Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 Episode 22

These Are the Voyages …

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2005 on UPN

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  • An Intentional insult to all

    Rather than give enterprise fans a send off they instead focus on a holodeck program aboard the enterprise D set during the 7th season.The first mistake right thier ,Riker and Deanna appear and the viewers think "how come riker looks like hes exploded in a fat shop?"set during the episode pegasus which featured riker having torn loyalties between orders and his sense of honour.Don't recall riker nipping off to the holodeck every 5 minutes during the crisis with the hunt for the ship, the stand off with the romulans,being sealed inside an asteroid and violating the treaty of algeron.Wow busy day.
    It may or may not have happened at all due to all the inconsistencies in the episode.It seems to focus on a minor plot about kidnapping and fake diamonds things(Riveting).set 10 years after enterprise launch at the signing of the Coalition charter none of the crew have aged,been transferred or even promoted .All our favourites have come through the very recent romulan war completely unscathed.Suddenly and implausibly, A warp 2 ship catches up with enterprise after they help out shran and his daughter .Trip dies a pointless death and its all over .
    What a pointless pointless episode.
    The official novel continuation of the series goes to great lengths to right the episode off as a bad holodeck trip and spends an entire book repairing the damage done by this foul little episode.
    I still watch this occasionally when i want to get nice and angry