Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 22

These Are the Voyages …

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2005 on UPN

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  • They should have left this one off. The two part before this would have been much better as a series finale than this garbage.

    The few good parts of this episode were ruined by Riker's appearence. I like the character of Riker, but, come on! They shouldn't have made this one. The two part episode before this would have been better as a series finale. That had great action. I related back to the episode "Home." In "Home," it showed how people wanted the federation to remain isolated from aliens because of the xindi incident. In the two part episode before this, they brought that idea back. It also related to the original series. In that two part episode, Trip and T'Pol had a baby together (it was created in a lab from their DNA), which related to Spock (half Human, half Vulcan person). The two part episode had Archer's speach, which would have been a good way of ending the series. Instead, in "These Are The Voyages," they build up the Archer's speach, and cut it off at the beginning with the well-known words of Zephram Cochran, with Kirk and Picard saying the words, as well. While that did relate the episode to the other series, I would have rather have ended the series with either Archer's speach in this episode, or the speach in the two part episode before this, which summed up what Star Trek is all about.

    Also, some people think that Trip shouldn't have died. I disagree. However, they could have handled his death a lot better. They could have set up a better situation in which he could have died. They could have shown the funeral. They could have had T'Pol show emotion over his death. And most importantly, they shouldn't have had Riker tell the audience that Trip was going to die before he actually did die. I mean, come on. They completely spoiled the surprise.

    Another thing is that they could have extended the story with Shran's daughter. It was completely unimportant to the story, and they could have made a bigger deal out of it.

    The final complaint I have is that this episode was supposed to do two things. 1. End "Enterprise", and 2. End "Star Trek," at least for the next five years, on a fitting note. This episode didn't do either of these things. Instead, it was a "Next Generation" episode in the middle of another "Next Generation" episode we already saw. This episode added nothing to "Enterprise." It added nothing to "Star Trek." It didn't even add anything to the episode of "Next Generation" durring which it was supposed to take place. I expect a lot better out of the last episode of any "Star Trek" in at least five years, and maybe forever.
  • This episode is actually a new synonym for pitiful, disastrous, awful, unworthy, disgrace and - well, just -very, very, very bad.

    Being a Star Trek Fan, I had my shares of ups and downs with this franchise, but never in all five (six if you count the animation crap as a part of the series) instalments, were I ever so – well lets call it disappointed, even if it is insufficient.

    I mean who would have thought that such disturbingly bad episodes like Emergence (TNG), Threshold (Voy) or If Wishes Were Horses (DS9) would look good in comparison to this episode. OK, now that you know how I rate this episode, let’s give you some reasons (just a few because going into detail here would fill a novel) why this episode is so appalling and why Rick Berman and Brannon Braga should be dragged out and beaten with the stupidity stick:

    1. Why oh, why did they have to bring back Troy and Ricker? This was supposed to be the end of “Enterprise” and not TNG. And why place this episode back at the 7th season of TNG. Frakes and Sirtis are now 11 years older, and I am sorry to say, but they also look it, making it total unbelievable that this episode fits into the right timeframe. And a holodeck episode as a series finale?!? I mean – honestly, could it be more pathetic?

    2. Why build up the relationship between Tucker and T’Pol in Terra Prime just to dismiss it completely one episode later.

    3. Why let Tucker die? His death was absolutely meaningless, stupid and no to mention illogical. I mean - honestly – Brannon, Rick, do you believe that the audience is so retarded that we would not notice, the lack of security officers on the ship allowing the pirates to enter the ship without any resistance and without being shoot at before docking?

    4. Continuation errors: OK, Trip is dead but he still talks to chef, aka Ricker??? And why aren’t T’Pol and Archer more upset about it?

    I could go on and on, but writing about this episode is actually very painful. I just want to forget about it. For me “These Are the Voyages...” is just a very bad nightmare and Enterprise ended with Terra Prime. And to quote a famous filmmaker: “Shame on you Mr. Berman and shame on you Mr. Braga!!!”
  • The worst ending they could have done. Truly showed how little B&B care about the fans.

    After watching Terra Prime I had high hopes for the finale and that TPTB would relent and bring Enterprise back for the fifth season. After watching this crap of an episode all I could do was hope that they wouldn't bring it back for a last season. Talk about character assassination. After setting up a hopeful future for Trip and T'Pol in the penultimate episode, they kill it and then stomp on that possibility with episodes. I think that they just don't like happy romantic endings for their characters unless it Riker and Troi and how long did that take (*cough*Voyager*cough*). I was leary of what would happen when I heard that Frakes and Sirtis owuld be guest starring (I like them both, but this was Enterprise's finale), but in my worse nightmares I never would have imagined and episode like this.
  • SFX Magazine hiot the nail on the head with this episode when it called it the Final Insult.

    After watching the finale I was dumb struck. When SFX magazine arrived it showed in big bold letters the statement \"The Final Insult\" and that what it has come to. How in the world someone can screw up a franchise with 50 million viewers has to go into the text books for teaching economics.

    Brannon & Brage leave the Star Trek franchise go aeay and never write again for them. Evidently they felt the heat from fans around the world and SFX magazine published their pathetic excuse for taking chances.

    A quotation from J. Michael Straczynski expresses my thoughts.

    I\'m sending this to both the B5 folks reading this and any Trek fans looking on.

    Bryce Zabel (recently the head of the Television Academy and creator/executive producer of Dark Skies) and I share one thing in common. We are both long-time Trek fans, from the earliest days, who felt that the later iterations were not up to the standards set by the original series. (I\'m exempting TNG because that one worked nicely, and was in many ways the truest to the original series because Gene was still around to shepherd its creation and execution.)

    Over time, Trek was treated like a porsche that\'s kept in the garage all the time, for fear of scratching the finish. The stories were, for the most part, safe, more about technology than what William Faulkner described as \"the human heart in conflict with itself.\" Yes, there were always exceptions, but in general that trend became more and more apparent with the passage of years. Which was why so often I came down on the later stories, which I did openly, because I didn\'t feel they lined up with what Trek was created to be. I don\'t apologize for it, because that was what I felt as a fan of Trek. That\'s why I had Majel appear on B5, to send a message: that I believe in what Gene created.

    Because left to its own devices, allowed to go as far as it could, telling the same kind of challenging stories Trek was always known for, it could blow the doors off science fiction television. Think of it for a moment, a series with a forty year solid name, guaranteed markets...can you think of a better time when you take chances and can tell daring, imaginative, challenging stories? Why play it safe?

    When Enterprise went down, those involved shrugged and wrote it off to \"franchise fatigue,\" their phrase, not mine.

    I don\'t believe that for a second. Neither does Bryce. There\'s a tremendous hunger for Trek out there. It just has to be Trek done *right*.

    Last year, Bryce and I sat down and, on our own, out of a sheer love of Trek as it was and should be, wrote a series bible/treatment for a return to the roots of Trek. To re-boot the Trek universe. Understand: writer/producers in TV just don\'t do that sort of thing on their own, everybody always insists on doing it for vast sums of money. We did it entirely on our own, setting aside other, paying deadlines out of our passion for the series. We set out a full five-year arc.

    But when it came time to bring it to Paramount, despite my track record and Bryce\'s enormous and skillful record as a writer/producer, the effort stalled out because of \"political considerations,\" which was explained to us as not wishing to offend the powers that be.

    A number of recent articles and polls, including one at in which nearly 18,000 fans voted their preference for a new Trek series, and 48% of that figure called for a jms take on Trek. (The other choices polled at about 18% or thereabouts.)

    See, if somebody doesn\'t like a story, doesn\'t want to buy it, that\'s all well and good, that\'s terrific, that\'s the way it\'s supposed to be. But when \"political considerations\" are the basis...that just doesn\'t parse.

    So here\'s the deal, folks. If you want to see a new Trek series that\'s true to Gene\'s original creation, helmed by myself and Bryce, with challenging stories, contemporary themes, solid extrapolation, and the infusion of some of our best and brightest SF prose writers, then you need to let the folks at Paramount know that. If the 48% of the 18,000 folks who voted at sent those sentiments to Paramount...there\'d be a new series in the works tomorrow.

    I don\'t need the work, I have plenty of stuff on my plate through 2007 in TV, film and comics, so that\'s not an issue. But I\'d set it all aside for one shot at doing Trek right, and I know Bryce feels the same.

    If you want this to\'s up to the Trek and B5 fans to make it so.

    The rest I leave to the quiet turning of your considered conscience.

    J. Michael Straczynski
  • What a disappointment

    After Terra Prime, with such a build up of action and suspense and character development, this was a total disappointment. First off Trip and T'Pol, you would think that the discovery of their kid and then the death of their child, that they would in the end decided to make a child of their own and start a family. then in the series finale, they ended up not getting together.
    riker and troi? they look so old now....its amazin how troi aged since voyager and riker since Beyond Belief. who's gonna believe it took place during season 7 and who cares about riker tryin to learn the lesson of "disobeyin orders" WTF is that?
    shran's daughter? who cares
    Trip dying a meaningless death. this was almost as bad as Data dying a meaningless death in Nemesis.
    This whole ep was a disappointment. it woulda been nice to focus more on the founding of the federation and hear Archer's famous speech. Similar to the speech given in the previous episodes to the delegates to the proposed Earth Alliance. Overall sad to see the show gone and given this disgusting send off
  • B-A-D!

    This was a terrible season finale and anyone could have written something better than that! Thanks a lot Berman and Braga, you should have let Manny Coto pen this episode!

    The death of Trip was probably the wrost written death in the history of network television. Trip would have never in his life done that!
  • Don't watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like most people I hated the last episode and wish I have never seen it!!! But I just found out there is a book out call "Good That Men DoThe by Andy Mangels, Michael A. Martin" and fixes everything that was so so wrong with that last episode!!! I haven't read it yet so I hope its good!!!!
  • Disgraceful. An insult to Trek fans. Should be deleted from the series archives. Nearly drove the whole franchise into the ground. Spoilers below - as if Braga's self-indulgent writing didn't "spoil" the show already. "True to itself?" That's meaningless.

    I leave this review as a warning beacon to Trek fans in the future who journey here to find out about this episode: Do not approach, leave this system at maximum warp.

    The many shortcomings of this episode could have warranted the coining of a new word in the English language: "multifailure." Bad format. Bad story. Bad character resolutions. Bad omissions. It's no wonder that cast member Jolene Blalock went off on the writers, calling this eipsode "appalling... a reminder of why we're being cancelled."

    First, the episode is presented as a series of MTV-style focus interviews, where characters explain the action in flashbacks for viewers who are too dumb to figure it out watching a straight narrative. Ugh. And it's set in the framework of a holodeck story during an old episode of The Next Generation. Rather than being a tribute to loyal fans of Enterprise, they decided to exhume an obscure story from TNG. Why?

    Then there's the treatment of the characters. The popular Trip is killed in a ridiculously contrived scenario that has a ragtag group of pirates overtaking, boarding and commandeering the Enterprise. There's not an ounce of suspense or drama to his death, which obviously cut off the long-developing relationship that had been brewing between Trip and T'Pol. So zero payoff for all that development, and we get neither a symbolic first union between the different races (certainly the theme of the series, and arguably the single most important theme in all of Star Trek) nor the drama of a death scene between the two lovers. Lame.

    The other plot point that had been building over the course of many episodes was the birth of the Federation, with a legendary speech to be delivered by Jonathan Archer. We have heard about the impact of this speech on the characters, and we see Archer preparing for the speech, even walking out to deliver it - and then nothing. The writers apparently decided we didn't need to actually hear it. Yeah, why would any fans of Star Trek want to hear words of insipiration which summarize the spirit of the show, on the last episode of (what was at the time) the last Trek show left on TV? We would much rather hear an overweight, overaged Riker tell us what a valuable lesson he learned from his holodeck experience.

    So if you are reading this and you haven't actually seen the episode, do yourself the best favor you can do in your Enterprise-watching life and skip it. Go and re-watch the excellent penultimate episode, "Terra Prime," which is a pretty-good wrap-up for the storylines, series, and Pre-Abrams franchise. Imagine the bright future for Trip & T'pol and the Federation which had been hinted at over four seasons. And save yourself from the heavy disppointment of watching perhaps the worst-conceived episode in the entire franchise.
  • I wish I could award it a 0!! The worst thing I ever watched. Such a shame.

    There is nothing to say other than DON'T WATCH it. I wish they could release a film and fix the ending, from the moment they 'killed' off the vulcan-human baby the show needs fixing! After all, in another episode there was a child of T'Pol and Trip alive and well - no problems with his genes there. This episode was just plain wrong. The Next Generation conection was forced in and took over, the ridiculous behaviour of the Enterprise characters and the plot was all wrong, wrong, wrong. I can't stand Number2 (Ricard) and the all knowing chef ...WHAT was that? I cant possibly find 100 words to rewiev this - is bad, ruined the really good series that I really enjoyed and should e deleted and fixed !! LOL..end of rant!
  • !!!Stay away!!!

    I am so very sorry that I did not read the warnings from the reviewers of this last episode. I should never have watched it, and I really regret I did. After a hesitating start, a fantastic third season and a very good fourth, this finale is bad, it's an evil, stupid pile of wasted opportunities. Star trek writers and producers like to show off with their knowledge and respect for 'the legacy'... well, this is where they killed it. (Read the other reviews for details)
    Seriously : be warned. Don't watch!
  • The worst episode ever! It never happened! (spoilers!)

    What was that!
    Things that went wrong about this episode:

    1. Trip's death - totally not nessesary and pointless, i mean hello!? what happened to the Security personnel on the ship? You think he could at least buy time for security to get there instead of pointlessly blowing himself up to take out three other guys!? (*cry* he was my favourite character)

    2. Trip/T'Pol relationship – what happened!? After everything that they had gone through they just "broke up", i am not buying it. They just thought it would easier to axe the relationship instead of thinking outside the box to why they can't stay together (cause i am pretty sure the history books say that they were not the first human/Vulcan marriage). They could have said that due to the Xindi attack this is now a new timeline or something (which it kinda is already) or say they couldn't get married due to the large amount xenophobia going around at that time and it would be too controversial. Lol sorry for that huge complaint i am just a Trip/T'Pol shipper. 3. People acting out of character – not one person on the ship acted like themselves it was so frustrating, and Trip's death, Archer had known him what (doing some math) like 18ish years or something and he didn't even shed a tear, ditto with T'Pol. Sim (Trip clone) got a more emotional farewell and he wasn't even the real Trip. 4. Why is Shran more important than the main cast? – Basically the whole story(the part which is on enterprise) revolved around Shran and finding his daughter..... isn't he a minor character? Very weak storyline if you ask me.

    5. Riker and Troi – Why does this episode revolve around them? Isn't it called Star Trek: Enterprise not Star Trek: The Next Gen. And they do not look how they did however many years ago it was (like 15 years or something). Throughout this whole episode i was hoping that it would be another epic Star Trek time travel episode: someone goes back in time and sets things right (save Trip etc.) When it didn't happen i was ready to jump off a cliff. This episode made me cry of shear horror. In my view it never happened, Terra Prime was the last episode for me. Anyway enough from me, it was good to get that off my chest lol.
  • Hateful - Cynical kick in the teeth for all fans of the show.

    SPOILER ALERT! Enterprise became my favorite of the franchise, though I was skeptical to begin with, but I learned to accept Scott Bakula as Captain Archer and no longer Sam Beckett! :) I liked how the crew messed up from time to time, got nervous, didn't always have the right answers. TNG was always so sanctimonious, while Enterprise was more gritty and less whimsical. It (and the fans and the cast & crew) deserved more for its finale than the spectacle of Riker in a corset, waddling the ship's corridors in what felt like a TNG episode that someone left down the back of the couch. And they 'killed' Trip...if you believe that ;)
  • A totally out of character and unworthy ending and episode for a great series.

    While many people disliked this series, I immediately loved the series (not for the actors) but for the period in the Federation's history it covered.

    This series was to cover the birth of the Federation showing how Earth went from its Third World War to leading the dominate power in our galaxy in only 1,000 years.

    Yet, the last several episodes, and beyond a shadow of a doubt this episode, failed to show the birth of all we have come to hope for and respect - The Federation.

    Instead of exploring the forces at work and the contributions (planets, groups, and individuals) required to bring forth the Federation expanded upon a "Next Generation" episode (which had no relationship to the occurring historical events).

    Honestly having the last six episodes being a mini-arc about the birth process and the forces at work -- pro & con is what the Star Trek community deserved. Showing us the fears, worries, and attempts to abort the coming birth would be more interesting.

    Finally, the creators did a great dis-service to themselves, the cast, and audience by not remembering to return to the beginning showing how Earth's growth will lead so greatly into the future.

    A better last episode might have been from a class room perspective in the year 3,000 or even 4,000.

    The series, Gene Rodenberry, and all of us deserved better! I'm glad Universal replaced the creators.
  • One of the worst episode ever for the star trek series. I saw and it sucked really badly i didnt like the last few episode of the series. Ok so hope if they make another series that they will make it better then star trek enterprise hopefully a new series

    i started watching the thrid season because i started likng it. Also the last few episodes also sucked too. This was the worst series finale ever for star trek. I really hope that they make a new star trek series and call it Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. That would be really sweet
  • The bigest SH*T ending in the history over series.

    So the first thing that needs to be mentioned is that if you haven't seen this episode JUST DON'T F**KING WATCH IT. It's a big pile of SH*T I can't believe my eyes, after watching this episode... i just cant find words to express my EMO RAGE. There should be a warning sign of some kind. I'v been siting in front of my computer for 10 minutes trying to find the words but i just can't. Well i just wanted to point of that I'm not one of thous big star trek fans, i just watch this because of the new movie. I was pleasantly surprised, well not by Scott Bakula acting because that was really bad, and the first season was filed with cheese and subliminal racism hehe, can't really get over how much Anthony Montgomery was smiling if the first season. and how bakula was speaking to everybody like he was their father. Jolene Blalock is either a really bad actor or a really good one. I can't really say she really grew on my especial after she started wearing a non volcan grey ugly looking suite. Also i think she cut her hair at one time and the wig she was using got a a lot smaller and made her head look normal size. To bad they didn't let her hair out. She was really beautiful in the episodes she wasn't using the wig.
  • These Are The Voyages... This is the worst series finale ever because:

    Frakes and Sirtis are just too old to literally fit in the former uniforms and pose as the ones that they were 11(!) years ago.
    He has clearly put on too much weight in the meantime. They simply do no longer go through as that young. Sirtis' accent is to mention, too.
    Why did this episode have to happen during the seventh season of Tng? Ah, I know: So the writers can say that Archer WAS mentioned in at least one episode that took place before Enterprise, as so many fans complained about this inconsistency- But in this case it is forced into it and does in NO WAY work.
    What about chronologically correct three years after Nemesis on the Titan or at Starfleet Academy (if the Titan was too expensive or saved for a possible movie)?
    This would have served the continuity SO WELL and they both would not have been had to be made any younger.
    Better believably old than incredibly young.
    Riker and Troi could have held a dissertation about the last days of Archer's Enterprise and with a little creativity one would have found a more suitable and proper solution to receive information or to put Riker, Troi and Archer's crew together, even in a real(!) way.
    But this had to happen during the Pegasus-Episode which does not at all fit and I cannot decide which reasons to name first:

    Error 1: Right after the opening credits they used footage from the episode "Menage a Troi" where the crew was wearing the old uniforms with the line on the shoulders.
    Error 2: If you look closely, in this old footage the original Riker can be seen which makes two Commanders as the "new" Riker is placed into digitally. Funny.
    Error 3: It were the ghosts of the Pegasus' dead crew members who convinced Riker that he had to tell Picard the truth, not the speech at the end of this episode.
    Error 4: I do not recall that the holodeck of the Enterprise-D had the ability of putting the appropriate clothing over the normal one.
    As far as I know they always had to redress for themselves.
    Error 5: Since when did the holodeck have an objective mode?

    Are we really to believe that Riker can participate in such events that took place so many years in the past or overhear a private(!) conversation as the one Archer and T'Pol had after Trip died?
    In such early years Archer and his crew surely had NO WAY and intention of recording every single step, word or actions they made just for a future somebody who is in the mood to re-enact it.
    We were alway shown and told that simple holograms are limited and now we are to buy that Riker gets and takes advice from them?
    Fans deserve the REAL Enterprise crew and not some holograms. But the writers took this into account as they DID want to have Riker and all of Archer's Crew
    interact together at any cost.
    They want to sell us that whilst Pegasus the Commander had nothing better to do than posing as Enterprise's Chef listening to private talks and shooting Aliens? Riker takes the place of a Maco during the shooting on the planet and by doing so he already alternates the happening as there was NO Riker then.
    And how was the alien ship capable of reaching the Enterprise? Shran said their ship could not do so. And what about firing back or so?
    They were boarded, everybody did know it- and for minutes there was no Maco or only a single crewmember who (just coincidentally) came by to interfere like on a derelict ship. Just long enough for trip to fool the aliens so that
    he could blow himself and them up. What a stupid, senseless and certainly not heroic death... Well...
    The speech:
    We do not even get to hear the speech practically every fan was waiting for. This is fooling the fans as we know it from Voyager's finale.
    Troi seems like she wanted to deactivate the holodeck before Archers begins his speech I had to memorize this speech in grammar school (which means I surely do not want to hear it again now as I hated it already then)."

    "These Are The Voyages..." should embarrass and aggravate everyone who sais he or she is a Star Trek-fan.
  • An Intentional insult to all

    Rather than give enterprise fans a send off they instead focus on a holodeck program aboard the enterprise D set during the 7th season.The first mistake right thier ,Riker and Deanna appear and the viewers think "how come riker looks like hes exploded in a fat shop?"set during the episode pegasus which featured riker having torn loyalties between orders and his sense of honour.Don't recall riker nipping off to the holodeck every 5 minutes during the crisis with the hunt for the ship, the stand off with the romulans,being sealed inside an asteroid and violating the treaty of algeron.Wow busy day.
    It may or may not have happened at all due to all the inconsistencies in the episode.It seems to focus on a minor plot about kidnapping and fake diamonds things(Riveting).set 10 years after enterprise launch at the signing of the Coalition charter none of the crew have aged,been transferred or even promoted .All our favourites have come through the very recent romulan war completely unscathed.Suddenly and implausibly, A warp 2 ship catches up with enterprise after they help out shran and his daughter .Trip dies a pointless death and its all over .
    What a pointless pointless episode.
    The official novel continuation of the series goes to great lengths to right the episode off as a bad holodeck trip and spends an entire book repairing the damage done by this foul little episode.
    I still watch this occasionally when i want to get nice and angry
  • A criminally underappreciated show dies in shame.

    What exactly makes this episode so bad? Is it the fact that it is not exactly an "Enterprise" episode, but in fact more of a TNG ep? Is it the fact that the writers chose to completely ignore certain events and character development that happened during the final season? Maybe it's the fact that everyone in it behaves completely out of character. Let me just say that the idea of having Riker and Troi in "The Finale" was not at all that bad, but the execution was down right embarrassing. For one, they both look way too old for the timeframe in which they were put. How the hell was anyone supposed to buy this? And what exactly was Riker hoping to learn from Commander Tucker's suicide? Oh yes, and they (Riker & Troi) usurp way too much screen time! And why would a man like Tucker ever do something stupid like killing himself like that? Hi didn't look suicidal to me! And what about his relationship with the Vulcan chick? Did the writers really expect us to believe that they just 'broke up?' After all the sh*t they've been through together? Come on! I can go on with these questions forever, but instead I'll just forget I ever saw this horror.
  • lazy writing and an impausible ending left many dissapointed

    This finale is one of the worst I've seen for any show. Although I didn't mind Riker and Troi coming back in and of itself, the story was for a minor episode of TNG and really did not fit for a proper send off for the show.

    The main down point was the complete reversal of the Trip/T'pol relationship from the previous episode. It was like watching a war of the writers. The writer of the last episode was almost shouting "I said no relationship!" when the previous episodes finally showed this relationship going somewhere. (although it was mostly bungled from the get go)

    Also killing the Trip character was pointless and it seems like they did it just to add a dramatic ending to the show. Such a major charcter death could have been dealt with like Spock dying, but the characters were way to blase about it.

    None of the other characters even had that. After six years, they are still the same rank and doing the same job? Just lazy and implausable.

    Not showing Archer's speech was the frosting on the cake for the laziness of this episode. The writer's tried to build this up as a "valentine" to the fans, but after watching this, this was cheap spin as they showed us they couldn't care less and have already moved on. Very disapppointing.
  • Horrible, just horrible

    Next to "Spock's Brain" and "The Naked Now", this episode still shines as possibly the worst episode of any Star Trek series EVER!. I love Trek, I really do, and after the fact, I even have started to really dig Enterprise, but there was NO excuse for this episode. A dead Trip and a fat, old Riker made this episode almost unwatchable. The only thing that could have made this episode worse was maybe having Whoppi Goldburg show up as the chef after all this time. Come on! This show, really, was the best Trek, episode for episode. But to give it the big send off to DVD with this load of used Tribble food was an out and out insult to every geek who has ever put on a pair of pointed ears and stood proudly in line for an autograph at aa convention. BOO to the writers and shame on Paramount. The nail certainly has been placed in the Trek universe with one.
  • Have just seen this for the first time and it really is as bad as most people warned me it would be

    The TNG crew should never have been included. Jonathan Frakes has aged too much to pull off Pegasus era Riker. And the fact that you know all along that it's only a simulation leaves you feeling oddly detached rather than gripping you and pulling you in to the story.

    Everybody who commented that Trip's death was senseless - I fully agree

    Everybody who commented on the implausibility of years going by since the last episode with no personnel changes - I fully agree!

    This is sheer laziness on the part of the writing team. Why do we not hear Archer's speech at the end? If this is so crucial to the foundation of the Federation then might it not have been worth including? Instead they come up with "computer - end program" followed by some half-arsed footage of the three Enterprises with the respective captains reading the "mission statement" - Oh that's genius!!! Must have taken a lot of head scratching to come up with that.

    This is the first time I've been motivated to review anything, just to vent my anger. That's how bad it was.

    Very disappointed. I did enjoy most of this series
  • Worst episode ever!

    It's been a long time since I watched this episode and I never intend to watch it ever again even if under the threat of torture... as I think the torture of watching it again might just out way anything else :P

    In short this episode was a disaster and I was appalled by the way the writers were patting themselves on the back fro a job well done... just listen to be commentary on the DVD and you'll want to hurl.

    To sum it up there were 3 main things that caused this episode to blow. 1) Inclusion of the TNG Crew Riker and Deana Troy... WTF!
    2) Kill off a major character for no apparent reason.
    3) Seemed more like a campy TNG episode than the usual Enterprise drama... the story was pathetic.

    As an end to the Enterprise saga this episode was an enormous let down. The show could have gone out with a bang, but instead it went out with a whimper. :(
  • What a pile of crap! Oh b*****! I can't get a negative score!

    And the season finale is... Terra Prime! Wahay!

    If that's what they'd have said, I would not have been disappointed. But they didn't. They made this... thing.

    Well they wanted to do 1 better than any other star trek incarnation, and here it is. Spock's Brain! Squared! This is worse than the episode of voyager about boxing. Or those ones set in Pride & Prejudice!

    This is the red-shirt episode of them all. If a localised explosion destroyed any episode of star trek but this one, we'd all weep.

    Lousy! Weak! Oh it was all on a holodeck. Oh Trip's dead! Never mind - here's Chef!

    In the words of comic book guy - Worst episode ever! Worse than Star Trek V!
  • I didn't want to hate this episode, but if there was ever a Star Trek episode worth hating... this is it right here.

    Oh what a disappointment, I accepted the fact that Enterprise was canceled, but to have to sit and watch this 'finale' is like salt in the wound.

    I'm assuming you know the plot so let's just skip ahead.

    First off the NX-01 crew are holograms in this episode, which is fine (sounded like an interesting twist). The problem is they ACT like holograms, low-grade holograms at that, they have no real personality, no real depth, no soul at all. It really does sound like they are all acting from a script, it's someone's idea of how the Enterprise crew "might" have acted back then. Well it fails, and it fails hard, this is not the crew you've come to know for four years. So that alone just basically kills the show right there, even Shran sounds fake.

    Next up is Trip, his death... Yeah I couldn't believe it either, what an absolute waste that story point was. It goes like this: Trip saves the captain > Trip dies > The NX-01 crew complains about how bad their seats are at the conference. His death had about as much emotional impact as a mosquito bite.

    I won't even get into how Riker and Troi feel like straight out intruders in the show, No wonder the Enterprise cast were complaining about the finale.

    One good thing did come from this disaster, the scene as Archer is getting ready to go out and deliver his speech (which we never get to hear by the way), the interaction he has with T'Pol brought a tear to my eye and was definately a highlight of the entire series, so watch this episode just for that moment, everything else...

    Well, just do what I did, and pretend that the Enterprise finale was one episode earlier with "Terra Prime", Now THAT is a finale.

    I actually wish that the show had NOT been given a finale at all like ToS, as this one just cemented a lot of beliefs that Enterprise did indeed "suck".

    I Still can't get over what an utter disappointment the finale was, but oh well... at least we got to see Phlox's super-smile one last time.
  • The Enterprise finishes her last voyage...

    This was a horrible ending to the Enterprise series. There was the awful, contrived death of Trip. Then the pointless story of retrieving Shran's daughter. And worse of all - the needless intrusion of Riker and Troi in what was left of the story. Instead of concentrating on the lives of the major characters of the Enterprise, we have to suffer the focus on Riker and his decision!!! Is this an Enterprise story or a TNG story? And then we don't even get to see Riker make his decision (really who cares?) or Archer make his speech. This whole story seems to be in draft-mode and not finished. It would be better if the series finished off one episode earlier..
  • Set during a seventh season TNG episode, Cmdr. Riker uses the holodeck to relive the Enterprise's last voyage and deal with a crisis.

    This episode takes place in conjunction with 'The Peagasus'.

    I don't think there is a word to describe how bad this episode was. Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis are aged (Jonathan terribly) and some of the sets don't match the original running of The Next Generation. I will give producers some credit, if any, for rebuilding some sets. The turbolift and corridor on the Enterprise-D were terribly done, and Ten-Forward was mostly stock footage.

    Now on to the episode:
    When cast members complain that the story is poorly written, SOMETHING IS WRONG!! They could have had an ending like The Next Generation, leaving it open for a movie, but they didn't. They didn't have to kill off a main character like they did in Nemesis, but they did. They could have written this better, but they DIDN'T.

    I think it is safe to say that this was the worst finale, worse than Voyager, and one of the worst episodes Paramount has approved for production.
  • It never happened

    Never, never happened. It's apocryphal; doesn't fit with Pegasus, watching Pegasus, you try and see where it could all fit, but it doesn't; Riker's involved in just about everything, he wouldn't have the time to keep running to the holodeck like that. And Trip killing himself? Doesn't make sense. None of the characters sound like themselves, it's like B&B have never seen these characters before or something. Riker needed that much help figuring out the right thing to do? Pegasus never made it seem like that much of a question, more to the point, Riker speaks up as much out of necessity of the Enterprise using the cloak tp escape the asteroid as being honest. Yeah, it was something nagging at his conscience, but he was grappling with wether or not break an oath that protecting an illegal activity. It was more of how to pick the right moment and find the courage to go against a high ranking official and tell your immediate suppior the truth, whatever the consequences; and being trapped in the asteroid was a means to an end. If Riker had that much trouble making a command decision, he shouldn't have even been first officer of any ship, let alone a Captain!
    Another poster made it sound like ending the series with Terra Prime would have been a bad thing; I don't think so. It was the second half of a two-parter, which all but TOS has for their finals. And between the two episodes, it told a good story. This episode was trite garbage and any future incarnation needs to negate it.
  • The worst series finale I've ever seen

    I've read many of the reviews given by folks on this site. I have to agree with those that hated this episode. It was an awful way to say goodbye to such an interesting and improving show. I'll admit I didn't get into Enterprise untill the 3rd season with the zindi threat but once they had my attention I was hooked. The actors in this series were superb but were forced to continually accept poor to terrible writing. The fourth season had so many good episodes to just be snuffed out by this totally unnecessary ending.

    The holodeck idea was clever I'll give them that, but not for a series ender. It was a total slap in the face of not only the actors who delt with such harsh critizism from all sides but also to those fans that had developed a great love and connection to the characters so wonderfuly performed by these actors.

    I've done my share of star trek fiction and by no small means do I say its easy to impress all your fan base. We all have favorite aspects of the show and fans of star trek can be a tad obsesive. However there were so many good episodes in this series that I was completely shocked and appaled at how poorly it was ended. There is no excuse for the poor death of Trip, not to mention the LAME build-up of Archer's speach only to not hear it. I was hoping that maybe that one thing could save the entire episode, but it was snatched away much like a bully will tease a child who just had his lunch money stolen.

    This writing display was pathetic. Shame on you writers for permitting this series to end on such a poor note. And shame on you for dissapointing so many faithful fans that did watch this series and struggled against hope to keep it on the air. We deserved better!
  • Craptacular way to end a good series. At least all the regualr cast members were in it.

    It's hard to find words to write this review. I want to make sure everyone understands that I watched it with an open mind twice. Once to see it, and the second time to make sure that I had seen what I thought I had just seen, which happens to be the worst episode of television in history.

    I suppose the problem stems from late notice on a cancellation (at least they were still in production though.) The real problem might just well be expectation. They tried to turn this episode into not only a fond farewell for this series, but as a cap on the entire franchise. They failed both miserably.

    To have a series finale that doesn't even really focus on the seires regulars is a stake in the heart of a group of dedicated people who had done all they could to make she series work. I applaud all those actors from Scott Bakula on down. They did the best they could with a studio that continually forced them to change who they were (which happened to be a general pre-requisite for most star trek episodes anyway- You are whatever the writers decide to write your character as this week.)

    But this...this pile of trash was an absolute abhoration. I don't blame Marina Sirtis or Jonathan Frakes, they did what they were told...but to impose them on Enterprise was a sin of the first order.

    Then, to arbitrarily kill off a main character to give the episode weight. People need to be rewarded for watching a show about characters from another series, so let's kill off one of our main characters in a sudden and surprising way so that they get some emotion.

    And for fun, let's bring in an actor in a major recurring role, because the audience wants to see him. Doesn't matter that his role is completely out of character for him.

    Do you get the idea that I just thought this episode was completely wrong for this series?

    But, I would be satisfied to let it be just a crappy episode...if it weren't for the world's worst cop out.

    The episode starts with and takes great pains to talk about Archer's great speech. Archer's monumental speech...but we don't even get to hear it! The writers were so afraid that it couldn't live up to it's expectations that they didn't even do it.

    To the cast and crew of Enterprise I say thank you. To the people in charge of this episode you should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Big Let Down

    While the episode may have been a good idea for a sweeps week show (which is why I even gave it a point), a good series finale it is not. Having watched Enterprise from the beginning, ending it this way makes me realize that the writers really didn't care for the artistic nature of the show, but went for the easy out.

    The episode felt chopped together, liked there was a rush to get it made - which it was. The ultimate failure in the episode came when one of the crew died. There was no funeral, no saddness, no empathy with the crew, nothing. It was business as usual, just another Redshirt. When Yar died in TNG, there was a sense of passing and sadness, not here.

    With this episode ends the story of Star Trek for sometime now. Too bad it ended on such a down note, but maybe the quality of the crew will be better in the next installment.
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