Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 22

These Are the Voyages …

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2005 on UPN

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  • A highly underapricated series finale. A perfect ending to a show that ended before it's time.

    I have read many reviews of "These Are the Voyages" that are mainly bad reviews stating it was an awful ending. I disagree. Enterprise was a great series and in my opinion the best of the Star Trek shows. The first two seasons developed the show quite well and we did many things throughout the series so we could end up at this point. The signing of the federation charter is a pivital moment and bridging the two shows together like they did was a perfect way to do it. "These are the Voyages" was a perfect ending to this great show.
  • With such a great series I think it was true to itself including the last episode.

    Im sad the series is over and sure if it went on It would have been nice if it was like search for spock the movie but they made no movies ,So i guess i'm saying the whole last episode was good except for trip's death but at least he died a warriors death saving his captain.It bothered me more that tpol and trip never developed their relationship and you cant blame that on these are the voyages.I dont really care much for Riker but I think he did a good job also. I just dont get why so many think it was such a bad ending. The show allways let you remember the risks that were taken.
  • PLEASE BRING T'POL back in another show! Well done... somthing I would have changed, but what can I say.


    I only wish ...REALLY WISH, tat T'pol or Trip would have said the words " I love you and I want to be with you". The "I will miss you" was enough to hold me over but still didnt really seal the deal. Why Trip died... in that fasion was simply stupid, of all the characters to die why him? ..why not the brit or the helmsman, they both had pull, but trip held that show together. copy cause I have nothing else to say, I only wish ...REALLY WISH, tat T'pol or Trip would have said the words " I love you and I want to be with you". The "I will miss you" was enough to hold me over but still didnt really seal the deal. Why Trip died... in that fasion was simply stupid, of all the characters to die why him? ..why not the brit or the helmsman, they both had pull, but trip held that show together.
  • Excellent ending! A must watch!

    A great way to end a great series! The final sequence with the three captains of the different Enterprises was the best way of ending it. Worth seeing just for that! It's sad that Tucker died but that his death was good, protecting his captain. Another season would have been great but atleast it ended well!
  • Its crazy how it went down...

    People dying left and right, both babies, and those giving their life in order to save the Capt and the ship. It was pretty cool how they killed off a main character rather than some no name person. I think it would have been better if they had showed D'pol with Trip's family while Archer is giving his speech. That would have been way better of an ending.

    And to watch Riker, and Troy view the speech as its given by Archer. However, the series is over and nothing else to watch until Psyche comes on again in a few weeks.
  • The last episode, unfortunately...

    My opinion is Rick Berman knew that the show was condemned, so they found an original conclusion with Will Riker and the holodeck. Look at the last scene, we saw the Enterprise D, the NCC-1701 and the NX-01 with the respective voice of her Captain...
    A great moment in Star Trek Tv saga...
    In France, myself and all my friends, we love Enterprise. I Think Berman, Braga and all the people who were involved in Star Trek since the Next Generation were at their's best with Enterprise...
    We will see in the next few weeks, with J.J.Abrams' movie, if Berman was or wasn't in Gene Roddenburry's continuity....
  • OMG!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO GOOD

    Now i dont believe i am a real star trek fan because i havn't really liked any other one of the shows.
    But when i saw Enterprise i fell in love with it, well i really fell in love with Trip Tucker.
    Whith his cute little smile and i believed, because it was star trek, he would never die.
    I was right he will never die in me and in any of his fans but he did die in the show.
    Trip died saving his captain and the women he loved. He saved his crew, his friends, the earth and he saved the ship.

    LONG LIVE TRIP!!!!!!!!!
  • This is the last episode of star trek: enterprise which we see the decomissoning of Enterprise and the charter for the alliance for the federation to begin. It is a vital episode as it is the last.

    This is the last episode of star trek: enterprise which we see the decomissoning of Enterprise and the charter for the alliance for the federation to begin. It is a vital episode as it is the last. It is upsetting to see Comander Tucker die and Enterprise to finish. It is great to see Hoshi go back to brazil. After watching every episode of every star trek (im not a sci fi geek) it is great to see the programmes and each Enterprise ship fit into place especially at the end when we hear the final words spoken in this order Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. It\'s continuing mission...
    Captain James Tiberius Kirk: explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations...
    Captain Jonathan Archer: ... to boldly go where no man has gone before.
    It is really a show to be missed
  • The epitome of everything that sucked about this series. A perfect finale, really.

    I remember celebrating when I found out that Berman and Braga were no longer in charge for Season 4. After all, they had taken everything that was good about Star Trek and replaced it with this corny, over-sexed and gimmicky monster. Whose idea was it to make a prequel series, anyway? And even then, all they had to do was stage two catastrophic first-contact wars with Romulans and Klingons and every Trekkie in the friggin' galaxy would have peed their pants with joy. They could've made 300 episodes and we'd still be begging for more ! But, noooooooooo, these jerks want to tinker instead!! Manny Coto saved Enterprise from becoming a complete abomination with some clever mini-arcs in season 4, but the show was doomed anyway. Confirming my worst fears, B&B were back to wrap the series up in true gimmicky fashion. Worse than Voyager's cowardly and cheap-o time-travel resolution, this finale was a HOLODECK PROGRAM starring Frakes and Sirtis looking completely ridiculous in their old TNG uniforms. Why not throw a TOS blazer on Shatner, too? Typical of the whole series, they spend an entire season on a species no one has ever heard of before or since, and then form the Federation of Planets in one episode. Set phasers to kill and put me out of my misery. SHEESH!
  • The end to the latest Star Trek series comes too early to really know how things would have developed. Set 10 years after the last episode, the show is wrapped up with the foundation of the federation.

    Although fans universally agree that this is the worst finale ever done for a Star Trek series, I took the time to watch it again after a few months, and with reservations, I have to say that it wasn't as bad as I initially had thought.

    The sub-plot with Shran really didn't make much sense for the series, in a way you could say however that it displays the trust and friendship that Shran and Archer had built up over the years. In the extras on the DVD it was even said that had the series continued, Shran would have eventually joined the crew of Enterprise. That would have been interesting. However, this sub-plot with Shran was not done effectively. More should have been put into why the crew would help Shran, and it should have had a more epic scale, rather than just paying a random ransom to save his daughter.

    As for the infamous death of Trip, this time around, I really watched closely, and unfortunately, Trip was justified in dying the way he did. From Trip's point of view, Archer would have been killed, and there was really nothing he could do about it but sacrifice himself to save him.

    Archer's speech at the end of the episode was a fitting end, but, had the series ended after a longer run, I am sure we would have been treated with the actual speech, and the "holodeck" idea would not have been necessary. An unfortunate, but not pointless end to a great show.

    Of course, as this took place on a holodeck 200 years into the future, we can at least rest assured that the computer probably didn't get all of the details right...
  • My thoughts on this great finale.

    I felt very compelled to anti the wave of criticism this episode received as to make an account with this place and write a review. I never do this. Partly because normally I canna be bothered. But after seeing "mediocre" plastered next to the not so impressed grey fella's emoticon face, something had to be said!

    Taking into account the last few episodes, it was possible to see the birth of the federation upon us. An episode was bound to be dedicated to this event, and which better to do so than this one! I thought that it was a great idea to bring in TNG and use it to catch a 3rd-person glimpse of what was going to happen (or to be more precise, what had already happened!) I bet everyone who saw Riker standing there on Enterprise glazed everyone's eyes in nostalgia. For a series that was ended way too soon, a fitting end is a difficult one. They could have left us hanging, but the point of that would have been astronomically without one. All good things must come to an end, and any ending of an incomplete series is gonna leave us feeling unsatisfied. However, don't let that feeling confuse your thoughts over this great episode finale!
  • Not the voyage they deserved


    The final episode of Enterprise doesn't do the show or characters great justice. Commander Riker of the Next Generation is at an impasse and he must use the Holodeck to make a decision. His choice is to observe Trip's last mission and it happens to be the one shortly before Archer's great speech. The action aboard Enterprise is set 6 years after the previous episode "Terra Prime" it aims to lead viewers right up to the forming of the alliance. The chief concern is how Trip is dealt with. His death is a needless martyrdom against random aliens who are after the blue skinned Shran. It's not believable or logical that he would set up a system that would blow a hole in several bulkheads, killing the aliens and killing himself. Then, just days after he perishes from plasma burns, the crew don't even seem to care that he is dead. Perhaps his death is an allegory for how the series was treated.

    Trip and T'Pols relationship has also been dead for 6 years, nothing has advanced. Even after losing a child together they choose to go their separate ways. This seems rather cold hearted and implausible given the journey we have seen. The rest of the episode is just a jumbled mess with only Shran's daughter's phrase "Thanks Pink Skin" providing laughs. As an episode of saying goodbye to characters it does so by placing Riker as the cook and having the major characters come and talk to him. Most of this discussion is about Trip, but it really does little to help Riker make his decision or help us tip our hats to the characters. There were better ways to say goodbye.

    Season 4 has been a bit of a mess in general. The early stages were interesting with the focus on Vulcans. There are a great number of multipart episodes that serve to save money on sets and actors. I feel that the last true Enterprise mission was probably "The Aenar" which concluded things fairly well with the Romulans. The only thing wrong with that episode is Trip leaving, so perhaps the ending of "Bound" is a good enough way to finish Enterprise. Certainly was not a fan of the "In the Mirror Darkly" episodes which seemed to serve no real purpose other than some kind of technicoloured fan service. Both Terra Firma terrorists episodes were awful too even with Robocop trying to steer the sinking ship. Malcolm, Hoshi, Trip, T'Pol, Travis, Phlox and Archer deserved a better note to finish a good series.
  • Not best epidosde of enterprise but not worst either.

    This episode gets very sentimental and if you arn't emotionally involved with the characters you arn't going to find much to like in this one. From a writing stand point it does a good job of tieing up a serries. It is set in the future (compared to normal enterprise timeline) and gives a who is what and what happens about all the characters. It also puts to film one of the most monumental moments of star trek history. The founding of the federation. Unfortunitly the character development in this episode comes way to late and alot of the development came out of no where. Most characters expressed emotions you have never heard from them before. which is unfortuinite. It was enjoyable though and put a serries that needed to be let go, down.
  • Its not the best finale (What You Leave Behind eill take some beating) but overall it was entertaining and gave good closure to the series - there were some naff bits though.

    Dont think for a second that this is a classic episode, it certainly isnt, but with the birth of the Federation, the death of a major character and the decommissioning of Enterprise this was a good finale with a sense of closure for the series. Now on to the faults; first of all was the way Trip died, it was a bit pointless - he has gotten out of tougher situations before - I wasnt keen on it, or the "brush over" of the crew's mourning, we only saw a 3 minute conversation about it between T'Pol and Archer, the rest didnt even say "Oh No"! The inclusion of Riker, Troi and Data was a nice touch, if you look closely in Ten Forward you can see Picard in the background aswell, they look older but come on, its been 11 years what did we expect? The sets were close enough but the Enterprise-D corridor looked wrong and the doors were far too Orange. The generated Enterprise-D looked superb, giving the message "if TNG was still running this is what the Enterprise would look like", excellent. The overall plot was fine, the Shran thing was a bit disconnected from the Federation birth story but it was all integral with Trip's death so its inclusion was understandable. I suppose its because I always like finale's that I am giving this a high score, also because the last 20 seconds with the 3 Enterprises and voiceovers was a fantastic conclusion to what has been for me a great series (DEFINITELY better than Voyager).
  • A perfect ending for a superp show. A perfect ending for a life-long Star Trek odyssey.

    This episode was a great series ending. It was great because it was not even meant to be the series ending but the 4th season ending. It worked fine in both aspects. Pulling characters from another Trek was a good idea. If only they could have pulled more characters from EACH Trek. The Enterprise actors were in high standard as usual. Connor Trinneer and Scott Bakula were exemplary.
    We have to remember that this was the end of not only Enterprise but the entire Star Trek odyssey (at least for a while). Each Enterprise character was 'finalized' with a 6 year gap for optimism. We may not have gotten what we expected but we did get a finale that ROCKED. Live Long and Prosper!
  • !!!Stay away!!!

    I am so very sorry that I did not read the warnings from the reviewers of this last episode. I should never have watched it, and I really regret I did. After a hesitating start, a fantastic third season and a very good fourth, this finale is bad, it's an evil, stupid pile of wasted opportunities. Star trek writers and producers like to show off with their knowledge and respect for 'the legacy'... well, this is where they killed it. (Read the other reviews for details)
    Seriously : be warned. Don't watch!
  • One of the worst episode ever for the star trek series. I saw and it sucked really badly i didnt like the last few episode of the series. Ok so hope if they make another series that they will make it better then star trek enterprise hopefully a new series

    i started watching the thrid season because i started likng it. Also the last few episodes also sucked too. This was the worst series finale ever for star trek. I really hope that they make a new star trek series and call it Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. That would be really sweet
  • A criminally underappreciated show dies in shame.

    What exactly makes this episode so bad? Is it the fact that it is not exactly an "Enterprise" episode, but in fact more of a TNG ep? Is it the fact that the writers chose to completely ignore certain events and character development that happened during the final season? Maybe it's the fact that everyone in it behaves completely out of character. Let me just say that the idea of having Riker and Troi in "The Finale" was not at all that bad, but the execution was down right embarrassing. For one, they both look way too old for the timeframe in which they were put. How the hell was anyone supposed to buy this? And what exactly was Riker hoping to learn from Commander Tucker's suicide? Oh yes, and they (Riker & Troi) usurp way too much screen time! And why would a man like Tucker ever do something stupid like killing himself like that? Hi didn't look suicidal to me! And what about his relationship with the Vulcan chick? Did the writers really expect us to believe that they just 'broke up?' After all the sh*t they've been through together? Come on! I can go on with these questions forever, but instead I'll just forget I ever saw this horror.
  • Big Let Down

    While the episode may have been a good idea for a sweeps week show (which is why I even gave it a point), a good series finale it is not. Having watched Enterprise from the beginning, ending it this way makes me realize that the writers really didn't care for the artistic nature of the show, but went for the easy out.

    The episode felt chopped together, liked there was a rush to get it made - which it was. The ultimate failure in the episode came when one of the crew died. There was no funeral, no saddness, no empathy with the crew, nothing. It was business as usual, just another Redshirt. When Yar died in TNG, there was a sense of passing and sadness, not here.

    With this episode ends the story of Star Trek for sometime now. Too bad it ended on such a down note, but maybe the quality of the crew will be better in the next installment.
  • Un-nessasary

    Oh, the stinck of it all. Manny Coto helped bring the series into it's own, only to have it end in such a stupid way. Did we really need an older and expanded Troi and Riker? What was the purpose of this? In addison, why kill an loved character? I read the spoilers, but went in with an open mind, but it stank worse than I thought. Th founding of the Federation was cool, but the whole thing was rushed. This was truly the stinker of the last 2 seasons.
  • Worst last episode of any Trek I've seen

    I thought this was a horrible ending for the show for numerous reasons...

    First off, the whole TNG frame story seemed pointless and forced... it seem as if the writers were looking to validate the show to the fans and showing how it incorporated into the rest of the Trek franchise... which was completely unneeded as the show was already firmly placed in the Universe... (also smacked of the "Generations" movie which had the same forced, unnecessary merging of Trek worlds)...

    Secondly, Trip's death was pointless... I mean, he's been in tougher situations and never had to blow him-self up... remember the time he defeated the Frangie who had takin over the ship... in his underwear? Give the character a little more credit... at least let him have died with more dignity (say fighting an invading Klingon landing party, or against the Romulans... or placing him in the Engine room that he loved and spent so much time... say, preventing a warp breach or sumpn)... I just saying Spock had a more noble death in Khan.. and he came back!

    Also, the whole time jump to what like 6 years from the previous episode was not depicted in either the ship, the characters, or any other respect (all in same costumes, hair styles, etc)... the only difference was that Tucker and T'Pal were no longer together (without a proper explanation as to what caused them to separate, or really having them "together" in the first place)

    The end where the federation is officially formed was kinda lame compared to all the lead-up shown through out the show (especially the 4th and final season)... I mean, we had the Terran, Tallurite, Andorian, and Vulcan collation that was formed earlier against the Romulan Drone Ship.. which was the basic foundation... and then the treaties signed in the Terra Prime story-line... are we to expect it took six years from those events to get to the point of the Federation being formally chartered? As for the scenes of the 3 Enterprises before the credits saying the famous trek intro lines... I felt it was them further trying to validate the show to Trek fans as I discussed earlier about the TNG frame story... completely unneeded... the cast and crew of the show knew that while some fans didn't like the direction the show went, it was firmly established in the Trek-verse... over-all I'm just upset at UPN for canceling it and using a faulty rating system as the basis (they didn't calculate the week-end re-airing or recorded viewing via TiVo, DVR, VCR, etc...)

    imo, I just wish the show was left more open ended allowing for more stories to be made for the cast... I mean, with the success of Serenity, and the bringing back of shows like Family Guy, Futurama, Jericho and Dead Like Me (Futurama and DLM are going to have direct to DVD movies continuing the series)... It only seems right to have allowedfuture writers and fans, make new stories for the show.
  • An aweful end to what was a promising season of Enterprise. Such a pity that it was this trash that ended up being the last episode of the series.

    When a TV series is coming to an end, you usually expect big things. You hope that it will be one of the best episodes written, because as the last episode, it will be your final to catch the characters doing what you love. Unfortunately "These Are The Voyages..." not only fails to live up to 'final episode' expectations, but turns out to be one of the weakest episodes of the season, and possibly of the series.

    Instead of bringing us one last adventure for the crew of Enterprise, we get a kind of flash-back experience, featuring Troi and Riker. Why these two people, from another TV show, are necessary is beyond me. They completely detract from the episode, and have nothing to give to the story, their sole purpose being to explain why we are looking far into Enterprise's future, to the founding of the Federation. While I can understand that the writers wanted to show this event (and perhaps originally intended to have it as the centrepiece of the final episode of the final season, if Enterprise had lasted 7 season as Voyager, DS9, and Next Generation had), the fact the series finished early should have put an end to this idea. Instead we get some convoluted way of allowing us to see it.

    That was not the only problem with the episode. Even if we forget for a minute that this is some sort of holographic replay, the action events that occur also seem convoluted in a way designed so that a character can die sacrificing themself, and yet it seems kind of pointless. Again, it seems as if the writers were acknowledging this is the final episode, and so we need to kill someone, but then weren't exactly sure how to do it, or why they should die. Pretty pointless stuff.

    Unfortunately, the who episode seems Voyager-esque in its awfulness, and that's really a shame given that the previous episodes of the season were so promising.
  • these are the voyages is possibly the worst episode in the whole shows history.

    for me star trek enterprise was the best of all the star treks as it presented a more realistic enterprise & more realistic space travel.There was also a lot more character progression & you really got to know the characters & could relate to them so much more than the previous star treks.This episode breaks completely from the plot & lands you 6 years on from the last episode which is bad enough only then to learn that your actually watching an episode of the next generation what were the writers thinking.well we'll never know as the show finished after this very poor excuse for a series finale.
  • A very average send-off

    This finale was a bit anti-climactic. The whole dashing-off-to-help-Shran was a bit pointless and honestly, if I hear Shran count up favours again, ...Well I guess I won\'t, will I. Still it\'s always a pleasure to have Jeffrey Combs on board.

    Anyway the other big gripe is the daft way Trip died. (And knowing that we were expecting him to die, did you notice the \"Trip almost falls to his death\" bit earlier on?)

    Anyway how dumb were the crooks to think he\'d have to go through all that palaver just to get in touch with Shran and lure him down to them?

    A lot was made of the apparent lack of mourning by the crew, but I thought Archer\'s hug for T\'Pol just as he went out to make his speech spoke of a mutual sense of loss.

    And I have nothing against the Riker-Troi bits but it did sorta steal the thunder from the NX01 crew on their last outing.

    Anyway the bottom line is that as an ordinary episode, it would have been okay (minus the major character\'s death). As a series finale, it didn\'t work EXCEPT for the cool bit at the end.
  • A rushed tie-in w/another Trek serie to try & lend authenticity.

    I think they wanted to tie in another series somehow, which could only be done through time travel or holodeck. Since it was getting cancelled, they had to do it now - and I'm glad they tried. It was a noble goal, and I think would have helped a lot if done far eaarlier. The execution was just way off. Yeah, time travel is old, so going back to the holodeck and filling in a scene was clever. But, when they can't get the uniforms right, have 2 Rikers b/c of one being digitally put in (the one playing chess could arguabley be Tom Riker, except I don't think he'd come on board yet), and don't seem to relate the reason Riker did it to the episode itself, I don't think it does any good.

    A better way would have been Riker in the middle of Best of Both Worlds, after having come to grips with firing on Picard and almost losing him. If there was time (which there may not have been I'll admit), between scenes, that would have been a powerful connection, and he'd have a reason to think about when Tripp died to protect Archer, and how Picard was really willing to give his life for the ship if he had to.
  • As bad as can be.

    We knew that the series was at the end. They just coudnt think up eny thing. The last season was for me the best season were they had 2 eppers all the time. The looong plot lines in the previus made them not realy funn and rathere static. But to end a show with matirial out of the Next Generation. Thats just a shame. I rather had a nice ending with no referense to TNG at all. I think then the ending woud have been a lot better.

    It was a funn serie a prity good experiment in trying to show the Pre times of the Federation. But it was a failure in the view of catching viewers. whats a shame realy.. and thats why they endeded it like they did I sepose
  • Terrible ending to a OK show

    I will admit that Star Trek Enterprise wasn’t the best Star Trek series around but they really screwed up on this series finale. I have a few complaints about this episode that I am sure many people will agree on. The first is that they should of done the episode from the characters point of view instead of from the holodeck perspective. Another complaint I have is the death of Trip. While I didn’t like his character that much his death was completely unnecessary and was so out of place that you could tell it didn’t belong in the episode at all. While I could pry come up with a few more complaints I will say the one thing that I did like about this episode (and the only reason I didn’t give it a 1) is that the did show the creation of the federation which in my opinion was much to drawn out in this series.
  • Need a redo on this Series Finale. What a shame.

    I was brushing up on my basic Trek knowledge for the upcoming release of Star Trek Online. So after 3 weeks I just finished the entire Enterprise series and was very let down by the Series Finale. The story line felt rushed and very helter skelter. Take away the TNG tie in, Tuckers needless death, add 1 or more hours of a Manny Coto written story line, plus Archers speech and this would have been a fitting end to a very entertaining series. Jolene Blalock said it best "Appalling" the way this "Franchise" series was sent off. With a BIG 6 yr gap and roughly 90 yrs of Archers and T'Pols life left, Paramount needs and or owes to the Trek fans, to add an alternate ending or extra episodes to the DvD set to straighten this out. They have the time and the $$$$ after the success of Star Trek The Movie. So lets get hot and get this done. After all Star Trek is not going away anytime soon.
  • A very silly ending to almost 20 years of non-stop Star Trek

    Although it was nice to see Riker, Troi and the Enterprise-D, this episode was really bad.

    You would think after 20 years of Star Trek that they would have made this a 2 hour episode or at least had something important happen in it. I don't even count the Federation charter as an important piece, it was hardly touched upon!

    This episode was more a TNG episode than it was an ENT finale and it's too bad it had to end like this. Manny Coto must be quite upset.

    But like they said "All Good Things....", so let's give it a couple of years, come back with a great staff, get rid of B&B and revamp the show, starting with a plot that takes place after Voyager; no more prequel stuff.

  • Skip this one

    This was a let down for a series finale. I wasn't expecting an episode like "All Good Things..." (TNG), but to have Riker and Troi come back and make this a "flashback" episode bascially, it just sucks.

    You're better off not watching this episode and ending the series with the xenophobic human faction, IMHO.
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