Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 22

These Are the Voyages …

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2005 on UPN

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  • Its not the best finale (What You Leave Behind eill take some beating) but overall it was entertaining and gave good closure to the series - there were some naff bits though.

    Dont think for a second that this is a classic episode, it certainly isnt, but with the birth of the Federation, the death of a major character and the decommissioning of Enterprise this was a good finale with a sense of closure for the series. Now on to the faults; first of all was the way Trip died, it was a bit pointless - he has gotten out of tougher situations before - I wasnt keen on it, or the "brush over" of the crew's mourning, we only saw a 3 minute conversation about it between T'Pol and Archer, the rest didnt even say "Oh No"! The inclusion of Riker, Troi and Data was a nice touch, if you look closely in Ten Forward you can see Picard in the background aswell, they look older but come on, its been 11 years what did we expect? The sets were close enough but the Enterprise-D corridor looked wrong and the doors were far too Orange. The generated Enterprise-D looked superb, giving the message "if TNG was still running this is what the Enterprise would look like", excellent. The overall plot was fine, the Shran thing was a bit disconnected from the Federation birth story but it was all integral with Trip's death so its inclusion was understandable. I suppose its because I always like finale's that I am giving this a high score, also because the last 20 seconds with the 3 Enterprises and voiceovers was a fantastic conclusion to what has been for me a great series (DEFINITELY better than Voyager).
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