Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 22

These Are the Voyages …

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2005 on UPN

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  • A great potential for a memorable finale gone severely wrong.

    As a fan of Star Trek I decided a long time ago to give Star Trek: Enterprise a chance. While I agread with some of the negative things said about it in the initial reviews I did, for the most part, enjoy it. I actually started watching it towards the end of series two, the first episode I ever saw being 'Dawn'. Series 4 was my favorite series without a doubt as it was more fan - friendly. However It did have its pitfalls which brings me to the point of this whole entry, 'These are the Voyages'.

    As far as Enterprise episodes go it wasn't the worst by far, the episode 'A night in sickbay' comes to mind in that respect. But.... the final episode of the show, not to mention the promised Valentine episode promised by Brannon/Bragga created in me expectations that where sorely underwhelmed by the mediocrity that was TATV. I wanted a tribute to Enterprise with drama, suspense and heartwarming moments, not the 'Next Generation' Flashback that we got. I don't watch the next generation and therefore haven't seen the episode that apparently inspired this unfortunate train-wreck. I was confused as to what was happening with the Riker & Troi plot and failed to see how what happened on the Enterprise was connected to it. I mean okay he wanted to know if following orders should come before doing the right thing but for crying out load there must be simpler and more time-friendly ways to do that.

    There was IMO one highlight to this episode, Tpol. I liked seeing her expressive or a change because not only did it give a glimpse o just how adversely humans can affect Vulcan's in long term contact but it also gave Jolene Blalock to bring something other that stone cold, cardboard performances to the set of Enterprise. I really enjoyed her performance in this finale and consider it the only reason I have not shunned this episode and conditioned my mind to think of 'Terra Prime' as the last episode. Well done Jolene.