grief, not just quietly reflecting on Trip and acting like he's gone away for a brief vacation.

    Now the end was cool. But that did a disservice to DS9 and Voyager. While I understand the importance of the Enterprise to the Trek universe, you could've left it with just the founding of the Federation and all that would entail, including DS9 and Voyager. That would've been perfect.

    Oh well. In the end I am VERY undecided if I should like it or leave it. I really can't make up my mind. So far, I learning more towards leaving it. I may consider Terra Prime the true finale and let this episode be a special episode of TNG.

    Horrible ending to such a brilliant franchise. But, Trek was getting old. Enterprise could've been more than this, but most people just didn't care, until this last season. Season 3 and 4 were the best. They had just found their footing. Sad to say what might have been had it started out differently.
  • Its crazy how it went down...

    People dying left and right, both babies, and those giving their life in order to save the Capt and the ship. It was pretty cool how they killed off a main character rather than some no name person. I think it would have been better if they had showed D'pol with Trip's family while Archer is giving his speech. That would have been way better of an ending.

    And to watch Riker, and Troy view the speech as its given by Archer. However, the series is over and nothing else to watch until Psyche comes on again in a few weeks.
  • Star Trek Enterprise didn't deserve an ending that focused so much on TNG.

    I only recently started watching Enterprise, so I knew certain things; it had already been canceled, and Trip was going to die. So, when I watched this episode, I knew that it would be penultimate, and I hoped that it would be good enough to be called a fitting end to the Star Trek era. However, when watching it, I become more and more disappointed and sad. The TNG aspect of the episode almost trivialized the Enterprise episode! And Trip definately DID NOT deserve to die like that, over Shren and a couple of rogue aliens. I was really sad, and angry that he died like that, even though I guess he was saving everyone. But still, that part shouldn't have happened.

    The Enterprise episode premise, saving Shren's child before going back to Earth for Archer to deliver the speech, wasn't very good. This episode was supposed to be exceptional, seeing as though its probably going to be the last Star Trek episode ever. But all we got was the crew going to save a minor character's child, and Trip had to die for it!! WTF??

    All in all, I don't think the writers did Enterprise justice. They were so focused on trying to bring back TNG into it, that they ruined the episode. Enterprise deserved a much, much better finale, one that solely focused on them, and if there had to be a character death, it would have been more symbolic. On another note, R.I.P Trip :(
  • OMG!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO GOOD

    Now i dont believe i am a real star trek fan because i havn't really liked any other one of the shows.
    But when i saw Enterprise i fell in love with it, well i really fell in love with Trip Tucker.
    Whith his cute little smile and i believed, because it was star trek, he would never die.
    I was right he will never die in me and in any of his fans but he did die in the show.
    Trip died saving his captain and the women he loved. He saved his crew, his friends, the earth and he saved the ship.

    LONG LIVE TRIP!!!!!!!!!
  • PLEASE BRING T'POL back in another show! Well done... somthing I would have changed, but what can I say.


    I only wish ...REALLY WISH, tat T'pol or Trip would have said the words " I love you and I want to be with you". The "I will miss you" was enough to hold me over but still didnt really seal the deal. Why Trip died... in that fasion was simply stupid, of all the characters to die why him? ..why not the brit or the helmsman, they both had pull, but trip held that show together. copy cause I have nothing else to say, I only wish ...REALLY WISH, tat T'pol or Trip would have said the words " I love you and I want to be with you". The "I will miss you" was enough to hold me over but still didnt really seal the deal. Why Trip died... in that fasion was simply stupid, of all the characters to die why him? ..why not the brit or the helmsman, they both had pull, but trip held that show together.
  • The last, lost STNG episode.

    This really was a waste of time after all the mini arcs. They knew it was the end and this was the best they came up with? If you have never seen STE stop at Terra Prime and be thankful. So much to cover and they chose some obscure STN episode. Felt sorry for Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes who had to look 10 years younger. It glossed quickly over the most important part of Trek history, a death of a main character (like killing the doc in Stargate Atlantis only they knew how to say goodbye) and did the we really care about Will's quandary?
  • A horrible, horrible end to a series that had so much potential.

    All I can say is "what the hell?". Not only did they bring in Troi and Riker, they had it set on a holodeck, set 10 years in Enterprise's future, to the signing of the Federation, in which we didn't even see! Oh, and the totally unnecessary mercy killing of Trip, to which no one really seemed upset about. There were so many things they could have used to close this series, Future Guy, anyone? But no, it had to focus on some random away mission. All the best Trek episodes are time travel ones, and it would have been awesome had this one been a time travel one, but again, no. I consider this a final Next Generation episode, not an Enterprise episode.
  • What a pile of crap! Oh b*****! I can't get a negative score!

    And the season finale is... Terra Prime! Wahay!

    If that's what they'd have said, I would not have been disappointed. But they didn't. They made this... thing.

    Well they wanted to do 1 better than any other star trek incarnation, and here it is. Spock's Brain! Squared! This is worse than the episode of voyager about boxing. Or those ones set in Pride & Prejudice!

    This is the red-shirt episode of them all. If a localised explosion destroyed any episode of star trek but this one, we'd all weep.

    Lousy! Weak! Oh it was all on a holodeck. Oh Trip's dead! Never mind - here's Chef!

    In the words of comic book guy - Worst episode ever! Worse than Star Trek V!
  • I didn't want to hate this episode, but if there was ever a Star Trek episode worth hating... this is it right here.

    Oh what a disappointment, I accepted the fact that Enterprise was canceled, but to have to sit and watch this 'finale' is like salt in the wound.

    I'm assuming you know the plot so let's just skip ahead.

    First off the NX-01 crew are holograms in this episode, which is fine (sounded like an interesting twist). The problem is they ACT like holograms, low-grade holograms at that, they have no real personality, no real depth, no soul at all. It really does sound like they are all acting from a script, it's someone's idea of how the Enterprise crew "might" have acted back then. Well it fails, and it fails hard, this is not the crew you've come to know for four years. So that alone just basically kills the show right there, even Shran sounds fake.

    Next up is Trip, his death... Yeah I couldn't believe it either, what an absolute waste that story point was. It goes like this: Trip saves the captain > Trip dies > The NX-01 crew complains about how bad their seats are at the conference. His death had about as much emotional impact as a mosquito bite.

    I won't even get into how Riker and Troi feel like straight out intruders in the show, No wonder the Enterprise cast were complaining about the finale.

    One good thing did come from this disaster, the scene as Archer is getting ready to go out and deliver his speech (which we never get to hear by the way), the interaction he has with T'Pol brought a tear to my eye and was definately a highlight of the entire series, so watch this episode just for that moment, everything else...

    Well, just do what I did, and pretend that the Enterprise finale was one episode earlier with "Terra Prime", Now THAT is a finale.

    I actually wish that the show had NOT been given a finale at all like ToS, as this one just cemented a lot of beliefs that Enterprise did indeed "suck".

    I Still can't get over what an utter disappointment the finale was, but oh well... at least we got to see Phlox's super-smile one last time.
  • The epitome of everything that sucked about this series. A perfect finale, really.

    I remember celebrating when I found out that Berman and Braga were no longer in charge for Season 4. After all, they had taken everything that was good about Star Trek and replaced it with this corny, over-sexed and gimmicky monster. Whose idea was it to make a prequel series, anyway? And even then, all they had to do was stage two catastrophic first-contact wars with Romulans and Klingons and every Trekkie in the friggin' galaxy would have peed their pants with joy. They could've made 300 episodes and we'd still be begging for more ! But, noooooooooo, these jerks want to tinker instead!! Manny Coto saved Enterprise from becoming a complete abomination with some clever mini-arcs in season 4, but the show was doomed anyway. Confirming my worst fears, B&B were back to wrap the series up in true gimmicky fashion. Worse than Voyager's cowardly and cheap-o time-travel resolution, this finale was a HOLODECK PROGRAM starring Frakes and Sirtis looking completely ridiculous in their old TNG uniforms. Why not throw a TOS blazer on Shatner, too? Typical of the whole series, they spend an entire season on a species no one has ever heard of before or since, and then form the Federation of Planets in one episode. Set phasers to kill and put me out of my misery. SHEESH!
  • The Enterprise finishes her last voyage...

    This was a horrible ending to the Enterprise series. There was the awful, contrived death of Trip. Then the pointless story of retrieving Shran's daughter. And worse of all - the needless intrusion of Riker and Troi in what was left of the story. Instead of concentrating on the lives of the major characters of the Enterprise, we have to suffer the focus on Riker and his decision!!! Is this an Enterprise story or a TNG story? And then we don't even get to see Riker make his decision (really who cares?) or Archer make his speech. This whole story seems to be in draft-mode and not finished. It would be better if the series finished off one episode earlier..
  • These are the final voyage of the starship Enterprise, it's mission to piss off trekkers and fan of the series without discrimination. To badly end a show when it still had some life left in it. These are the work of UPN and the Braga & Berman team.

    Just finished watching the episode, I thought the fans deserved a better treatment than a 1hrs final show. Not a low budget flashback Next generation episode written the end the show the fastest and at the smallest cost possible.

    1. The Only sign that 6 year as gone by is a bit of gray on Archer, the name tags AND Archer as to say it as been ten year since the start of the mission about 6 or 7 times on the show.

    -What no wardrobe change, we got to see some on all the show but not there, could have been fun to go toward the Pike era uniforms.

    - Why decommission the ship after only ten year, (I keep my car more than that), It have made perfect sense for a re fit It could have been an opportunity to please the die hard fans, and make her become the NCC 1701. Or something... Kirk ship was supposed to be the first one to have that name... why not make it after all the NCC 1701 had at least 2 overhauls on the show that we saw (between Pike and Kirk, and before the movie) 2- This makes no sense to me, they keep the ship 10 year, then make a museum out of her, and Riker or troy visited her when the where at school....

    Anyway, to say the least, it left me in a bad mood, one more bad decision from the head of the franchise. And another bad script from the Berman / Braga executive production team
  • Man that sucked

    This by far the most disappointing series finale for a tv show period. With awsome episodes like the Expanse, Azati Prime, Countdown and Cold Station 12 just to name a few, this was by far the weakest episode of the series. The acting sucked, the story sucked, the script sucked, everything sucked. I had anticipated a series finale on par with Deep Space Nine\'s but instead we got this anticlimatic pile of crap not worthy of Star Trek Canon. Hmmm...Let\'s see what element to bash first...oh I know, the fact that it was set during the TNG timeline on a holodeck. Second it\'s supposed to be a side story to \"The Pegasis\" but comes out highly unconvincing as Frakes and Sirtis have aged significantly since that episode aired...back in the 90s.And worst of all they killed off Tucker in the most meaningless way they could think of. It served no purpose to the crappy storyline. Hell, I\'ve seen redshirts have better deaths than that. And like a redshirt the rest of the crew didn\'t really seem to care that he died. Needless to say this episode was as enjoyable as a romantic evening involving by testicles and a cheesegrater! My groan hurts.
  • A ep that will live in infamy

    Okay ....i,m one of those people that loves the show.
    But this appauling piece of cow waste
    was truly an insult to all.
    They said it was a franchise finale.
    No not really,It was an attempt to go back to a trek series that got good ratings (tng).Perhaps they wanted to attract all the viewers that stopped trek watching during voyager`s run.
    The holodeck plays host to riker (fat faced and 50)and troi(still fit), as cmdr riker wrestles with a moral dilema.and thats about it really.
    the enterprise characters (kinda feels like they got some one who s never watched trek to help with the characterisation)are going to the signing of the federation charter and probably wondering why none of them have been promoted or transfered in ten years.
    No mention of the romulan war or what has happened in the mean time.
    Just a few fire fights and a pointless death and then its end program

    After watching aswell as feeling like id been ripped off
    i couldnt escape the feeling that this was done on purpose
    to us by people that didnt want to be there any more.
    One of the producers actually said as much while promoting his new show.(which got cancelled HA HA)
    In conclusion i love the show had some classic episodes
    but this was not one of them.
    unless you count spocks brain as a classic
  • The end to the latest Star Trek series comes too early to really know how things would have developed. Set 10 years after the last episode, the show is wrapped up with the foundation of the federation.

    Although fans universally agree that this is the worst finale ever done for a Star Trek series, I took the time to watch it again after a few months, and with reservations, I have to say that it wasn't as bad as I initially had thought.

    The sub-plot with Shran really didn't make much sense for the series, in a way you could say however that it displays the trust and friendship that Shran and Archer had built up over the years. In the extras on the DVD it was even said that had the series continued, Shran would have eventually joined the crew of Enterprise. That would have been interesting. However, this sub-plot with Shran was not done effectively. More should have been put into why the crew would help Shran, and it should have had a more epic scale, rather than just paying a random ransom to save his daughter.

    As for the infamous death of Trip, this time around, I really watched closely, and unfortunately, Trip was justified in dying the way he did. From Trip's point of view, Archer would have been killed, and there was really nothing he could do about it but sacrifice himself to save him.

    Archer's speech at the end of the episode was a fitting end, but, had the series ended after a longer run, I am sure we would have been treated with the actual speech, and the "holodeck" idea would not have been necessary. An unfortunate, but not pointless end to a great show.

    Of course, as this took place on a holodeck 200 years into the future, we can at least rest assured that the computer probably didn't get all of the details right...
  • I looked forward to the episode both with excitment and sadness. I came away with sadness and frustration! I started watching the series because of Scott Bakula, and just as I hated the ending of Quantum Leap, I hated the ending of this series.

    How could they kill off Trip!!!! It made no sense. I agree with others in that Terra Prime would have been a more fitting ending, and if they had to have this episode, we could have heard Archer\\\'s speech. My only hope is that they will eventually make a movie for the series in which time travel comes to save the day and Trip does not die! The only good thing to come out of it, is that since I have never really watched many of the other series, I am now anxious to see them, thanks to all of you who have written the triva for the past 98 episodes.
  • Set during a seventh season TNG episode, Cmdr. Riker uses the holodeck to relive the Enterprise's last voyage and deal with a crisis.

    This episode takes place in conjunction with 'The Peagasus'.

    I don't think there is a word to describe how bad this episode was. Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis are aged (Jonathan terribly) and some of the sets don't match the original running of The Next Generation. I will give producers some credit, if any, for rebuilding some sets. The turbolift and corridor on the Enterprise-D were terribly done, and Ten-Forward was mostly stock footage.

    Now on to the episode:
    When cast members complain that the story is poorly written, SOMETHING IS WRONG!! They could have had an ending like The Next Generation, leaving it open for a movie, but they didn't. They didn't have to kill off a main character like they did in Nemesis, but they did. They could have written this better, but they DIDN'T.

    I think it is safe to say that this was the worst finale, worse than Voyager, and one of the worst episodes Paramount has approved for production.
  • It never happened

    Never, never happened. It's apocryphal; doesn't fit with Pegasus, watching Pegasus, you try and see where it could all fit, but it doesn't; Riker's involved in just about everything, he wouldn't have the time to keep running to the holodeck like that. And Trip killing himself? Doesn't make sense. None of the characters sound like themselves, it's like B&B have never seen these characters before or something. Riker needed that much help figuring out the right thing to do? Pegasus never made it seem like that much of a question, more to the point, Riker speaks up as much out of necessity of the Enterprise using the cloak tp escape the asteroid as being honest. Yeah, it was something nagging at his conscience, but he was grappling with wether or not break an oath that protecting an illegal activity. It was more of how to pick the right moment and find the courage to go against a high ranking official and tell your immediate suppior the truth, whatever the consequences; and being trapped in the asteroid was a means to an end. If Riker had that much trouble making a command decision, he shouldn't have even been first officer of any ship, let alone a Captain!
    Another poster made it sound like ending the series with Terra Prime would have been a bad thing; I don't think so. It was the second half of a two-parter, which all but TOS has for their finals. And between the two episodes, it told a good story. This episode was trite garbage and any future incarnation needs to negate it.
  • GOD NO!!!

    I thaught this episode has Succeded at being not only the worst episode of star trek but the worst episode of anything known to man. Its just pointless, it doesnt actually take place on Enterprise, its on the Enterprise D\'s holodeck with Riker trying to sort some of his issues out by running a really boring program of the NX01 right before the signing of the federation charter. I think the writers were trying to make the episode popular by bringing in well establish characters (Riker and Troy) to star in the episode because they never bothered to develope any charactors in Enterprise in the 4 seasons, quite a cheap way to try and make an episode succeed i thaught. And another thing (Bitching nearly over) Trip killing himself when aliens are onboard up to no good like always, who somehow got onboard without anybody noticing or any alarms going off, so trip blows himself up to stop them doing something thats not really all that bad anyway, it was so boring i cant remember what it was.
  • This episode never happened as far as I'm concerned.

    You've probably already read the rants of others about how terrible this episode really is, so I'll go ahead and put my two cents in:

    It sucked.

    I'm not sure what twisted idea came to the writers of this episode, but it was bad from the beginning. Riker and Troi...I loved them both on TNG. They were great, but there's only one problem...THIS ISN'T TNG! While it would've been nice for them to just be casual onlookers and not really doing anything, the episode pretty much revolved around Riker's issues with telling Picard about the Pegasus. This pretty much throws the Enterprise crew into the backseat, and suddenly its the TNG episode that aired 11 years after the show ended. What was kind of funny was how they thought we wouldn't notice how much Frakes and Stritis have changed, yet they're still acting like it's TNG. My other problem was with killing Trip. He was one of my favorites because I thought he had a very fun and easygoing character. But then...out of no where, he kills himself in a terrible explosion just to kill 4 aliens. Umm...what? Couldn't he have thought of some creative solution to dispatching them, instead of just blowing himself up the first chance he had? And where was security all this time? Finally, just as Archer is about to give the big speech that will begin the Federation and set in motion everything we know, Riker says, "Computer, end program." My jaw dropped at that moment. I mean, c'mon! Granted, Archer was probably my least favorite captain, and Enterprise was my least favorite series, but you could've just let him finish the most important speech in history!

    The only reason I gave this a two was because of the end, where all of the Enterprise captains are reciting the "To boldly go speech..." Oh, and it was nice to see the Enterprise D in all its CGI glory.

    *slaps head* B&B, you've really done it this time.

    If you want quality, entertaining Star Trek, go watch Voyager.
  • riker runs a holodeck programs of the death of my favorite character in an episode most didn't get

    Ok, I apprectiat what they were trying to do, but it didn't work. It didn't work at all. I was very luckey that I remembered the pegasus , otherwise the episode wouls not have made any sense. What was the point of killing off Trip, I mean really. This was enterprise finale, it should have been about the enterprise cast!!
  • This is the last episode of star trek: enterprise which we see the decomissoning of Enterprise and the charter for the alliance for the federation to begin. It is a vital episode as it is the last.

    This is the last episode of star trek: enterprise which we see the decomissoning of Enterprise and the charter for the alliance for the federation to begin. It is a vital episode as it is the last. It is upsetting to see Comander Tucker die and Enterprise to finish. It is great to see Hoshi go back to brazil. After watching every episode of every star trek (im not a sci fi geek) it is great to see the programmes and each Enterprise ship fit into place especially at the end when we hear the final words spoken in this order Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. It\'s continuing mission...
    Captain James Tiberius Kirk: explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations...
    Captain Jonathan Archer: ... to boldly go where no man has gone before.
    It is really a show to be missed
  • Unworthy of Trek!

    The worst possible ending to any series. They even managed to create a worse ending than the Voyager one.

    The story was just boring and unexciting.

    My god. Sirtis and Frakes just don't look like there 15 years younger alter-ego.

    Trip joins the ranks of unmotivated deaths of trek main character. What is that all about? To prevent any hopes from a reunion?
  • Enterprise will be more than missed, she will be mourned.

    Enterprise was the first series since the Original Series where I actually liked every character. From season 3 with the outstanding Xindi storyline, Enterprise has proven itself vastly superior to the boring TNG and season 4 was a powerhouse season. With such incredible promise, the writers (who’ve never been known to pay close attention to things like detail and character) made mistakes but the series on a whole was so good that this could usually be overlooked.

    I already knew some of what happened in ‘These Are The Voyages’ before I saw it, so thankfully I had warning that my favourite character (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) was about to be killed off. For me this was the worst of the episode: Trip has always been the best rounded character, Connor Trinneer has always done a magnificent job of making Trip real, so much so that losing him, especially so meaninglessly, is heartbreaking. To say Trip reacted out of character is an understatement – when has Trip *ever* panicked? This is the same guy who travelled from Columbia to Enterprise while under warp. Then he actually encourages the bad guys to knock out his best friend and captain. Then the cherry on top – for some reason, unknown to us all, Trip practically commits suicide?! The crew have gotten out of dozens of far more dangerous situations than this, so why would Trip do something so incredibly stupid? Had Trip died in a genuinely heroic way, I could have lived with that, but this, this was just a tragedy. Let’s not forget, Troi calmly announcing Trip’s death before it happens! That said, I must say I thought they ended the Trip/T’Pol storyline well. The writers are so unpredictable that there was always the danger they would just ignore the whole relationship. Trip/T’Pol may no longer be lovers but even after 6 years, the deep bond is still there and I loved Trip’s sincere assurances that they would keep in touch, not to mention T’Pol’s tangible agitation at the thought of not seeing him again. They even did it nicely with her packing his things after his death, visibly distressed. I loved the whole Trip/T’Pol storyline from the first, such chemistry and the most enjoyable and memorable romance in Star Trek history.

    I also enjoyed the idea of Riker reviewing history on the holodeck, even if the idea of characters like T’Pol spilling their guts to the chef is rather farfetched, but I’ll let it go as it produced some nice character moments. I did find it fascinating that Riker was focusing on Trip rather than Archer, who’s supposed to be this legendary Starfleet hero. Then again, in terms of actions, Trip has been the hero for a long time, long ago outshadowing Archer. It was also nice to see a return to the old Archer, the nice non-erratic one. Then the speech – the entire build-up to it and we don’t even get to hear it?! It would have been a great way to end the episode, and the series. The end was nice though, the Picard/Kirk/Archer ‘to boldly go’ bit.

    It would have been better to end it on ‘Terra Prime’, even if that would have been a very sad note, given the loss of Elizabeth, but it would have been better than being forced to watch Trip die like that. I only watched TNG, DS9 and Voyager because I’m a die-hard Star Trek fan, but never got into them, but Enterprise restored my faith. I found it positively addictive. I must say that Enterprise will live on as my favourite series of Star Trek. It must be painful for the actors who put so much effort in while being derailed by poor writing. This was apparently supposed to be a ‘salute to Star Trek’ – guess the fans and the writers have a bit different opinion of a ‘salute’. However, it soothes me to know that B&B will go down in history as the people who destroyed a 40 year old franchise, it’ll destroy their careers.

    One of the many things I loved about Enterprise was that we were seeing the unseen history of Star Trek, the first steps into deep space exploration, the previously unknown tensions between Humans and Vulcans, the previously unthought of xenophobia - which led to some of the best episodes of Enterprise. But if Star Trek has to end, Enterprise has done the legacy proud. She will be more than missed, she will be mourned.
  • The worst series finale I've ever seen

    I've read many of the reviews given by folks on this site. I have to agree with those that hated this episode. It was an awful way to say goodbye to such an interesting and improving show. I'll admit I didn't get into Enterprise untill the 3rd season with the zindi threat but once they had my attention I was hooked. The actors in this series were superb but were forced to continually accept poor to terrible writing. The fourth season had so many good episodes to just be snuffed out by this totally unnecessary ending.

    The holodeck idea was clever I'll give them that, but not for a series ender. It was a total slap in the face of not only the actors who delt with such harsh critizism from all sides but also to those fans that had developed a great love and connection to the characters so wonderfuly performed by these actors.

    I've done my share of star trek fiction and by no small means do I say its easy to impress all your fan base. We all have favorite aspects of the show and fans of star trek can be a tad obsesive. However there were so many good episodes in this series that I was completely shocked and appaled at how poorly it was ended. There is no excuse for the poor death of Trip, not to mention the LAME build-up of Archer's speach only to not hear it. I was hoping that maybe that one thing could save the entire episode, but it was snatched away much like a bully will tease a child who just had his lunch money stolen.

    This writing display was pathetic. Shame on you writers for permitting this series to end on such a poor note. And shame on you for dissapointing so many faithful fans that did watch this series and struggled against hope to keep it on the air. We deserved better!
  • Craptacular way to end a good series. At least all the regualr cast members were in it.

    It's hard to find words to write this review. I want to make sure everyone understands that I watched it with an open mind twice. Once to see it, and the second time to make sure that I had seen what I thought I had just seen, which happens to be the worst episode of television in history.

    I suppose the problem stems from late notice on a cancellation (at least they were still in production though.) The real problem might just well be expectation. They tried to turn this episode into not only a fond farewell for this series, but as a cap on the entire franchise. They failed both miserably.

    To have a series finale that doesn't even really focus on the seires regulars is a stake in the heart of a group of dedicated people who had done all they could to make she series work. I applaud all those actors from Scott Bakula on down. They did the best they could with a studio that continually forced them to change who they were (which happened to be a general pre-requisite for most star trek episodes anyway- You are whatever the writers decide to write your character as this week.)

    But this...this pile of trash was an absolute abhoration. I don't blame Marina Sirtis or Jonathan Frakes, they did what they were told...but to impose them on Enterprise was a sin of the first order.

    Then, to arbitrarily kill off a main character to give the episode weight. People need to be rewarded for watching a show about characters from another series, so let's kill off one of our main characters in a sudden and surprising way so that they get some emotion.

    And for fun, let's bring in an actor in a major recurring role, because the audience wants to see him. Doesn't matter that his role is completely out of character for him.

    Do you get the idea that I just thought this episode was completely wrong for this series?

    But, I would be satisfied to let it be just a crappy episode...if it weren't for the world's worst cop out.

    The episode starts with and takes great pains to talk about Archer's great speech. Archer's monumental speech...but we don't even get to hear it! The writers were so afraid that it couldn't live up to it's expectations that they didn't even do it.

    To the cast and crew of Enterprise I say thank you. To the people in charge of this episode you should be ashamed of yourself.
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