Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 22

These Are the Voyages …

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2005 on UPN

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  • A perfect ending for a superp show. A perfect ending for a life-long Star Trek odyssey.

    This episode was a great series ending. It was great because it was not even meant to be the series ending but the 4th season ending. It worked fine in both aspects. Pulling characters from another Trek was a good idea. If only they could have pulled more characters from EACH Trek. The Enterprise actors were in high standard as usual. Connor Trinneer and Scott Bakula were exemplary.
    We have to remember that this was the end of not only Enterprise but the entire Star Trek odyssey (at least for a while). Each Enterprise character was 'finalized' with a 6 year gap for optimism. We may not have gotten what we expected but we did get a finale that ROCKED. Live Long and Prosper!
  • Skip this one

    This was a let down for a series finale. I wasn't expecting an episode like "All Good Things..." (TNG), but to have Riker and Troi come back and make this a "flashback" episode bascially, it just sucks.

    You're better off not watching this episode and ending the series with the xenophobic human faction, IMHO.
  • They should have left this one off. The two part before this would have been much better as a series finale than this garbage.

    The few good parts of this episode were ruined by Riker's appearence. I like the character of Riker, but, come on! They shouldn't have made this one. The two part episode before this would have been better as a series finale. That had great action. I related back to the episode "Home." In "Home," it showed how people wanted the federation to remain isolated from aliens because of the xindi incident. In the two part episode before this, they brought that idea back. It also related to the original series. In that two part episode, Trip and T'Pol had a baby together (it was created in a lab from their DNA), which related to Spock (half Human, half Vulcan person). The two part episode had Archer's speach, which would have been a good way of ending the series. Instead, in "These Are The Voyages," they build up the Archer's speach, and cut it off at the beginning with the well-known words of Zephram Cochran, with Kirk and Picard saying the words, as well. While that did relate the episode to the other series, I would have rather have ended the series with either Archer's speach in this episode, or the speach in the two part episode before this, which summed up what Star Trek is all about.

    Also, some people think that Trip shouldn't have died. I disagree. However, they could have handled his death a lot better. They could have set up a better situation in which he could have died. They could have shown the funeral. They could have had T'Pol show emotion over his death. And most importantly, they shouldn't have had Riker tell the audience that Trip was going to die before he actually did die. I mean, come on. They completely spoiled the surprise.

    Another thing is that they could have extended the story with Shran's daughter. It was completely unimportant to the story, and they could have made a bigger deal out of it.

    The final complaint I have is that this episode was supposed to do two things. 1. End "Enterprise", and 2. End "Star Trek," at least for the next five years, on a fitting note. This episode didn't do either of these things. Instead, it was a "Next Generation" episode in the middle of another "Next Generation" episode we already saw. This episode added nothing to "Enterprise." It added nothing to "Star Trek." It didn't even add anything to the episode of "Next Generation" durring which it was supposed to take place. I expect a lot better out of the last episode of any "Star Trek" in at least five years, and maybe forever.
  • Absolutely awful. Seriously. This may not have been my favorite incarnation of Star Trek, but both the series and the franchise deserved a better swan song.

    Reasons this episode sucked:

    1) The "Pegasus" angle was completely out of the blue and had nothing to do with the action on this show's Enterprise. Trip disobeying orders in the heat of the moment to save his captian has nothing to do with Riker disobeying orders to expose a secret. If they really wanted to make connections, they could have shown Riker dealing with Data's sacrifice from the last movie as he begins his new command. His dilemma resembles Archer's situation, not Trip's.

    2) Although I love Ricker and Troi, they received too much focus. Instead of spotlighting some of STE's long neglected characters (Mayweather & Sato), precious time was spent on two characters from a totally different show. The people watching the finale were the fans who didn't give up on STE. Personally, it's been years since I've seen a TNG episode. I wanted better closure for the people who were only around for 4 years, not the ones who already got 7 years and 4 movies.

    3) If you're gonna make Trip die, give him a better death. The crew has been in way worse situations than what they faced in this episode. Trip, genius that he is, totally could have jury-rigged a trap that wouldn't have fried him in the process.

    4) 6 years pass and Trip and T'Pol never went any further with their relationship? After the series devoted 2 years spotlighting their chemistry and deepening thier relationship? After they lost a child together? Only on a Star Trek series.

    5) None of it was real! It was a holodeck simuation 200 years in the future! All of it was conjecture on the program's part. LAME!!!

  • The worst ending they could have done. Truly showed how little B&B care about the fans.

    After watching Terra Prime I had high hopes for the finale and that TPTB would relent and bring Enterprise back for the fifth season. After watching this crap of an episode all I could do was hope that they wouldn't bring it back for a last season. Talk about character assassination. After setting up a hopeful future for Trip and T'Pol in the penultimate episode, they kill it and then stomp on that possibility with episodes. I think that they just don't like happy romantic endings for their characters unless it Riker and Troi and how long did that take (*cough*Voyager*cough*). I was leary of what would happen when I heard that Frakes and Sirtis owuld be guest starring (I like them both, but this was Enterprise's finale), but in my worse nightmares I never would have imagined and episode like this.
  • Not the best, but also not the worst.

    When I watched this, I was expecting it to the just horrible, especally since it had Riker and Troi in it, but, it wasn\'t as bad as I thought that it was going to be, and the clips from Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Enterprise at the end were very nice.
  • In TNG\'s The Pegasus Troi recommends Riker re-live Enterprise\'s last mission & the signing of the Federation charter to help with his problem. The program persuades him to make the right choice & he leaves. All three captains recite the speech These Are

    What a brilliant ending to an average series! As much as I wasn\'t fond of Enterprise the finale was brilliant. We got a great TNG scenario with Riker and Troi on the Enterprise D holodeck re-living Enterprise\'s final adventure, giving a fantastic mix between the old and the new. It\'s ironic that Enterprise is the new series whilst TNG is the old, yet, of course, the settings are the reversed. Also, with Riker being present it shows that the future are fully aware of Enterprise\'s adventures, and the signing of the Federation Charter is watched by both the original Enterprise crew, but also by the latest crew. It is this final moment that urges Riker to speak the truth to Picard. In that last minute of the entire Star Trek series, we get all three Enterprise captain\'s reciting the famous speech \'Space, the final frontier\', whilst we are shown all three ships, the latest - Enterprise D with Picard, the original series with Kirk and then finally Archer with his ship saying \'to boldy go where no man has gone before\'. Brilliant! It nearly brought a tear to my eye! 9/10.
  • As bad as can be.

    We knew that the series was at the end. They just coudnt think up eny thing. The last season was for me the best season were they had 2 eppers all the time. The looong plot lines in the previus made them not realy funn and rathere static. But to end a show with matirial out of the Next Generation. Thats just a shame. I rather had a nice ending with no referense to TNG at all. I think then the ending woud have been a lot better.

    It was a funn serie a prity good experiment in trying to show the Pre times of the Federation. But it was a failure in the view of catching viewers. whats a shame realy.. and thats why they endeded it like they did I sepose
  • Terrible ending to a OK show

    I will admit that Star Trek Enterprise wasn’t the best Star Trek series around but they really screwed up on this series finale. I have a few complaints about this episode that I am sure many people will agree on. The first is that they should of done the episode from the characters point of view instead of from the holodeck perspective. Another complaint I have is the death of Trip. While I didn’t like his character that much his death was completely unnecessary and was so out of place that you could tell it didn’t belong in the episode at all. While I could pry come up with a few more complaints I will say the one thing that I did like about this episode (and the only reason I didn’t give it a 1) is that the did show the creation of the federation which in my opinion was much to drawn out in this series.
  • what a dire and sad ending to one of its best seasons

    what could of been better ending was ruined by Troi and Riker's appearances. It had a great potential for a good ending but as a Star Trek Series ending goes it was th3e worst of them all. Even the original series had a better ending than this dire series ending
  • A very average send-off

    This finale was a bit anti-climactic. The whole dashing-off-to-help-Shran was a bit pointless and honestly, if I hear Shran count up favours again, ...Well I guess I won\'t, will I. Still it\'s always a pleasure to have Jeffrey Combs on board.

    Anyway the other big gripe is the daft way Trip died. (And knowing that we were expecting him to die, did you notice the \"Trip almost falls to his death\" bit earlier on?)

    Anyway how dumb were the crooks to think he\'d have to go through all that palaver just to get in touch with Shran and lure him down to them?

    A lot was made of the apparent lack of mourning by the crew, but I thought Archer\'s hug for T\'Pol just as he went out to make his speech spoke of a mutual sense of loss.

    And I have nothing against the Riker-Troi bits but it did sorta steal the thunder from the NX01 crew on their last outing.

    Anyway the bottom line is that as an ordinary episode, it would have been okay (minus the major character\'s death). As a series finale, it didn\'t work EXCEPT for the cool bit at the end.
  • A rushed tie-in w/another Trek serie to try & lend authenticity.

    I think they wanted to tie in another series somehow, which could only be done through time travel or holodeck. Since it was getting cancelled, they had to do it now - and I'm glad they tried. It was a noble goal, and I think would have helped a lot if done far eaarlier. The execution was just way off. Yeah, time travel is old, so going back to the holodeck and filling in a scene was clever. But, when they can't get the uniforms right, have 2 Rikers b/c of one being digitally put in (the one playing chess could arguabley be Tom Riker, except I don't think he'd come on board yet), and don't seem to relate the reason Riker did it to the episode itself, I don't think it does any good.

    A better way would have been Riker in the middle of Best of Both Worlds, after having come to grips with firing on Picard and almost losing him. If there was time (which there may not have been I'll admit), between scenes, that would have been a powerful connection, and he'd have a reason to think about when Tripp died to protect Archer, and how Picard was really willing to give his life for the ship if he had to.
  • Very,very painfull to watch.Bad.

    OK,so this should be a grand series finale?No.There was plenty of material to work with it,and they created this,let\'s call it,starter work.The series could continue .First years of existance of the Federation ,technology advances,new members join Federation,Cold war with the Klingons......and they wrecked it......At the beginning,I watched series just because T\'Pol.She was so beautifull and she made me a watcher of this series.As the series progressed ,the episodes were more and more interesting,and I didn\'t even watched T\'Pol for quite some time.Xindi storyline had quality,Vulcans and the creation of the Federation were exciting.But what happened?This episode.It ruined my conception about Star trek.For some time,I believed this all was just imagined by Riker and Troi.Uhhhh.....don\'t mentione Earth-Romulan war.....I dont like this episode.It is worst episode in entire STAR TREK poduction..the series,in my opinion,were great.Enterprise in overall is great.It could continue for several more seasons.I just hope that next series will either cover time scale after Enterprise finished,or after Enterprise-E...
  • A very silly ending to almost 20 years of non-stop Star Trek

    Although it was nice to see Riker, Troi and the Enterprise-D, this episode was really bad.

    You would think after 20 years of Star Trek that they would have made this a 2 hour episode or at least had something important happen in it. I don't even count the Federation charter as an important piece, it was hardly touched upon!

    This episode was more a TNG episode than it was an ENT finale and it's too bad it had to end like this. Manny Coto must be quite upset.

    But like they said "All Good Things....", so let's give it a couple of years, come back with a great staff, get rid of B&B and revamp the show, starting with a plot that takes place after Voyager; no more prequel stuff.

  • What a disappointment

    After Terra Prime, with such a build up of action and suspense and character development, this was a total disappointment. First off Trip and T'Pol, you would think that the discovery of their kid and then the death of their child, that they would in the end decided to make a child of their own and start a family. then in the series finale, they ended up not getting together.
    riker and troi? they look so old now....its amazin how troi aged since voyager and riker since Beyond Belief. who's gonna believe it took place during season 7 and who cares about riker tryin to learn the lesson of "disobeyin orders" WTF is that?
    shran's daughter? who cares
    Trip dying a meaningless death. this was almost as bad as Data dying a meaningless death in Nemesis.
    This whole ep was a disappointment. it woulda been nice to focus more on the founding of the federation and hear Archer's famous speech. Similar to the speech given in the previous episodes to the delegates to the proposed Earth Alliance. Overall sad to see the show gone and given this disgusting send off
  • An aweful end to what was a promising season of Enterprise. Such a pity that it was this trash that ended up being the last episode of the series.

    When a TV series is coming to an end, you usually expect big things. You hope that it will be one of the best episodes written, because as the last episode, it will be your final to catch the characters doing what you love. Unfortunately "These Are The Voyages..." not only fails to live up to 'final episode' expectations, but turns out to be one of the weakest episodes of the season, and possibly of the series.

    Instead of bringing us one last adventure for the crew of Enterprise, we get a kind of flash-back experience, featuring Troi and Riker. Why these two people, from another TV show, are necessary is beyond me. They completely detract from the episode, and have nothing to give to the story, their sole purpose being to explain why we are looking far into Enterprise's future, to the founding of the Federation. While I can understand that the writers wanted to show this event (and perhaps originally intended to have it as the centrepiece of the final episode of the final season, if Enterprise had lasted 7 season as Voyager, DS9, and Next Generation had), the fact the series finished early should have put an end to this idea. Instead we get some convoluted way of allowing us to see it.

    That was not the only problem with the episode. Even if we forget for a minute that this is some sort of holographic replay, the action events that occur also seem convoluted in a way designed so that a character can die sacrificing themself, and yet it seems kind of pointless. Again, it seems as if the writers were acknowledging this is the final episode, and so we need to kill someone, but then weren't exactly sure how to do it, or why they should die. Pretty pointless stuff.

    Unfortunately, the who episode seems Voyager-esque in its awfulness, and that's really a shame given that the previous episodes of the season were so promising.
  • Un-nessasary

    Oh, the stinck of it all. Manny Coto helped bring the series into it's own, only to have it end in such a stupid way. Did we really need an older and expanded Troi and Riker? What was the purpose of this? In addison, why kill an loved character? I read the spoilers, but went in with an open mind, but it stank worse than I thought. Th founding of the Federation was cool, but the whole thing was rushed. This was truly the stinker of the last 2 seasons.
  • Not best epidosde of enterprise but not worst either.

    This episode gets very sentimental and if you arn't emotionally involved with the characters you arn't going to find much to like in this one. From a writing stand point it does a good job of tieing up a serries. It is set in the future (compared to normal enterprise timeline) and gives a who is what and what happens about all the characters. It also puts to film one of the most monumental moments of star trek history. The founding of the federation. Unfortunitly the character development in this episode comes way to late and alot of the development came out of no where. Most characters expressed emotions you have never heard from them before. which is unfortuinite. It was enjoyable though and put a serries that needed to be let go, down.
  • Letdown

    What a huge blow this way. It was like a slap in the face to the actors. The were reduced to hologram status as the main story went to Riker and Troi.

    It was a horrible tie in to 'The Pegasus' and a horrible end to the series. I thought Jolene Blalock may have been hard on the finale when I first read her thoughts on the episode. After seeing it, I know she was absolutely right. 'Valentine to the fans' my third arm.

    I think from now on I'll just forget this episode ever happened. I would almost rather watch Rogue Planet - Almost.
  • Big Let Down

    While the episode may have been a good idea for a sweeps week show (which is why I even gave it a point), a good series finale it is not. Having watched Enterprise from the beginning, ending it this way makes me realize that the writers really didn't care for the artistic nature of the show, but went for the easy out.

    The episode felt chopped together, liked there was a rush to get it made - which it was. The ultimate failure in the episode came when one of the crew died. There was no funeral, no saddness, no empathy with the crew, nothing. It was business as usual, just another Redshirt. When Yar died in TNG, there was a sense of passing and sadness, not here.

    With this episode ends the story of Star Trek for sometime now. Too bad it ended on such a down note, but maybe the quality of the crew will be better in the next installment.
  • SFX Magazine hiot the nail on the head with this episode when it called it the Final Insult.

    After watching the finale I was dumb struck. When SFX magazine arrived it showed in big bold letters the statement \"The Final Insult\" and that what it has come to. How in the world someone can screw up a franchise with 50 million viewers has to go into the text books for teaching economics.

    Brannon & Brage leave the Star Trek franchise go aeay and never write again for them. Evidently they felt the heat from fans around the world and SFX magazine published their pathetic excuse for taking chances.

    A quotation from J. Michael Straczynski expresses my thoughts.

    I\'m sending this to both the B5 folks reading this and any Trek fans looking on.

    Bryce Zabel (recently the head of the Television Academy and creator/executive producer of Dark Skies) and I share one thing in common. We are both long-time Trek fans, from the earliest days, who felt that the later iterations were not up to the standards set by the original series. (I\'m exempting TNG because that one worked nicely, and was in many ways the truest to the original series because Gene was still around to shepherd its creation and execution.)

    Over time, Trek was treated like a porsche that\'s kept in the garage all the time, for fear of scratching the finish. The stories were, for the most part, safe, more about technology than what William Faulkner described as \"the human heart in conflict with itself.\" Yes, there were always exceptions, but in general that trend became more and more apparent with the passage of years. Which was why so often I came down on the later stories, which I did openly, because I didn\'t feel they lined up with what Trek was created to be. I don\'t apologize for it, because that was what I felt as a fan of Trek. That\'s why I had Majel appear on B5, to send a message: that I believe in what Gene created.

    Because left to its own devices, allowed to go as far as it could, telling the same kind of challenging stories Trek was always known for, it could blow the doors off science fiction television. Think of it for a moment, a series with a forty year solid name, guaranteed markets...can you think of a better time when you take chances and can tell daring, imaginative, challenging stories? Why play it safe?

    When Enterprise went down, those involved shrugged and wrote it off to \"franchise fatigue,\" their phrase, not mine.

    I don\'t believe that for a second. Neither does Bryce. There\'s a tremendous hunger for Trek out there. It just has to be Trek done *right*.

    Last year, Bryce and I sat down and, on our own, out of a sheer love of Trek as it was and should be, wrote a series bible/treatment for a return to the roots of Trek. To re-boot the Trek universe. Understand: writer/producers in TV just don\'t do that sort of thing on their own, everybody always insists on doing it for vast sums of money. We did it entirely on our own, setting aside other, paying deadlines out of our passion for the series. We set out a full five-year arc.

    But when it came time to bring it to Paramount, despite my track record and Bryce\'s enormous and skillful record as a writer/producer, the effort stalled out because of \"political considerations,\" which was explained to us as not wishing to offend the powers that be.

    A number of recent articles and polls, including one at in which nearly 18,000 fans voted their preference for a new Trek series, and 48% of that figure called for a jms take on Trek. (The other choices polled at about 18% or thereabouts.)

    See, if somebody doesn\'t like a story, doesn\'t want to buy it, that\'s all well and good, that\'s terrific, that\'s the way it\'s supposed to be. But when \"political considerations\" are the basis...that just doesn\'t parse.

    So here\'s the deal, folks. If you want to see a new Trek series that\'s true to Gene\'s original creation, helmed by myself and Bryce, with challenging stories, contemporary themes, solid extrapolation, and the infusion of some of our best and brightest SF prose writers, then you need to let the folks at Paramount know that. If the 48% of the 18,000 folks who voted at sent those sentiments to Paramount...there\'d be a new series in the works tomorrow.

    I don\'t need the work, I have plenty of stuff on my plate through 2007 in TV, film and comics, so that\'s not an issue. But I\'d set it all aside for one shot at doing Trek right, and I know Bryce feels the same.

    If you want this to\'s up to the Trek and B5 fans to make it so.

    The rest I leave to the quiet turning of your considered conscience.

    J. Michael Straczynski
  • B-A-D!

    This was a terrible season finale and anyone could have written something better than that! Thanks a lot Berman and Braga, you should have let Manny Coto pen this episode!

    The death of Trip was probably the wrost written death in the history of network television. Trip would have never in his life done that!
  • Very dissapointing

    Enterprise always had real up and downs, 1 episode was really good, while the other was really bad, in season 4 we really saw this, while the 2 and 3 part episodes were all good to really good, but the 1 part episodes were just awfull.
    This was 1 of those episodes, and it truely dissapointed me, not just as series finale, but also as a episode, this episode was done bad, the whole story was done bad, and the supposed heroic death of Trip was done even worse.

    They made alot of big mistakes, although the guest starring of Jeffrey Combs was a good choice, the story around it was bad, the heroic death of Trip wasn't a bad idea, but the way they done it was awfull, the fact that the story was about Riker instead of the Enterprise NX-01 crew was also a very bad idea, and the fact that it just wasn't an exciting episode makes it all the worse.

    With a series finale like this it's no wonder the show was cancelled, i always loved Star Trek, and these series weren't that bad, but it's episodes like these that ruined the show.
  • Riker and Troi re-live an event on Enteprise NX-O1 on the Enterprise NCC 1701D holodeck.

    That was the most rubbish, pathetic thing I have ever seen!

    What was the point, shren's daughter? killing off trip? Why? It acheives nothing. And mixing it with Riker and Troi was a strange idea and I thought was...pointless.

    OK, it was an emotional episode: Trip dying and right at the end where and everything ended but apart from that I didn't like it.

    It just seemed like a stupid attempt to put in some special guest stars.

    The Enterprise D sets where all wrong, the corridoors, turbolift and observation lounge where different. The only thing that looked OK was ten forward.

    I think the ending was the only decent part of the episode. The enterprise D stuff was pointless so was the shren story and Trip's death. Seems like it was just there to fill space.

    It would have been much better if Terra Prime was extended to include bits from 'These Are the Voyages...' to have one decent series finally. And a scene with 'to be continued?????' would have been a good idea too.

    Oh well. What's next?
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