Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 22

These Are the Voyages …

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2005 on UPN

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  • The bigest SH*T ending in the history over series.

    So the first thing that needs to be mentioned is that if you haven't seen this episode JUST DON'T F**KING WATCH IT. It's a big pile of SH*T I can't believe my eyes, after watching this episode... i just cant find words to express my EMO RAGE. There should be a warning sign of some kind. I'v been siting in front of my computer for 10 minutes trying to find the words but i just can't. Well i just wanted to point of that I'm not one of thous big star trek fans, i just watch this because of the new movie. I was pleasantly surprised, well not by Scott Bakula acting because that was really bad, and the first season was filed with cheese and subliminal racism hehe, can't really get over how much Anthony Montgomery was smiling if the first season. and how bakula was speaking to everybody like he was their father. Jolene Blalock is either a really bad actor or a really good one. I can't really say she really grew on my especial after she started wearing a non volcan grey ugly looking suite. Also i think she cut her hair at one time and the wig she was using got a a lot smaller and made her head look normal size. To bad they didn't let her hair out. She was really beautiful in the episodes she wasn't using the wig.