Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 22

These Are the Voyages …

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2005 on UPN

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  • These Are The Voyages... This is the worst series finale ever because:

    Frakes and Sirtis are just too old to literally fit in the former uniforms and pose as the ones that they were 11(!) years ago.
    He has clearly put on too much weight in the meantime. They simply do no longer go through as that young. Sirtis' accent is to mention, too.
    Why did this episode have to happen during the seventh season of Tng? Ah, I know: So the writers can say that Archer WAS mentioned in at least one episode that took place before Enterprise, as so many fans complained about this inconsistency- But in this case it is forced into it and does in NO WAY work.
    What about chronologically correct three years after Nemesis on the Titan or at Starfleet Academy (if the Titan was too expensive or saved for a possible movie)?
    This would have served the continuity SO WELL and they both would not have been had to be made any younger.
    Better believably old than incredibly young.
    Riker and Troi could have held a dissertation about the last days of Archer's Enterprise and with a little creativity one would have found a more suitable and proper solution to receive information or to put Riker, Troi and Archer's crew together, even in a real(!) way.
    But this had to happen during the Pegasus-Episode which does not at all fit and I cannot decide which reasons to name first:

    Error 1: Right after the opening credits they used footage from the episode "Menage a Troi" where the crew was wearing the old uniforms with the line on the shoulders.
    Error 2: If you look closely, in this old footage the original Riker can be seen which makes two Commanders as the "new" Riker is placed into digitally. Funny.
    Error 3: It were the ghosts of the Pegasus' dead crew members who convinced Riker that he had to tell Picard the truth, not the speech at the end of this episode.
    Error 4: I do not recall that the holodeck of the Enterprise-D had the ability of putting the appropriate clothing over the normal one.
    As far as I know they always had to redress for themselves.
    Error 5: Since when did the holodeck have an objective mode?

    Are we really to believe that Riker can participate in such events that took place so many years in the past or overhear a private(!) conversation as the one Archer and T'Pol had after Trip died?
    In such early years Archer and his crew surely had NO WAY and intention of recording every single step, word or actions they made just for a future somebody who is in the mood to re-enact it.
    We were alway shown and told that simple holograms are limited and now we are to buy that Riker gets and takes advice from them?
    Fans deserve the REAL Enterprise crew and not some holograms. But the writers took this into account as they DID want to have Riker and all of Archer's Crew
    interact together at any cost.
    They want to sell us that whilst Pegasus the Commander had nothing better to do than posing as Enterprise's Chef listening to private talks and shooting Aliens? Riker takes the place of a Maco during the shooting on the planet and by doing so he already alternates the happening as there was NO Riker then.
    And how was the alien ship capable of reaching the Enterprise? Shran said their ship could not do so. And what about firing back or so?
    They were boarded, everybody did know it- and for minutes there was no Maco or only a single crewmember who (just coincidentally) came by to interfere like on a derelict ship. Just long enough for trip to fool the aliens so that
    he could blow himself and them up. What a stupid, senseless and certainly not heroic death... Well...
    The speech:
    We do not even get to hear the speech practically every fan was waiting for. This is fooling the fans as we know it from Voyager's finale.
    Troi seems like she wanted to deactivate the holodeck before Archers begins his speech I had to memorize this speech in grammar school (which means I surely do not want to hear it again now as I hated it already then)."

    "These Are The Voyages..." should embarrass and aggravate everyone who sais he or she is a Star Trek-fan.